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January 29th 2010

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You have every fundamental right to worship your 'God' in your own time, in your own place and in your own way if you have one, and no one has a right to tell you otherwise. What you believe in is entirely your business! But that does NOT mean that reverends or ministers or some other renegades are entitled to LIE, CHEAT and MISLEAD to try to justify their own personal, subjective religious beliefs or to try to make their beliefs superior to other peoples' beliefs – and to ridicule other religions by imputation. That would amount to fraudulent conduct. That would be most heinous - and a serious violation.- a serious ‘sin’.

A friend of mine told me a couple of days ago that a couple of Evangelist Christians in the Southern U.S.- who erroneously believe the earth was created some 4,000 years B.C.(citing Bishop Usher as their authority) - are lying by claiming what is in the Bible is ‘scientific.’ He thinks that they are doing that to increase their cash collection.

The Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Presbyterians – and ALL other Christian churches around the world have NEVER claimed that the Bible is 'scientific'. The Bible is about personal religious beliefs, about ‘faith’ – NOT science.
People have every right to read the Bible. But to deliberately lie about the Bible is unconscionable FRAUD. Galileo established the irretrievable precedent that whenever there was an inconsistency between the Bible and science, inevitably science prevails and will ALWAYS prevail. It cannot be any other way.

Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson, mediums for the Yellow Cloud Circle in MontCabirol France contacted us last week with an urgent message from John Sloan, one of the guides for their Circle, in relation to events in Haiti.
John spoke from the heart and wants this message to go out to as many people as possible. Listen... (about 3 mins). Kevin has now provided us with the transcript below. And yes, it is the same John Sloan who was Arthur Findlay's medium (read more about Arthur Findlay and John Sloan).

"My name is John Campbell Sloan; I have been in the spirit world for quite a few years now. I have chosen to come through this young man, Tom Morris, to continue the work that I was doing during my lifetime. Now it’s not often that I want people to listen to what I have got to say; but in this instance I would like everyone who could hear this message to join together with love and harmony and send it to those people whose lives have been devastated and lost in that area of the world you call Haiti.

The love that can be sent; it does not necessarily have to be a spiritual healer, but I would ask all spiritual healers to join together also, but if everyone who's got love in their hearts can send it, it will make so much difference to those people. Those who have passed and those who are struggling to survive.

As I said, I never ask for anything; but I do ask you all to do this, for yourselves and for the continuation of your civilization. There is not enough love in the world and that is what is causing distress to the population, not necessarily with these natural disasters but just in everyday life. It has taken this tragedy to make me speak out. I hope that you will listen, there are many who will think this is a hoax, but believe you me, and this is no hoax. This is us trying to bring a loving vibration to help and to heal. Thank you for listening to me. Goodnight John Sloan."


Last week
we featured the work of the extraordinary medium Richard Ireland. His son Mark Ireland, author of the wonderful highly recommended book Soul Shift, had a test sitting with a number of extraordinary mediums and in each of them his father Richard came through and explained that he is working with a group on the other side to help prove life after death. Watch this video of a sitting under test conditions with medium Laurie Campbell. Note that Laurie was sitting with her back to the sitter and so could not read his body language.

In the early 1980's, psychic and medium Richard Ireland successfully found gold and pinpointed a $60 Million dollar oil field and two natural gas wells in Texas. In the words of geologist Wade Ramsey: "I never thought a psychic could do it."
Richard donated proceeds from this work to charitable organizations, including an Orphanage in Mexico. "It's a gift from God, so I don't believe in abusing it. I am dedicated to making man's lot on this earth better." Jerry Conser, a Dallas based Oil Executive who gambled on Richard's psychic abilities, also set aside proceeds for psychic research. "We both want to throw light on the whole area of parapsychology by making money available to serious researchers."

