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August 17th 2012

Sincere apologies if I have not replied to your email. I have been inundated with very urgent work these last two weeks.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: ARE THE WORLD SCIENTISTS GOING MAD? These materialist scientists are spending over SIXTEEN THOUSAND MILLION dollars ($16.5 BILLION) in Europe on the CERN Hadron Collider Project to try to test the predictions of different theories of particle physics. But even if they are successful their results will not change the way human beings behave. They will not reduce crime, will not radically change the thinking or vision of the world leaders. The results will not morally, spiritually or physically benefit people. What a waste!

Yet for fraction of a fraction of that huge amount- for say THREE MILLION DOLLARS ($3million)- afterlife scientists would have the capacity, the skills to permanently revolutionize mankind's thinking by scientifically investigating physical and materialization mediumship - the repeatedly tested most sensational objective and repeatable evidence on planet earth to-day. Guaranteed these scientists will come to the conclusion I came to: that afterlife intelligences (spirits) can materialize and have a full physical body. They can touch us, talk to us - as if they were talking to close friend, embrace loved ones. They can tell us a great deal about what is happening in the afterlife dimension. There has been repeated scientific examination of materializations.

So, instead of spending the huge amount - $16.5 BILLION on something that will be of questionable practical benefit, the world scientists must get together to independently investigate the current most sensational evidence for the afterlife.
The sensational objective and repeatable evidence for the afterlife could ultimately, give the people of the world the critical WISIDOM and KNOWLEDGE that life continues and that we are accountable for what we do on planet Earth.

Dr Jean Jacques Charbonier says that during his medical training he was "brainwashed" into believing that "when you're dead you're dead". However he was convinced about the existence of the afterlife by his experience of seeing a soul leave the body and many other personal observations. He has since studied psychic phenomena, mediumship and healing. His latest book (in French) is called "Seven good reason to believe in the afterlife."
He is a well known afterlife campaigner in France having spoken at many conferences, written several books and appeared in numerous tv and radio programs. He has made several documentaries several DVDs. In the video below we have an English voiceover of an interview.

Listen to the same interview in French
A longer interview in French

What he argues:
* An altered state of consciousness is possible when the brain stops functioning.
* It is possible to establish true telepathic communication with a comatose person who is not only able to receive but also to transmit thoughts.
* The spirit has been physically sensed leaving the body by many carers at the time of death.
* A person in a coma is like an entity free from an earthly body and connected to it by a cord.
* A life is possible in another dimension when physical death occurs and that the silver cord is cut.

Some of our newer subscribers may not be familiar with the work of George W Meek, a brilliant scientist, engineer and inventor who retired from his career as an inventor, designer and manufacturer of devices for air conditioning and for the treatment of waste water at the age of 60 and devoted the next twenty five years of his life to self-funded full-time research into life after death. Here ITC researcher Mark Macy gives an introduction to George Meek's work.


AMAZON has a number of copies of three of GEORGE MEEK'S wonderful ground breaking books which sum up the findings of his unparallel twenty five years of research. If you want to save yourself many years of traveling, seeking and reading I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of AFTER WE DIE WHAT THEN and ENJOY YOUR OWN FUNERAL. If you are interested in spiritual healing you might enjoy George's report of 10 years research by 14 World Famous Investigators HEALERS AND THE HEALING PROCESS.
Recommend these classic books to your local librarians.

A small group of EVP researchers in the UK has been getting EVP contact in morse code via recorder not radio. Recently they received in morse code on tape the message:


Kathleen is one of the researchers in the group. This message is fantastic for her as the figure 69 is the secret code she has been waiting for from her dead son.

Eric Cole, the leader of the group writes: "Can you also ask EVP researchers to ask for morse code when they are recording please? They can send their recording to me and I will decode the morse. Currently we seem to be the only group in the world getting clear consistent morse code. Up to 14 words at a time. It would be great to find another gifted person who can get EVP Morse."


