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Report August 31st 2007

COMMENTARY: UNINFORMED SKEPTIC CLAIMS IT IS ALL ‘SELF DELUSION’. Do you believe that about materialization? We get the occasional uninformed skeptic, such as Michael claiming that the materialization experiments we are doing with David Thompson are likely to be ‘delusion’ – that some of the sitters who had responsible positions being deluded, that two university trained empiricists qualified in scientific methodology are deluded and that I, as a litigation lawyer and an expert in the admissibility of evidence, am also deluded!!!!! Even those who attended the sessions in different states and in different countries and met their loved ones were all deluded!!!!! Only Michael, he implies, is not deluded!!! Do YOU believe that? Then where do the VOICES on the tape come from? Does anyone really think that David Thompson, the medium, can mimic some fifty five different voices including female voices – even when he has a black gag around his mouth which is sealed with one way ties for security? Does anyone really believe that David, who has his hands, and legs tied and sealed with one way tags , could be an escapologist doing ventriloquist impersonations of crossed over loved ones? I have now been present at more than 45 reunions of people with their loved ones. Similar reunions have been taking place in different countries and with different sitters present over the last 10 years. In most cases David Thompson did NOT know the names of the crossed over loved ones or anything about them. As to asking tough questions – that will come in time. We are still a developing Circle – understand that! We are highly, informed, highly qualified, highly objective, highly scientific and expertly empirical. The skeptics’ imputation is that there has to be fraud – which is absolute rubbish. Those who are raising fraud have failed to show where, when and how fraud is being committed.

MANY TINY DETAILS ADD UP TO PROOF. Last Sunday night, (under the auspices of materialization medium David Thompson (below top picture, left and our afterlife convener, William Cadwell, pictured left), a man who had been dead less than two months communicated with his wife. In the tape you can hear him shuffling across the room and making the strange sucking noise he used to make in his final days when he suffered from Alzheimers. NOBODY present knew that the sweet M & Ms played a crucial part in his last days- he loved them but allowed himself one only every 15 minutes. Yet when he came through one of the first things he said was that the person who met him had M&Ms for him. (Listen to audio).

When David Thompson will be in the U.K. in October, William as a materialized entity from the afterlife, is going to be interviewed by a television interviewer. This interviewer is bringing with him a senior detective to check out the venue. There will probably be another police officer stationed outside to make sure no one secretly enters the séance room. The Circle of the Silver Cord has NOTHING to hide. We are producing world shattering evidence for the afterlife. (*** all arrangments are subject to successful negotiations with David Thompson).

CHRIS ROBINSON: IN ENGLAND, PEAK TIME NEXT MONDAY SEPTEMBER 10th AT 9pm. Chris is a 'dream detective' and is able to
predict future events. Watch Channel 5 in England Wednesday. See also below.

My colleague Michael E. Tymn has put together this comprehensive list of distinguished researchers who ALL investigated the afterlife for many years and who ALL found evidence for survival, many investigating physical mediums like David Thompson:
Judge John W. Edmonds
Governor Nathaniel P. Tallmadge Professor Augustus De Morgan
Dr. Robert Hare
Professor James J. Mapes
Allan Kardec, Esq.
Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace
Sir William Crookes
The Rev. William Stainton Moses –
Sir William Barrett –
Frederic W. H. Myers, Esq. –
Sir Oliver Lodge –
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle –
Dr. Richard Hodgson
Dr. James H. Hyslop
Dr. William James
Professor Camille Flammarion
Dr. Charles Richet
Dr. Cesare Lombroso
Baron (Dr.) Albert Von Schrenck-Notzing - Dr. Hamlin Garland
Maurice Maeterlinck, Esq.
Professor William R. Newbold
Dr. Carl A. Wickland
Edward C. Randall, Esq.
Dr. Isaac K. Funk
The Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas
Dr. William McDougall
Dr. T. Glen Hamilton -
Dr. Robert Crookall
Dr. C. J. Ducasse
Dr. Raynor C. Johnson
Dr. Gardner Murphy
Dr. Hereward Carrington
Dr. Harry Price
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.
Barbara R. Rommer, M.D.
Gary Schwartz, Ph.D.
Jon Klimo, Ph.D.
David Fontana, Ph.D.
Read more about these researchers...

GREAT RESPONSE TO ‘DIALECTICAL SPIRITUALISM: Thank you readers for a most wonderful response!!! Professors and many others replied – all stating that the theory of dialectical spiritualism is sound. I especially thank that professor from North California John, who made excellent suggestions. Accordingly, I reviewed the article. Read the second updated article. Read more …

QUESTION: Why do you think it will be Instrumental Trans-communication and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) that will crack the absolute proof for the afterlife – by way demonstrating it at call? Terry Willis, Santa Monica. U.S.

