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17th 2010

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COMMENTARY: WE ARE ON THE WINNING SIDE! 'DIALECTICAL SPIRITUALISM' ! Although we have obstacles and challenges in spreading knowledge of the afterlife to counter scientific materialism I feel that over the last twenty years we have made good progress. Of course, we have a long way to go - but we are assured from the other side that we are on the winning side and one day, through the historical process of the *dialectics, all people in the world will accept the afterlife. When I first came on the paranormal scene some 21 years ago, the closed minded skeptics 'ruled the waves.' They were quoted in the media too often without balance to include us.

But we now have afterlife and psychic shows nearly every day, especially on cable channels. Millions around the world have been exposed to what mental mediumship is all about. In those early days, I had a lot of low level skeptics - and a couple of academic skeptics trying to take me on. These days I don't even hear from the dummy skeptics. People all over the world are becoming sensitive to afterlife matters. And the future, with the help of those from the otherside, will bring ever increased awareness. With the ongoing evolutionary processes on all levels, we have 'historical inevitability' on our side. Read more about *Dialectical Spiritualism

QUESTION: What has QUANTUM PHYSICS to do with the paranormal and the afterlife?
(J.K, Santa Monica, U.S.)

Victor: It shows that modern physics, and therefore science, understands that everything is made of energy (vibrations) and that there are many different dimensions.


(1) In his book 'ENTANGLED MINDS', DR DEAN RADIN, contends that those who think that science has no place for the paranormal do not know what they are talking about. He writes, "New discoveries in science are forcing an expansion to ideas of who and what we are, and that those who are most hostile to this topic know little or nothing about the evidence."

(2) Physicist Dr Claude Swanson, has collated the best evidence illustrating the inadequacy of our present reductionist scientific paradigm. In his book, 'THE SYNCHRONIZED UNIVERSE' he describes scientifically controlled remote viewing and ESP experiments, demonstrations of long range healing, psychokinesis, scientifically controlled experiments in levitation, teleportation and out of body phenomena (OBE). He outlines numerous examples of these strange forces being demonstrated under rigorous scientific conditions.

(3) Dr AMIT GOSWAMI is a former Professor of Physics at the Institute Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon. He is currently a senior resident researcher at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. His Book 'PHYSICS OF THE SOUL - THE QUANTUM BOOK OF LIVING, DYING, REINCARNATION AND IMMORTALITY' defines consciousness, not materiality as the primary reality. Read chapter 25 QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE

- in defence of MEDIUMS and PSYCHICS and the Paranormal - Closed-Minded Skeptic's Challenge EXPOSED! : A number of mediums and psychics asked me to do a video on the so-called psychic challenge offered by the extroverted, flamboyant cynical negatively entrenched closed-minded J.Randi who keeps attacking highly gifted mediums and psychics. They state that Randi's challenge is a joke- "It's the greatest hoax in paranormal history?" - Watch the video ..

Got the motivation? Got the stomach for it? Got the 'critical thinking' ?
Is there a genius closed minded skeptic from Florida or New York, a genius materialist, a genius reductionist scientist willing to take up my challenge to duplicate for $500,000 what Michelle Whitedove has done to win Lifetime TV's award for BEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA? See for yourself - in the video below- the incredibly accurate psychic skills demonstrated in front of millions. Closed minded skeptics run miles- all the way to Florida - whenever she is around. NO FLAMBOYANT SKEPTIC from Florida, NO hard core closed minded skeptics from the East Coast have beaten her. I promised the closed minded skeptics $500,000 to duplicate what Michelle Whitedove does under similar conditions. The only condition is that the applicant will pay us $500,000 if he fails to perform the tests. Do NOT be a coward skeptic. Take on the challenge or just shut up! Watch this truly amazing video of this great psychic!


QUESTION ABOUT THE VICTOR'S WEBSITE: Victor, why do you have some 50 pictures on your home page – don’t you think that’s too many pictures?
Victor: Good question – except if you were a lawyer you would NOT ask that question. Why not? Any Supreme Court or High Court judge, will tell you that by citing many scientists who accepted the afterlife, I made out a 'prima facie' (on the face of it) case that the afterlife exists. This is even before the formal evidence is presented. Since we are living in an age which values rational scientific enquiry as the primary means of obtaining knowledge, my aim was to show that these great scientists have confirmed that the afterlife exists.



Arthur FIndlay was a great psychic investigator and historian, writer of many highly recommended books on mediumship and psychic history. He writes:

"The universe, I believe, is composed of a gigantic scale of vibrations. Those which we appreciate on Earth are only a small range of vibrations between two fixed points, namely between 34,000 and 64,000 waves to the inch, or from 400 to 750 billion waves to the second. That is the section of the universe which appeals to us, the one which makes up to us the physical world. Now the physical world is only a very limited scale of vibrations compared with all the other vibrations in the universe." Read more ...

