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Report 23nd May 2008

Sometimes very late at night after a long day of intense work, when I want to relax and watch some old movie on cable television I see these once big-shot movie legends such as John Wayne (pictured), Jimmy Stewart and Judy Garland, Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the Rat Pack – and so many others – all now in the afterlife dimension. I wonder how many of them when reviewing their lives will say ”If I only I had known what I had to do to get a better deal in the afterlife!” Our lifestyle in the afterlife will be a direct counterpart of our state of consciousness on Earth. The spiritual (not necessarily the religious) - those who went out of their way to help others in genuine need are very likely to "get a really good deal" where the conditions would be superior to anything else in the realm of the light. Others who were too self-obsessed, selfish or cruel or both are very likely to find themselves in an environment which reflects their inner consciousness- somewhere dark, cold and mean. Some even could get ‘stuck’ on the dark Astral level – one realm below the realm of the light. We live in a death-denying society. Many on earth think they are going to live for a thousand years –or more - forgetting that we only live for just a few decades and that any time we are just a heartbeat away from eternity. So, whether you are a big-shot movie star or a celebrity or whether you are the average decent person, what is immediately critical for you to do to "get the best deal" on crossing over is to read more about the afterlife – and what is going to happen to you when you die. See Chapter 29
. And then start doing selfless service to raise your level of consciousness and guaranteed, you'll "get the best deal".

Some 50,000 dead or missing in China, 134,000 dead or missing in Burma. There were those who raised this issue this week – the mass slaughter of innocent people, is it fair? No matter what one says, it is very sad to see earthquakes devouring innocent people, as it is to see massacres and genocide in some parts of the world, wars and revolutions, to see innocent people being blown up by some misguided suicide bomber, to see hurricanes destroy property and lives, to see starvation in some parts of the world, the unrest – and to see the huge ubiquitous violence and ugly drugs and alcohol and higher rates of suicide around the world. None of us really knows the answer to these huge problems. Afterlife intelligences state that we are still evolving which means the less advanced will commit heinous crimes and violence to cause so much instability and cause so many problems. They say that everything throughout the universe is evolving – even us here on planet Earth. In the face of such unimaginable devastation let us hope that there will come a strengthening of the political will for governments to work and plan together on an urgent basis – especially to overcome the threat of climate change.

Al Gore is one of the most convincing presenters in the world today. In this video filmed in March 2008, Al Gore presents grim evidence that the pace of climate change may be far worse than scientists recently predicted. Some scientists without rebutting Al Gore's evidence have just gone into denial. He claims that so far we haven't really "got it" that this is really happening. He challenges us to not only change the light bulbs but also change the laws and above all to change our consciousness. Failure to respond could mean millions going into the afterlife before their time. Time is of the essence!!

Reverend Rob Smith, a highly credible investigator of the Electronic Voice Phenomena writes from Melbourne Australia " I have been experimenting with a manual 'AM Radio Sweeping' trying to improve the quality of my EVP. I'm excited about the below capture I have been instructed to share it with you. This was recorded on a 'Watts' radio, using a Sony B16 IC recorder for capture. I believe that this it is certainly phenomenal for a 'clear logical sentence' has been captured when scanning various non-English channels for less than 0.5 sec.duration on each setting. Firstly, I hear a slightly-rapid feminine voice saying "We become purified (presumably after our physical demise) - put it on the internet! " Two-thirds the way through, you can hear a male voice saying, "Brigitte!" - presumably providing a name for the female voice. The second tape says "Hello- Danielle".
To hear these tapes go to Rob's home page and check out the EVP MESSAGES- or go straight to sound file1 or sound file2

NEW BOOK: ‘GIFT OF THE WHITE LIGHT’, by Annette Martin. This biography about Annette Martin begins when she first discovered her psychic gift at age seven. James N. Frey brings her life story to life in this 'engaging' account of Annette's mysterious adventures in the 'Gift of the White Light'. For over 36 years, Annette Martin has used her psychic ability, the Gift of the White Light, to help thousands of people answer everyday questions concerning heart, career, health, emotional issues, departed loved ones, as well as assisted police agencies and the FBI in solving crimes, convict criminals, and locate missing persons. She is frequently featured on national and international shows. Martin has helped more than 40 law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, solve heinous crimes. Martin has been featured on the Psychic Detective, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Court TV, and many other television and radio shows. Martin's predictions are uncannily accurate. In a reading requested by John Denver, she said she saw him flying a small craft that would tumble into the ocean. Fifteen years later he would die exactly that way.

