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19th September 2008
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‘DIALECTICAL SPIRITUALISM’: without doubt, the ‘great’ Karl Marx, founder of communism, shook the world out of its complacency when he wrote Das Kapital in 1848. In it he predicted that through ‘Dialectical Materialism’ capitalism would eventually collapse and that the last stage of mankind will be a ‘classless society’. He influenced ‘red revolutions’ in many countries – in Russia, China, Eastern Europe and Latin America. But history has showed that Marx was wrong. His egregious error was to omit and ignore man’s spiritual connection – something which is most fundamental and intrinsic to the human condition. So, instead of Dialectical Materialism, it is accordingly submitted that DIALECTICAL SPIRITUALISM provides a better prediction of mankind's future. This alternate thesis shows the ‘historical inevitability’ of global acceptance of the afterlife - that it is inevitable that one day, one time in the future ALL people from all countries in the world will accept the paranormal and the empirically based evidence for the afterlife. The final stage through the dialectical process will bring all peoples form all nations together. This is consistent with what has been transmitted from the other side: ‘It will mean the end of all separateness between peoples. It will mean the end of national barriers. It will mean the end of race distinctions, class distinctions, color distinctions and all the distinctions between churches and chapels, temples, mosques and synagogues …’ . The materialists will abandon their negatively entrenched secular dogmas and the religionists will abandon their extreme superstitions. All will accept the empirical afterlife and paranormal evidence that will mark the final stage of spiritual liberation for mankind on planet earth. How and why this going to happen … Read more

Last Monday the Circle of the Silver Chord released parts of a film clip which shows materialization medium David Thompson's Guide "William" in full form behind a curtain. You can see how David is strapped into his chair before every seance. I confirm that for the fifteen months of weekly seances I attended, David Thompson was strapped tightly to his chair. You can also see the Circle leader open the cabinet to display ectoplasm on David's chest. Finally you can see William showing his head- partly materialized and partly transparent- through the curtains. Visit the site of the Circle of the Silver Cord and register to gain access to the "members area".

Pam Blizzard from the FriendsCommunities.Org sent this fabulous video about Dr Gary Schwartz' afterlife experiments. In the first part a number of people give testimony about their personal experiences of after death experiences. As PROFESSOR ALBERT EINSTEIN said: “The only source of knowledge is experience.” There are some very well known high powered people in the video: Dr Dean Radin (pictured above left), Dr. Charles Tart ( right)
Dr Larry Dossey (below, left), Judy Guggenheim and John Edward. The program also includes a few skeptics who raise the usual objections- that afterlife visions are wish fulfilling, that mediums are making calculated guesses etc. Judge for yourself....

Here is the first part: (10 mins)

AND part two.... (10 mins)

MIKE TYMN WRITES " I recently discussed the resistance of academia to survival evidence with
Dr. Stafford Betty
, professor of religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield. His observations have been much the same as Wallace's. "My atheistic friends resist even the slightest whiff of an argument for an afterlife," Professor Betty told me. "I have not seen more closed minds. Why is this? Why would anyone resist such good news - the kind of news strongly supported by serious, in-depth research on the NDE, for example? I think I know.." Read more...

One of the most advanced researchers of our time in parapsychology and the paranormal is Dr Adrian Klein. His intellectually advanced colleagues from different countries– whom we will get to know more about in the future - have done a great deal to promote empirical paranormal research. With his colleagues, his intrinsic motivation to pursue the refinement of empirical paranormal has also contributed a great deal towards the drive for empirical paranormal to be formally recognized by the United Nations. From now on he will be writing about the empirical paranormal regularly in this column. More about Dr Klein later on, but here is his first article on Prof. Hawking's bet.

