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31st July 2009

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May of those who die and kill for their religious beliefs get their values and beliefs from their culture, history and tradition. They accept their beliefs without evidence and without questioning. They die thinking they are the only ones in the world who have the right beliefs – everybody else has the wrong religious beliefs.

Throughout history Christians have died and killed for their beliefs – so have Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and the Shintoists and others. Sociologists and psychologists will tell you that beliefs, once entrenched are very hard to shift.

Therefore, what tests can be applied to ascertain that a person’s beliefs are "the true ones"?

In fact there are none. Why? Because professional logicians and sociologists and psychologists tell us that ‘beliefs’, personal beliefs, personal religious beliefs are ‘subjective’ – they CANNOT be independently supported by science or by anything. And when any personal belief is ‘subjective’ – the belief is subject to fundamental errors to complete invalidation.

But, ‘empiricism’ – the using of Scientific Method to measure anything is of enormous help to us to test and measure phenomena – especially the paranormal and the afterlife. Anything that can be duplicated over time and space, keeping variables constant and which yield the same results, you are on a sure thing – you have validity. Why? Because there would be objectivity and repeatability.

The afterlife evidence now has objectivity and repeatability yet closed minded skeptics refuse to acknowledge that. Why? Psychology tells us because of ‘cognitive dissonance’ – the entering in the mind of information fundamentally inconsistent with a person’s cherished beliefs are automatically rejected. And NLP tells us that the mind ‘deletes’ any information fundamentally inconsistent with the believer’s deeply entrenched cherished beliefs – it saves the believers the pain of anxiety, the humiliation and that they could have been wrong all the life! More about this very interesting top later on.

THE ASTRAL LEVEL: people have talked about the Astral level for decades – but few people really know much about it. My investigations and research shows that the Astral level is a level which is not part of the realm of the light. It is much darker and one would find in it many of those who were on earth not accepting they are in fact dead. The Astral level inter penetrates the earth level and that is why there is interference by those who are in the Astral level with many people living on physical earth. Sometimes they call themselves ‘guides’ but in fact they are NOT guides at all. Mischievous spirits could roam the Astral for hundreds of years – but the free will and the Law of Cause and Effect still operate. The effect of this is that those who continuously violate spiritual laws will inevitably lower the vibrations and if they continue with that behavior they could sink even further in the lower darker region. But there would be millions in the Astral level who qualify to go to the realm of the ‘light and realization’ but do not know it. Rescue teams often visit the Astral level to help those who can be helped to go to the realm of the light to continue their spiritual journey.

DO WOMEN HAVE A SPIRITUAL ADVANTAGE? People everywhere tell me that in most spiritual churches and spiritual meetings, women vastly outnumber males. Why? The only time when I saw a balance of gender in spiritual meetings was some ten years ago when I was investigating an Indian guru in India and Australia. I even traveled to India – and everywhere I looked I did see equality of gender – even when there were thousands of people in the open air spiritual meeting. Over twenty years of investigating spirituality in the West, I did witness far more women than men in spiritual meetings. Perhaps women have a higher sense sensitivity for spirituality and perhaps they are more competent to make long term plans. Men, with abundance of testosterone tend to look for action – in sports and elsewhere.


Question: A serious question by someone concerned about getting a good deal on crossing over: you are a lawyer and have professional experience in "loopholes". Now, surely, you must have found a way to get a better deal on crossing over. Right?

Victor: Right! My afterlife 20 years of research of the transmitted information from the afterlife shows that positive activity – being selfless, helping others who genuinely need help and with the right motivation you will be raising your vibrations. On crossing over, your level of vibrations will take you to a realm to accommodate your level of vibrations. If, accordingly, you have been doing a lot of selfless service, your vibrations would be relatively higher than those who don’t. This means conditions in the afterlife would be vastly superior. Now, if one just sits on his/her backside and prays – that’s good for the soul I’m sure – but does not do selfless service, prayer alone will NOT raise your vibrations of your etheric body. Get it? There are exceptions if one does not have the competence or physical/mental fitness.

SUICIDE RATE IN AUSTRALIA IS ON THE DECLINE! In 1997 it was reported that 2,700 committed suicide in Australia. But in 2006, 1880 committed suicide. The report also shows that there is a definite decrease in suicide for teenagers. Males suicide on an average three times more than women. All people who are potential suiciders have to access information that people who suicide to avoid responsibilities or for other illegitimate reasons may actually increase their problems on crossing over. The highly authoritative work by Klimo confirms this. Also visit my youtube on suicide.

especially if you can read Italian.
“Dear Mr.Zammit, I'm Francesca from Venice (Italy), do you remember me? I have the site www.metafonicamente.it and I received for a year communication from the other side (evp) that all can hear and read on the site...I have begun to inform on the possible techniques and so I have found the method used by Keith Clark (www.itcbridge.com). With a computer program that transforms in a visual spectrogram the radio waves, I have begun to experiment and, with my surprise, I have had great results. Many faces, very realistic and very defined: men, women, children, young and old people! Please, watch for yourself and judge for yourself!

T.V. MEDIUM LISA WILLIAMS- IN AUSTRALIA: One of the world’s most gifted mediums, Lisa Williams will be in Australia in September Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and in New Zealand: Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. For details and dates Read more...

" In the early 1990s, researchers in Europe claimed to be in direct contact with spirits and angels through telephones, radios, televisions, computers, and other devices . . . part of an amazing young field of research called Instrumental Trans communication (ITC). Their honesty, dedication and miraculous results moved Mark Macy to begin collaborating with those researchers, and soon he himself began to get phone calls from the other side.

