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March 5th 2010

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WHY ARE THE CLOSED- MINDED SKEPTICS A BIG FAILURE IN THE WORLD TO-DAY? I started to seriously investigate the afterlife over twenty years ago. At that time the skeptics and materialists ruled the waves. But not anymore. Why have they failed? Many reasons:

Randi, CSICOP, the skeptics' organizations, Prof R Wiseman, Dr S Blackmore, Prof Hyman - and others like them - used to viciously but unfairly attack "soft tagrets"- sensitive psychics, mediums and afterlife investigators. But now that the paranormal/afterlife empirical/ scientific evidence has been presented in an academically acceptable and serious way and has NOT been rebutted, these materialists are looking rather silly, ridiculous and foolish. The world expected these closed minded materialist intellectuals to rebut the evidence for the paranormal/afterlife but no genius closed-minded flamboyant skeptic has been able to do so.

The materialists and hard-core skeptics are being perceived as colossal 'cowards' because they have never, ever attempted to attack the 'absurdities' in religion - nor did they ever attack religious leaders the way they used to attack mediums. For example they never attacked Dr Billy Graham notwithstanding that Dr Graham tells the people to BELIEVE EVERYTHING IN THE BIBLE - even the atrocities and curses by 'God' against women and children and the brutal killing of women (but not the men) for adultery and fornication and for having different beliefs. More than 90% of the people in our world to-day would be killed if that Biblical directive was followed!

They were very quiet about the absurd beliefs that insult the mind in Christianity: eating a wafer, is eating
'God', drinking wine during a service is drinking Jesus' blood! that a loving God could condemn people to a cruel 'hell for eternity' for such as human acts as masturbation or using contraception or remarriage after divorce. And they never uttered a whisper against the human rights abuses, intolerance and violence of other religions. Instead they used to go for "soft targets" and attack mediums and afterlife investigators who had the courage to use their psychic abilities, scientific skills and knowledge to systematically investigate the most important issue in human history- the fact that we all survive death.

You mentioned in last week report that Dr Von Braun, Uri Geller and yourself accepted the afterlife through the role of energy. Don't other scientists accept that too?

Victor: Absolutely! Those scientists who investigated accepted the existence of the afterlife when they used their own scientific expertise. Some of these scientists may not have expressed the acceptance of the afterlife through the role of 'energy' in the universe, but they discovered the afterlife either by experiments or testing highly gifted mediums. But Dr Wernher von Braun - regarded as the greatest rocket scientist who ever lived - stated himself that science led him to accept the afterlife - he said himself that energy-consciousness cannot be destroyed. Uri Geller when working on secret projects on energy with Dr von Braun at NASA also conceded that he accepted the afterlife through science. And I came across the role of energy in the universe when rebutting Prof Richard Hawkins' claim about his Darwinian evolution - where I stated that Hawkins is misleading everyone by not including the role of 'energy-consciousness' in evolution - that on physical death the energy-consciousness survives - and many scientists confirmed that.


The idea of reincarnation is controversial. Many people find stories of children remembering recent past lives very threatening to their ideas of family reunion in the afterlife. However no-one can criticize the methodology of the way that research was carried out, initially by Dr Ian Stephenson and now by his successor, Dr Jim Tucker. In this video Dr Tucker reflects on years of painstaking research. Read more about reincarnation research in my chapter 24.

How long does it take before an afterlife intelligence send a message back to his her loved ones after physical death takes place?

Directly from the afterlife dimension: "It depends on the conditions. There are some who come into our world, who, although they have been here for centuries, have not yet awakened to the realization of what has taken place. And there are some, who come here with knowledge, who know the ropes, and to them, if they find the right medium, they can manifest within a few moments of their passing. There is no simple answer. It is dependent upon the condition of the person himself, whether he has knowledge or ignorance. One of our great difficulties is that many people come here with very strong preconceived ideas of what this world is like. They refuse to believe that it can be anything else than the world that exists in the pictures of their imagination. Because they believe that intently, that is the world in which they live, for you must remember ours is a world of the mind and the spirit, and what you think is your reality.
" Silver Birch


Michael Tymn has again brought to our attention a fascinating highly evidential description of the afterlife through one of the greatest mediums who ever lived, Mrs Gladys Osborne Leonard.(picture below) In this reading George, three years after he died in 1915, tells his mother about his new life:

" His day - if you can call it that - is passed very much like on the earth plane, so many hours for play, so many for work, so many for study - he still studies, but at first hand." (Mother asks what he is studying) "He learns how the spirit world is constructed - how houses are built. What knocked him over at first was seeing it was just like the earth plane. They are not the same as houses on the earth plane, but they are solid to him. Your houses are not solid to him, they are like banks of fog, and his house would be the same to you - but to him, as it's the same degree of matter and rate of vibration, it's solid to him...There are architects and builders here, only they build by concentration, but it is even so on the earth plane, building is done by concentration of thought." Read more...

