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SEPTEMBER 12th, 2014

NEW CHRISTIAN REFORMATION? We had a big debate this week about the Old Testament in the Bible and concluded that for modern times, the Old Testament is irrelevant, useless and completely unnecessary. It consists of books whose origin and authors are unknown. It's about historical and or mythical events of thousands of years ago which have no meaning for modern life.

It consists of continuous cruelty, murders and curses. In Samuel we are informed where God, Yahweh, murders SEVENTY THOUSAND innocent people just because David took a census of the people. In fact even David was surprised telling God words to the effect, 'but they are innocent, I did the wrong deed!' Further it is full of other atrocities attributed to God- e.g. Yahweh organising the death of all the first born children in Egypt- that would be thousands and thousands of innocent children.

The material in Genesis, Deuteronomy and the other books of the Old Testament does not come up to a minimal acceptable spiritual standard. You cannot have a major section of the Bible where the writers make out that God has a lower standard of morality than a spiritually advanced human being! It's a gross insult to our intelligence. Time for Christian Churches to completely remove the Old Testament.

"Dr Pim van Lommel, senior cardiologist at a hospital in the Netherlands, and his associates Dr Ruud van Wees, Dr V Meyers, and I Dr I Elfferich, spent twelve years doing clinical studies of cardiac patients in ten Dutch hospitals who had reported near-death episodes. Every person studied had passed the clinical death tests mentioned here, then revived. And 18 per cent had a remarkable story to tell about how alive they were while dead.!" (PMH ATWATER The Big Book of Near Death Experiences: The Ultimate Guide to What Happens When We Die.)



Read more about the after effects of NDEs.

: Earlier this year Dr Michel Berg, based at the University of Strasbourg, and Dr Alejandro Riera in Kerala, India, created a joint experiment to see if telepathy was possible.
By blindfolding themselves and blocking out any interference with earplugs, they aimed to create a sensory vacuum in which they could focus the mind's energies.Dr Riera wore a type of skull cap called an EEG (electroencephalograph), while imagining he was making a series of either horizontal or vertical movements. Read more...

DEAN RADIN'S LIST OF PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES ON PSI The next time someone tells you that there is no scientific
evidence for psychic phenomena refer them to Dr. Dean Radin's list of recent (since 2000) peer-reviewed papers published in reputable journals which cover topics including: Healing at a Distance, Telepathy & ESP, Survival of Consciousness, Precognition & Presentiment and Mind-Matter Interaction

ANSWERS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE- A Private Investigator's 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Life after Death
We are delighted to see that Bob Olson's new book is doing so well and to hear that it is helping so many of people. If you haven't done so already, go to Amazon.com and look inside the cover at the contents- an inviting list of questions the book answers in easy to read format. Read more..

GWEN AND ALF BYRNE TELL THEIR STORY of how they were reunited with their dead son, Russell, through the physical mediumship of Rita Goold.
[ Starts around the 3 minute mark ] .

Part 5- Interview with Gwen continued
Part 6- Interview with Alf Byrne Alf mentions the scientists who attended who were not able to make their participation public.

- From the book Russel by Gwen Byrne (soon to be re-published)

Russell is speaking through medium Deborah Moore
" Hello Mum. It's me. It's Russell. (Laughter here). I'm here with the story I have long wished to tell my mother. It has been a long time coming because I had to tell it through the right person. Debs is that person. It isn't a harrowing story, Mum. It's a story of TRIUMPH. It is the story of when I went through the 'Death Experience'. But while it is for my mother to know, it is also a 'story' for the other mothers who have lost children - children who have passed through accidents, illnesses, even catapulted into spirit - whatever their passing. For all that happened to me is similar to that which happens to all children who go through the 'Death Experience'.It is not horrific. It is not negative. It is not nasty. It is magical, mysterious and wondrous. It is the Truth, Debs, and that is worth knowing." Read more...

WIKIPEDIA'S LIES AND DISHONESTY IN THE PARANORMAL: Brilliant RITA GOOLD, one of the greatest mediums on earth, lives in the UK. She has been viciously, maliciously and vindictively smeared by the Wikipedia skeptics. This is what afterlife investigator Michael Roll sent about this most disgusting wilful cheating:

Victor, after speaking to my friend Gwen Byrne on the phone I googled Rita Goold. Wikipedia has published the most staggering pack of lies about her. That skeptical Society for Psychical Research (U.K) fellow Tony Cornell is behind the destruction of this great medium. This Cornell is the man I clashed with at that SPR meeting...The one where I beat him hook, line and sinker by giving out The Cleaver Report to everybody at the meeting. In his speech Tony Cornell stood up and admitted that he had never been to one of Rita’s experiments. He was just repeating what he had heard about her. I was the only person at the meeting who had witnessed Rita’s experiments.
Wikipedia LIED, said Cornell witnessed a Rita Goold experiment in 1984. I am sure this is not true. We must defend Rita. I am appalled at what is going on. We must take action."......... Professor Archie Roy investigated medium Rita Goold himself and confirmed she is highly gifted medium. Professor John Poynton agrees, "The Wikipedia skeptics have a mission to distort and degrade anything to do with people associated with psychical phenomena."

