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12th September 2008
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‘Continuous Refinement’ – as you grow older every day in life you want things to get better – more inner peace, more harmony, more fulfillment, more security. You want to have more discipline, more order, friends you can trust and more confidence in the future. You want a future without fear, without anxiety and full of optimism. But sadly, there are millions of people who, as they grow older, get angrier with life, get themselves – and others – deeper in trouble and are unable to control relationships with loved ones. They express their frustration in nihilistic materialistic sentiments like ‘life is meaningless’ or ‘is that all there is?’ So many take to drink or to gambling and go into disturbing negativity about life generally – seeing it as an existentially meaningless exercise. So, what is the answer to graceful aging? 'CONTINUOUS REFINEMENT' : where every day in your life you do things to continue to refine on every level – especially in mind, body and spirit – and shifting your focus onto doing something to make life better for others. Read more...

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? This topic is very popular. People from all walks of life want to know what is going to happen to them on crossing over – whether they’re atheists, religious or agnostic. There is a deep and natural curiosity as to where we humans will end up on crossing over. I can tell you, it is no longer a mystery. We know what is going to happen on crossing – if you are the good average decent person with an open mind, you have nothing to worry about. This information was transmitted from the afterlife by the highly credible Catholic Mons. Hugh Benson. “Where is the boundary between the earth world and the spirit world? Upon the instant of my passing to the afterlife, of which I was fully conscious, when I arose from my bed in response to a very definite urge, at that moment I was in the spirit world. The two worlds, then, must interpenetrate one another. But as I moved away under the support and able guidance of my spirit friend Edwin, I was conscious of moving in no definite direction …” (from LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN).

'YOUR ETERNAL SELF' by Dr R.Craig Hogan "contains descriptions of the results of the thousands of studies that have pointed unmistakably to the finding that we are eternal beings having a physical experience. Death is an illusion. Even hard-nosed skeptics described in the book have changed their viewpoints in light of the evidence. Your Eternal Self describes carefully controlled, scientific research done by biologists, physicists, neuroscientists, physicians, psychologists, Nobel laureates, and other renowned scientists showing that the mind is outside of the brain, people see and know things they couldn't know if the mind were in the brain, the afterlife is as real as this life, people's minds are united, and our consciousness actually changes the environment in which we live. The book cites 330 sources from many prestigious scientific, psychological, and medical journals, but distills the essence of the research without technical detail, bringing it down to practical, daily life. It is easy reading and full of fascinating anecdotes and explanations. Your Eternal Self ends by describing what our purpose seems to be in life, what true spirituality is, how people can grow spiritually to change themselves so they have love and bliss in their lives, how they can provide that loving legacy for their children's children, and what the research has shown about the world of the afterlife." Read book online or purchase from author ....

Critical to acceptance of any evidence - including the afterlife evidence - is to apply the objective/subjective test. Beliefs are usually subjectively emotional and shape our perception of the world. Over the last eight years or so I stated a number of times that how you see the world and what you believe in are directly related to your early environmental conditioning and programming. Here to-day, an emailer sent me a most valuable YOUTUBE video about this. In this video, Dr Bruce Lipton explains how stress shuts down the immune system and how beliefs act as a filter on the world...See The Biology of Perception Part 7/7.

MATERIALISTIC, NON-SPIRITUAL IMMORTALITY? What is CRYONICS? It is the preservation of legally dead humans or pets at very low temperature (below -200ºF, -130ºC) in the hope that future science can restore them to life, youth and health. Cryonicists are people who use or advocate cryonics to greatly extending life and youth. Those materialists/closed skeptics think that cryonics - will solve their problem about the 'afterlife' matters. They mistakenly believe that science one day will cheat death – leaving out all spiritual implications of afterlife matters. These materialists/hard skeptics are wasting huge amount of monies for something which cannot work. Physical immortality is a pipe dream – physically it cannot happen. Highly credible information transmitted from the otherside states that our body cannot exist without the spirit.

ABU TALKS! A HIGH AFTERLIFE SOURCE! James Webster, retired master magician from England who participated in the famous SCOLE EXPERIMENT, contacted us this week. James is also the senior administrator of the Abu Trust which was formed in 1990 to promote the profound spiritual teachings of Abu and others who communicated through the mediumship of W.F. Rickard to the Norman Hunt Circles over many years.
James writes: “.... I always have the need to come back to Abu. It's the spiritual light and unconditioned love which shines from his teaching communicated from a high realm known as the fourth plane or fourth heaven."
James particularly recommends:
#CD 04 Where Abu answers a question regarding suicide. "A must to listen to by all those who have had friends and loved ones who have taken this step. It is such a relief to listen to Abu and the assurance he gives. Wonderful letters of thanks are held in the files of The Abu Trust."
#Reincarnation Reassessed. CD S1/S2 Double CD (over 2 hours) A breakthrough to essential understanding.
# the book ABU TALKS Volume Two
The Abu Trust is non profit making and if there is anyone who needs help and truly cannot afford the reasonable charges made, they will be given either a generous discount or sent the required material free of charge. The Abu Trust is there to help people with spiritual light and truth in loving understanding. E-mail: abu.trust@virgin.net

QUESTION: What is the limit of speed of travel by afterlife entities?
S.B. from the afterlife: ”We have no limitation of time or space in our travels.To those who are experienced in spirit life there are no limitations. We can travel to any part of your world of matter with the rapidity of thought, which to us is our great reality. Those who dwell in any grade are limited in the traveling to that grade. They cannot exceed it. They cannot travel higher in the realms of spirit that the unfolding of their character has reached. That is their limitation. But that is the limitation of spirit in spirit life.