SCIENTIST DEAN RADIN ON NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES This audio is from the talk "Survival of Consciousness, with Dean Radin and Julie Beischel."The talk is from IONS "2009 Conference: Toward a Global Shift." You can listen to or download the whole talk (1 hour and 16 mins)
as three mp3 files here:

SANDRA CHAMPLAIN- A' SKEPTIC' DISCOVERS LIFE AFTER DEATH Thanks in part to the support of our subscibers Sandra Champlain is now in second place in the contest "Next greatest speaker". Her talk is about how she discovered mediumship and then, through the help of Tom and Lisa Butler, learned how to record electronic voice phenomena. She has since discovered some vitally important facts about grief and is passionate about sharing the message that there is no death. The voting ends in 3 days and this is a great chance to spread the message of Life After Death simply by voting for Sandra's speech.
Watch her video and vote here.

GREAT QUOTE FROM SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE: For those scientists and investigators, it is very important to keep in mind what one of the greatest afterlife investigators said in relation to results of experiments:
"... When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truth ..."

QUESTION: What is the afterlife view of euthanasia?
Yesterday's UK high court decision against euthanasia raises this question again. There does not appear to be a unanimous authority from the afterlife about this topic. It seems that the matter is left entirely up to the individual.The two extreme views are - first, those who say theoretically you have to allow the natural way for the spirit to come out of the dead physical body when the soul is ready to move to the afterlife. Others say that if death is absolutely inevitable and there is a great deal of pain, if the prolonging the agony is to be avoided, then euthanasia is permissible. But again, I myself just cannot take sides. I can see both sides of the argument. This one is something I have not been able to resolve - yet.

QUESTION: Do we meet our friends in the afterlife? Can we also meet some of the great people we had on earth like Shakespeare, Einstein, Elvis and other celebrities?

Victor: If your friends are on the same spiritual level as you are, then you will meet your friends, family members and others. The critical thing is that they have to be on the same vibrational level as you are. If they happen to go to a lower vibration, usually you could lower your vibrations for a relatively short time to meet up with them. But if they are on a higher level, they have to come down to you. This goes for everyone - if any 'great' person we had on earth and celebrities are on the same vibrational level as you would be, then by consent you could see - even perhaps meet them. But celebrities - be they Elvis, Johnny Cash, Einstein - and others -
in the afterlife do not get the high status treatment they get on earth. Some of them will just go into obscurity. Others more spiritual, do have a choice to make a contribution in the afterlife - if they are singers, painters, writers - they continue to refine their art. But keep in mind, in the realm of the light, there is nothing vulgar or obscene or in bad taste in a 'public presentation'. All is done with dignity and decorum.


Is it possible to accurately visualize the future in one's dreams? According to two of the world's foremost authors, the answer is a decided YES! America's writing genius Mark Twain and his younger brother Henry were both laboring aboard the steamboat Pennsylvania which sailed the Mississippi between New Orleans and St. Louis. On one dark night in the late 1880s, at his sister's home in St. Louis, Twain awoke in terror from-a-frightful, realistic nightmare. He had dreamed that Henry had died, and that his brother's corpse was lying in an open metal coffin. On his chest was an elaborate bouquet of white flowers marked by a single red rose in the center. Twain, in his early 20s at the time, could not fall back asleep for several hours. Instead, he lay awake dwelling on his dream's deadly implications. Read more...


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE: QUESTION: "I have a question for you Victor: I know a couple of people - who are not really bad people but who are deeply in nasty habits with drugs. If they accidentally overdose and die, what's going to happen to them - will they still feel the powerful urge to take drugs?" Evie, N.Y.

Victor: The specific answer to that question that the urges do not disappear. Highly credible information from the afterlife tells us that on crossing over, nothing in character and memory changes. Our physical body, once dead, usually is burnt like an old coat, but the spirit goes into the afterlife dimension. The powerful urges a person had when on earth linger on for a time- whether they are drugs, smoking, alcohol, over indulgence in sex - or any other powerful habit. Those with very strong habits, who were of reasonably good character on crossing over can get valuable help from doctors nurses and counsellors from the afterlife dimension. But there could be other addicts with lower vibrations who became slaves to their vices who go to the darker Astral realm, which is not a nice place at all. But we must not forget what was transmitted from the other side - that ultimately, all spirits have the spark of the divine and sooner or later (even if it takes a very long time) they too will make it to the realm of the light.

"There are no mistakes, only lessons.'