A pet owner claimed she rescued her missing dog by using an animal psychic to locate it. Nikki Newcombe, 35, spent a week digging and using thermal imaging cameras to find her missing Jack Russell (like the one pictured) but failed. In desperation, she rang animal psychic Pea Horsley, 35, who claims to be able to telepathically communicate with any species. The clairvoyant claimed to see pictures of Marmite's location and the route he had taken, despite being 100 miles away. She said the dog was wedged in a man-made hole with water at the bottom and concrete around it. Miss Newcombe, followed the route she thought the London-based psychic had described. She arrived at the locks of a disused canal a mile from her home and found Marmite trapped in a shaft below a narrow section of the sluice gate and called for the fire service. Read more...

EX-POLICE OFFICER MEDIUM TAPES PILOT FOR TV A medium who was a police officer for 32 years in Salem, Massachusetts is filming a pilot for a television series in Jacksonville Florida. Under the title of “The Messenger” Chuck Bergman is relying on the skills of Director & Executive Producer, Robert Child who produced two paranormal documentaries America’s Most Haunted Town and America’s Most Haunted Inns and Dick Ross who was Senior Vice President, Production and Operations for Universal Television Networks overseeing SciFi Channel and USA Network. Bergman claims to have located the body of a missing person using his mediumistic gifts in 2005. Read more…

Ian Coster, a London journalist, contacted Harry Price, a psychical researcher, to see if Price could arrange for a séance and hopefully contact Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. While Price was known primarily as a debunker of mediums, he had come to accept that some were real. He recommended Eileen Garrett, and a sitting was scheduled for October 7 1930. When the sitting began Mrs Garret went into trance Uvani, her spirit control, begins speaking and said that someone named Irwin or Irving wanted to communicate. Garrett's voice changed again and a man appeared to be speaking. He identified himself as Flight Lieutenant H. Carmichael Irwin, captain of the R-101 which had just crashed. He then gave incredible details of the crash that no-one living could have known. If you would like to read the story on Michael Tymn's blog. Read More...

BRILLIANT PHYSICIST WRITES BOOK ON HIS AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS: The author, DR Jan W. Vandersande Ph.D., has described in considerable detail some of the best evidence that he is aware of for life after death. He has based this evidence on his own investigations and experiences which include sittings with trance mediums and channelers, and also sitting quite regularly over an eight year period in a circle in which he witnessed physical phenomena such as trumpets flying around the séance room, direct voice and ectoplasm. All his experiences are described in detail. Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence, has been published and is now available on Amazon.com

After 1,500 years the Vatican has brought the seven deadly sins up to date by adding seven new ones for the age of globalization. The list, published on March 9th 2008 in L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, came as the Pope deplored the “decreasing sense of sin” in today’s “secularized world” and the falling numbers of Roman Catholics going to confession. The new deadly sins are:

1. "Bioethical" violations such as birth control.
2. "Morally dubious" experiments such as stem cell research.
3. Drug abuse.
4. Polluting the environment.
5. Contributing to the widening divide between rich and poor.
6. Excessive wealth.
7. Creating poverty.

Comment regarding 1 Bioethical - of course Catholics are free do what they like (from conduct we know Catholics are ignoring birth control restrictions), but transmitted information from the other side - from highly credible sources tells us that motive precedes action: it is the motivation for reducing the number of people in the world that is critical. The threat of overpopulation is humanity's greatest problem, therefore it would appear that some birth control is urgently necessary. As 2-6:intention and motive would be unavoidable issues. Read more...

