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April 27th 2012

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REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: ARE PEOPLE LOSING RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY? If we put a ‘mirror’ to what is happening in the English speaking world to-day we will be stunned and shocked by the changes that have taken place over the last 15 years. People, generally, are rapidly losing the traditional respect for scientists, politicians, lawyers, academics, medical doctors, the media and religion and to a certain extent the police.

At school we used to accept without question what our teachers, religious ministers and priests, what scientists and others in the professions used to tell us. We just automatically OBEYED without question. We RESPECTED and TRUSTED these people. But not any more. This loss of trust in the institutions of society is a crisis that is being ignored. Perhaps it's a good thing that we are questioning and seeking evidence rather than having blind faith in our leaders.

One really brilliant thing which is coming out of all this now is that afterlife researchers and scientists are telling us they have evidence about what really happens when we die– something which traditional religions know nothing about. This is having a most profound effect everywhere. The Catholic Church must join the afterlife scientists - and
accept what the Church of England accepted about spirit-contact (See item below) if it wants to be relevant and remain viable.

It may come as a shock to the religious leadership - when these days circumstances are rapidly changing- that there are more people to-day visiting psychics and mediums than people going to Church on Sundays. Read full article

The world evolution towards TRUTH is inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable and will be attained in the future. This is very much consistent with the Dialectical Spiritualism




Devastated by his daughter's death in a car accident on her way home in 2004 at the age of 17, Gary Galka and his family claim they started to experience unexplained phenomena at their Connecticut home days after the fatal accident. 'She started doing things like ringing the doorbell, changing TV channels, turning lights on and off,' said Gary who runs D.A.S. Distribution Inc. in East Granby and lives with his wife Cindy and two other daughters, Jennifer and Heather.An electrical engineer by profession, Gary claims to have built electronic devices to help communicate with her.
Read more:



Part 2

Many people know the story of Helen Duncan the famous physical medium and the sad story of her early death as a result of police shining light on her during a materialization. But what is much less well known is the fact that she materialized and spoke through physical medium Rita Goold on many occasions. On one occasion she spoke to her daughter Gina for more than an hour. Read more..


CHURCH OF ENGLAND INVESTIGATED THE AFTERLIFE FOR TWO YEARS AND CONFIRMS THAT CONTACTING THE OTHER SIDE IS VALID: The Church of England (led by Bishop Otto Lang, pictured) in the past investigated and its committee made up of a senior attorney, senior psychologist and others after two year study came to the conclusion consistent with afterlife scientists state: that communicating with those in the afterlife is possible. See full report

"I was like a kind of a private contractor for a government organization. My job was to do harm to some people directly and indirectly - by doing dirty things to discredit targeted people or to do other dirty work. Not all people deserved what I did to them. I feel guilty about what I did. Any advice? JW.

Victor: I said many times over the years that highly credible transmitted information repeatedly tells us that 'no one gets away with it.' You admitted doing dirty things to certain people. The inescapable law is that you will have to put right to that victim/s what you did wrong to him or her or them. There is no other way. If you cannot do that because the victim has crossed over, then you may one day will suffer the ills, the pain, the inconveniences, the suffering, the losses in material and character you inflicted on your victim. Your dirty deeds would have lowered the vibrations of your etheric-spirit body - and on crossing over you could find yourself in a most unpleasant environment. Sooner or later, inevitably you will have to face your victims to ask them for forgiveness. You may not be able to proceed out of the lower, darker environment if the victims choose not to forgive you. That's why it is important how you behave while on earth.

DR PHIL AND Dr OZ TRIUMPH: In January a senior segment producer of Dr Phil's show- a hard-line skeptic named Tami Frymark received an accurate reading on the show by medium John Edward - pictured. Tami Frymark said, "A skeptic went in and a believer came out." Naturally the closed minded skeptics attack Dr Phil - and Dr Oz for their presentation of the paranormal on their shows. But MILLIONS of viewers internationally have been able to judge for themselves that mediumship is valid, is real. Time for the skeptics to show WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY gifted mediumship which has proved itself under scientific testing is not valid. No closed minded- skeptic, no scientist, no materialist - no one has ever been able to rebut the fabulous evidence produced by the Windbridge Institute tests and PRISM (Psychic research Involving Selected Mediums). This resulted in three peer reviewed papers in the Society for Psychical Research Journal. The third paper showed that even in triple blind conditions a good medium can deliver relevant information to a sitter with odds against chance being a million to one.