So, regard Wikipedia for ALL paranormal information as the greatest FRAUD in paranormal history.

Psychic Detective Noreen Renier's work demonstrated in 48 Hours, Sightings, and various TV News clips.


NOREEN'S SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU: For my email clients, students and friends only, I am offering you a discounted PRIVATE READING via the phone for the months of October and November for $150.00!
Call 407-313-7869 See Noreen Renier NEWSLETTER

“Your subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between reality and imagination. To the subconscious, visualization is the same as experiencing actual events. That's why you always want to create visualizations of things you truly want to happen, and steer your mind away from thoughts of things you don’t want to happen.”
...more about Affirmations and Visualization in Chapter 6 of my book 'The Practical Psychic: A No-Nonsense Guide to Developing Your Natural Abilities'.

QUESTION: I like my human body - tell me, do we keep our human appearance forever? Terri D.

Highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that we will keep the human body for as long as we need to learn spiritual lessons using a human body. When we have learnt all the lessons and need to continue to attain higher levels of spirituality, then we are likely to become a 'being of light' - with all the memories, character and experiences we ever had. Whilst you like to be in a human body now, the time will come when you know you have done all you can with that human looking body - then you will eventually be seeking another appearance to continue to spiritually refine. But that will take eons of time - and that will be a choice we make ourselves to move on and to continue to spiritually refine.

QUESTION: Do spirit doctors know the cure for cancer?

S. Birch, directly from the afterlife, "There is no specific cure in the sense that there is one remedy that will cure every type of cancer, because they do not all owe their origin to the same cause. Some are physical, some are mental and some are spiritual in their origin. It is not possible to treat them all alike. You must try to understand the way we work. It is not done by saying, "Your world has a problem, here is the answer." Your world must earn the answer. But if you have wrong living in your world, if you have the needless cruelty to which helpless animals are subjected, if you have not earned the right to be cured, then no one can give you a cure. What is done is twofold. Where patently sincere and devoted individuals are working along truly spiritual lines, they are helped automatically because they attract wiser beings who were in their field and who desire to help them." (Guidance from Silver Birch) Read more..

He speaks for 28 minutes about how direct voice mediumship works. He talks about how the spirit team build a voice box, about ectoplasm and the challenge for the medium, who must be able to sit in complete and absolute harmony to trust the people he is sitting with and the slightest thing can wreck the whole sitting. "True mediumship can only come from complete and absolute trust and union between the medium and sitters."

Older adults who stay active by volunteering are getting more out of it than just an altruistic feeling – they are receiving a health boost! A new study, led by the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences and published online this week in Psychological Bulletin, is the first to take a broad-brush look at all the available peer-reviewed evidence regarding the psychosocial health benefits of formal volunteering for older adults. Read more...



THE IAC is a Non-profit research and educational organization that studies out-of-body experience (OBE), bioenergy, paranormal phenomena, and consciousness. Most IAC offices give free public lectures twice a month. In the lecture, experienced instructors introduce the foundational model at the root of IAC'sapproach to investigating consciousness. The lecture explores consciousness (soul, spirit), conscious evolution, energy, non-physical reality, psychic abilities, the out-of-body experience, and much more. IAC's foundational model recognizes the validity of those, and proposes a scientific yet participatory approach where knowledge about them is developed through experiences. The class lasts around 1.5 hours. Read more..

THE NEW BOOK: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPPORT: OUR NEW BOOK IS DOING VERY WELL - thank you all who are getting behind it. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING TO SPREAD THE LIGHT! And a big thank you to those authors and afterlife investigators who also inspired us to produce the book. Again, we remind our readers we do NOT make a profit from selling this book.

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1. Love and enjoy reading with my morning coffee. TY Victor awesome work! Laura

2. Victor and Wendy, Wow - Thank you for showing The Fun of Staying in Touch! That was such a great surprise! And the new edition of The Fun of Dying is just back from copy editing and about to go into design, so it should be available - with Victor's Foreword - within a few weeks! This is another extraordinary newsletter - I have been sitting here waiting for it to arrive ;-)! Roberta Grimes, Texas.

3. 'Aquarius' and 'Let the sun shine in'. Victor, thanks for the time travel machine. Brilliant music that changed America and the world. Magnificent friday and quite sensational music. Celso.


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