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COMMENTARY : ANTI-AFTERLIFE, ANTI- PARANORMAL SKEPTICS' - 'TERRORISTS OF THE MIND' People everywhere are just puzzled why anyone would want to wilfully LIE, CHEAT and violently oppose the validity of the paranormal and the afterlife denying the evidence - when the evidence is so clear. So why the attempt to vicious ridicule? Why the subtle malice and character assassination? Why the disparaging denigration against decent highly intelligent scientists and others who accept the paranormal-afterlife evidence and who are bringing LIGHT into the darkness of the world?

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has identified the seven stages that "hate groups" go through in an article in their "Law Enforcement Bulletin" titled "The Seven-Stage Hate Model." In the article, first published in 2003, FBI Special Agents John R. Schafer MA, and Joe Navarro MA point out that among hate groups there is a seven stage process that all hate groups go through: (1) The Haters Gather, (2) The Hate Group Defines Itself, (3) The Hate Group Disparages The Target, (4) The Hate Group Taunts The Target, (5) The Hate Group Attacks The Target Without Weapons, (6) The Hate Group Attacks The Target With Weapons, (7) The Hate Group Destroys The Target. Taken mainly from www.bolenreport.com

Extreme skeptics follow this pattern right up to stage 5. Translated this means that the extreme skeptics are using the same strategies as FBI-identified hate groups and can reasonably be called 'intellectual terrorists'. In its extreme form, the attacks are a form of 'skeptical terrorism.'

WE ARE ALREADY LIVING IN SEVERAL DIMENSIONS says out of body explorer William Buhlman in this fascinating audio interview.


THE GIFT-The Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People Sally Rhine Feather, Director of the Rhine Research Laboratory, (picture of the research center below, left) writes:
“Laboratory experiments are necessary to prove ESP is real, but ESP usually happens outside the laboratory. Confining our study of ESP to the laboratory is like studying lions in a zoo instead of in the wild”. She claims that the files of the Rhine Research Laboratory contain fifteen thousand cases of spontaneously occurring ESP cases and presents many of them in her highly recommended book The Gift (Rhine Feather and Schmicker 2005).

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether a negative foretold event can be avoided. In a study of 433 cases of warnings of danger in nearly two thirds the person took no action to avoid the danger and the negative outcome occurred. In those cases where the action was taken to avoid the event, two thirds were successful. One of the most dramatic of these cases was that of a streetcar conductor who had a dream of a terrible accident with a bright red truck. He awoke soaked in perspiration. Later that day a sequence of specific events began that triggered his memory of the dream. He slammed on the brakes and shut off the power. A truck shot directly in his path which his streetcar would certainly have hit had he not put on the brakes. He saw in the truck the same three people that in his dream he has seen dead and injured (Rhine Feather and Schmicker 2005:199).


It seems that Eben Alexander's new book is getting maximum publicity. In Australia a 4 page extract has been published in the Australian Women's Weekly- a very conservative magazine. Below is Eben Alexander's account of his NDE as portrayed in last year's series Through the Wormhole narrated by Morgan Freeman.


QUANTUM PHYSICISTS SAY NDEs ARE EVIDENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE We had several people sending us reports from the Mail online and other outlets about the work of Dr Stuart Hameroff. Damien Gayle linked his work to NDEs: This item has been picked up by several other news services. Actually the work is not new- Dr Hameroff has beem explaining this idea for many years as he makes clear in the 2011 series Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. Season 2 Episode 1 - -


MONTAGUE KEEN ANSWERS CLOSED MINDED MATERIALISTS In the year 2000 leading skeptic Paul Kurtz published an attack on the evidence for the afterlife in the Skeptical Inquirer, the magazine of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Montague Keen of the Society for Psychical Research shows clearly in this article that Kurtz and other skeptics ignore and misrepresent the extensive evidence and try to mislead readers. Read paper.