VICTOR: Instrumental Trans-communication (ITC) – from the United States, Europe – Italy, Germany, Spain, Brazil is making excellent progress to-day. We receive spirit images from Mark Macy. We receive Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) voices from different places. Together, ITC and EVP have the potential to demonstrate communication with those in the afterlife instantly and at will. I predict that in future we on earth will be able to contact our loved ones through ITC using a tv set, not a human medium. Of course that may take a lot of time, but what we have to-day is evidence that ITC and EVP can be refined. Of course, ITC has the advantage of seeing a picture on a screen – in the future that picture could be a picture of a crossed over loved one. Anything which is objective and repeatable has the potential to be refined – and being scientific, it will only be a matter of time when two-way communication using ITC and EVP at will, will happen. Read more about ITC….

Hear Ken Wilbur, one of the leading thinkers in spiritual evolution, interviewed by Craig Hamilton. Topics covered include: What an all-inclusive or "integral" spirituality looks like; What spirituality and psychology can learn from each other; How spirituality has evolved over time; Why spiritual experience doesn't necessarily lead to transformation; Why a truly integral spiritual path needs to include all "3 Faces of God" The interview will be available free for the next 2 weeks. Listen online...

SUE raised an important issue concerning our wellbeing in the afterlife. She wanted clarification to a statement I made to her: "Please explain more of what you meant by this statement. “ Those who earned it will regress to their best age as when they were on earth.”

Victor: In the afterlife we have to earn everything we get. For example, in the initial stages in the afterlife we go to live in earth-like houses. Most people qualify for that, but not all. If a person has been consistently selfish or cruel, that person would have lowered his vibrations and would not be in the same neighborhood as those who were more reasonable, consistently unselfish and decent. On earth you can be rubbing shoulders with very low vibrational people (drug pushers etc) living next door to you – but not in the afterlife. The higher your vibrations/spirituality, the better the neighborhood. Now, the issue of your appearance in the afterlife is similar. Three highly credible afterlife entities (Arthur Findlay, Silver Birch and Mons Hugh Benson) state that thoe who have earned it under normal circumstances regress to the peak appearance they had when on earth. Let me give you word for word what Hugh Benson, an afterlife intelligence, says about this, “ … the law is that as we progress spiritually, so do we shake off the semblance of age as it is known on earth. We lose the wrinkles that age and wordly cares have marked upon our countenances, together with other indications of the passage of years, and we become younger in appearance, while grow older in knowledge and wisdom and spirituality.”

CHINA and HISTORICAL INEVITABILITY: one commentator stated (in reference to dialectical spirituality) that he thinks it might be difficult for China to accept spirituality as mankind evolves to its last stage in relation to acceptance of the afterlife. But I don’t think so. China has a long history of acceptance of spirit. The Maoist regime was able to make a dent to temporarily reduce the acceptance of the afterlife but to-day China is big in psychic phenomena. According to Tim Rifat (1999) The Chinese military and intelligence agencies are also known to be heavily involved in remote viewing. The Chinese are claiming that they have superpsychics like Zhang Baosheng who reportedly can accelerate the molecular structure of their body to penetrate at will solid objects such as brick walls. They also claim they have highly gifted remote viewers. This means that the Chinese are certain to have highly gifted psychics who can read documents locked away in a solid safe (Dong and Raffill 1997) With absolute certainty, where there is advanced psychic phenomena, you will find evidence for the afterlife. The two are inevitably connected. The Chinese, being highly empirical, have shown their ability to adapt to their empirical findings in psychic phenomena. This means that it is possible that the China could accept the afterlife before the West does. Why? Because China does not have religious dogmas stating that those who cross over will stay underground ‘until Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead.’

Read some very interesting questions about one of the most important concepts that is predicting the inevitable triumph over materialism. Read more …

Science Journal, August 24, 2007, reports on the work of several neuro- scientists, who have been able under laboratory conditions to induce the sensation in individuals of being apart from or out of their bodies.
But, asks PMH Atwater, is what was induced really an out-of-body experience? Her argument is that real OBE are totally different to the results produced in the lab....Read more...

TV NZ commissioned further episodes of SENSING MURDER after the 2006 series was consistently one of TVNZ’s top rated programs in its Tuesday night 8.30pm time slot. Production is reaching completion and the new episodes are scheduled to air from August 2007. Brilliant Australian psychic Scott Russell Hill worked on four of the new episodes.