In this short video Mark explains how he became involved in afterlife research and outlines some of the work of pioneering researcher George Meek. You can learn more about Mark's work and purchase his books here.

Astral traveling is when our spirit body gets out of our body.- and afterlife intelligences responds, “It happens very simply that the real you leaves your body and is able to travel vast distances, sometimes into our world, and sometimes into the further reaches of your world. Actually, every one of you travels astrally when you go to sleep. Then your spirit, for the time being, departs from your body, roams into our world and meets souls you love and who love you. It is a divine provision by which preparation is made for the time when you come here, so that it will not be a shock. When you do come you will remember, and be ready for the many wonderful happenings that spirit life has to offer you. It could be said that you die every night!” (Light from Silver Birch, p57)


Fox TV series which began airing in the US last month combines past life memories with detective work in a dramatic new series. While it is good that the idea of reincarnation is entering popular culture the oversimplification contained in the series could cause a lot of people grief about not being able to reunite with their loved ones when they cross over. We know that reincarnation is a complex matter- not everyone reincarnates, and certainly not immediately after death. What do you think?

The UK Daily Mail is featuring a feel-good story about a hairdresser who won the lottery after being told by a fortune teller that she would come into money:" By Daily Mail Reporter “A hairdresser won £1 million (USD1.5 million – approx.) on the lottery - just weeks after a fortune teller predicted she would come into money. Susan Herdman, 41, had a tarot card reading which said she would have wealth and good fortune in 2010.And mum-of-one Susan was so confident Susan's vision came true when she matched all six lotto numbers to win £1,182,714 in last Saturday's draw" Read more...

The skeptics would say, and rightly, that a prediction of "wealth and good fortune in 2010" is the kind of general prediction that at least 50% of psychics would give to their clients and most of us don't win the lottery. This kind of "evidence" is justly regarded as anecdotal and justly given very little weight.

If we want to look for evidence of pre-cognition we need to go to rigorously controlled tests where the odds of the event happening are calculated in advance. Fortunately we do have such tests, 309 studies by 62 experimenters carried out over more than 50 years. Many of them were carried out by Dr JB Rhine and his wife Dr Louisa with Professor of Psychology at Duke University, William McDougall. The Journal of Parapsychology vol 53, 281 - 308 reports that the evidence is in. The possibility of the results in the precognition studies coming by chance in one in 10,000,000,000,000,0000,000,000. Read more...
However skeptics will ignore the 309 scientific studies and say that the evidence is purely anecdotal.


Terry C.

Victor: First, don’t think that the Israelis are the only spy agency which has a ‘dirty works’ department. All documentary writers on espionage services claim that all spy agencies have ‘dirty works’ departments. But the Law of Cause and Effect will operate not only on spies but on everyone in any occupation or profession – on judges, lawyers, doctors, administrators, politicians, on the clergy, on the Pope, cardinals and all priests and ministers. You cannot pick on just the one profession – that’s NOT the way it works. I have known those in the covert services who indulged in dirty work – and with absolute certainty they will pay the price the same way a corrupt judge or policeman will pay the price in the future. The Law of Cause and Effect will INEVITABLY hit everyone without any discrimination as to work, race, color, religion, gender and creed.

(1) HAVE YOUR SAY! I will not do the thinking for you. But I ask you, can you perceive any information impartially: in the Bible, in Numbers 31 we are told how God commanded the children of Israel to slaughter the Midianites. When they returned from the slaughter, Moses was angry with them because they had taken women and children alive as captives. Moses ordered them to KILL ALL except the virgin girls (those under say, 10 years old), whom they could keep for themselves. (Naturally, the virgins would be exploited, sexually abused and treated like slaves). We are informed all this was done expressly at God’s command. Can any decent minded person believe that ‘God’ would brutally order the Israelites to murder innocent and helpless women and children - and condemn the virgins to sexual slavery? I really would like to hear from someone who accepts the Bible without question to explain this to all of us. I will be publishing all replies in the next Friday afterlife newsletter. My own message? It's time to wake up and allow intelligence to prevail over irrational beliefs, prejudices and tradition.
Thomas Paine's Age of Reason is as relevant now as when it was first written.