With an earnest display of trophies, scarves, Orthodox icons and chalices, an exhibition at the museum of Vienna's 14th century Catholic cathedral is out to show what football owes to religion. Players such as Argentina's Diego Maradona are venerated as saints of the modern age, the exhibition explains, and fans frequently set up shrines or collect "relics" of their favorite teams or players. "There are many parallels between the cult of football and the rituals of the Christian Church," said museum director Bernhard Boehler. Kissing a football trophy after the moment of victory recalls the kissing of Orthodox icons, while bearing a cup aloft to a stadium of cheering fans is a profane re-enactment of the displaying of the Body of Christ during the Catholic mass, according to the curators. Read more…

University of Pittsburgh researchers reviewed the word of 279 top songs of 2005 covering genres from country to pop, from rap to rock. They found that one third have explicit reference to substance abuse and 60% placed drugs, alcohol and tobacco in a positive light. Read survey. Highly credible afterlife teachers inform us that those who cross over with a very bad drug habit will be in for a very rude awakening- the strong habit lingers on even in the afterlife – but there is no way the addict can get drugs. So there is a tendency for these addicts to hang around those on earth who are using drugs. We are informed that the drug problem is at a crisis point. One song comes to mind from Ray Charles – ‘LET'S GO GET STONED’ – which says among other things, “It ain’t no harm, taking a little nip …” WRONG! There is a lot of harm taking any drugs. The afterlife has huge consequences – especially those crossing over with the habit – huge!

HANDS OF LIGHT Dr. Barbara Brennan has been researching the Human Energy Field for more than 30 years. Her best selling books—Hands of Light and Light Emerging — are considered classics in the field of complementary medicine. The picture left is a representation of what she saw in the aura of a patient every time he had been smoking cocaine. She claims that drugs like LSD, marijuana, cocaine and alcohol are detrimental to the healthy aura and create "etheric mucus" as does disease. (See Hands of Light p.92). Read more about Barbara.

QUESTION: Thanks so much for your article on Prof Dawkins last week - every enlightening. But tell me, this Prof Richard Dawkins says that evolution shows that there was no intelligent design. Any comments? M Bergin, San Francisco.

VICTOR: Forget for one moment that this guy is a professor and that he’s an atheist and who does not accept the afterlife. I ask you and every reader of this column - assuming you are all at least reasonably intelligent, thoughtful and able to answer general questions: look around you - look at the universe and every thing you see moving on earth – do you see order? If the answer is yes, it follows that there has to be an intelligent design. Go deeper: the swirling atom, with its nucleus – electron, protons and other energies inside the atom – all physicists and all reasonable intelligent people will say of course there is intelligent design in the swirling of the atom. OK, look at our solar system – the rotation of each planet around the sun and the role of gravity in relation to each planet. Again, most people will say, of course, there is an intelligent design, otherwise all will collide into each other. Back to earth: we see growth – of trees, flowers, birds, fish and mammals and other animals … is there intelligence behind the growth process? One has to place intelligent design in the Cause-Effect context. We analyze the effect and ask the question: what caused the intelligent effect? Nature? No! Nature itself is not intelligent, nature follows pre-ordained laws. So, something precipitated intelligent design for the universe, for our solar system, for us and all who occupy the earth to exist. As to this professor - and other materialists like him, they say – CHANCE can account for everything. But statisticians will tell us we cannot attribute chance to some thousands of unexplained intelligent designs. Someone had to intelligently design what we all see – why not?

Iceland is the world's most peaceful nation while the United States is ranked among the bottom third, according to a study released on Tuesday. The "Global Peace Index," compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranked the United States 97th out of 140 countries according to how peaceful they were domestically and how they interacted with the outside world.The United States slipped from 96th last year, but was still ahead of foe Iran which ranked 105th. It, however, lagged Belarus, Cuba, South Korea, Chile, Libya and others which were listed as more peaceful. Read more...