Ron Gilkes became desperate when Jenny - his daughter - tragically took her own life and even himself contemplating suicide because he missed her so much. So you can imagine how much emotion he felt when she materialized through a physical medium. He writes: " I cannot even begin to describe how on this occasion, when I recognized Jenny's voice saying `Hello Daddy: I am sorry Daddy', that I was able to compose myself. I can only presume it was strength given to me by others." Since that time has been reunited with Jenny on five different occasions through different materialization mediums including David Thompson. After Ron's father died Jenny communicated again and told her dad that she was teaching her grandfather to ride horses. Read more...


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE: Would you say something about the process of dying and arriving in the spirit world?
Answered by a highly evolved spirit-teacher: (S. Birch):
It is the sloughing off of the physical body as the spirit body gradually emerges. It is never a painful process. There may be some physical reactions when there is illness or disease. If the transition is not a simple one, then the equivalent of your doctors stand by. They help those who love this individual to accomplish his or her birth into our world until the cord connecting spirit and matter severs itself and separation is assured for all time. The questioning of awakening is the next to be considered. This depends on the degree of awareness that the newcomer possess. If completely ignorant of the fact that life continues after earthly death, or if so indoctrinated with false ideas that understanding will take a long time, then there is a process of rest equivalent to sleep. That continues until it is self determined that the time for realization has come. This can be short or long, as a measured by your duration of time. It depends upon the individual. Those with knowledge have no such problems. They step out of the world of matter into the world of spirit and adjustment is speedy. When awakening comes it is a moment of supreme joy because it brings recognition of all the loved ones who have been waiting for it to occur.

QUESTION: THE VALIDITY OF POLICE OFFICERS' EVIDENCE: "PSYCHICS HAVE A REAL GIFT" - You mentioned in your last week Friday's Report in the PSYCHIC DETECTIVES item that Detective Roosevelt Turner and Detective Jerry Zito from MIAMI Dade Police Department both spoke highly of the medium Micki Dahne. But did the police officers themselves say that or were they memorizing a prepared script? Tanner, Miami.
Victor: When Detective Turner said, “I was a skeptic before .... but now I accept the psychics can help us. We had nothing to go on (before the psychic came on the scene) … she was correct on everything she told us … from his (the killer’s) initials ... where the scene was ... his occupation ... the letters … it turned out to be true ..." EVERY WORD STATED BY THE DETECTIVE WAS made by the police officer himself. This has been stated in 'direct speech' - and has high credibility. No one wrote the script for any of the 100 police officers, detectives, police chiefs in the PSYCHIC DETECTIVES TV series- I have some 80 police officers in my article - see 'read full article' below. It was the police officers themselves who praised the psychics who helped them. Police officers have very high credibility as witnesses - inside and outside the court. Those skeptics who try to be dirty about the police officers risk of being sued for millions for defamation. Read for yourself what tough police officers stated about the psychics who helped them closed cases - read full article

PARANORMAL HISTORY: JOHN SLOAN, MOST BRILLIANT DIRECT VOICE MEDIUM WHO WORKED WITH FAMOUS BRITISH AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATOR Here is how Arthur Findlay describes his first experience of the direct voice mediumship of John Sloan.

" This went on for three hours, dozens of voices speaking to different people, men's voices, women's voices, children's voices, all of which I was told came from people called dead.
A woman's voice spoke to a man sitting on my left. It gave a name and referred to happenings at his home. It specially referred to Tom, who was giving his father trouble, and then came advice as to how he should be dealt with. Intimate family matters were discussed between my neighbor and this female voice, and finally with love it said "Good-bye .'' That was my wife, " he whispered to me. "I never come here but she comes back to me. She always knows everything that goes on at home.
I was now beginning to feel that I was the only one to be omitted from this strange medley of conversation which seemed to go on and on without stopping. Everything said was claimed to be correct, and I wondered how it was possible for any human being to be so intimate with all the dead friends, and the private doings of the sitters, as to be able to impersonate their deceased relations in the way that was taking place. Not only did the imagined impersonator know intimately about their dead friends and relations but every voice was different, the mannerisms were different, in fact each voice had a different personality."

