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CRITICAL DIFFERENCES: religious v spiritual: Are all those who are religious also spiritual? Absolutely NOT! One can be religious but not necessarily spiritual: attending Church services every Sunday or every day, participating in religious rituals, being baptized, confirmed, having beliefs in religious dogmas, singing hymns, feeling superior to others – yet this religious person may be terribly unspiritual. We came across many religious people full of religion but shown to be highly cruel, selfish, dominating and who have unfairly exploited and abused their power for personal or other gain. There are those Ministers, parsons and priests who tend to just ‘recite’ procedural prayers – showing they are unable to pray from the heart. Being spiritual you do not have to be religious at all. Anyone can be spiritual – even atheists and agnostics! For example, a person who throughout his/her lifetime is consistently unselfish and unselfishly helps others who really need help, someone who promotes peace and love, someone who avoids aggression and opts for negotiation, who is consistently positive and encourages harmony in groups and individuals – doing good because he/she feels it right to help others and does good. Of course, there are those who are into religion who may also be spiritual. But being religious does NOT automatically mean one is also is spiritual.

Professor Jan W. Vandersande Ph.D. received his B.A. with Honors from Swarthmore College, his M. Sc. in Physics from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. He was a lecturer, then an Assistant Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand and then a visiting Associate Professor at Cornell University. Currently he is the Director of Communications for the Hi-Tech company VIASPACE Inc. He has had over 80 scientific articles published in scientific journals and conference proceedings and has three patents. As well Jan was a member of a materialization circle for more eight years during which he witnessed flying trumpets, direct voice and ectoplasm He has now published a book on his experiences called Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence.
It will be available soon.....

Near Death Experiences and Quantum Physics - Evidence Part 2

GHOSTS CAUGHT ON FILM By Dr Melvyn Willin. PUBLISHER: David & Charles. F+W Publications, 4700
East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45236, USA. UK Buying Hotline: Tel: 0870 990 8222. www.davidcharles.co.uk PRICE (UK): £12:99 PRICE (USA) $16:99. There are literally thousands of books on ghosts each containing numerous stories which claim to be true accounts that have occurred to people throughout the centuries. There are also a few books which claim to show photographs of ghosts. A lot of these photographs are somewhat dubious to say the least so therefore it was pleasing to be sent this book to review as it had some many different categories to it. The author Melvyn Willin, is the Honorary Archivist of the prestigious Society for Psychical Research in London and a paranormal researcher and lecturer. Read more …

An interesting source of inspiration: Dr Helen Schucman (left) was an atheistic Jewish clinical and research psychologist, who held the tenured position of Associate Professor of Medical Psychology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City. Between 1965 and 1972 she experienced a distinct and clear dictation from an inner voice, which earlier had identified itself to her as 'Jesus'. Helen Schucman's scribing of A Course in Miracles began with these words: "This is a course in miracles, please take notes." Read more ...

SILVER BIRCH, A NON-'RELIGIOUS', NON-CHRISTIAN, HIGHLY CREDIBLE AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE who disputes Christian theology transmitted information which states that Jesus did live on earth and that once a year Jesus visits the lower realms in the afterlife.

CONVENTIONAL PHYSICS HAS TO BE REASSESSED: EVIDENCE THAT PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD ARE REAL. Dr Mark Macy gives details on his World ITC website (under the section on proof and evidence) that various European experimenters have had their phones monitored closely by their phone companies so that every call is traced- the paranormal calls do not register. He writes " To support the legitimacy of spirit phone calls made to the States, some of them are confirmed within hours or days, by cross-contacts to other experimenters. For example, Constantine Raudive first called me on my home telephone on January 21, 1994, to announce that the bridge from spirit group Timestream to the States had been completed. He then called ITC researcher George Meek and others, mentioning in some of those calls that he had already contacted me.
A month later, on February 20, German experimenter Adolf Homes found a text file in his desktop computer (which was attached to nothing but the power outlet in the wall--no modems, no internet connection of any kind). The message, translated from German, began: This is Constantine Raudive via the devices at Station Rivenich. Dear Colleague Adolf Homes, I herewith confirm my own contacts with Mr Malkhoff and Mr Meek and Macy in America. More contacts have been made successfully ..."

Arthur Findlay reports in his book THE ROCK OF TRUTH - a essential reading for those who want answers about religious truths. Nicea: this was the place, in Turkey, where Jesus was proclaimed to be ‘God’ – the second person in the ‘Trinity’. This dogma fundamentally influenced mankind – especially Western thought – including all European countries, Russia, North and South Americas, many parts of Africa and Asia - for the last 1800 years. How did this come about? Emperor Constantine (pictured), a wicked Emperor was a cross between Hitler and Stalin. He beheaded his own eleven year old son Crispus and pushed his wife into a bath of boiling water to kill her. He then strangled his own spiritual advisor Sopator. This was the monster who organized Council to bring the Christians together – as they were tearing each other especially in the Middle East. The main fight was between the Unitarians – those who believed Jesus was a good teacher and a healer and the Trinitarians who believed Jesus was God.

