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December 26th 2014

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******** Please note that Wendy and I will be taking a couple of weeks off work so will not be in a position to answer emails - (unless the emails are urgent) - until about the second week of January 2015.


Happy holidays- it does not matter who you are: you can be Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or belong to any religion or none – male or female in anywhere in the world! – a very Merry Christmas to you all! Irrespective or religion, 'Christmas' is a time for giving - especially to those who really need help.

It is a time to open our hearts to share our material things and love with others. It is a time to renew old friendships and a time to forget the negative and to adopt a more positive approach to life - to continue to refine in mind, body and spirit.

Those who have goodwill in their hearts know very well how satisfied they are in being able to help the helpless. Those who are down and out and those who also need spiritual nourishment – the many who feel alone know and feel the pain and suffering in their heart- ... and so many others feel so neglected, abandoned and forgotten.

So, let us all make a special effort to go out of our way these holidays and do something positive for those who really need our material help and our spiritual help. We will be helping to make the world a more loving and a better place to be!

ACCOUNTS OF NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES Dr. Kenneth Ring found that his college students who read accounts and listened to talks by near-death experiencers became much less fearful of death. The IANDS website has a wonderful and growing collection. Here are some of those published most recently. Read more...

In 2005 Professor David Fontana, Professor of Trans-personal Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University, published a scholarly 500 page book called Is There An Afterlife which reviews some of the evidence for the afterlife collected during more than one hundred and fifty years of scientific research. In the Introduction to the book Professor Archie Roy points out that as yet most traditional scientists are simply unaware of the evidence for the afterlife. They have never done psychic research and have never read the evidence. But they are often hostile to it because they think it challenges their outdated scientific world view. Read more...


will be speaking at the Afterlife Explorers' Conference in Sydney late January. As a boy he experienced ghost and poltergeist phenomena which he claimed was eye opening. Then when working as a psychologist he experienced spontaneous past life recall in clinical practice. He researched reincarnation for many years, mainly through hypnosis but also with children who remembered past lives. He studied dreams and how then can foretell the futures and wrote 3 books about them. He is a hugely knowledgeable and interesting speaker with wonderful experiences to share.

Peter Ramster's video on reincarnation


leads him to believe that he had created the experiences of his own life.

Jeff's book has gained wonderful reviews.

The title "Astral Intimacy: Fifty Spirits Speak about Life, Love and Sex After Death" is bound to raise your curiosity. And it certainly does not disappoint. The author has examined what he considers the 50 best books on "what happens when you die" written between 1852 and 2001. These include such classics as Silver Birch, Anthony Borgia, Alan Kardec, William Stainton Moses, Sir Oliver Lodge, Edward C. Randall to name a few. He then arranges quotes from various books into more than 100 different sections as diverse as Sex After Death, Pets in the Afterlife, Games and Sports, Suicides, Religion etc. Each quote is meticulously referenced and each chapter contains a list of references to similar observations in the extensive Bibliography. As you would expect from Miles, whose previous work includes the website The Survival Top 40 and books The Survival Files and The Afterlife Confirmed, the book is both a scholarly masterpiece and very conversational and accessible. Read more...

AFTER- DEATH CONTACT. Recent research shows that people who die make their presence known to their loved ones in a number of ways. ROBERTA GRIMES author of The Fun of Staying in Touch explains how people can be certain that some signs from deceased loved ones are not simply coincidence.



THE MINISTER WHO BECAME CONVINCED OF THE AFTERLIFE THROUGH MEDIUM ALBERT BEST (Pictured) David Kennedy was a successful consulting engineer before he gave up his career and went back to university to study to become a minister in the Church of Scotland. Once he was ordained, his scientific background and logical mind, his deep sincerity and outstanding gift of oratory ensured that he became one of Scotland’s most widely known ministers. While he did not believe in communication through mediums he was open minded enough to try to contact his deceased wife Ann, and record his efforts in his book A Venture In Immortality.

Soon after his wife Ann died he said out loud to the empty room “Come on, Ann, give me a sign, something that no one could possibly know, please.” Next thing he knew the phone rang and a voice said "Your wife Ann is with me. She tells me that your clean collars are in the bottom drawer of your wardrobe and the speech you prepared last year for this service is in the top drawer of your desk. Incidentally, my name is Albert Best. Goodbye." Read the full account.

EXCELLENT INTERVIEW: GRAHAME's INTERVIEW WITH DR PIM van LOMMEL, world renowned cardiologist. Preface from Grahame Mackenzie:
“Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!"
Reportedly, these were the last words of Steve Jobs. Although the precise meaning cannot be known, his exclamatory farewell hints at something beyond, something spiritual – something denied and rendered taboo by mainstream science. But not all scientists subscribe to a materialistic gestalt. Increasingly, many forward-thinking researchers are speaking out and presenting both scientific and rationalistic evidence for the afterlife.

Spirit Today is privileged to present to its readers the findings of Dr. Pim van Lommel of the Netherlands, world-renowned cardiologist, author, and university lecturer.." Read full interview...

SHARED DEATH EXPERIENCE reported in CNN.. " Stories about shared-death experiences have been circulating since the late 19th century, say those who study the phenomenon. The twist in shared-death stories is that it’s not just the people at the edge of death that get a glimpse of the afterlife. Those near them, either physically or emotionally, also experience the sensations of dying." Read more...