Gifted psychic-medium Phil Jordan (pictured, left) was critical to solve the missing person mystery of 8 year old Jessica Urso in Ithaca, New York. Phil Jordon informed police that the missing girl is strongly connected with the marina 'water'. She also had a trauma (injury) on her head. Without being told anything, Phil Jordan - using psychometry, picked up the vibrations from Jessica's pink purse and was able to go to places where the missing girl was seen the day she disappeared. Phil Jordan said there is a 'cross' in the vicinity where she may be and the number '17' was important. Very soon afterwards Jessica was found floating in water, near pier '17'. What the gifted psychic-medium said was all confirmed to be correct. Captain Mark Dresser (Ret.) Tompkin Country Sheriff stated, "Phil Jordan is a tool for police to utilize. He made a believer out of me." Officer Thomas L Yetzen of Ithica Police Dept. said, "The quicker you get to Phil (psychic Phil Jordan) to the case the quicker the case is solved."


WARNING: THE OUIJA BOARD: You say in your book Victor that the ouija board could be dangerous. Why would that be?

Victor: Amateurs must avoid using the ouija board simply because they would NOT know what type of spirits they are contacting. There have been, and there are, serious problems for a number of people who use the ouija board but find themselves unable to completely cut ties with the lower spirits they contact. One big problem for those using the ouija board, except for the professionals who have with them strong spirits to guide them, is that experts keep telling us that those who respond are usually lower level spirits who are mischievous - they create trouble with the family members and outside the family members. Read full chapter on the ouija board

David H. Howard: Spirit Communion
The evidence, religion, philosophy and science of Spiritualism
Great articles, and provides useful links to other resources and sites.

QUESTION: 'FREE WILL' : Tell me Victor, does free-will exist in the afterlife? Teresa, Italy.
This is another popular question Terese. Highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife tells us yes, there is free-will in the afterlife. We are informed that free will is very important for soul growth. We continue to spiritually refine and every time we make the right moral and spiritual decision on physical earth or in the afterlife dimension we spiritually grow. Without free-will it is not likely there could be spiritual growth and refinement. But free-will is relative to the stage of spiritual stage we have reached. The more spiritually advanced the less free will in practice. This is because those who are spiritually advanced would know whether an act is spiritually right or wrong.

A new report says that at least 21 trillion dollars, is being held untaxed around the world, in what are known as offshore accounts, or tax havens. Imagine what could be done in the world if these megarich really believed that they would be accountable for the way they used their wealth.


ACCOUNTABILITY - IT IS INEVITABLE AND UNAVOIDABLE - why you must be a long term planner:
My 22 years of afterlife research and dealing with the closed minded skeptics showed me that one very good reason why closed minded skeptics are what they are, is because they reject that one day they have to account for what they did during their life on Earth. Many people into corruptive practices DENY they will have to account for their abuse of power, for their cruelty, their selfishness and lies that get others into big trouble. They deny that on crossing over they will have to PAY THE PRICE for doing horrible things to others.
On the other hand, those who accept the afterlife know that accountability is inevitable and unavoidable.
These people are usually long term planners who have the good sense to plan for afterlife conditions and have full confidence knowing what is going to happen on crossing over.

HAVE YOU BEEN TO SEE SPIRITUAL HEALER 'JOHN OF GOD': response I received so far - mostly NOT worth going to Brazil to see John of God - to only one postive response. Could anyone who went to see John of God email me and let me know about their experience: 1) were you cured? 2) were you positively or negatively affected by the visit in some way? 3) was the trip to Brazil worth it? Please email me with your response ..... vz@victorzammit.com ...More about this later on.

QUESTION: What is 'prayer' and is 'does prayer work?
Victor: Recitation of prayer is virtually meaningless. For prayer to be effective it has to come from the 'heart'. Prayer is the transferring of positive energy vibrations from yourself on to a higher being usually for some benefit for oneself or another. When prayer comes from the heart it usually reaches its target. But not all prayers are 'answered'. This has to do with karmic laws concerning your life or other peoples' lives. But prayers cannot raise our vibrations of the soul. Good works, selfless service raise the vibrations, the spirituality of our etheric spirit soul. We have to earn the raising of our vibrations in our etheric spirit soul.