THE PSYCHIC AND THE MEDIUM Best selling Spiritual author Scott has teamed up with medium Anthony Grzelka and is going on tour. They will be in Perth on 21st September 2007, In Auckland New Zealand on 11th & 13th October 2007 and in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and the Gold Coast in February and March 2008. Check out Scott's home page for more details...

DEB WEBBER is another brilliant Australian Medium and Psychic Deb Webber who proved herself on the Sensing Murder series is also going to New Zealand. She will be in a number of cities in September, October and November. More details...

PRINCESS DIANA – who is on record for accepting the afterlife, is still priceless after ten years of her death. Nothing has changed really. She was a beautiful Princess where so many millions of people loved her so much and where she had stated that Prince Charles’ relationship with Camilla was the singular, most critical reason that broke the Royal relationship. There was a beautiful, eloquent, alluring, irresistible charisma Princess Diana possessed that won the hearts of hundreds of millions of people around the world including in the United States, Australia and other countries. The people are saying, “We will not forget you Diana.”

One of the ways you can experience the Greater Reality is through remote viewing, a form of psychic ability very common among people. Remote viewers "see" objects and scenes hundreds or thousands of miles away by closing their eyes and focusing on the object or place. Read more about remote viewing in Chapter 18 and to see if you have the potential to be a remote viewer take the test...


Sunday, 26th August 07.
Another great materialization session was held tonight. We were privileged to witness a reunion of a wife with her husband who had passed over less than two months ago. Lots of very convincing evidence. Tears of joy were shed.

the entity from the afterlife who goes by that famous name, materialized. "Preposterous” he answered to a question I put to him about ‘walk-ins’ (when a spirit of a living person quits the body and another spirit takes his/her place). “No such thing he said - IT'S POPPYCOCK!” words to that effect. I myself knew that could not be, but there are so many books and articles written about ‘walk-ins’. So now we have it directly from someone from the afterlife: there is NO SUCH THING AS A 'WALK-IN.' Listen to audio. More later...

APOLOGIES: if I have not replied to your email yet. I am just inundated with work which accumulated over the five weeks I was away overseas.

MATERIALIZATIONS IN DARKNESS: we do these materializations in total darkness because the ectoplasm (whitish vaporish type of gaseas matter which we witnessed in red light) being exuded from the medium David Thompson cannot be exposed to any form of light. Although I try to relax and go with the flow, of all the sitters, I am the least one to cope with activities in darkness. Although relatively high anxiety sets in my facial muscles (past negative experiences in darkness) when the lights go off, I am fully aware what goes on when William and others from the afterlife come through. I am fully aware of all emprical methodology being undertaken.

FRIDAY REPORT: 24th August 07

COMMENTARY: I have something very special to-day: feedback is required from those who have the time … and the inclination! To be accepted at the highest level, Spiritualism (here used in the context of acceptance of the afterlife and the paranormal) even when it is backed up by empirical and scientific evidence - must also have a solid intellectual basis. For over a hundred years, great scientists, empiricists and philosophers and mediums – from Sir William Crookes to our contemporary scientists and mediums - have championed the cause of Spiritualism –providing proof for the afterlife by writing and experimenting. Accordingly, in addition to my hands-on presentation of the evidence for the afterlife, I have a theoretical contribution: I state that ‘Dialectical Spiritualism’ is an historical inevitability and that one day all people in the world will inevitably accept the existence of the afterlife and the paranormal. Of course, closed minded skeptics will just scream at that – but who cares? The skeptics in fact are an essential part of the dialectics and ironically are helping to actuate the final stage of the dialectics. Although the article DIALECTICAL SPRITUALISM may be seen as esoteric –it is highly optimistic, positive and promoting historical certainty about the inevitability of global spiritualism. The article in the above attachment is going to be published in the PYSCHIC WORLD (UK, U.S., NZ, AUST.). See next item:-

'DIALECTICAL SPIRITUALISM': My submission is that ‘Dialectical Spiritualism’ is a further, more evolved stage than Dialectical Materialism and that ‘Dialectical Spiritualism’ will inevitably lead to a final spiritual stage in mankind where everyone on earth will accept empirically based spiritual truth – that the afterlife and the paranormal exist. How can this happen? … Read full report …

QUESTION: why is this Prof Richard Dawkins allowed to make those outrageous negative remarks about the paranormal and the afterlife claiming those conducting these experiments are into fraud and dishonesty?