'TERRORIST OF THE MIND' RICHARD DAWKINS WILLFULLY MISREPRESENTS GIFTED MEDIUMS. Dawkins deliberately picked on a weak reading and heaps ridicule imputing that all professional mediums's readings have no value. Some have already called him a 'CHEAT' who wants to willfully mislead people.

Compare this reading with the detailed hits given by medium Lisa Williams in the reading below. Or with the absolutely brilliant Sensing Murder psychic mediums Deb Webber, Sue Cruickshank, Kelvin Cruickshank and Scott Russell Hill who identify between 40 and 80 correct facts- even naming the murderer!!!

What are the odds of a cold reader
correctly guessing that the sitter's boyfriend died from a severed liver resulting from a kick by a chestnut horse?


A very popular question which was asked again this week is: will the earth – or part of it going to be destroyed in December this year as predicted by the Mayan Calender?
Victor: I have been conversing with an afterlife intelligence ‘William’ – the afterlife guide of materialization medium David Thompson for seven years - as those in the Circle of the Silver Cord do. I asked ‘William’ sometime ago whether the earth is going to be destroyed in some way. ‘William’ said that in the particular environment where he resides in the afterlife, he has not heard anything about any special destruction to earth in December 2012. He will let us know if he hears about anything as serious as that he said. Other afterlife intelligences I came across know nothing about the Mayan Calendar's prediction.


WHY A CLASS OF PEOPLE WILL NEVER ADMIT THE AFTERLIFE EXISTS: My afterlife-paranormal research these last twenty two years tells me there is a class of people which strongly rejects ‘ACCOUNTABILITY’ (accounting for what one did during life on earth) and the afterlife. People who are into corruption or abuse of position or power or are in positions where they unfairly exploiting others do not want to be accountable. These people are the first to ridicule the afterlife and the paranormal. They may be in government agencies and services or in private employment. The ‘human condition’ for the easy buck does not discriminate – there is corruption wherever there are 'people' - even in the Churches and other religious and secular organizations. But no matter what excuses and rationalizations these people come up with, with absolute certainty, all humans are accountable on crossing over. Accountability is automatic: every bad deed automatically lowers the spirit vibrations. Every good deed increases the person’s vibrations. The real, horrific problem, the rude awakening for this class of people is seconds after crossing over.


In 1992 an account of a NDE by an ordinary housewife was on the New your times best see list for 12 months. Since then Betty Eadie's message has been developing. This fascinating audio interview explores how she has integrated her learning. See Betty's website. She argues that people who have a knowledge of the afterlife will be compelled to go toward the Light.


Part 2- disfunctional families
Part 3- when a child dies
Part 4- her first book "Embraced by the light"
Part 5- the heavenly place


'Physical' medium from Europe, Kai Muegge will be in Australia in a couple of weeks to give demonstrations. Inge, who organized his visit informed me months ago that all his meetings in November were booked out. Wendy and I visited Kai in Europe and sat in one of his very successful spirit contact sessions. But Inge also tells us that Kai could be back in Sydney in March. So, keep an eye on announcements about Kai in the future for those who want to witness spirit contact. One feature that you could witness is the ectoplasm which he emits in red light during the sessions. Those couple of professors who said there is no such thing as ectoplasm have to attend one of Kai's demonstrations to see for themselves what ectoplasm looks like when it is emitted from the mouth and nose of the medium.



1) Dear Victor and Wendy: For several years I have been an avid reader of your weekly report. It is always a great comfort to me know that life has meaning and that we have a wonderful final purpose… E.R.

2) DEAR MR. Zammit your book together with the Silver Birch teachings have changed my life forever …Alberto P.O.

3) Dear Victor, The weekly report has become even more important to me as I was diagnosed with lung cancer on Oct 3rd. I am confident I can recover using natural treatments but your work has helped so many people to put passing over nothing to be feared. I have been in a wheelchair with ms since 92 but have traveled the world,met Sai Baba and many wonderful people during my 71 year tenure on the mortal coil.Not that I consider this my eventual share. Regards, I. W.

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