The Nicean Council attended by some 2,048 mostly uninformed Christian priests. It ran from May until September 325 AD . It was here that the first motion ’that Jesus was God’ was lost – a win for the Unitarians. But the Trinitarians lobbied Emperor Constantine and begged him to make Jesus God, the way Constantine made his own father a ‘god’ (all Roman Emperors became gods after their death). They argued that Jesus could not be less in value than the existing Pagan God of the Romans, Mithra (Mithra himself was the second person of the Roman Trinity). On the promise that the Christians would forgive the violent sins committed by Constantine, he decided to ban all Unitarians and put the vote again. This time the motion passed that Jesus was ‘God’. That is how Jesus became known through the world these last 1800 years or so, as the second person of the Trinity. Jesus never claimed in any texts that he was the “Second Person of the Trinity” . My research shows that there is no real dispute about these incidents. If you have objective authority to the contrary feel free to contact me anytime.

ON ABORTION: QUESTION: AT WHAT POINT IS IT WRONG? Answer is given by a highly credible afterlife intelligence S.Birch: 'Motivation qualifies action.' There are qualifications to abortion when the motive is right. This means that there are exceptions when abortion is not by wilful negligence or exploitation or abuse. These and other legitimate exceptions will always be taken into account. But this is what Silver Birch says about abortion, (excluding the mentioned exceptions)" ... the answer is from the very minute it is done it is wrong. Listen, you have no power to create life. You have power to transfer life. You have no right to destroy its expression. Abortion is akin to murder. From the moment of conception the spirit has incarnated into a woman's womb. When it is aborted it will continue to be spiritual body, however immature, and grow and develop. You may have destroyed the means of physical expression, but you have not destroyed the spirit that was there. Abortion is interference with the embryonic spirit which is developing according to its natural growth.

I do not know of any evolved being in my world who favors abortion. But always there is the qualification that the motive must be taken into consideration. The act itself is condemned. You do not create life ... If those who practice abortion realized they were not merely getting rid of matter, but a living entity with whom one day they will be confronted, I think there would be fewer abortions. From the moment of conception, there is the beginning of the individual, who will never die and continue to grow in my world." You can buy Silver Birch's books: http://www.silverbirchpublishing.co.uk

QUESTION: When I die, will I have this face I now have in the afterlife – I would not to have this face if I have to live for eternity! P.J.N. New Jersey.

Victor: First let me assure you that the status in the afterlife has nothing to do with how we look, as we have it on earth. Movie stars, super-models on earth are given status because usually of their extremely good looks. In the afterlife the BRIGHTNESS of your aura is your status – the brighter the aura, the higher status you will have. Example, imagine you have one of those electric switches where you can increase or decrease the light coming out of say, 300 watt electric globe. Turn the knob to make it low down to say 15 watts then turn the knob to make it maximum brightness to 300 watt. Compare the low light with the maximum light and you will get some idea of how important brightness will be in the afterlife. Brightness means higher level of vibrations of the person’s soul – which means hugely better conditions in the highest realm where the person’s aura has to be very bright.

CRIMINAL CRUELTY AGAINST ANIMALS: WHY IS AUSTRALIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST BEING CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT? CRUELTY PUSED TO EXTREME: cruelty to animals is a crime in Australia. We as civilized human beings must protect those who cannot protect themselves – from heinous, unnecessary cruelty. Raised on large, remote farms, Australian sheep enjoy space to roam and very little human contact. But due to Australia's live export industry, millions of Australian sheep suffer a fate far worse than death every year. They are destined for a horrific journey to slaughter overseas - herded onto a packed truck and driven across the country, sometimes in scorching heat. It's then onto a ship where conditions are much worse. They're terrified and will spend up to three weeks on the crowded ship. With around three sheep to one metre square, there is little room to move and an unfamiliar diet of pellets means many animals may not eat for the entire journey … Read more.

CONSUMERISM dominates the world's developed economies, but a revolution is rising up, with passionate pockets of dissent demanding we buy, not more, but less. In the US, for example, the Reverend Billy is denouncing the evils of shopping and preaching the "Stop Shopping" gospel. This self-proclaimed retail evangelist from New York is shouting from the pulpit about the destruction of the local neighborhood at the hands of voracious shopping center developers. Read more…

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