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10th October 2008
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Apologies if I have not replied to your email - we are still inundated with very urgent work. Will reply shortly. Victor

SIX PRINCIPLES FOR CONSIDERATION: Over the years of researching the afterlife I’ve come across a number of critical principles and laws that are immediately relevant to all of us which I want to share with you. Your participation is most welcomed:

1) “There is no link between intelligence and spiritual conduct.” We’ve come across Professors of Biology and of Physics and of Psychology who are completely ignorant of what ‘spiritual conduct'. Their conduct is no different from some of those with low intelligence who indulge in selfishness, aggression, mental and physical violence and cruelty. At the same time, there are others with high intelligence - many from both the higher end of society as well as the lower end who show they are reasonable, caring and unselfish and sometimes highly spiritual.

2) Spiritual conduct is directly related to the stage of a person’s spiritual development. Irrespective of intelligence, race, beliefs, color, status and gender, how a person behaves is usually related to his or her level of spiritual development.

3) When people are under great pressure their true spirituality is tested. The character is tested not when one is in a relaxing state in a friendly, peaceful and harmonious environment. Some think they are spiritually advanced, but under great spiritual pressure, they do not always pass the challenge.

4) Exercise of ‘free will’ can only be made in the context of the level of a person’s spiritual development. This means free will is restricted to the level of spiritual development and the person’s life ‘blueprint’. Inevitably free will cannot be absolute. And the more spiritual information one has, the less free will one would have.

5) One does not have to be spiritually advanced to be psychic or mediumistic. It is possible to have a psychic or a medium who uses power in an unspiritual way. But the more spiritual a psychic or a medium it the better it will be for those using their services.

6) Religion and spirituality. Any person – even a secular person - on earth can be spiritual without being religious. Those in religion may be or may not be spiritual some of the time or all of the time.

CELEBRATING THE SECOND ANNIVERSARY OF THE CHAPTER ON: QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: SPECIAL FEATURE: A revolution going on in science. : Those who think they can rely on outdated science to support a materialist view of a universe without an afterlife and psychic phenomena are clearly misinformed. Over the last few decades there has been a significant increase in research into quantum physics, the study of the characteristics of and relationships between subatomic particles and non-physical energies. Innovative, unorthodox physicists tell us this important research has a strong bearing on the understanding of the paranormal and the afterlife. These physicists are discovering no conflict at all between physics and acceptance of the paranormal and the afterlife. Indeed they are showing that the phenomena we now call “paranormal” are normal and consistent with the laws of science.

DR DEAN RADIN: In his book Entangled Minds (2006) he contends that those who think that science has no place for the paranormal do not know what they are talking about. He writes: “new discoveries in science are forcing an expansion to ideas of who and what we are, and that those who are most hostile to this topic know little or nothing about the evidence”.

In this wonderful video Dean explains how mainstream scientists have been trained to think that anyone who accepts psychic phenomena is stupid but that over the last ten years a majority of academics are changing their mind in private. Many are contacting him about their covert interest in psychic phenomena and are beginning to conduct their own experiments and flout the taboo on psychic research. He also addresses the question of why the quantum worldview is so important in challenging the robotic worldview. (22min)

Professor Fred Alan Wolf, sums up this view when he writes:There is evidence that suggests the existence of a non-material, non-physical universe that has a reality even though it might not as yet be clearly perceptible to our senses and scientific instrumentation. Watch video interview...

Sir Oliver Lodge, one of the greatest physicists of all times, accepted life after death after using his scientific genius to prove it. He was a founder of the Society for Psychical Research. I have a lot of respect for Sir Oliver Lodge and would like to provide a short quote from his article Linking Life After Death To Subatomic Physics:

Dr Harold Puthoff, Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, Dr. Puthoff is presently Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. His research interests range from theoretical studies concerning gravitation, cosmology and energy research, to laboratory studies of innovative approaches to energy generation and space propulsion. A graduate of Stanford University, his professional background spans more than four decades of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University, and SRI International. Watch video interview (3mins 56).

Professor Russell Targ is a physicist and author who pioneered the development of the laser. He was also co-founded the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. He authored numerous books suggesting that the mind itself reaches to the far ends of the universe and that it is this "non-local" quality, rather than any particular mechanism, that accounts for the remarkable data of parapsychology. Watch video interview (8 mins)

Professor Dr Ernst Senkowski is a professor of physics and electronics who conducted intensive paranormal and afterlife research for over twenty years. Dr Senkowski repeatedly obtained positive paranormal and 'afterlife' results. Read his eye witness account of the Scole experiments.