Victor: I received a number of emails, essentially asking the same question. Prof Dawkins has not researched the paranormal empirically. Many of us empiricists are rather surprised that he makes all kinds of negative statements about the afterlife and the paranormal when he shows clearly that he has NOT investigated the objective evidence. Dawkins is not being scientific. He is expressing a personal, uninformed view about psi. For those who are interested in my full article in response to Dawkins, Read more …

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: ‘PARANORMAL’ (name of the magazine)– UK’s first paranormal, glossy magazine available in good newsagents shops in English speaking countries – U.S., UK. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries. In issue number 20, 2007 on page 32 there is a FOUR page interview with Victor. Also: The Curse of the Poltergeist, Who Really Exists, Us or Ghosts?, The Gift, the Spiritual Medium Michael, The Ghost of Flight 401, Ghostly Night Time Visitor, Spirit Faces – Mark Macy and the truth about the afterlife, Angel at My Side, Ghost Marriages, The Ghost of Rorke’s Drift. See also the magazine’s editor – Allison’s personal photo & Video collection – plus much more

ARCHIVES: the archives of my Friday Reports from January 04 to this month are now all working.

SEX IN THE AFTERLIFE PART TWO: so, this is how Af, who (from content analysis of 150 pages of transmitted information) appears to be a highly informed afterlife entity describes sex in the afterlife. “The spirit body is composed of much finer stuff than the physical body. It carries the ability to sense pleasure only, not pain. The atoms which comprise the body are farther apart than your physical counterpart. When two entities desire to link up, to exchange sexual pleasure or energy, they merge, body to body. They become superimposed, one with the other, and exchange energy and emotion from one entire body to the other. Every cell interacts with a cell from the other. This creates an all-consuming perception of almost electrical or magnetic excitement and pleasure. It is far beyond the orgasm you know, and it brings souls together more intimately than is possible on your physical plane. So folks here have fun too.” From Judy Laddon Beyond the Veil – Inner Vision Series #9 1987. Published by ACS Publications, Inc., San Diego, USA. Try for any spare copies. Should only be a few dollars – I strongly urge you to obtain a copy. Further, see next item below about the author.

JUDY LADDON: was co-publisher, editor and general manager of the former Spokane Magazine, and was a staffer with San Diego Magazine. Owner of The Printed Word, a communications company, she has edited and produced numerous publications, books, reports, and newsletters for businesses, agencies, individuals and nonprofits. She served on the board of the American Lung Association of Washington for seven years, is a volunteer with Spokane Hospice and Volunteers of America. She is author of seven books, published in six languages.To contact, call: (509) 747-8776, or write to: 4327 S. Perry St., Spokane, WA 99203 or e-mail to:

FEMALE TENANT WANTED: Angela, a 24 year old very good friend of mine, requires a house-mate. Twenties to thirties. 2 bedroom house in Cromer, Northern Beaches, Sydney. Large bedroom with built in wardrobe, large backyard, close to the beach, cul de sac. Non-smoker, non-drinker required. $211/week. Ph: 0414530358

If you think physical mediumship and levitations are just so much bunk, then read this week's entry on Michael Tymn's blog. Could some of the world's foremost scientists have been so easily duped? Read how some of the world's top scientists recognised the strange substance now called ectoplasm. Read more...

Alan G Hall was only 20 years old when he died in 1999. He was a technical and computer whizz and since then has dedicated himself to finding innovative ways from the Afterlife to prove to his mother and family and the wider world that he has survived death. Two mediums who can see and hear Alan have written his remarkable story in "Resting in Peace is Optional" a highly recommended book which allows us to look at the contact issue from the other side. Those interested in Orb phenomena should take special note. Check out Alan's website and especially read about ways our loved ones contact us.

QUESTION: Why do you think it is difficult for the closed minded skeptics to accept the empirical evidence for the afterlife?

Victor: We have to accept that there will always be skeptics. That’s quite all right by me because I accept that the skeptics are part of the dialectical process (see above).We also have to accept that we are NOT on a crusade to get people to see our way. If people do NOT have the required advanced spirituality, they will not accept our presentation, no matter how scientifically based it is. This was the same with the Church when the Church rejected Galileo’s scientifically based heliocentric view of our solar system. The Church was going to burn him alive if he did not recant – which he had to do on his knees. Let me give you a simple example of why some people will NOT accept an opposing view, no matter how logical, rational and scientific it may be. If you were a democrat in the U.S., how long would it take you to convince President Bush to become a Democrat? How long would it take you to convince an Islamic terrorist that Islam is inferior to the religion of Christianity? How long would it take you to convince a Catholic priest that Jesus did not really exist? How long would it take you to convince a closed debunking skeptic that the afterlife exists even when you can empirically demonstrate you claim? We have to accept that some people will never accept the existence of the afterlife or the paranormal because they are NOT as yet ready for it – their vibrations are not high enough to understand the afterlife and the paranormal. But the skeptics are part of the dialectics and ironically they are helping us to accelerate our evidence for the afterlife on a global level.