Michael Roll (pictured below left), the afterlife researcher, someone I know from England, attended materializations with gifted medium Rita Goold. In fact I let him tell of you about one of his experiences he had himself:
"Russell (16 year old son of Gwen who was killed by a bicycle accident), and all the others who materialized, were exactly the same as us during the time they were on Earth. All speaking with the same voice they had on Earth. The medium, Rita Goold, was in the corner of the room, not in a cabinet, taking no physical part in the experiment. A Dutch lady spoke to her “dead” son in fluent Dutch. You will see from The Cleaver Report that Helen Duncan spoke to her daughter for an hour. I received the personal proof that my father had survived the death of his physical body in 1967." http://www.cfpf.org.uk

DIRECTLY FROM HIGHLY CREDIBLE AFTERLIFE TEACHERS: "Where you have human beings you will have troubles. All human beings are at different stages of spiritual development and so cannot see the same problems the same way. It must be so. Those who are fortunate enough to be a little more evolved should always try to have compassion, tolerance and understanding for the ones on the lower rungs of the ladder. After all, no matter how high we have reached, there are still some rungs awaiting us. I can only say to all the servants of the spirit that you are asked only to do the best you can, no more and no less ... We will not dictate, nor will we seek to compel. But we will co-operate to the utmost limits of our ability to serve you as you try to serve others, so that together we can help the power of the spirit to be known further and wider."


AFTERLIFE EXPLORERS CONFERENCE - in PARRAMATTA, SYDNEY January 2015 - MICK TURNER, organizer of the conference. 18 INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKERS- 'The Event of the Year'. BEST speakers & mediums.
Watch video by Allen Tiller, Speaker- Haunting Australia - (right pic)
Psychologist Peter Ramster, left.
We invite all Spiritual and new thought churches, psychics, mediums and their supporters, those interested in Near-death experiences, end of life experiences (Pete Smith - right) , out of body experiences(Dr Michelle Knight, left) and consciousness studies - all supporters of paranormal research- and all psychic, mediumship and spiritual groups to join together to support (Ezio and ) Australia's first AFTERLIFE EXPLORERS CONFERENCE at Parramatta RSL Club 24th-26th January 15. Ezio & Michelle above and Psychologist, afterlife expert and
past-life hypnotist Dr Peter Ramster, (left) author, and documentary producer will also be speaking. Check out the list of topics to be covered. Victor will be speaking Saturday 24th January around 3.15pm.
GREAT GIFTED INTERNATIONAL MEDIUMS: This is a wonderful opportunity for you to expand your networks, meet like minded people and take

the message of the afterlife to a much wider audience. Meet Val Hood above, Christine Morgan, right Read more... Marcia Quinton (left picture).

Day Pass – $ 85
3 Day Combo – $ 235
Messages From The Other Side – $ 45

ARIZONA 2015 SEPT. 'LIFE IN THE AFTERLIFE': 2015 Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies - the afterlife event of the year in the United States! The world's greatest materialization medium David Thompson will be performing. YOU just might be lucky to get one of your crossed-over loved ones materialize and talk to you!
Arizona SEPTEMBER 2015 - book now and save $$$. Victor and great afterlife investigators - (including the very popular past life regressionist Dick Sutphen, left), mediums, authors and top speakers will be participating.
: 'William'- David Thompson's afterlife guide and mentor (picture right, drawn by a psychic artist) who died in 1897 - will be answering questions from the audience using the same voice he had when on earth Book now Read more....



MEDIUM LOUISE HERMANN: Celebrating more than 500 public demonstrations of Connecting with the other side-"Louise Hermann Live" "What I share with you is a divine lighthouse from spirit, a selfless non-judging beacon to guide you all through the troubled waters of life. Take this guidance with love and all truth and allow yourself to also shine". As an evidential medium, it is always my pleasure to serve the spirit world and be the voice of your loved ones. The purpose of mediumship is to provide healing and proof of consciousness that your loved ones survive the process of physical death and continue to live in spirit form. Celebrating more than 500 public demonstrations of Connecting with the other side-"Louise Hermann Live". For dates read more..

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FEEBACK: The Three most recent reviews of our book on Amazon.com

1) '5 stars'. One of the best books I ever read. 25+ years of research is put into this book. Published 10 days ago by Don Hursell

2) '5 stars' Excellent read

The book is well-written, encapsulates a lot of material and is loaded with references. I highly recommend it, especially for someone knew to the topic. There is no bias, it is an objective presentation of fact.
Published 25 days ago by JoyceM

3) '5 stars' Exceeds expectations.
Whether you are an experienced afterlife researcher or a curious beginner, you will not want to miss this book. The authors have an encyclopedic knowledge complete with facts, names, and dates combined with a very charming writing voice and faultless logic. Entertaining. Compelling. I was sorry when it ended and yes, I will re-read it and refer to it as an excellent resource.
Published 27 days ago by Susanne Wilson


HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC: Voted the most beautiful inspirational Christmas music - The music, the voices, the harmony, the sound, the visual, the clarity - all pure magic. "O Holy Night" by Celtic Woman -Mairead Nesbitt, Meav Ni Mhaolchatha, Lisa Kelly, Orla Fallon, Chloe Agnew


Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.