INTERNATIONAL MEDIUMS MEETING: James Van Praagh(U.S.), Tony Stockwell(U.K.) (pictured, left José Gosschalk (HOLLAND), James Holland and, Marilyn WHALL, (pictured, left) (AUSTRALIAN): "I wanted to let you all know about a special 5-day event in spiritual mediumship with five of the most respected mediums from around the world — James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, José Gosschalk, James Holland and myself, Marilyn. Each day, you'll be guided by one of these mediums as they lead you through a variety of meditations and exercises to expand your awareness, unleash your spiritual gifts, and prepare you to connect with the spiritual dimensions. You'll experience each medium’s distinct approach to healing and learn their techniques for channeling spirits. You'll get to explore various methods and styles of “mental mediumship,” including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, as well as “physical mediumship,” which includes trance, transfiguration, and materialization. Throughout the week, you will:
* Receive evidential details in communication:
* Discover how to recognize and link with your spiritual guides, family members, and helpers
* Understand the differences between a “psychic” reading and a “mediumship” message
* Learn the proper ways to share messages with individuals and large groups: FURTHER DETAILS FOR REGISTRATION September 30th to 4th October VENUE: RHINEBECK 150 Lake Drive Rhinebeck, NEW YORK, USA. Read more...

DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE - about the 'opposition' and the 'critics' - and those who attack afterlife investigators:
: "Do not worry about the opposition or the foolish ones. Be sorry for them and for their missed chances. They are hurting themselves and the causes they serve. But with patience you will find they are taken out of the way." (from MORE PHILOSOPHY from Silver Birch)



FEEDBACK: (3 only selected)
1. Hi Mr.and Mrs. Zammit just want to thank you for sending the book. I am really lost for words because your weekly news letter has opened my eyes and increased my spirituality. I must thank my dear friend Doles Pierre who has read your book and gave it wonderful reviews. I know it takes money to keep a website up and running yet you never ask for a dime. Marc, Florida.

2. Hello Victor: Your article about the wealthy Russian seeking immortality by technological means (last Friday's Report) may be closely connected to the John Gray book, "The Immortality Commission." While there are a few pronouncements in the book I don't agree with, the author highlights a little- known undercurrent of thought present at the time of the founding of the Bolshevik state. That is, that the country's resources should be dedicated to a technological solution to the old problem of human mortality. This intent was the original reason for the preservation of Lenin's body. Far more productive to develop our minds (than cryogenic preservation of our heads)... to read your website! It is a challenge to come up with anything you don't already know, but I wanted to mention this in passing, in case it is of
interest. Many thanks as always. Best regards, Ed

3.Hello Victor: I really enjoy your weekly newsletters.Gabriella, Canada.

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INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC: Here is something really beautiful, the melodious music, the wonderful rhythm, the alluring lyrics, the harmony of the duet - all give us something very special. The clear message is obvious: whatever happens, ultimately, love is the answer. So, here read the lyrics - if you know them, just close your eyes and enjoy this tremendous music:


Name your price
A ticket to paradise
I can't stay here any more
And I've looked high and low
I've been from shore, to shore, to shore
If there's a short cut I'd have found it
But there is no easy way around it

Light of the world, shine on me
Love is the answer
Shine on us all
Set us free
Love is the answer

Who knows why
Someday we all must die
We're all homeless boys and girls
And we are never heard
It's such a lonely, lonely, lonely world
People turn their heads
And walk on by
Tell me is it worth just another try

Light of the world, shine on me
Love is the answer
Shine on us all
Set us free
Love is the answer

Tell me, are we alive
Or just a dying planet
(What are the chances)

Ask the man in your heart
For the answer

And when you feel afraid
(Love one another)
When you've lost your way
(Love one another)
And when you're all alone
(Love one another)
And when you're far from home
(Love one another)
And when you're down and out
(Love one another)
And when your hopes run out
(Love one another)
And when you need a friend
(Love one another)
And when you're near the end
(We've got to love)
(We've got to love one another)

Light of the world, shine on me
Love is the answer
Shine on us all
Set us free
Love is the answer
Light of the world, shine on me
Love is the answer

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.