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June 25th 2010

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COMMENTARY: EARTH SHATTERING EVIDENCE- AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCES MAKE CONTACT. In the video below you will watch five people confirming that their loved ones materialized - 'became into flesh' - in one of David Thompson's demonstrations in Florida last week. Why aren't scientists doing research in this area? Why isn't funding allocated for this critical research? Why is money spent on experiments which torture cats, dogs and monkeys to develop still more consumer products instead of helping people understand the inevitability of the afterlife? Why are our leaders closing their eyes to something that can revolutionize the whole world's acceptance of the afterlife? Why is there reluctance by the establishment to know about the greatest discovery in human history - communicating with materialized afterlife intelligences? This is something sensationally unique which is technically objective and repeatable.

Wendy and I have conversed with regularly with afterlife intelligences- 'William' (pictured, left) and others; we witnessed over seventy reunions as we attended and professionally investigated the materialization process for some fifteen months. We can attest that David Thompson is a brilliant materialization medium who can pass any empirical test. What are we waiting for? It has to happen soon- the wider world cannot wait for this most critical knowledge. What you are about to watch are ordinary people who met their loved ones who had crossed over telling us yes, the afterlife - which has huge consequences - does exist!


Listen to audios of other reunions on the Circle of the Silver Cord website.

Skeptical scientists often say that the afterlife cannot exist because there is no theoretical explanation of how it can exist. Apart from the poor logic, this is also wrong in fact. Quantum physics is totally compatible with the paranormal. Here Gregg Braden discusses scientific and spiritual principles that links us to the quantum force that connects all things

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzrWimkIILg

This is really amazing video clip. Many of those whose relatives died in the 9/11 tragedy are stating that their loved ones, victims of the terrorists bombing of the Twin Towers, have made contact with them from the afterlife. Watch for yourself. They know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY the messages directly from the afterlife.are real from their loved ones- watch this video http://snipurl.com/911contacts
[slow to download and preceded by a short commercial but worth the wait...]

The video above promotes a new book, "Messages- Signs, Visits and Premonitions from Loved Ones lost on 9/11" by Bonnie McEneaney whose husband Eamon, died in the attacks on the World Trade Center. A mother and former business executive, Bonnie was always skeptical of the spiritual world but after talking to a number of other families and friends of loved ones lost on 9/11, she realized she was not alone. Read more...

Quite amazing really! We have this negatively entrenched psychologist Pro. Richard Wiseman who all his life was a kind of a crusader against the paranormal. But since scientists have provided the evidence for Remote Viewing - he has reluctantly and belatedly admitted that Remote Viewing is empirically and scientifically valid. BUT, he said because the consequences are so huge, we still need more phenomenal evidence! Wiseman is NOT a lawyer and is ignorant of the requirements of what technically constitutes admissible evidence amounting to proof. Professional litigation lawyers will confirm that once evidence is objective and repeatable, YOU DO NOT NEED ANY MORE EVIDENCE, no matter what phenomenon you are dealing with. This means that Remote Viewing is legitimate, it is valid and is empirically and scientifically confirmed. Psychologists should be briefed by lawyers whenever they want to discuss the admissibility of evidence amounting to proof! See chapter 18 on Remote Viewing

Lyn Buchanan says theoretically yes- but he explains why psychics and remote viewers have trouble with numbers.

QUESTION: 'Do greed and desire for power exist in the spirit world since there are no material possession?"
Directly from the afterlife: "Greed and power still exist in what may be called the lower astral region. What you must recognize is that spiritually an individual is exactly the same one day after death as he was before it. Our world, unlike yours, is one where thought is the reality. What you think is real and substantial ... In our world thought is the building material that creates everything that exists. So whatever you think is there. People who come here with greed and desire for power still have them until they learn that it is useless. When they are ready to be released from this earth-bound condition, they can be helped. The trouble is that lust for power and greed chain them to earth. Though materially dead, they are spiritually dead as well. They are nearer to your world than they are to us. Unfortunately they can harm those like themselves in your world who are concerned only with greed and power."

PMH Atwater (see picture right) writes: "I consider Kids Who See Ghosts to be a very important book. I say that because the majority of children, and throughout time, not only have invisible playmates, but do indeed see and interact with ghosts --ghosts who are physically real to them. With children who have had a near-death experience, this ability is part of the aftereffects. It is normal! Parents need to know this, and they need good advice on how to handle it .. ~PMH" Read more...

At the end of March a one-off special one hour program called Paranormal Court came up with an interesting concept. It followed Robert Hansen, a psychic medium, who steps in to help families get the answers they need to solve a conflict caused by the death of a loved one. Here's a glimpse.