EVIL and OPPOSITION. Ironic in the extreme, evil plays a positive role in your ethical/spiritual development. Some even say without evil we are wasting our time on planet earth. Why? Because when we have free will, we have to choose between that which is in our spiritual interest and that which is unspiritual – questions of honesty and cruelty for example are quite common areas where we have to exercise our free will. Whenever we make the right choice, we grow spiritually.

AFTERLIFE INTELLEGENCE TRANSMITS MESSAGE: When a person dies, what likeness do they retain? Could a husband be unrecognizable to a wife who passed on twenty or thirty years after? Could he progress so much that he was out of the orbit of his wife?

Silver Birch:- (proven, highly credible afterlife intelligence): “You do not change your identity. You do not change your individuality; you do not change your consciousness. You grow in spiritual grace and stature, but you are the same individual that you were before – with your perceptions heightened, your faculties deepened. But, except for the disappearance of blemishes and injuries, you are recognizable as you were on earth. You do not change your form, for all that is spiritual still requires a mode of manifestation, a body, a vehicle, and instrument through which the spirit must register itself. And that has always existed, that finer, more rarefied, more delicate body while you were on earth.

MORE RELGIOUS INTOLERANCE: Authorities in Malaysia have freed a Muslim woman after detaining her for four months for marrying a Hindu, the couple's lawyer said. The Selangor state Islamic authorities have, however, ordered the 25-year-old ethnic Indian woman to live separately from her husband, arguing that her year-old marriage was illegal under Islam. In Malaysia, Muslims cannot marry non-Muslims. Her case is the latest strain in the social fabric of the multiracial nation, where many non-Muslims believe the authorities and the courts are allowing their rights to be trampled by the Muslim majority. "Her husband's family rang us up to say she has been released about three weeks ago," said Karpal Singh who had argued in the past that Najeera Farvinli Mohamed Jalali's detention was illegal because no detention order was served on her. Her husband, a 25-year-old truck driver Magendran Sababathy, had hired Karpal to fight for his wife's freedom. Islamic religious police had raided the couple's house in April and arrested her, arguing she was "illegally cohabiting" with a Hindu and for for failing to produce any relevant marriage documents. A prominent rights lawyer questioned the decision to separate Najeera from her husband. "I don't think there's a legal basis for them to do it," Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said. "I don't know whether they can do that. I don't see where the powers to do so is." "If she is saying she is not a Muslim, the Constitution guarantees her right to say that and nobody can order her to do anything other than that." Officials could not be immediately reached for comment on the woman's release and the order that she stay with her parents. Just over half of Malaysia's 26 million people are Malays, who are Muslims by definition. Ethnic Chinese and Indians form the sizeable minorities and they practice either Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism.


COMMENTARY: THE CRITICAL ‘COMFORT ZONE’: Apart from what I call a really spectacular television interview on the afterlife, which will be shown on the website in the near future (stay tuned), one of the most impressive things I came across recently was how some people are reluctant to move away from their ‘comfort zone’ of conditioning and beliefs. I found that quite stunning. I found that a class of people will not move an inch in their beliefs no matter how scientific the opposite information is. This applies equally to over-conditioned religious zealots and over-conditioned negative skeptics. Recently a Catholic relative told “no matter what science says, even if you are 500% correct and you can prove it to me 500 times, my religious beliefs make me feel guilty if I accept your information”. Fundamentalists in other religions – such as Hindusim, Judaism, Islam, Shintoism and others, state exactly the SAME thing. They ALL claim their teachings are superior to those of other religions. My advice? Rise above environmental conditioning of personal beliefs and accept those things that have been EMPIRICALLY or scientifically proven. For scientific afterlife evidence: see BOOK top right column.

CHALLENGE! Professor Dawkins is on record for claiming that all paranormal activities including materializations are "fraudulently and dishonestly conducted". There is *$U.S.500,000 on offer for Professor Dawkins or any materialist/debunker to show that the Circle of the Silver Cord Sunday night materializations- where we communicate directly with materialized entities- are 'fraudulently or dishonestly conducted.' I will be willing to pay his expenses to Sydney for this endeavor. But if he fails, Professor Richard Dawkins will have to pay our materialization medium, David Thompson, $500,000 - and all costs. Conditions apply.