For many years, Dr. Allan Botkin has been treating patients at a Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Chicago with a new technology that he discovered and trademarked called Induced After Death Communication (IADC)—a treatment he refined while searching for a way to help his patients, primarily Vietnam Vets, who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It’s a technique that induces Rapid Eye Movement in people who are awake. When this state is reached, Dr. Botkin’s patients report seeing and conversing with a deceased loved one or in the case of the vets, a fellow soldier or enemy killed in battle. As a result of IADC therapy, patients universally feel lighter, as if the weight of all they have felt has been lifted from their shoulders. For many of these patients intense grieving subsides in one or two sessions and the fear of death no longer exists. In virtually all cases these experiences are perceived as absolutely real. Watch this moving video (8 mins)

Thanks to Dr PMH ATWATER for submitting news that the University of Southampton is launching the world's largest-ever study of near-death experiences this week. The AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study is to be launched by the Human Consciousness Project of the University of Southampton - an international collaboration of scientists and physicians who have joined forces to study the human brain, consciousness and clinical death. The study is led by Dr Sam Parnia (pictured), an expert in the field of consciousness during clinical death, together with Dr Peter Fenwick and Professors Stephen Holgate and Robert Peveler of the University of Southampton. Following a successful 18-month pilot phase at selected hospitals in the UK, the study is now being expanded to include other centres within the UK, mainland Europe and North America. ScienceDaily (Sep. 10, 2008) – Read more...

For those of you who were not able to see the recent psychic show on Sydney television about the search for "Australia's most gifted psychic." The programs are now on Youtube. In episode 3 more exceptional readings under test conditions. Three of the five psychics locate the grave of Ned Kelly. Expect the format to be repeated in other countries.

Episode 3 part 1 (10 mins)
Episode 3 part 2 (10 mins)
Episode 3 part 3 (10 mins)
Episode 3 part 4 (10 mins)
Episode 3 part 5
(10 mins)

New Zealand Sensing Murder psychic Sue Nicholson has revealed she has received threats because of her work on the crime-solving series. She told a reporter that she received a phone call at 1am from a male telling her to keep her mouth shut as she knew too much about one of the cases she has investigated. Another side effect of her involvement in the series was her suffering a physical ailment which she claims began when she re-experienced the death of a young girl. Read more...

Some people have asked about the materialists and the hard core skeptics. The great philosopher Sir Karl Popper stated: "The growth of knowledge depends entirely on disagreement." In fact Karl Popper would agree with my contribution of Dialectical Spiritualism – where through the dialectics (refinement in disagreements) there is continuous process of evolution in and accumulation of knowledge. See COMMENTARY top item.

There are vicious conmen - and women - who tell you that a curse has been placed on you – and for cash and/or sex they can "exorcise" the evil spirits and remove the curse from you. Absolute rubbish! Be very careful about these frauds! In Sydney a woman apparently paid between $500 and $1,000 per session, spending a total of more than $100,000 out of fear they would all suffer terrible consequences including death and illness unless the curse was removed.
Read more …

M y professional training as a lawyer taught me that in ALL circumstances, without exception, NEVER to believe anyone, anywhere, any time and any place unless I am presented with irrefutable, hard core evidence that what is being stated and expressed can be independently substantiated. I am also an empiricist - using Scientific Method to measure phenomena - which means I do not have the luxury of any beliefs. This is the kind of admissible objective evidence I have presented in my book.


Many people have requested to know where they can buy bound copies of "A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife." As of today copies can be purchased from one of three beautiful Living Energies stores in Australia.

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MORE VOLUNTEER TRANSLATORS NEEDED we had a number of wonderful translators who translated the book into their own language - these translators made a huge positive contribution to the world. Make a significant contribution by translating the book in the languages that have not been translated -including Japanese, Chinese and other languages. Email 2008@victorzammit.com

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Art Bosman tells us that he has finally got a permanent url for his online collection of great books and tapes and information about the afterlife, including the brilliant Anthony Borgia series where former Catholic Mons. Hugh Benson transmitted a number of books from the other side as an eye witness to what is really happening in the afterlife. So hopefully even if his website has to move again the url will stay the same.


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