"Psychic Court" will take litigants and viewers into the world of the popular paranormal. No networks have bought it yet, but the now-retired US Broward Circuit "Judge Larry," has shot a pilot for "Psychic Court," which is being marketed for cable or syndication. On air, the judge will consult with "mediums, astrologists, tarot card readers and faith-based sensitives" to decide family court, divorce court and small claims disputes, according to PR Newswire.

Marion Dampier- Jeans has written four books on mediumship which sold over 100,000 copies and are still selling and is presently working on a fifth book that is about the physical mediums that worked for over 100 years in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland; their work, the spiritual history and understanding of spirit communication that the Nordic people have forgotten. She has started two successful physical circles in Denmark and one in Norway with help from Einer Nielsen (a medium in spirit). She writes:"The (spirit) world are screaming out to get the physical mediumship back to what it was. So many people are asking the same questions: what have happened to this wonderful work of full materialization? There are many wonderful trumpet circles, and some remarkable phenomena by some fantastic mediums that also devote their life to this work ?" Read more on Marion's website.

Terri Daniel, author, hospice worker and intuitive spiritual counselor who teaches after-death communication as a tool for navigating the death, dying and grieving process. We featured a video interview with her last week but linked to an incorrect page. Her homepage is at http://www.afterlifeawareness.com/ It will take 5 minutes for you to give Terri feedback on planning an annual Afterlife Awareness Conference scheduled for the USA in April 29 - May 1, 2011 Please help by completing the survey...

CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS: "PAY UP THE MILLION DOLLARS - IF YOUR OFFER IS GENUINE! YOU HAVE BEEN BEATEN BY HOLY MAN PRAHIAD JANI." I raised the issue some weeks ago where that holy man in India is on a long term fast. Under supervision 24 hours a day he has taken no food or drink for over a month when the skeptics stated that medical science says that we would all die after just FOUR days without water. So, I challenged the Florida skeptic who ALLEGEDLY has the million dollar challenge about things like this Indian holy man. But that Florida skeptic says or implies in what he says that that Indian holy man who has lasted under supervision for more than a month must be cheating!!!!! PRAHIAD JANI in India has medical doctors to scrutinize every minute of his day and night - they have him on camera; he's supervised when he bathes. The decent thing would be to pay the guy the $1m when there is scientific proof that he is on long term diet the skeptics claim no human on earth can do. Skeptics PAY UP NOW! But as we all know, the skeptic's challenge is the GREATEST HOAX in American paranormal history.

I am looking for a traditional theologian from the Vatican or from anywhere else - and preferably a theologian who hasone or two or three university degrees and has studied the Bible in depth so that the level of debate at all times be at the highest level.

I've had too many complaints over the years regarding whether or not the Bible 'is the word of God' or not. I start off with two questions:

. Should we accept that the Bible is the 'word of God'? If yes, on what basis and on what acceptable authority would you say that?

2. Can we accept the Book of Leviticus as 'inspired' by God when it contains a lot of cruelty, curses, obscenities, indecencies, murders, killings, hatred, irrationality, illogical conclusions and a low, negative morality which is fundamentally inconsistent with the high morality of United Nations International Covenants on Human Rights?

Your reply will be submitted to the 'jury' on this website for consideration.

Like many scientists, experimenters, investigators and writers I am an open minded skeptic and will judge on results. But of great danger to society are the closed minded skeptics who could hold up progress for many valuable years. What’s wrong with closed minded skeptics? (More next week):

(8) Skeptical traditional closed minded scientists called Edison's light bulb "a completely idiotic idea"
(9) Skeptical biologists ridiculed Pasteur's suggestion that germs cause disease - they called it, "a ridiculous fiction."
(10) Penicillin was not accepted by the medical scientific establishment for ten years after it was discovered.

We were delighted at the huge number of responses we received last week from so many of our readers explaining how they felt about felt about the issue of whether people should come into this world at least knowing that there is an afterlife and that they will be accountable for their actions. Some of you felt that knowing about the afterlife would lead us all to commit suicide, others that not knowing is a test to see how we really behave (like when the teacher is out of the room). The responses are so interesting and eloquent that we have extracted the main points from a selection of them. Read more......

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SOMETHING REALLY WONDERFUL and HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL- 'JERUSALEM''. (This is one of the spiritual hymns always sung by the members of the Circle of the Silver Cord.)
A favorite English hymn...The unofficial national anthem of England from the poem written by William Blake. The Christian church in general, and the English Church in particular, used Jerusalem as a metaphor for Heaven, a place of universal love and peace. Listen and watch this tribute to the 'triumph of the spirit' and also to the 'green and pleasant land' of England.

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