QUESTION:GOD. Victor, your afterlife work does not mention God. Do you believe in God?

Victor: for me, as an empiricist, I do accept the evidence that there is a ‘God.’ Of course, one has to define God. I do not accept the Biblical ‘God’ who is portrayed as vicious, cruel, full of vindictiveness, cursing and killing thousands of people – see Deuteronomy. Instead the God I accept is the intelligent energy of First Cause. Everything in the universe can be objectively observed as having a cause-effect connection - for example, the order in the universe, gravity, the solar systems, the atomic structure, the vibrating directed energy - all these are 'intelligent' effects which came about through an 'intelligent cause'. Everything in the universe is vibrating energy and scientists tell us that vibrating energy has ‘direction’ and ‘consciousness.’ You cannot have an intelligent effect without an intelligent cause. Those who do not accept God keep telling us everything came by chance. But expert statisticians tell us it is NOT possible for chance to explain the hundreds of thousands of intelligent effects caused by an initial intelligent cause. There are those who have nothing to do with religion who are closer to the truth – they call God 'the ultimate supreme positive energy of peace, light and love.'

FORMER KGB -RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE- TRIED TO RECRUIT A POLTERGEIST - A SPIRIT - FOR ESPIONAGE!: I watched an old documentary on television about Russian espionage service - 'The KGB and the Paranormal'. I really thought that the leadership of the then KGB had not done its homework when dealing with afterlife energies - but full marks for trying! These KGB spies came across a ‘poltergeist’ in Russia who responded at first, favorably. There was a real attempt by the Russian spies to get this poltergeist to help them with their espionage activities. The fact that an energy was a reported ‘poltergeist’ meant that the spirit would be a 'disturbed' spirit. How can a spy agency work with a disturbed spirit? Afterlife experts would have advised the Russian spies not to make contact with ANY disturbed spirits – because they’d be asking for trouble!. There would inevitably be a conflict of priorities. Whenever one tries to extract "favours" from an afterlife entity the first problem would be the afterlife energy would be unreliable and secondly, there could be negative responses that could cause big problems to those who try to enlist spirits for espionage purposes. Having said that, this fact shows that the Russians must be experimenting with the "paranormal"- as are the Chinese - and others for national and military security - and would be way ahead from those countries who don't! I say it again: any country which masters the paranormal will rule the world!

QUESTION: How can I get an inexpensive but professional afterlife website happening? I've heard that Mac computers are the best for graphic design and create wonderful looking websites. Can you assist?

Victor: If anybody needs help with Mac IT products I have the perfect person. He comes VERY HIGHLY recommended from me. He is friendly, helpful and most approachable - and is VERY REASONABLE regarding rates. He’s based on the North Shore in Sydney and will come to you. Have a look at his website: http://xrl.us/iSupportU

Visit SCEPCOP: Scientific Committee to Evaluate Pseudo-Skeptical Criticism of the Paranormal. This is a brilliant website where Winston Wu from Hawaii is presenting the case against the pseudo skeptics. Read more...


"Dear Victor, I'd just like to drop you a note to thank you for your inspiring website. Knowledge of the existence of the afterlife has allowed me to live with a hope that I feel has been denied me for so many years. I feel that many thoughtful modern humans are caught in this trap: conventional science on one hand asserts there is nothing beyond material reality; religion, on the other hand is cruel, manipulative and -- let's face it -- ridiculous. Both have failed to plausibly describe a larger context of reality. The evidence you present points towards something infinitely kinder, more rational and more evidentially knowable than any that science or religion can describe. Thank you for your dedication and your courage.
Best Regards, John Hopkinson, Greymouth, New Zealand

"Congratulations and well done DR Victor Zammit!" I'm impressed ...I've been wanting to talk to you for a long time ......I watched your video taking that on atheist and anti-afterlifer Prof Richard Dawkins where you explained the admissibility of evidence of evolution that we survive physical death because energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. Then I read the article about Dr Wehrner von Braun, that rocket scientist who worked for Hitler last week on your newsletter who came to an identical conclusion about the afterlife before his death. . Well done Victor! (With permission from Prof.
G. N.) (France)

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1492: 'Conquest of Paradise' is the brilliant theme song written for the 1992 European adventure/drama film released for the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' voyage.
The story tells of Christopher Columbus' (Gérard Depardieu) discovery of the New World and its devastating effect on the indigenous people. The movie had mixed reviews particuarly in the United States but the film's score by renowned composer Vangelis became a successful album worldwide. The song achieved huge success in many countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland where it topped the singles chart.

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.