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January 15th 2016

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COMMENTARY: AFTERLIFE PHYSICS the key to the paranormal. After researching the afterlife for over 26 years I can say with confidence that there are laws which are different from known physical laws governing afterlife conditions and the paranormal.

For example, I know with absolute certainty that there is a whole system of afterlife physics because during materializations we repeatedly witness things becoming solid and then disappearing in front of our own eyes in a consistent and predictable way. The increasing and decreasing of vibrations is a most fundamental fact in afterlife physics.

Whilst some brilliant scientists have accepted there are special laws governing the afterlife and the paranormal, orthodox, skeptical scientists mistakenly keep saying they cannot test the paranormal because it does not conform to their expectations. They refuse to accept that there is a separate 'afterlife physics'.

As the great astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle once said, when scientists start using afterlife physics there will be a quantum leap in the advancement of science. This will inevitably happen!

Co-author of several books including 'The Art Of Dying,' 'The Truth In The Light' and 'The Hidden Door', neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Peter Fenwick talks about his research into End-of-Life Experiences and deathbed phenomena including: 1) premonitions 2) visits from deceased relatives 3) deathbed visions leading to changes in language.


WHAT DO WE TAKE WITH US WHEN WE DIE? A TIMELY REMINDER from Trappist Brother Mark Dohle, retreat master at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia, USA.

We have one life, a limited time to grow into something beautiful, lovely, loving and compassionate, or we can grow into someone who is controlling, selfish and who cares only for themselves and their career. All the latter is emptiness in the end…..for what we take with us, the coin of the other world is ‘love’. Faith and hope will one day disappear, but love, never."

Sometimes premonitions are given to us to "soften the blow" of something which is destined to happen. After their son Eric died, Fred and Marilyn Zimmerman had comforting visions of him. These were later confirmed in a reading with medium George Anderson.


Eric Zimmerman's brother, Scott, created a page to map the family's after-death communications. He says he had three contact dreams with Eric. When asked how he knows the dreams were really Eric he answers:
"Well, when Eric comes to me I feel energy something similar to electrical or static electricity - also I feel this feeling of pure love, happiness, joy, excitement, something that I cannot really express with earthly terms and expressions, something that I don't even know if you could feel through two people's pure humanly love. It's an amazing feeling, something that you don't ever forget." Read more...

In 1991 Pam Reynolds died in front of doctors, fully hooked up to various monitors. She needed to have the blood drained from her body for an operation; she had no heart beat or brain function for almost an hour. When she was revived she was able to describe in detail many of the events and equipment in the operating room. COMPELLING!



Professor Stafford Betty has published six books, most recently The Afterlife Unveiled (2011), Heaven and Hell Unveiled (2014) and a novel The Imprisoned Splendor (2011). He also has Whitecrow books blog, a Huffington Post blog and has written dozens of articles and essays on a wide variety of subjects. Here he is interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove who first tries to raise the 'super-psi' hypothesis (see next item). Stafford's explanation of what happens at the moment of death begins around the 14 minute mark.

Afterlife researchers have always been concerned to eliminate the possibility that a medium might be getting information from a living person, rather than from someone who has died. Many experiments have been done to show that telepathy from the living is not involved in good mediumship. Mediums have been shown to score poorly for telepathy. Sometimes 'drop-in communicators' come through who are totally unknown to the medium or the sitters. Mediumship readings differ with the skills of the communicating spirit and some spirit communicators accurately describe the location of hidden objects which no living person knows. Skeptics also try to claim that perhaps the medium is tuning into a 'cosmic data bank' where all the memories of the world are stored. This is the 'super-psi' hypothesis. Read this excellent article from Life in B Flat which rebuts it.


STORIES FROM THE OTHER SIDE Forever Family Foundation mediums Lynn LeClere and Laura Lynne Jackson talk of how they first became aware of their abilities.


One of the main things our loved ones say when they communicate through a medium is that they want forgiveness. This is illustrated in the following extract from a new book by Laura Lynne Jackson, a medium certified by the Forever Family Foundation and the Windbridge Institute. Her book The Light Between Us: Stories from Heaven. Lessons for the Living contains many heartwarming stories. Read an except 'Forgiveness from the other side'.