Dr Amit Goswami, is a former Professor of Physics at the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon. He is currently a senior resident researcher at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. His book Physics of the Soul--The Quantum Book Of Living, Dying, Reincarnation And Immortality defines consciousness, not materiality, as the primary reality. See video interview Part 1

Professor John Bockris in his book discusses the The New Paradigm--A Confrontation Between Physics and the Paranormal Phenomena (2005) evidence for the paranormal, including telepathy, near-death experiences, out-of-body travel, mediumship, reincarnation, apparitions, possession, distant healing, and other phenomena..

Physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, has collated the "best evidence" illustrating the inadequacy of our present scientific paradigm. In his book, The Synchronised Universe, he describes scientifically controlled remote viewing and ESP experiments, demonstrations of long-range healing, psychokinesis (mind over matter), scientifically controlled experiments in levitation, teleportation and out of body phenomena (OBE). See video interview (21 mins)

British scientist, Ron Pearson, in his article "Survival Physics" argues that survival of death is a natural part of physics and efforts to discredit evidence of survival after death are misplaced:
Watch video interview... (9 mins)

Nobel laureate Dr Brian Josephson and Professor Jessica Utts state that science needs to adapt to accommodate the evidence. They write: What are the implications for science of the fact that psychic functioning appears to be a real effect? These phenomena seem mysterious, but no more mysterious perhaps than strange phenomena of the past which science has now happily incorporated within its scope (Utts and Josephson 1996). See video "Can the Physicists' Description of Reality be Considered Complete?"

Two of the most advanced researchers of our time in parapsychology and the paranormal Dr Adrian Klein (left) and Dr Robert Neil Boyd (right) share with us some exciting new experiments that show clearly that human consciousness is totally independent of the brain. Anyone interested in the evolution of science needs to read " Let it snow on Mars - Mind/Brain dichotomy."

REMOTE VIEWER CORRECT ABOUT STEVE FOSSETT On the fourth day of the search for Steve Fossett George Noory contacted remote viewer Ed Dames who determined that Steve was dead and pinpointed the area where his plane had crashed far away from the search area.

The Ground of Faith is a quarterly online journal produced by one of the most forward looking and open minded groups of Christian clergy I have ever encountered (read details). As well as many interesting short articles and links the current issue just released contains four must-read papers from the Conferences and Journal of the US Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies Inc. (ASPSI) which will be of great interest to clergy, thinking laypeople, and paranormal researchers. These are:
* Michael Grosso PhD: Mysticism and Life after Death
P.M.H. Atwater: Is the afterlife what we think it is? A challenge from near-death studies
* Elene Gusch: The music of Rosemary Brown from a pianist's perspective
* Michael Tymn: Survival Research, Like shoveling sand against the tide of materialism
Read it online now. http://www.thegroundoffaith.net/issues/2008-10/

" How could it be possible for people to report clear, lucid experiences with great clarity of thought during a time when their hearts had stopped beating and blood is not being effectively pumped to the brain? My curiosity got the better of me and as I was working in the ideal place in which to study these experiences I decided to undertake my own research project. So writes Penny Sartori of the experiments which led to her being granted a PhD. Read more...

‘XENOGLOSSY’: One of the most amazing psychic phenomena is xenoglossy - the ability to speak or write a foreign language a person never learned. After all other explanations have been investigated - such as fraud, genetic memory, telepathy and cryptomnesia (the remembering of a foreign language learned earlier), xenoglossy is taken as evidence of either memories of a language learned in a past life or of communication with a discarnate entity— a spirit person. Janet Mayer (pictured) claims that while participating in a breath work seminar, she suddenly began to speak a language not commonly known. Many years later, her journey of discovery brought her to learn she can speak at least three dialects of the Yanomami - an ancient tribe of the Amazon, currently facing extinction. If this claim can be independently supported it should be researched and documented. Read Janet's story...

Do you want to hear from the experts about the latest in afterlife research? Do you want help to record your own EVPs? Do you want to have a reading with a top research medium? Would you like to have a day out in Long Island rich in fall colors and attractions including the noted North Fork Wine Country? Then make plans now to attend the Forever Family Foundation one day conference on Veterans' Day weekend. Presenting will be Claude Swanson , PhD, Tom and Lisa Butler, Research Medium Janet Mayer and Research medium Suzane Northrop Read more....