WILLIAM ANSWERS A QUESTION: I asked William, David Thompson’s afterlife meetings convener, “Does our duplicate etheric body reside inside the physical body or just outside the physical body. I say this because it would appear that the etheric body would be made up of much higher vibrations than the physical body.” William’s answer, directly from the afterlife was that the etheric, duplicate body of our physical body resides inside the physical body – even if the etheric body’s vibrations are spinning faster than that of the physical body.

HAZEL COURTENY REPORTS ON ORB PHENOMENA: “Tens of thousands of ordinary people around the globe are reporting mysterious spheres of light known as ORBS, which have started appearing on their digital photographs. A few scientists are taking this phenomenon seriously and incredibly claim to have found evidence of beings from other dimensions. The world’s first conference on the Orbs Phenomenon recently took place in Sedona, Arizona - where several scientists controversially stated that orbs, spherical or circular objects that are appearing on digital pictures - demonstrate good evidence of ‘other worldly’ life forms. Their conclusions, if correct, could have huge implications for the way we view our universe and our part in it.” Read more...

THEOLOGICAL RELATIVITY: relative to science, many see the Church going backwards. Youth perceives it to be irrelevant to their daily urgencies. The Church is being left behind. Why? This is because the Church’s theology always stands still; the Church refuses to make any changes to its fundamental theology which has not changed fundamentally for the last 1800 years!. All motion is relative: since science is cumulative and making huge progress, those standing still will be seen to be going backwards.

BOMBSHELL OF A QUESTION: When I was being interviewed by astute, open-minded skeptical professional television interviewer Lou Bondi in Europe recently, one of the questions asked was: “When you, Victor, say that good works increase the vibrations of the etheric body (our soul), tell me how and WHY that happens?”

Victor: Excellent question! The critical thing is that whereas I can relate cause-effect relationships, I do not know why the effect is caused the way it does. For example, I know that if you plant a flower-seed in the ground, a flower will grow. That is a cause/effect relationship. But I do not, and no one on earth can explain why the flower grows. One can say: well, it’s a chemical reaction! That may describe what happens, but does not explain WHY it happens. The seed is the cause, the growth of the flower is the effect. Now we have been credibly informed from the other side that selfless good works increase the vibrations of our etheric body (our spirit) and on crossing over give us a distinct advantage. Why does that happen? I do not know why. All we are told is that good works increase the vibrations of our etheric body (increases our level of spirituality) and intentionally evil conduct reduce the vibrations of our etheric body. That is one of the laws of the universe. Now on crossing over we go to an afterlife realm where the environment can accommodate our level of accumulated vibrations. Those with higher vibrations enjoy better conditions, better everything. And as Silver Birch repeatedly states, the Law of Cause and Effect works with absolute perfection and no one on earth can interfere with that!

FIERY HELL – is it real? From information which has been transmitted around the world from highly credible afterlife sources, the traditional fiery hell or purgatory does NOT exist. You can scream till you’re blue in the face, I can tell you that there is NO SUCH THING AS ETERNAL HELLFIRE. (This Pope left, says there is 'eternal' hellfire). There are NO devils and no Satan. Credible transmitted information claims that there are afterlife entities who used to live on earth but are unevolved. On crossing over they remain unevolved in the afterlife dimension for an indefinite period of time and can cause problems. Study the transmissions for yourselves and you will get to know that all is governed by ‘vibrations.’ Lower entities with low vibrations are pulled down to the lowest, darkest realm in the afterlife whereas the good average decent folk will make it to the realm of the light. (See Conscious Transition into the Afterlife, below).

IS THERE SEX IN THE AFTERLIFE? This was another of Lou Bondi’s questions – it was meant seriously. Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that on crossing over, we will have a solid body. And whilst we do not have to eat, sleep or drink or to discharge waste we can eat for a while if we feel the psychological need. Other transmitted reports from the afterlife confirm sex does take place at some levels. In her book Beyond the Veil Judy Laddon, a channeller, transmits information from a spirit communicator who, from a close analysis of the overall content is highly intelligent and highly spiritual. The information states that her ‘guide’ enjoys sex a great deal and that we will be having ecstacies in the higher levels hugely more enjoyable (a hundred times more than on earth?) than anything we experienced on physical earth, including sexual ejaculation. Now, if that is correct that would truly be ‘heaven’! BUT, it is my view that closed minded, anti-afterlife skeptics will miss out on sex in the afterlife. Why? Because their extreme belief is that nothing exists in the afterlife - and so they get nothing!!!! Next week I will give you word by word how the afterlife explains the sexual act there. Stay tuned!!!!

