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August 19th 2011

Sincere apologies if I have not replied to your email. I have been inundated with very urgent work these last two weeks.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: TESTING MATERIALIZATION MEDIUMS Materialization medium David Thompson is in England and he came across a critic– representing some ONE per cent of those who attended his séances. What critics do not realize is that you cannot test or judge a materialization medium after sitting in just one session.

Our experience these last six years is that many first time sitters are overwhelmed by the experience and their minds go into overdrive trying to find a rational explanation. There are also many critical intervening variables to be taken into consideration. For example, the level of ENERGY during the séance is most critical in determining how good the session is going to be. The level of energy drops significantly when even one closed-minded skeptic attends a session - because a negative mind lowers energy- or when ‘doubters’ are present. Or when sitters mentally are asking for a particular person to come through.

One must attend a number of sessions to get some idea of the different levels of energy in each session. We investigated David thoroughly for nearly fifteen months to get a really good appreciation of his full talents and continued to sit regularly with him after that. My conclusions have not changed since they were outlined in 2007 in my video testimonial David Thompson's Materializations.

EXPERT INVESTIGATOR EXAMINED DAVID THOMSPSON: One of the greatest afterlife investigators, Montague Keen of the English Society for Psychical Research investigated David and concluded "the effects were genuine". Read his archived full report. (if slow to load click on "Impatient?" bottom right ). After he died Montague came back through David on a number of occasions and his communications were verified by his wife Veronica.

The late David Fontana well known to many of our readers from the Scole report, apparently made a dramatic return in a David Thompson seance at Jenny's Sanctuary in England this week. Reportedly he talked with a friend at length. We will let you know more details when we listen to the audiotape and check the testimonials.

At the same seance one of our long time subscribers, Tony Pappard, was fortunate enough to have a reunion with his life partner George who passed some twenty years ago. Tony was at first puzzled that George's voice was not as he remembered it. However when he communicated directly with George through his own mediumship he understood. Below are extracts from George's direct communication with Tony after the seance:

" I couldn't get the voice right, perhaps with practice, but is it worth the effort when you get evidence of survival from me every day? I know you won't forget me, this was more for other people's benefit. I still get nervous in front of a big audience. Remember how I stumbled at that meeting with Tony Benn in the Palace of Westminster? Yes I got mixed up about the number of years we'd been together.... I had it all planned what to say, but had such difficulty getting thru and using my voice, and I couldn't say what I wanted in front of all those people. I'd much rather communicate with you privately. Yes, you felt my hands on your face. I'm glad I managed that, and yes Sandy [the dog] is with us now. Freddie and I take him for walks. The seance last night, I did my best. Very difficult, and I'm glad I did it, but a lot of effort when we have such clear and convincing communication by other methods.

But this physical seance thing will develop, and David is indeed the one. Very few good physical mediums about and he is one of the best. He will do it in more lighted conditions one day, as he said. He's still fairly young, plenty of time to develop and he is determined. I know it's a lot for you to take in; for anybody. But yes it really was me and my hands you felt. Not an imposter of any kind. We don't use our Earth voices here, except people who communicate with you by Direct Voice or in physical seances."
Read Tony Pappard's full report.

LAWYER’S CROSS-EXAMINATION OF INSTIGATOR OF THE GREATEST $1m HOAX IN PARANORMAL HISTORY: Subscribers are enjoying these highly entertaining cross examinations.

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- 8 more police cases)

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Dr. John Turner served as the first neurosurgeon on the Big Island of Hawaii where he performed many life-saving procedures despite substandard equipment and little trained help. Despite his classic Western medical training, Dr. Turner embarked upon a professional and personal exploration of the metaphysical. He eventually began incorporating non-traditional healing techniques into his medical practice and surgeries, which broadened the scope of recovery for his patients. In addition to literally holding people's lives in his hands as he operated on their brains, Dr. Turner came to realize that one's consciousness survives physical death. His book, Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations is the twenty-year story of his contributions to neurosurgery and the pathways and evidence that led him to the spiritual world. Listen to this fascinating interview now... [takes up to 2 minutes to download but worth the wait]


" A group of British scientists, including two astrophysicists, a thermodynamicist, and other professional researchers, are conducting experiments and solving complex equations that they believe furnish conclusive and irrefutable proof of human survival of bodily death....