QUESTION: A few weeks ago you published an email from that closed minded skeptic materialist James Randi undertaking to send you a legal document which would show his promise that he has the funding for his challenge is subject to five years jail if it is shown that in fact he does not have the funding. Did he ever send that legal document?

Victor: Absolutely NOT! He said he would be sending it, but to-date I have not received anything from him. But relax, most people would NOT be surprised at all – it only shows that he does NOT have the funding, the million dollars he claims he has. As I said, anyone who makes a public challenge has a duty to the public to put it by way of a legal agreement that he has the funding – supported by a legal document that if it is shown he does not have the funding, he would go up to five years in prison. Very clearly, this Randi is all baloney and does NOT have the funding – fooling all those decent Americans who may think he has a genuine claim. Regarding my one million dollar challenge, I have a legal document to that effect: my funding exists or else I can go to prison for up to five years jail. But we must never forget Professor Dennis Rawlins spilling the beans on Randi, when he said what Randi told him: “I will always have a way out of paying …” That says it all about the materialist's biggest hoax in paranormal history!

SCIENCE AND ASTROLOGY: a skeptic presents a Vedic astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong who produces amazingly, brilliant results. Closed minded skeptics in the past botched up all these investigations on astrology, but Michael Shermer, a known skeptic, put to the test a Vedic astrologer. Watch this video carefully where sometimes accuracy rises to 94%. This video is truly impressive in the attempt to be objective about procedure. SUGGESTION: consistent with scientific method, skeptic Shermer should use a control ‘astrologer’ : he should have called on to some known skeptic to do the readings for the sitters. Then the viewers would be able to compare the ‘readings’ of the skeptic control with that of the Vedic astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong. That would be a very good indication as to whether the Vedic astrological readings are too broad or too general. That should be done for all to see. Watch video

MATERIALIZATION CORNER- why attack Victor? : This week I received three emails informing me that some uninformed critic has been attacking my credibility as an investigator – I looked up the URL they sent and yes, some misguided 'Spiritualist' is going off his head challenging me to get Alan Crossley back and cross-examine him because he did not believe it was him.
I was informed that the attack was primarily a gimmick to raise the sagging readership of the attacker's blog - using others websites with established readership.

It is on record that I stated just a few weeks after attending the first seance with David Thompson that we cannot guarantee that those who materialize are in fact who they claim to be. Why did we say that? In the Circle there are three sitters who were in law enforcement agencies and have professional experience about identifying people. We put the spirit voices on audios on the internet and leave it up to people to decide for themselves about the voices. Whilst we received responses that some accepted the spirit voices, there were others - especially the skeptics and the anti-materialization Spiritualists were not convinced. I said that's perfectly all right - it's their prerogative to accept or reject - or keep an open mind until all the evidence is in. It did not worry us one iota either way. People have a right to decide for themselves what to accept or reject.

Now, this uninformed critic is offering me a few cents (relative to the half a million dollars I am offering to anyone who can show fraud etc in our materializations) to invoke Crossley and cross-examine him.

Again, I have to re-state, we do NOT and have NEVER guaranteed that those who come through are who they claim to be. The discretion is left up to the person listening to the spirit voices.

I have NO power to invoke any spirit in the seance room and if I could I would NOT invoke Alan Crossley; I would try to converse with my three younger sisters who died from breast cancer, with my parents and my grand parents - in fact, Crossley would be some fiftieth on my list of people to talk to.

Spirit visitors usually come through when there is a close-tie of affection and a particularly urgent reason to do so. The reason Alan Crossley came through with his friend Helen Duncan on that particular night was that Helen Duncan's grandson and the daughter of a close friend of Alan Crossley were guests in the seance. So someone who had close contact with Crossley - stated that it was Alan Crossley who materialized. My personal opinion as above stated, that this is nothing but a trick to poach readers from other websites. My full reply to this sad and pathetic personal attack is now up on my articles page.

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