It seems that rather than trying to get forgiveness from God before you die, it is more important to make peace with those whom you have harmed. A highly credible teacher in the afterlife, Mons. Hugh Benson, wrote: "Death-bed repentances are of no avail, since the majority of them are but cowardice born of fear of what is about to happen - a fear of the theologically-built eternal hell that is such a useful weapon in the ecclesiastical armory, and one that perhaps has caused more suffering in its time than many other erroneous doctrines. Creeds therefore, do not form any part of the world of spirit."

ASSOCIATION TRANS-COMMUNICATION (ATransC) Founded in 1982, the Association TransCommunication (ATransC) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of all forms of transcommunication, which is communication across the veil, with an emphasis on Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), and its subset, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). The organization is dedicated to objective understanding of communication with the other side based on research. Pictured above are co-directors Tom and Lisa Butler. Today it is amongst the very few organizations in the English-speaking world that provides information about the Trans-survival Hypothesis from the perspective of current understanding about transcommunication. Read more


REINCARNATION: 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life & Identifies His Murderer
A fascinating story which is being widely circulated online.

Watch short video.

The source of this story was purportedly a Dr. Eli Lasch (1929-2009) who supposedly was an eye-witness and told German therapist, Trutz Hardo, (pictured) who included it in his book, “Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today”. Is it true?
We only have the word of Trutz Hardo- read his account of how he was told the story. Was Dr. Lasch's account truthful and accurate or embellished to meet the needs of an author? And were the memories of the boy typical of other accounts by children in the Druse community?

Sadly unlike the serious well documented researches of Dr. Ian Stevenson, the story seems to be one that has no external corroboration.



Dr. Julia Assante is both a mystic and a scholar. She is an active professional psychic and medium with 4 decades of experience with the afterlife. In her book "The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death" she presents convincing evidence of discarnate existence and communication with the dead, and offers practical ways to make contact with departed loved ones to heal and overcome guilt, fear, and grief.
Listen as she talks with Sandra Champlain.


BRILLIANT PSYCHIC DETECTIVE: In October 1979 a gifted psychic, Nella Jones, gave a description of the notorious serial killer - the Yorkshire Ripper to London journalist, Shirley Davenport. She said that the police should look for someone who was a long distance lorry driver, whose first name was Peter, who lived in Bradford in a large detached house set back behind wrought iron gates - the house number was six. And she told her that the next murder was going to take place on 17th November. That day passed and no murder took place. But a year later on the 17th November 1980 the murderer struck again. And this time the police caught him. His name was Peter Sutcliffe, from Bradford, a long distance lorry driver, whose home number six Garden Lane.



is bringing together 26 afterlife researchers and teachers over 3 days to explore the survival of our consciousness beyond death. View program. Keynote speakers PMH Atwater and Anthony Peake will be joined by 24 other experts. Topics include: paranormal investigations, near-death experiences (NDEs) and out-of-body experiences (OBEs), after-death communication and mediumship, past life regression therapy, life between lives, multidimensional realities and consciousness studies etc. Read more...

Tributes, Memories and Gratitude to Simon Turnbull 10/5/1950 to 06/11/2014 - a most impressive and charismatic personality who organized the psychics and medium organization in Australia
Read full contents .... Buy Online...

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1. Dear Victor & Wendy
I look forward eagerly every week to your latest Friday Afterlife Report and have learned an awful lot as a result. Thank you both so much for all that you do. I wish there were more people interested in our ongoing eternal existence. You might be interested in the following link. Malcolm Bell is a trance medium who channels an advanced spirit by the name of Aranuth. Malcolm Bell channels Aranuth quite regularly and Malcolm has a large following here in Australia and on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands which is west of Cairns in far North Queensland. I once had the privilege of being present when Malcolm was in the trance state. Kind regards to you both. Jo Scott

2.Dear Victor: Today, my flat has been completely "flooded" by the sweet odour of fresh flowers, the same odour I've felt for years on very special days since my Dad parted. I am sure it must be Him, because today is my Birthday. Gladis.

3. Thank you Wendy and Victor for the great work you are doing! Tess Betts. xx


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