Michael Roll (pictured left), a rationalist and freethinker who heads The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom, is unofficial spokesman for the group. He has recently revealed information that could drastically alter humankind's entire belief system regarding continuation of consciousness beyond the grave. Roll, of Bristol, England, a former businessman, is a long-time explorer of paranormal phenomena. He and his colleagues' series of discoveries, involving mathematical equations and physical experiments, when taken together, furnish empirical evidence that makes an extremely strong case for continuing after-death survival of the human psyche.

The group has come to regard that continuation as the functioning of a natural, universal law, the study of which is strictly a branch of chemistry, physics, and mathematics, rather than an article of religious faith." Read more....





Kurt Hameline, Assistant District Attorney of Oneida County stated words to the effect that using gifted psychics was critical in providing physical evidence to catch murderers in a particular case. Gifted psychic and medium Phil Jordan gave the police critical information – some fifteen most relevant facts – which led to the arrest and conviction of three murderers now serving 100 years in prison each. Sheriff Bill Hasenaurer of Oneida Country Sheriff’s Office, stated in his own words: “I accept the psychics’ role in helping with murder cases – and I will call them again – because they get results. I am now a great BELIEVER IN PSYCHICS HELPING THE POLICE”. Sgt. Lynton Clark of Oneida Sheriff’s Office said - in his own words, "Yes, I completely agree about the use of psychics in solving murders."


Helen Legotti Churchwell is a New York psychic who has a particular interest in finding the bodies of people lost at sea. She brilliantly located the body of Christopher Tobey in the ocean off Kittery Main, near Boston in 2008. Locating a drowned body in an ocean is extremely difficult - almost impossible for many reasons - including strong currents. Sgt. Rick LaFlamme of the Maine Marine Patrol, claimed that he found the body in the area from the spot circled on a map while talking to her by phone. The Deputy Chief Main Patrol John Bennett on television gave credit to the psychic saying: "I think when you imagine the enormity of the ocean and all the variables that can happen when someone drowns just to be able to find that person it's a big deal ... a big deal." But when the father of the drowned man was interviewed for the program he thanked everybody else including those who dived to search for his son's body - yet he did not say a courtesy THANK YOU to Helen Legotti, the psychic who made the recovery of the body possible. Read report.

Directly from the afterlife,
"Although we can send our thoughts, it must be assumed that our minds are as an open book for all to read. By no means. We can, if we so will, deliberately keep our thoughts to ourselves; but if we should think idly, as it were; if we should just let our thoughts ramble along under a loose control, then they can be seen and read by others. One of the first things to be done upon arrival here is to realize that thought is concrete, that it can create and build. Then our next effort is to place our own thoughts under proper and adequate control."

Crop circles offer humanity the opportunity to make a profound collective discovery. Knowing we share the universe with others, with intelligences that actively communicate with us, could trigger leaps to the higher states of awareness and greater satisfaction that are the promise of this age of transformation.
-What are the extraordinary and subtle designs of the crop circles trying to tell us?
-What evidence proves that crop circles are not made by human beings?
-Are the circles an invitation to rethink our materialistic world view and realize the interconnection of all that is?
-Would insight into the origin and messages of the circles open you to experience greater sensitivity and more compassion in your life?

Watch this preview of What on Earth a wonderful documentary about crop circles by Suzanne Taylor.
Suzanne is conducting a series of four online seminars about crop circles starting on August 20th. Read more...

: Month of August - the anniversary of dropping the atomic bombs in Japan. You have not said anything about the many thousands of Japanese who died when the United States dropped two atomic bombs killing and maiming over 300,000 people. Time to remember those victims of atomic weapons.

Victor: You forget to mention that some 55 MILLION people died in world war two – 23 MILLION troops and 32 million civilians - they have to be remembered too. The USSR suffered some 20 million casualties, China 13 million and so on. The Americans will tell you those who died in the Pearl Harbor ambush should be remembered too. What you also should remember is that the Japanese COULD have saved the 300,000 casualties you mentioned, but the Japanese Military Supreme War Council REFUSED to surrender when the Americans gave them final notice that they had super weapons to drop on Japan. Don’t you think the Japanese leadership had a duty to save hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians? Emperor Hirohito ordered the military War Council to unconditionally surrender because more hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese people would have been killed by dropping more atomic bombs. Spiritually, the military leaders had a huge responsibility to SAVE lives – not to try save their ego for their disgrace in losing the war fighting the Americans. So by all means let's make August a time to remember the horror of the atom bombs and ALL who died in wars - the soldiers and the civilians.