: "I am a retired college professor and consultant. The following is a series of three dreams that I had about a decade ago. Even through I considered myself atheist/agnostic and I was pretty sure that God was in the same category as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, I started to pray on my hands and knees. My prayers consisted of asking to be shown the other side. I wanted proof that there was more to my existence than this physical life, because material success did not bring me the peace and happiness that I had hoped for in my life. I prayed this prayer for several years while alone in the Arizona Mountains. Then over a two-week period I had a series of three dreams that I now believe allowed me to see the other side. I did not realize it at the time, however, because I wanted physical proof that life after death existed. Read more....

WHAT REALLY HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE: directly from the afterlife dimension, "Spirit life is graduated, with each sphere, plane or expression, blending and shading into the next one higher in the evolutionary sense but not in geographical location. As the energy-soul progresses and fits itself for higher states of being so automatically it occupies those states ... The lower gives way to the higher. You 'die' and are born again. You do not lose the astral body in quite the same way that you lose the material body. It becomes more rarefied (raising of the vibrations). It becomes refined as the lower drops away. That is its death for death really means transformation, resurrection, the rising of the higher out of the lower ... The more you evolve, the more of the unexpressed self comes to the surface. That means more of perfection is being expressed the closer you are to the Great Power. If perfection was a finite process, then you would, in a stated time, merge with the Great Power, but it is an infinite process for the more you evolve, the more you realize there is to be evolved so that you are becoming more and more individualized as time goes by." (S.Birch.).

'PSYCHICS' FRAUDS AND CHEATS: as I stated in the past, you have to watch very carefully which 'psychic' or 'medium' you go for a reading. It came to me last week that one fraudulent psychic charged a woman $900 to remove an alleged 'curse' placed on a house pet! This pet was acting strangely and its owner was told that her rival had put a curse on her pet! And the owner paid the money!!!! Of course, the house pet continued to behave the same way. What made the pet return to normal was when the owner took the pet to a vet for a medical problem. These FRAUDS, QUACKS and CHEATS are criminals - and have to be shown for what they are. Do NOT pay money to any alleged 'psychic' or a 'medium' unless you have clear attestations from at least three people that the psychic or medium is accurate. Nor should you pay exorbitant prices for a reading. I had one complainant who said that a well known medium is asking some $4,000 for a reading. If true, for average circumstances, I would not go to that medium.

In my ten years on the internet, I do not remember ever having interviewed a medium or recommended anyone to obtain a reading from a particular medium. But I realize that some people at times do need the urgent assistance of a good genuine medium. So I decided to interview Christine, who comes highly recommended from those who had a reading with her. Based in Sydney Australia, Christine also does telephone readings and travels internationally. She is also highly competent in helping people to develop their own mediumship. If you are interested I strongly suggest visit Christine's website and take it from there:



" The first thing you notice about what happens at death is that you’re standing beside or floating above your physical body looking down at it, surprised by how small and confining it looks. If you were in any pain, you notice it has ceased and you feel wonderful. If you were feeling tired, you are now completely energized.

If you are catapulted into crossing over due to an accident or violence on the part of someone else, you instinctively leave your body so you do not feel any physical pain. It is rare that a soul fragment would choose to stick around to experience such unpleasantness. John Edward was once contacted by a crew member of the space shuttle Columbia, which burned up on re-entry into the atmosphere. Through John, the crewman reported that he and the other crew had already left their bodies and didn’t feel a thing. And people who are regressed to a lifetime when they were burned at the stake invariably say they left their body before the flames got to it, and watched from a distance before getting bored and moving on."

Read more about what happens at death from



QUESTION: Does a 'soul' ever sink so low that it is extinguished altogether?
"NO. It may reach a stage where the spark of the Great Power within it is but a small flicker, but the light never goes out, for the link which binds it to the Great Power is a link forged in eternity. No soul descends so low that it cannot rise. No soul is so high that it cannot descend to help the lowest." S Birch.

ALLISON DUBOIS - AMERICAN MEDIUM - Allison is a most popular medium, not only in the United States, but around the world. The television series 'MEDIUM' is based on the psychic and mediumistic skills of Allison Dubois. Just a reminder that a new series of 'MEDIUM' will be starting in Australia in a week.