QUESTION: WHY DON’T WE HAVE MORE EVIDENCE? An excellent question! There are those who research the afterlife asking the very same question: why can’t we get superior afterlife minds to give us specific, hard core, objective and repeatable afterlife evidence? We also need more gifted mediums, we need more skilled researchers who can document the evidence under controlled conditions and we need more journalists and television producers willing to promote the work of genuine psychics and mediums. And of course our research mediums and researchers need financial and moral support from you the reader. Dedicated as they are, they have to make a living! We, who research the afterlife are doing the best we can – but yes, certainly, we would like those in the afterlife – who are competent, skilful, powerful, highly motivated and experienced in relating to physical earth matters to give us MORE evidence we can use on a global level.

WATCH OUT FOR FAKE PSYCHICS! There are a number of people who are NOT psychic and try to cash in on genuine psychics. Don’t be fooled. If you want to see a psychic and pay for the service, make sure you obtain recommendations from a number of people. You will find that people will tell you if a particular psychic is too general, too hit/miss way of doing things, some hits but mostly not and there are those who are deadly accurate. Don’t waste your precious hard earned income on quacks and frauds who are not really psychic or mediums.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE: STATUS IN THE AFTERLIFE- QUESTION: Do those people with high status, titles keep their tiles and status on crossing over to the afterlife?

Victor: If you are referring to titles such as - ‘Dr’, ‘Professor’, the ‘Sir’,‘Lord’, ‘Your Excellency’, and other man-made titles – the answer is very definitively NO! Lawyers, no 'Your Honor' judges, physicians, scientists, Lords, Sirs and others who are given exaggerated status find that their titles and previous achievements become irrelevant in the afterlife. But there would be those in the afterlife who would be regarded as having high ‘star’ status such as we have mega superstars on earth: those who are spiritually advanced, those who performed selfless service whoever they are and wherever they come from:

“An earthly fame has no value. Souls judge themselves not by their titles, but by what they did, which results in the character that they have. The only passport in our world is the stage of the development of your soul, which is naked for all to see.”
(An afterlife highly accredited teacher).

VICTOR IS NOT ANTI-CHRISTIAN OR ANTI-CATHOLIC! I received an email accusing me of being anti-Christian. In all fairness – no I am not anti-Christian, not anti-religion, not anti-anything. You believe what you want to believe. I am strictly an empiricist and do not have the luxury of beliefs. I do not interfere with your beliefs. That does not mean I ought not to question my early environment teachings which almost terrified me out of this life on earth: You MUST question everything in life until the day you die – and only if you are absolutely convinced of the information you received can you relax. I'm into objectivity and repeatability because that gives me absolute certainty.

FEEDBACK: WAS THE JESUS STORY ‘ORIGINAL’?- from last week: here are just a few of those who suggested a reply to the important question – they are representative of all the correspondence received about Jesus:
Sandra. (Aus.): suggests: Dr Barbara Theiring gives a non traditional version about Jesus –
Michael refers to the transmitted information from the afterlife:
Joel from Sweden does not agree with the traditional theological interpretation of Jesus- Sweden.
Terence’s suggestion: “ could be prototypes today of those that could have gone to heaven in past ages ...”
William, recommends for the status quo
: http://www.tektonics.org/harpur01.html
and http://www.tektonics.org/copycat/osy.html
Urve accepts Joseph Atwell’s claim that the
Jesus story was a Roman conspiracy:
John F. Swenson, J.D. suggests reading the works of a Yale professor Dr. Ramsay MacMullen, emeritus professor of history at Yale, about the true history of Jesus:
Raleigh sent non traditional sentiments: see he said, among a list of non tradition sources:
Craig Hogan, sent this link to his excellent study on the subject: "The early church admitted that the Mithras and Jesus parallels were remarkable and suggested that Satan had created the Mithras/Osyris/Dionysius mythologies millennia before the birth of Jesus to mislead humankind."

NOTE WELL- a balanced view: some critics state that there is no physical or other independent evidence that Jesus actually lived on this planet earth. Balanced against that is that we do have to remember, that one of the most credible afterlife teachers, Silver Birch, transmitted information which tells us that yes, Jesus comes down to the realm of the light about once a year – and states that Jesus was the most spiritually advanced entity that ever walked on our planet earth.

David Thompson will be doing mental mediumship - 26th October from 4:30 - 6:00pm at spiritual service in the Crows Nest Performing Arts Centre (6 Holterman St., Crows Nest, NSW, AUSTRALIA). It is time to allocate just some little time on a Sunday later afternoon to think about eternal matters. Why? Because our time on planet earth is relatively very short – ‘fraction of an eyeblink’ as one afterlife teacher stated. Wendy and I will be there and look forward to meeting many of our regular readers.

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