NEVER, NEVER FEAR ANYTHING. No one can hurt you spiritually. You have free will – and YOU make the decisions in a testing situation. I do understand very well that some people were inculcated with fear when they were young – I was one of them. For the least thing I, as a sensitive young boy, was threatened with eternal hellfire. Fear is a negative experience. Fear reduces confidence. Fear destabilizes you. Fear reduces opportunities to get the goodies out of life. Fear reduces your energy and motivation. I received emails over the years from people who fear death, fear the unknown - many have an exaggerated fear of the afterlife. The antidote for fear is KNOWLEDGE. You want to get rid of fear forever? You want to have more confidence? Read the right books. I researched the afterlife for so many years to present the objective evidence for the afterlife . I found scientific research of the highest credibility which has never been rebutted by any expert. And if you read and re-read every chapter in my book I have on the net for free you will never fear anything in this world or in the afterlife ever again.

DIRECT MESSAGE FROM THE AFTERLIFE: millions are aware of a highly credible afterlife entity named Silver Birch who over many decades transmitted a great deal of most valuable information. His eloquent thoughts on this topic are as follows: “Learn to be free. Do not imprison yourself. Do not hedge yourself around and refuse to follow new inspiration to come to you. Truth is a constant search. Its boundaries are ever widening, for as the soul evolves the mind responds. You become free when you realize there is no limitation to knowledge, truth, wisdom, growth. You become free when you discard at once that which you know in your heart is false, that which reason rejects, because your intelligence cries out in revolt. You become free when you are not afraid to discard error in the face of new light.” See Chapter on Iniquity of Orthodoxy from ‘Teachings of Silver Birch.’

CONSCIOUS TRANSITION INTO THE AFTERLIFE: Hugh Benson – a former Catholic priest who returned through medium Anthony Borgia, explains what happened to him immediately he died. He states that he was fully conscious on crossing over to the afterlife, “In my own case, I was ill for only a brief while upon earth. When I passed into the spirit world I did so without losing consciousness. I was able to gaze upon my physical body which I had just vacated and a friend and colleague of my earthly days, who had passed on before me, came to me at the instant of my departure from earth, and took me to my new home in the spirit world. After a brief survey of my new home, my friend recommended that I should take a rest in view of the fact that I had just quitted a final bed of sickness. I did so in m own house. I allowed myself to lapse a most delightful state of slumber, feeling that I had not a care in the world. When I awoke I felt in a vigorous and perfect state of health such as I had never experienced before…” See Hugh Benson’s books

Renowned US medium, star of BEYOND and co-executive producer of GHOST WHISPERER will be in Sydney for one night only at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Parkside Auditorium @ 7.30pm. Booking early is critical: 08 9724 1881 or call 136100

WEEKEND OF SPIRITUAL RENEWAL AND AUDIENCE READINGS in Sydney September 15th, 16th 07. Psychics: Gordon Smith, Sonia Choquette, Sweet Sharina and Lucy Cavendish – organized by Intuitive Connections. Bookings and info.

BEST ONLINE DOCUMENTARIES More online treasure. This blog has links currently has over 589 freely viewable documentaries that cover a wide range of topics from Anthropology and Religion to Science and Politics. The site is simple and easy to navigate, and the videos play directly in the webpage, so you don’t have to hassle with multiple pages. Check out the headings on Environment (Al Gore) Health (Near Death Experiences) Religion (Who Wrote the Bible) and Science (The Beyond Belief Series) See

RELIGIOUS LEADERS SPEAK OUT AGAINST GENITAL MUTILATION In June, following the death of 12-year-old Bedura Ahmed Shaker, Health Minister Hatem al-Gabali issued a decree banning every doctor and member of the medical profession ( in Egypt) from performing the procedure. The ban must still be translated into law and could face a tough debate in parliament, but is likely to be passed. A government survey in 2000 said the practice was carried out on 97 percent of the country's women aged between 15 and 45 years of age. Religious leaders, usually silent on taboos relating to female sexuality, have also started to speak out against the practice, which many Egyptians believe is a duty under Islam and Christianity. After the death of Bedur Shaker, chief mufti Ali Gomaa declared female circumcision forbidden under Islam. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, the sheikh of Al-Azhar university, the top Sunni Muslim authority, and Coptic Patriarch Chenouda III also declared it had "no foundation in the religious texts'' of either Islam or Christianity. Read more...

