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April 13th 2018

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In many cases, materialists are disconnected from the 'spiritual' part of themselves. Their focus in on the outside world, and they keep themselves perpetually stimulated with work, shopping, and dramas. They are so entranced by physical experience that they do not see the bigger picture and avoid thinking about the day they will have to cross over.

But some do manage to become aware of their spirit - that spark of the Divine which is the spiritual giant within. It might come from a love of family or love of an animal, appreciation of a sunset, or being moved by beautiful music. Spending time in nature can still the busy mind and allow us to make the connection.

And sadly, sometimes it is illness, tragedy, and loss that is a catalyst for spiritual growth. As people are spurred on to develop their consciousness, they will acquire wisdom and sensitivity they never imagined - a spiritual power that will transform their own lives and those of everyone whose lives they touch. We all have a spiritual giant within us - and we will get to know its full potential in the future - in the higher realms of the afterlife.

Dr. Rodonaia was a psychiatric researcher who worked for the KGB and later became a dissident. He was a scientist trained in historical materialism and did not believe in God. When he attempted to leave Russia, he was run down by the KGB, pronounced dead and taken to the morgue for three days. He returned to life during his own autopsy. When he left his body he went into a world of light and love and found out that God exists. He then became an ordained priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Read his extraordinary story...

For more than forty years Jurgen Ziewe has been having out-of-body experiences in full waking consciousness and corroborating those experiences with other regular OBE explorers.

"The most important point to make is that when we die we retain real bodies, are greeted by real people. We are being introduced into new real worlds with real gardens, houses, parks, lakes and rivers, cities and buildings and everything else we are accustomed to from this earth, though frequently vastly richer, more profuse and more grandiose. If anything our new world will make our past earth life appear like a distant dream." Jurgen Ziewe.

becomes a very beautiful thing to know that there is no end".

We have another exciting line-up of online meetings for you this coming week. Tonight at 9.30pm US time (Friday 11.30am Sydney time) there will be our usual monthly catch-up on physical mediumship. Then on Sunday, in the Global Gathering, August Goforth will lead us in a discussion of the topic "Physical mediumship - is it worth the effort?"
For our full program and videos of past global gatherings go to victorzammit.com/zoom.

THE AMAZING WORLD OF PSYCHIC PHENOMENA (1976) Shown in theaters in the USA during the 1970s, this movie was, for many people, the first time they had heard of: Edgar Cayce, precognition, psychometry, faith healing, biofeedback, Kirlian Photography, psychic investigators, auras, astral projection, haunted houses, psychic photography , ghost sound recordings, séances, and reincarnation.

"Every soul knows before it incarnates into earth what it is that it will undertake. It is a free choice made by the larger self because it knows that its earthly journey is precisely the one needed to fulfill and obtain the necessary qualifications for the development of the larger self. You know the life that you are going to live. The hardships are chosen because to endure them, and to overcome them, will bring into play those latent qualities of the self which require development to add their quota to the real, the higher, the true self." (Guidance from Silver Birch p.67 1966 ed.).

CELEBRATING THE AMAZING LIFE OF GUY LYON PLAYFAIR A highly respected psychical researcher, Guy Lyon Playfair, died in London early on 8th April 2018, at the age of 83. It was during his time as a journalist in Brazil. in the late 1960s, that he became interested in the paranormal. Following his return to London he wrote a number of best selling books on psychic topics and came to be regarded as an authority of poltergeist phenomena following his investigation and book on the Enfield Poltergeist.

On the day that Guy Playfair died, the witnesses to the Enfield case were reunited for this BBC radio interview.

MEET NICOLE DE HAAS PHYSICAL MEDIUM Nicole's development as an ectoplasmic physical medium has developed very quickly and she is now is a tutor with the Arthur Findlay College in the UK and De Zwanenhof in Holland. Here she talks with Sandra Champlain. See her website.

You can talk live with Nicole on the AREI global gathering on May 13th.

A series of workshops, talks and demonstrations
When: Friday July 20th - Wednesday July 25th, 2018
Costs: Attending all of the workshops will cost $375 (including Dale Fees) plus accommodations.
Book to stay in Lilydale https//.lilydaleassembly.org
or at a hotel in nearby Fredonia and travel to Lilydale each day by car.

Donation: Instead of an overall conference fee, participants are requested to make a donation to the Spiritual Science Foundation. See full program.