QUESTION- FEAR : Victor, I suffer from fear very badly - it's terrible. My parents experienced a huge amount of fear from death camps in Germany during the last war. Can you help me?
What comes to mind is that very highly credible afterlife intelligence who talks about fear. This is what he has to say: "Never allow fear to find a lodgment within your being. It is a negative quality which destroys, vitiates and saps. It impairs your judgment; it clouds your reason; it prevents you from seeing issues clearly. There is no problem that comes to any soul which you are incapable of solving. There is no difficulty that you cannot conquer- if you would but allow the latent divinity to rise to the surface. The people in your world have, with very few exceptions, not yet begun to live. They are expressing only infinitesimal portions of the power which is resident within them … but the power can be tapped anytime.” Translated this means that you have to learn how tune into your spiritual resources. We are told that there will never be problems that we cannot overcome. So, allow your innate spirituality to surface - that is, have more confidence in your inner guidance. And most of all avoid all negativity. From now on just put emphasis on the positive. Remember this: NO ONE CAN HURT YOU SPIRITUALLY. You will feel the difference over time.



QUESTION: DO ANGELS EXIST? Rosalie, 12 year old asks.
In her book To Hear the Angels Sing, Dorothy Maclean, one of the creators of the Findhorn Community, writes about communicating with angels: " I had never set out to learn to talk with angels, nor had I ever imagined that such contact could be possible or useful. Yet, when this communication began to occur, it did so in a way that I could not dispute. Concrete proof developed in the Findhorn garden, which became the basis for the development of the Findhorn Community.

The garden was planted on sand in conditions that offered scant hospitality and encouragement for the growth of anything other than hardy Scottish bushes and grasses requiring little moisture or nourishment. However, through my telepathic contact with the angelic beings who overlight and direct plant growth, specific instructions and spiritual assistance were given. The resulting garden, which came to include even tropical varieties of plants, was so astonishing in its growth and vitality that visiting soil experts and horticulturists were unable to find any explanation for it, and eventually had to accept the unorthodox interpretation of angelic help." Read more...




SENDING 77 PEOPLE TO THE AFTERLIFE: THE NORWAY MASSACRE - what would YOU do with this murderer?: Murderer of 77 innocent people - and many others injured - A.B. Breivik said "execute me or let me go free." No doubt Norway's authorities will find letting him go free unthinkable. Should he be executed?
Information transmitted from the other side tells us that if we execute brutal murderers, these murderers will be responsible for causing huge trouble in the afterlife. This means the problem has been transferred from the physical to the spiritual dimension. What would you do? I would put this criminal who took away 77 lives in a very small cell - no radio, no television, no media outlets. I'd put him on bread and water - enough to keep him alive - and NOT to let him talk to anyone. He can do physical exercises in his small cell. I would then let him know every day how the victims' families feel about his brutal massacre. That would give him time to see how stupid he has been. Maybe, just maybe, he will genuinely realize the horror he caused.

had been a police officer for 20 years when she realized she had a calling to help voiceless animals. She calls us to lead "meangingful and significant lives". Brilliant and moving speech. Learn more about Lyn's work from her website http://www.animalsaustralia.org/


The Seth Material is a collection of metaphysical texts dictated by the American author and psychic Jane Roberts -pictured left. The Seth Material is one of the cornerstones of New Age philosophy, and has been described as the most influential channeled text of the post-World War II "New Age" movement other than A Course in Miracles. The Seth Material was purportedly dictated, not by Roberts herself, but by a discarnate entity who called himself Seth, whom Roberts "channeled" from late 1963 until her death in 1984.
The central focus of the Seth Material is the idea that you create your own reality. Tomas Campbell author of My Big T.O.E. claims that he and Robert Monroe's team fround the Seth material extremely useful in their out of body explorations. Read reviews on Amazon..
Download pdf file.

Discoveries in quantum physics are leading people to questions beliefs founded on a sense of separation. "If we knew what we really are we would never do what we do."



FREE BOOK FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT AFFORD IT - I received MORE money from Mr Lowson who wants to sponsor free books for those who cannot afford to buy the book: A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE usually $14 per book + & $14 postage ($3 local). So, if you are truly low in your finances and want to acquire a hard copy of the book, just email me and a book will be posted to you immediately. vz@victorzammit.com




Canberra, Australia May 12th 2012
and ADVANCED MEDIUMS WANTING TO DEEPEN THEIR CONNECTION TO SPIRIT: 'Mysteries of Mediumship Revealed' a one day workshop will be held in Canberra on Saturday, 12th May 2012 with International Medium Christine Morgan who updates her professional mediumship skills regularly at the highly prestigious Arthur Findlay College, U.K. (pictured left) and excellent medium Sarah Jeffery. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop your link with the Spirit World. Numbers are strictly limited so contact Sarah to reserve your place:

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1. Dear Mr Zammit... Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the book that arrived this morning. I shall read it right away so I may pass it along to my niece who has recently lost her boyfriend to suicide. BLESS YOU for your kindness, and may you have every blessing in every venture with very best regards and thanks again

2. Victor: I received the copy of your book that you sent to me today. Thank you so much! I can't wait to start reading it. Jay.

3. Victor and Wendy:
I look forward to your E-mails each week, Kept up the GOOD WORK. Dortha

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