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February 17th 2017

As an empiricist (someone who uses scientific method to test claims) I use the power of scientific observation. When I look at the universe – seeing billions and trillions of stars – I observe gravity, I see order, I see 'INTELLIGENT PLANNING'. A tiny drop of water, one millimeter in diameter, contains 5,000 billion atoms (5 plus 21 zeros!) all obeying the laws of physics. I accept that the order that governs the universe is the product of a UNIVERSAL MIND. I do NOT accept that it all has come by 'chance', as some materialist scientists such as Prof Hawking and Prof Dawkins believe. Chance does not explain intelligent planning. There has to be a 'Supreme Intelligence' behind the order. "The possibility of life originating from accident or chance is comparable to the probability of the complete works of Shakespeare resulting from an explosion in a printing shop." Further, when Professor Albert Einstein was asked, before he died, the same question about God, he replied “Suppose I bring you a portrait that wins everybody’s admiration, do we need to see the artist? No, but we know that there is a MIND that created the portrait.”


IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR OUR TIMES "Fear is the worst enemy of mankind. Fear is corrosive. Fear saps, drains, vanquishes reason, overwhelms, keeps away the very power that would enable you to conquer every difficulty. Fear disturbs, prevents harmony, stops attunement, causes wavering and doubt. Banish fear. Those who have the knowledge should be tranquil, serene, confident, impossible to be disturbed." (Guidance from Silver Birch p. 39)

DR. EDWARD F. KELLY ON NEW SCIENTIFIC INSIGHTS Dr. Edward F. Kelly, from the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies, presents his research regarding the nature of mind and brain. He also talks about the shifting of the scientific paradigm beyond the current limitations of mainstream material science.


One of the most investigated cases of evidential dream communication occurred in June 1925. James Chaffin, who had died four years earlier, appeared to his second son, James Pinkney Chaffin, in a dream. He told him that he had written a later will than the one which had been accepted.

According to the younger James, his father appeared to him dressed as he had in life. "You will find the will in my overcoat pocket," the spirit figure said. The family found the father's overcoat which had been given to one of the sons. Sewn in the lining of the pocket was a piece of paper directing them to a page in the old man's Bible. And sure enough, the later will was there.

There was a trial because the family farm was then in the hands of the widow of the son who was the beneficiary of the earlier will. Experts testified that the later will, leaving the farm to all the sons equally, was indeed written in James Sr.’s handwriting. Ten of James Sr.'s friends also stated that the later will was in his handwriting. Read the details of this case.

SHARED NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE AND PET SPIRIT GUIDES Jan & John Price discuss their incredible shared Near-Death experience. Rather than being greeted by deceased relatives on the other side, Jan was guided by her dog, Maggie, who had died 3 weeks before. She was told that the purpose of life was to experience joy.

I received a couple of emails complaining that some skeptical scientist stated that he does not accept Near Death Experiences as being anything other than the workings of a dying brain and that "therefore there is no afterlife."

In professional debate, that is called a classic 'non-sequitur' - it does not follow. First, no one has ever been able to rebut the 15 lines of evidence, supported by many brilliant scientists, that NDEs are NOT simply products of the brain.

Secondly, NDEs are only one line of evidence that consciousness can exist outside the body. The skeptic has the burden of dealing with another NINETEEN areas of afterlife evidence (see A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife). In the last thirty years, no genius skeptical scientist has ever even attempted to rebut the evidence as a whole.


Rob Blackburn, from the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, demonstrates what you need to start recording voices through the ITC station. This is one of the series of videos and instructions that Craig Hogan and Rob Blackburn have created.

Forty years ago, Icelandic researchers Erlendur Haraldsson and Karlis Osis conducted the first very large-scale study ever done of deathbed visions, a major category of afterlife evidence. Their important book, At the Hour of Death, demonstrates conclusively that the beautiful events surrounding death that so many of the dying describe are genuine and universal. Erlendur talks about what they learned then, and what it means for us today. Listen.


Susanne has been able to make available a few additional spaces for her one day workshop "Mediumship for Non-Mediums" on Sunday 26th February 2016 at the beautiful Embassy Suites Hotel in Scottsdale Arizona.