Arielle Ford knows a thing of two about book promotion having launched the careers of many NY Times best selling authors including Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch & Debbie Ford. She is a former book publicist, literary agent and the author of seven books. Here are her latest thoughts on book publicity. Read more...

SCIENCE OF WHOLENESS- A WONDERUL SERIES OF WEBSITES TO EXPLORE Russell Symonds has spent years investigating diet, wellness and spirituality. His website contains many fascinating articles:
"The main intention of Science of Wholeness is to help everyone avoid years of suffering, massive health expenses, tremendous grief, and to make the way to the fullest levels of spiritual freedom and God-realization much more straightforward and easy.
Start exploring http://scienceofwholeness.com/

John Shelby Spong, retired Episcopal bishop from Newark, NJ, talks about why Christianity must change its teaching about hell.

FOR THE LONG TERM PLANNERS -many years ago I was inspired to adopt the words 'Continuous Refinement' as a most positive affirmation. I adopted this 'Continuous Refinement' in whatever I was doing - in my relationships with people, in my work, in my writing, in my research - in my everything. And now I can say, it works! Adopt an inspirational affirmation yourself if you like - and you will see as you get on in years, you will find inner peace, calmness within yourself - and with the world!

Hi Victor, it appears that most of the communications from the spirit realm are from people who had a Christian, Native American, agnostic or atheist belief when on earth. Do you know of any recorded communication from those in the spirit realm who had a Buddhist, or Taoist belief when on earth? Thanks, Hope you both are well. Richard. If you can help answer this question please email.


If you use Facebook do drop by and let us have your thoughts on some of the wonderfully interesting topics the group has been discussing including:
* vivid dreams of loved ones
* your own personal experiences of the afterlife
* books which changed your life.
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1) From Professor (physicist, author, retired) Jan Vandersande - Hello Victor
Your cross examination of Randy is smack on. I had a run in with Randy in 1982 when I showed him four photographs of ectoplasm and materializations taken by my good friend Professor Jack Allan of a Johannesburg medium in the late 1960's. (these photographs are in my book: Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence). Randy looked at the photographs for about two seconds and said: this is fraud. I can do this. This so-called "psychic investigator" was not interested in any details about the photographs, the medium, etc. He is nothing but a phony who has made a good living being a "debunker" who has never investigated any psychic phenomena seriously. I challenged him to produce materializations in a sitting in which he would be tied to the chair but be refused!! I am glad you have exposed him. Great job. Regards and best wishes
Jan Vandersande

2 ) Dear Wendy and Victor,
My heroes, both of you!!! What an awesome job you are doing in bringing so much to Light! Rachel.

3) Hi Victor, I still love your newsletter each week and I look forward to new enlightenment each time. Yours is the only view that makes sense to me from a rational point of view. I'm certainly not into blind belief systems or dogma. Just the plain truth is enough for me.

I am actually writing to you now because I enjoy your section at the end of your newsletter where you put up inspirational music. Music has always been my inspiration right back to when I was a small child. All of my five novels have been influenced in some way by some truly beautiful music from the recent past. Much of it gets a mention within the stories but I decided to add a special 'Musical Links' page to my website to let people hear some of my personal favourites for themselves.
If you are interested have a listen at www.afterlifenovels.com/musical_links.html
or follow the link at my home page www.afterlifenovels.com
Thanks again for all that you do
from Gary J McCleary.

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SOMETHING MOST INSPIRATIONAL- Something quite exceptional! See and hear for yourself this magnificent soul-penetrating music:
The angelic voice of Chloë Agnew in Celtic Woman's 2005 version of Nella Fantasia. The oboist is David Agnew, her father.
Here is the English translation of the beautiful lyrics:

Nella Fantasia

In my imagination I see a fair world,
Everyone lives in peace and in honesty there.
I dream of souls that are always free,
Like the clouds that fly,
Full of humanity in the depths of the soul.

In my imagination I see a bright world,
Even the night is less dark there.
I dream of souls that are always free,
Like clouds that fly.

In my imagination there exists a warm wind,
That breathes on the cities, like a friend.
I dream of souls that are always free,
Like clouds that fly,
Full of humanity in the depths of the soul.


Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.