Spirit Guides Radio gives a fresh, modern voice to ancient wisdom. Co-hosted by two emerging millennial spiritual thought leaders, it is taking the message of the afterlife to an impressive number of (mostly) young subscribers. Every Wednesday at 9 am PST, Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza discuss fascinating topics with guests. Check out the past episodes.


THE PSYCHIC LIFE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN Susan B Martinez, Ph.D. has assembled details of Lincoln's psychic experiences. He consulted oracles (psychics) and at age 22 was told by a seer that he would become President of the United States. In dreams, he foresaw his sudden death. Trauma and heartbreak opened the psychic door for this otherworldly president, whose precognitive dreams, evil omens, and trancelike states are carefully documented here in this bold yet poignant chronicle of tragic beginnings, White House seances, and paranormal eruptions of the Civil War era. Aided by the deathbed memoir of his favorite medium, Lincoln's remarkable psychic experiences come to life with communications from beyond, ESP, true and false prophecies, as well as thumbnail sketches of the most influential Spiritualists in Lincoln's orbit. Surveying clairvoyant incidents in Lincoln's life from cradle to grave, the book also examines the Emancipation Proclamation and the unseen powers that moved pen to hand for its historic signing into law. Read more...


"In a twinkling, it becomes apparent what the main purpose was of the life just completed, and whether that purpose had been addressed. You would be amazed and saddened to see this self-acknowledgment and self-judgment form our side. There are many souls who ‘wake up’ over here to realize that they literally missed the point of life. This is not to say there are not many who have been greatly fulfilled and true to their inner impetus. But in our Western society especially, we are seeing too many arrive over here who are immediately shocked by their own blindness during life to their greater goals... I am trying to show what we perceive to be an epidemic of disillusioned spirits who reach this side and are unfailingly remorseful to have completely bypassed the important tasks of their lives They must then labour for many years - though time has no meaning over here - to reconstruct their original intentions, evaluate their failings, study Earth circumstances and enroll for another human life.” (p.13, from BEYOND THE VEIL, Judy Laddon)

DO ALL ANIMALS SURVIVE PHSYICAL DEATH? With animals becoming close members of many families this is one of the most popular questions about the afterlife. Information that pets that have been loved while on earth survive in the afterlife has come from every country– through near death experiences, mediumship, after death contacts etc. It has been repeated over time and space. How do pets survive? Silver Birch tells us that loving your pet raises the vibrations of the pet so it can join you in the sphere where you are. All animals survive, we are told, but in their own areas. And it is interesting to note that while Christianity has traditionally taught that animals do not survive death some 60 so-called "well known Christian teachers" have now stated their own belief to the contrary in this book and a number of others. Read more..

STUDENTS INSPIRED BY THE SELFLESS SERVICE OF MATHS TEACHER JIM O'CONNOR Jim O'Connor used to keep quiet about his volunteer work but now realises that sharing it inspires his students to give blood and volunteer at the LA Childrens' Hospital.

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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) Really look forward to reading your Friday Afterlife Report; thanks ever so much for putting it all together. Manny.

2 ) That was a nice surprise at the foot of the report, under Highly Inspirational Music. I had been drawn to listening to the voice of Suzan Erens about a year ago so hearing her singing 'The Rose' and then reading about the song's origin was very interesting indeed. Thank you.

3) First, I want to thank you for offering such a wonderful Website with so many good stories about life after death. I am a senior, living in British Columbia, Canada, and have been a follower of your newsletter since a few years now.

This is the first time I write you, and I would like to share with you a Web link (including a PDF file) where some people share NDE experiences.

“Inner Guidance” by Ann Archer-Butcher is mentioned in that newsletter. She had some fantastic NDEs (about three) over the years. I know her personally, and whatever she says in her book is the truth. I am not asking for you to “advertise” that book on your Website, but if you do, I guess it should be fine.

Anyway, thank you, and keep up the good work in “opening up the world’s consciousness.”
Peter A.



MUSIC TO FEED THE SOUL Ed Sheeran travels to Italy to the home of Andrea Boccelli to record Perfect Symphony. Enjoy the harmony as two of the world's most popular musicians, singing in different languages and different styles, create magic. The very tall young man sitting next to Andrea is his 19-year old son Matteo and the pianist is his older son Amos.

Fans of Andrea Boccelli will no doubt be pleased that Matteo, appears to have inherited his father's amazing voice. Listen.


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