POLTERGEISTS: ARE THEY EVIDENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE? There have been tens of thousands of poltergeist (noisy spirit) incidents recorded. Many people have seen solid objects flying in the air, huge kitchen cabinets levitating, plates, glasses and clothing set on fire. Usually they stop after a few months. Materialists argue that they are caused by the "exteriorisation" of the energy of a young person coming into puberty. But if that was the case there would be poltergeist events in every house where there is a teenager!!!

Modern investigators believe that poltergeists are sometimes spirits. Dr. Ian Stevenson in his paper ‘Are Poltergeists Living or are they Dead?’ (1972) suggests a spirit is the cause where:
• objects seem to be carried and deposited gently
• the subject is disadvantaged or injured by the phenomena
• meaningful responses are obtained from raps
• apparitional and visual phenomena occur early and abundantly
• communications come through mediums from apparent spirit personalities
• the phenomena cease upon intercession, placation or exorcism.
Read more about Poltergeists

SIGNS FROM SPIRIT Speaking from the spirit world, through direct voice medium Leslie Flint, Mickey explains how spirits send signs to their loved ones that they are around them; Roberta Grimes' book The Fun of Staying in Touch explains how this works.

"You see, we do try and do silly things, I mean you would be surprised. I mean we do all sorts of odd bits and pieces. We move objects on shelves sometimes, or take flowers out of their vases, to give them an idea that we’ve been there. If it’s possible to do anything simple like that, we do it." Mickey, Leslie Flint's spirit helper.

In this fascinating video, Dr. Jim Tucker, author of 'Return to Life' and 'Life Before Life', and director of the UVA The Division of Perceptual Studies, presents his research regarding small children who remember details of a previous life. He also offers some history about the founding of the Division of Perceptual Studies at UVA by Dr. Ian Stevenson.

"You may wonder why, when life deals you a difficult hand, circumstances are encountered that stretch you to the very limits of endurance and you ask the questions 'Why me? Why this? Why now?' Yet often, these experiences form part of a larger, unseen picture, determined by the choices you made from the soul level, even before this facet of your greater self incarnated.

These do not exclude free will, but are very much a part of it. Life is never wholly predetermined, but operates always within the parameters laid down before birth, by your higher self. There are no accidents or victims of fate. Natural law operates with ceaseless perfection and encompasses always, the will of every soul and the karma of which it is part. " WHITEFEATHER- THE QUIET MIND


Information transmitted from the other side states that those people who cross-over with extremely strong emotional attachments and "unfinished business" can be drawn back to what they are strongly connected with.

It is reported that former president Richard Nixon crossed over with extremely strong psychological and emotional attachment to the White House regarding the Watergate scandal. He was thoroughly humiliated - internationally - something that rigidly stuck with him - so now after death he was reported to have been observed walking the halls of the White House as a spirit - most likely in confusion trying to 'clear his name' as one psychic stated.

We have many reports of people during near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences saying that they felt the prayers of others like beams of light, or that the prayers of others actually brought them back.

Several studies over the last few decades have also found that praying for someone’s health may help that person’s health improve. Leanne Roberts at the University of Oxford’s Hertford College conducted a meta-analysis published in 2007, titled “Intercessory Prayer for the Alleviation of Ill Health.”
Roberts found significant results: the odds that the improvement was due to prayer and not chance were greater than 100,000 to one. She concluded: “The evidence presented so far is interesting enough to support further study.”


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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) Dear Wendy and Victor, I wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoy your Afterlife-Evidence newsletter. My beautiful husband passed into Spirit this past year. We had (have) a magical relationship and I miss his physical presence something awful.The only thing that has kept me sane during this time of grief has been reading books and familiarizing myself with other resources like your newsletter that assure me that Paul is with me and that we will be fully reunited when it is my turn to pass. So, it is with deepest gratitude that I look forward to devouring your newsletter each and every week. Warmly, Mary.

2) Hello Victor! I have listened to the video clip about the near death experience of the orthopedic surgeon Tony Cicoria, and then I googled his name. I find that after this experience, he started to get very interested in classical music to the point of obsession. He bought himself a piano and spent all his spare time practicing. Then he started getting powerful inspiration to compose his own music. I looked on Amazon and there was a CD of his compositions for sale. I thought I'd share this for those who only watched the video clip and didn't realize there is more to the story.

3) I am still following up on all the great reads from last week. Incredibly interesting goodies in the NDE article from last week. Karen.


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