Helen Duncan was a materialization medium, one of the greatest of last century. Throughout the war years Helen Duncan reunited many grieving relatives with servicemen who had died- until she was arrested and tried under the "Witchcraft Act" as being a fraudulent medium. At her trial forty-one witnesses who came from all over the world for Helen Duncan all testified that they had experienced meeting loved ones in a materialization séance. She offered to demonstrate that she was a genuine materialization medium but was refused the opportunity. Helen Duncan was DENIED justice, DENIED equity, DENIED the due process of law, DENIED proper protocol. Witnesses LIED and CHEATED because the Admiralty perceived her to be a national security immediately prior to the invasion of Europe by the Allies and she was imprisoned for nine months. The English Law Society and the Scottish Law Society criticized the court for violating Helen Duncan's rights. If you come across some scathing attacks on the great materialization medium Helen Duncan - IGNORE them - or at least read what the forty-one witnesses at her trial said about her mediumship.
Chapter 11 Helen Duncan ...

"Geraldine Cummins was an author and playwright who was also a medium with a remarkable gift for automatic writing. One of the books she wrote in deep trance was "Swan on a Black Sea" which was a long and detailed book of personal reminiscences of another great medium, Mrs. Coombe-Tennant. All these details were later confirmed by her family. Many psychic investigators, including Colin Wilson, consider it to be: "
The most convincing proof of the reality of life after death ever set down on paper" (Wilson 1987:183).

Of the 22 books GEraldine Cummins wrote 15 were ‘transmitted’ or produced by automatic writing. Amongst many other writings, she produced a series of scripts purporting to come from F.W.H. Myers, one of the distinguished scholars who founded the Society for Psychical Research in 1882 and who, after his death in 1901, was the instigator of the "cross-correspondences" which provided much evidence in favor of survival. This material gives a wide-ranging description of the conditions after death and many other details, particularly how the soul may progress up through ever higher spiritual levels or ‘planes’.

Being a description of the after-life purporting to be communicated by the late F. W. H. Myers

Being a detailed description of the Future life purporting to be communicated by the late F.W.H. Myers


  (purchase details)

WE NEED MORE RECENT EVIDENCE: In the past we have had wonderful evidence for the afterlife, but sadly each generation seems to need its own first hand experiences. So we urgently need more current evidence from the other side to continue to help us convince the world about the afterlife. We talked about it before - that materialism is being pumped through the media - press, radio and television 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the interests of balance it is critical to have volunteers from the afterlife help us with more irrefutable evidence.

YOUR KIND ASSISTANCE NEEDED: Does anybody know where to locate one specific Radio Luxembourg broadcast from the past: JANUARY 15, 1983 (the famous Ranier Holbe/Koenig broadcast on EVP). If anyone knows how and where to access this tape very kindly let me know at vz@victorzammit.com

ATHEISTS IN THE AFTERLIFE: "When the atheist finds himself in these lands, he discovers also that he has made a tremendous and vital mistake. The existence of God needs no proof in these realms. The fact is evident upon every hand in an immense variety of ways. The atheist does not require convincing. No lengthy or profound argument, no deep delving into hermeneutics, are necessary. He convinces himself and most frequently in the shortest space of time, that there exists not only a God, but that same God is the Father of all of us." Transmitted directly from the afterlife by former Catholic Monsignor Hugh Benson and recorded on earth by Anthony Borgia.

CRUELTY - HUGELY DANGEROUS - strongest karma:
there appears to be nothing stronger in creating karma than deliberate cruelty. Those who are into consistent cruelty are not likely to make it to the realm of the light. When a person knowingly, intentionally and wilfully is cruel to another person or to any other living thing, there will be a corresponding lowering of that person's vibrations. We know how cruel some people can be - especially those in power - Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, who ordered the torture and killing millions of people. But on the cruelty section on youtube there are really sick people committing heinous cruelty acts even to dogs - clubbing them to death in public - and cats and primates - monkeys in laboratories- supposedly for scientific experiments (see pic. left). There is one cook on youtube who cuts a fish, boils its bottom half in an endeavor to keep it alive - then serves it for lunch - the fish still moving its head with pain! On crossing over, those who practice cruelty are very likely to be sucked down to the dark regions for eons of time - and at a later date made to experience the pain inflicted onto others.


Clint Eastwood's new film, Hereafter, which recently screened at the Toronto Film Festival, is a supernatural thriller that stars Matt Damon in a story of three people haunted by death.
Damon portrays a former psychic struggling with his connection to the afterlife. Marie Cécile de France (Mesrine: Killer Instinct) plays a French journalist who has a near-death experience. Frankie McLaren plays a London schoolboy who cannot shake the loss of his twin. Bryce Dallas Howard (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) also co-stars. The footage shows excerpts from the storylines of these three lives, plus images of a tidal wave and explosions. It shows how these lives are woven together and are changed by their beliefs about the hereafter. The film will be released on October 22nd.



SELECTED FEEDBACK: 1) Dear Victor, I'd like to thank you for the work you've compiled. I've recently taken a personal interest in researching and collecting information regarding life after death, and spewing out the hacks. Your website and free downloadable book is a refreshing find after trudging through about 100 YouTube videos with uneducated opinions. Thank you! M. M. Sherman Oaks, California

2) Hi Victor! I have been reading your newsletter for about 4 years now, and always find it very interesting and informative.N.J.

3) Dear Mr. Zammit: How exciting to receive a response from the Man himself!--- your 'internet presence' is almost legendary--- thank you. I must say I have really admired your scholarship & bravery over the years! Your pioneering spirit has opened the mind of many an academic (and non). D.M.

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