For those of you who were not able to see the recent psychic show on Sydney television about the search for "Australia's most gifted psychic" The programs are now on Youtube. In episode 2 some exceptional readings under test conditions. Expect the format to be repeated in other countries.
Episode 2 Part 1 (9 mins)
Episode 2 Part 2 (9 mins)
Episode 2 Part 3 (9 mins)
Episode 2 Part 4 (9 mins)
Episode 2 Part 5 (9 mins)

EZIO DE ANGELIS is a brilliant psychic and one of the finalists in the television series THE ONE (see episode 2 above). I did some pro bono legal work for Ezio to protect his good name, character and reputation in the paranormal context. After the successful result, he replied and among other things, “...if the title Spiritual Warrior was ever deserved by one man...then, Mr. Zammit...that man is you.” Thank you Ezio!

MIND AND BRAIN- A scientific discussion leading to the existence of the soul by Marco Biagini Ph.D. in Solid State Physics Introduction - What is the brain? - Biological life does not imply consciousness - Cerebral activity and consciousness - The laws of physics and the other natural sciences - The laws of physics and history - First principle calculations - Conclusions - A note about the theory of evolution (Sent very kindly by Jessica P) Read full article …

HAUNTINGS: what causes hauntings in the cases where there is a mechanical repetition of events, such as monks walking the passage in monasteries? S.B (from the afterlife). Some hauntings are caused by spirits, but in the cases you mention they are caused by intense concentration on earth, leaving an etheric picture which can still be registered. Usually, however, that which your world calls a ghost is one we recognize as an earthbound spirit.

Dean Radin's talk about the huge amount of excellent scientific data which supports telepathy and the attempts of anti-psychic scientists to explain it away is fascinating. Get a cup of something and Watch video...(90 mins).

Many in the Spirit world have spoken about the need for the re-emergence of the Feminine principle. A new groundbreaking course, The New Feminine Power, is helping to connect women with their own authentic inner power which is so different from the masculine power of domination of the external world. You can learn to:
* Awaken the New Feminine Power in every area of your life
* Access the capacity to shift core patterns
* Harness the limitless resources of creation toward the fulfillment of your deepest longings
* Experience deeper intimacy and connection in all your relationships
* Embody a greater sense of wellbeing and joy
You're invited to join a FREE introductory 1-hour Telephone class next Thursday, September 18th. The class will also be recorded for free online listening at your convenience. Visit www.newfemininepower.com to learn more!

the evidence. We are not ‘believers.’ Empiricists are NOT ‘believers’. Don’t fall for the materialists’ trap of being called a ‘believer’ when in fact you ACCEPT the evidence for the afterlife. I have no luxury for beliefs, for faith, for subjectivity. I do consider myself hard core empiricist because repeatability and objectivity is what tests truth. Of course, I do accept that the ‘experiential’ is extremely powerful. And those who are not empiricists but had paranormal experience would call themselves ‘believers.’ But technically, they can state that they ACCEPT the evidence of their experience.

PSYCHIC DETECTIVES- "WITNESSES TO THE UNSOLVED" In his recently released book "What Would Martin Say?" Clarence B. Jones, attorney, advisor, and speechwriter for Dr. King says he learned from FBI documents that there had been "traitors" in King's inner circle -- "one black and one white". This would be no surprise to psychic detective Robert Cracknell and medium Janet Cyford who both picked this up in readings reported in this book. Read more....

QUESTION:(sent by an emailer this week): Are you anti-Catholic Victor?
Victor: No, I am NOT anti-Catholic. I am NOT anti-religion. You can believe and accept whatever you want to accept in this world. It is your life, it is your journey. But I am against pedophilia, I am against bullying and cruelty and I am against exploitation of young boys and young girls. And nearly ever week we read in newspapers about some Catholic priest who sodomized young boys and about how responsible officials in the Catholic Church turned a blind eye to it. That disgusts me. And the Church appear to not be learning from its mistakes. I am putting a mirror to what is happening. The history of the Catholic Church in this regard is horrific – and there has to be some kind of intelligent Church reformation to prevent this heinous sexual exploitation.

SHARP AND SHORT: I regularly receive a lot of questions by people who need help with their problems. Some of these emails are 4-5 pages long. While I'm always delighted to hear from readers please make your questions sharp and short.

MORE VOLUNTEER TRANSLATORS NEEDED we had a number of wonderful translators who translated the book into their own language - these translators made a huge positive contribution to the world. Make a significant contribution by translating the book in the languages that have not been translated -including Japanese, Chinese and other languages. Email 2008@victorzammit.com

Art Bosman tells us that he has finally got a permanent url for his online collection of great books and tapes and information about the afterlife, including the brilliant Anthony Borgia series where former Catholic Mons. Hugh Benson transmitted a number of books from the other side as an eye witness to what is really happening in the afterlife. So hopefully even if his website has to move again the url will stay the same.

DR. VON Schrenck Notzing devoted several months in 1922 to demonstrations of the reality of ectoplasm to members of the liberal professions. These demonstrations were entirely successful. A round hundred of scientists, all profoundly skeptical, and some openly hostile, declared themselves, without exception, completely convinced after having worked under the direction of Dr. Schrenck-Notzing with his medium Willy [Schneider]. Read more....