In a new book, ‘Why he is a Saint’ the author submits his evidence that Pope John Paul regularly whipped himself and there were times in his life when he used to sleep naked on the floor. Read more.... But according to empirically elicited information from the afterlife, that kind of behavior – whipping and torturing the body WILL NOT INCREASE HIS SPIRITUALITY - THE VIBRATIONS OF THE SOUL ONE IOTA! That is another example of how performing ‘religious’ ritual does not mean one is being ‘spiritual’. To increase spirituality we have been repeatedly and credibly informed from the afterlife for over 150 years, one has to perform spiritual selfless service. By whipping oneself, the world would not be a better place. I’m more than happy to hear from those who do not agree with me on this one.

FORGIVENESS: I've come across some literature where some people have workshops and classes about forgiveness as a way to heal the soul. But here is someone with high credibility directly from the afterlife dimension about forgiveness:

"There is forgiveness in your world and my world, but forgiveness does not expiate wrongdoing. When a person who has committed a wrong reaches the stage of asking for forgiveness, it means that realization has dawned. But if he asks for forgiveness and forgiveness is accorded him, that does not mean that the act of wrong that was committed has been expunged. It is purely cause and effect. The act cannot be expunged until that which was wrong is put right."


Dr Howard Jones was raised in a non-conformist Christian family and confirmed in the Church of England before drifting away from orthodoxy while training as a physical scientist. "I effectively became an atheist as defined by Western religious belief, though still obliged to attend church services with my wife at the time," he says. It was through "mystical enchantment" that he was first brought back to a belief in God, even if it was a belief much different from his earlier belief.

"I have now become totally convinced of a spiritual reality that is part of our everyday existence," he ends. "...I feel reassured in my belief by the fact that there is now scientific theory that, again for me, underpins and rationalizes that which would be otherwise a plausible but unsubstantiated theological hypotheses to account for those psychical and mystical events that are usually described as paranormal or supernatural." Read Mike Tymn's review of this wonderful book.


"I bought a copy of the Living Matrix DVD a couple of weeks ago - it is superb. It is coherent, convincing and inspirational. With experimental evidence like that presented in this program, it makes you realize how close-minded and UNscientific people like Dawkins and Atkins are to dismiss psychic phenomena. There are objective results here that any true scientist would have to take seriously. The overall theme of the DVD echoes what I said in my book, The Thoughtful Guide to God (publishers' choice of title, not mine!!), about the quantum field as the basis of material phenomena.
All good wishes
Dr Howard Jones"

FEEDBACK: "Dear Victor,
I thought you might like to tell your readers about the Parapsychology Library,and in particular to the case of Lester Coltman, which I am now reading. Just google his name. His account of his death as an Officer in WW1, and his subsequent account on life on the other side,
is beautifully written.Click on rtf as txt spreads way across the page.
It was taken down by his aunt.

You might also like to mention the free download books available on Survivalebooks.I would mention particularly the two by Edward Randall, of whom I know you are familiar."

WARNING! I received a disturbing note from a regular correspondent advising NOT to trust an American TV 'afterlife documentary maker' who may be misleading a number of people who genuinely want to make a contribution. Here is what he said:
"It would appear I've been scammed by an organization called "Paranormal TV" which offers filmmakers 25% gross revenue to represent their film, implies that it is headed by a former manager a major Pictures network, and infers that it is going to establish its own online station. However, what it does is to simply post your film to as many revenue-earning online stations as possible, and keep the profits, without sending the filmmaker any reports or revenue. It was my fault, inasmuch as I trusted them and did not press for a contract. I waited two years to really start pressing them for a report of earnings, and they gave me the royal runaround. Please get the word out in whatever way you see fit, publicly or privately, to warn other filmmakers who are working on afterlife-related topics. And, as always, keep up the good work! Best regards,Stephen Sakellarios " In Another Life: Reincarnation in America"

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