The story of The Project (how modern humans are the product of millions of years of guided evolution) is based on insights given to Macy and his colleagues by ethereal beings who say they have accompanied our world from the beginning. The Project examines how we can reinvent and fine-tune our societies and ourselves to achieve our soul purpose and noble destiny. Macy supports his findings and ethereal insights with hard scientific evidence as well as rich legends from various cultures.
You can learn more about Mark and his work on his blog


We are delighted to announce that the paperback version of Mark's latest book "The Project" has just come out. MARK HAS A SPECIAL OFFER. Till the end of September you can buy it for half-price: $7.50 + $3 shipping = $10.50. Contact markmacy@worlditc.org, or make a www.PayPal.com payment (his PayPal account is my email address).

RESPECTED U.S. PSYCHIC DETECTIVE ANNETTE MARTIN WRITES TO VICTOR: “Hello Victor, How are you? I wanted to let you know about a new TV show that I will be featured in…August 1, 2009 @ 10:30pm ET / 7:30 PST – Biography Channel, “Psychic Investigator” Annette Martin - Psychic Detective featured in episode - “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do”: “When Laura-Ann Beyerly vanishes without a trace, her parents immediately file a missing persons report. Her mother senses that something is wrong... But since the 17-year-old has a history of running away, police in Los Altos, California, predict she'll be back. When her body is found half buried in the mountains a year later, there is no evidence suggesting who killed her or why, and the case eventually goes cold. Thirty years later, a cold case investigator stumbles upon a long-forgotten taped interview with respected California psychic Annette Martin. Her remarkable insights help him unravel a tangled story of teenage breakup, a crime of passion, and a killer evading justice for thirty years.

May the White Light Be With You,
Annette Martin”

THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY- Sustaining an Authentic Practice in a Chaotic World.
This Saturday in Craig Hamilton's series of online dialogues: " Why is it that most spiritual teachings and practices rarely deliver on the promise of authentic spiritual awakening? According to spiritual pioneer Craig Hamilton, the reason for this is that the vast majority of spiritual practices and teachings today are rooted in a worldview that is hundreds if not thousands of years out of date and are inadequate to address the evolutionary needs of modern humanity. Hamilton writes: “most spiritual seekers today have psychological and emotional barriers to transformation that all the meditation and prayer in the world will not remove.” Read more...

UNFINISHED BUSINESS- James Van Praagh talks about his new book (May 2009). Read more...

Free download of Chapter 1

MERCY KILLING, GREAT ‘SPIRITUAL’ CONTROVERSY? Should it become legal? : for decades the debate has been going on – is it right to kill someone who is terminally ill and is suffering great pain? The opposite argument is that killing oneself, for whatever reason is suicide and suicide is against spiritual law. One of the greatest problems about allowing mercy killing is its potential for abuse. What if a member of the family encourages "mercy killing" without the consent of the patient- for personal benefit? One would expect that if there is genuine terminal illness with a great deal of pain, mercy killing – euthanasia could very well be justified. Before you make up your mind read the website – IF MERCY KILLING BECOMES LEGAL

“PAKISTANI security forces fighting Taliban militants in and around the Swat Valley have rescued nearly a dozen boys (9 to 18 years old) brainwashed into becoming suicide bombers, according to officials. "They have been brainwashed in such a way that they even call their parents infidels," Bashir Bilour, senior minister in the provincial Government, said. Mr Bilour said the boys were shown films about oppression of Muslims in the Palestinian Territories and Indian-held Kashmir, and were given purported religious instructions to convince them that they would go to heaven if they killed enemies of Islam.” Source... In the West no one accepts that anyone who commits suicide and kills innocent people will go to heaven. In the West - and other religions - it is accepted that anyone who tries to manipulate young innocent minds to cause injury, harm and killings will have to pay the price on crossing over to the afterlife.


"I found you folks on youtube, and was a bit leery at first. Over time though, after reading your many articles and weekly email, I am convinced that you are onto something. You are performing a flat-out Public Service, and many of us "out here" appreciate it. Thank you! Henry "

Is the doing of short term evil for long term good justified?

This has always been a difficult question. Afterlife intelligences generally state that doing bad – for whatever reason – will usually incur karmic problems. But motivation when doing something will definitely be taken into consideration.

FEEL FREE TO ASK A QUESTION: Please feel free to ask a question about the afterlife. Perhaps you had a spiritual experience or witnessed an apparition or there could be some things you want clarified- I will always make the time for all genuine enquiries and questions –but please, make them questions sharp and short – apologies, but I do not have time to read pages of material.


Recently, a local newspaper (in Sydney Australia) in the Northern Beaches started a debate on the afterlife and then allowed 4 distorted skeptical attacks to be published on 4 successive days while refusing to publish my 4 replies. When skeptical editors have to cheat by omission that is even more evidence that we are on the winning side as I said last week. To censor the truth, to willfully mislead by omission is "the last refuge of scoundrels" and cowards. Those who are informed know that for this skeptic to cheat, lie, play dirty tricks and misuse his position to prevent the truth being read will inevitably elicit negative karmic energy. The Law of Cause and Effect tells us very clearly: no one gets away with it!

BEQUESTS: Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

WE SALUTE THE FABULOUS 'PLATTERS.' The beautiful, highly inspirational song 'ONLY YOU' as sung with so much feeling by the Platters brought a great deal of love to millions of people around the world over the last half a century. Certainlly, 'ONLY YOU' is one of my favorite songs. It is a most wonderful, memorable love song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r2pEdc1_lI

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* The Forever Family Foundation
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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.