FRIDAY REPORT August 10th 07

COMMENTARY: WHY ARE THE MATERIALIZATIONS OF DAVID THOMSPSON MORE IMPORTANT THAN GALILEO? Galileo made a huge contribution to the world’s understanding of our solar system. So why are materializations more important? The simple answer is that the knowledge gained from the materializations of Mr Thompson affect you personally, your urgent needs. You and each individual on earth need to know what is going to happen to you when you cross over. We have irrefutable proof that the afterlife has HUGE consequences for all of us. Know and understand these huge consequences. The materialization research is concerned with our own welfare, with our own life/afterlife, with our own conditions, with our own priorities. Whereas when we deal with the abstractions of mathematics or with the cosmos may increase our intellectual capacity, they do nothing immediately for your knowing what is going to happen to us on crossing over. But when we study materializations, we immediately realize that we have huge responsibilities for what is going to happen to us when we cross over. We want to know what is going to happen to us: will there be pain and suffering? Will there be bliss, hunger, thirst? Will there be peace, light and love? Will our loved ones be with us? We all want to know about the mystery of the afterlife and these materializations we do every Sunday night give us all these answers to these questions. Stay tuned!

CRITICAL: COMMON QUESTION: why do you call your afterlife evidence and materializations ‘scientific’ or ‘empirical’? J Fenech, New York.

VICTOR: Excellent question: what characterizes the Circle of the Silver Cord materializations is that they are OBJECTIVE and REPEATABLE. When you and I mix alkali and acid we get water – we get the same results when we repeat that experiment whether we are in the United States, in China, in England or anywhere else in the world. It is exactly the same with the materializations of the Circle of the Silver Cord – keeping variables constant, we get the same results over time and space. NO ONE, no scientist, no closed minded debunker, just nobody anywhere in the world can beat objectivity and repeatability (see below). For these and other reasons I have two sponsored challenges of ONE MILLION DOLLARS to rebut my afterlife empirical research in my BOOK (click book top right) and HALF A MILLION DOLLARS if anyone can show that our materializations results come about through fraud OR if anyone can duplicate our sensational Sunday night materialization results using fraudulent methods.

ANOTHER COMMON QUESTION: Victor, aren’t you a crusader?

VICTOR: I am NOT trying to convert people to my way of thinking. I am not a religious zealot. I am an empiricist – meaning I use Scientific Method to measure afterlife phenomena. Do you need any beliefs to accept that 7+5=12? My afterlife science is exactly the same! I am not like those who knock on your door trying to persuade to accept what I have to offer. Nothing can be farther than the truth. But I do have a mission. You can keep your beliefs, you can keep your religion or your philosophy. My aim is to relate to you in scientific terms what psychic science is saying about the afterlife. We all know that whenever there is an inconsistency between science and your personal beliefs, inevitably science prevails – and will always prevail. It cannot be any other way. The onus is on you to study the afterlife evidence. You are not doing me or anybody else a favor when you decide to look closely at the spectacular afterlife objective evidence. You will be doing yourself a big favor – after all what is at stake is YOUR life, possible solutions to YOUR problems, information to assist YOUR decisions.

AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE TRANSMITS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE: “THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT is basic, fundamental and unalterable … effect must follow cause with mathematical accuracy; it cannot be otherwise. In turn the effect becomes the cause by which another effect is set into motion, producing another cause. The process is a constant one. Throughout the vast variety of the phenomena of nature, everything, small or large, simple or complex, follow the law of cause and effect. None and nothing can interrupt that sequence. If effect did not follow cause, your world, the universe and the vast cosmos would be chaotic. The Universe is ruled by divine justice. If at a stroke, by reciting some words said to have religious and spiritual significance, you could obliterate the result of some wrong you have done, then that would be a criticism that the natural law was not perfect in its operation, but unjust because you could chance its pattern. Nature must follow its ordained path, oblivious to man’s desire … the law operates with complete impartiality and indifference to man’s demands … if you do anything wrong you pay for it. If you do anything good you are the better for it. We bring all the power that we can muster and try to get you always on the path of rectitude….” From the chapter The Pilgrim’s Way in LIGHT FROM SILVER BIRCH information transmitted by Silver Birch.

WHEN A LOVED ONE DIES: When a loved one dies, it is so much easier to deal with their loss if you have knowledge about the afterlife. We know that the energy we call soul/spirit/entity does survive physical death. On crossing over the average reasonable person will be met by someone with a heart to heart connection and then assisted to go to the realm of the light. Do not grieve too much for the loss of the loved one – too much grief could interfere with his afterlife conditions. Remember, grief is the transmission of energy - it is not positive energy. It is only natural to miss the physical presence of a loved one but continue to send your love knowing that he/she will continue to receive your love and come close to you. Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that death cannot sever love, because love is regarded as the most powerful force in the universe.

OVER 313 RELIGIONS IN THE U.S. praying to their God. “The phrase "under God" can mean something different to members of the approximately 313 religions and denominations in the United States, from monotheists who believe in one God (in the Judeo-Christian and other traditions), to polytheists who believe in many Gods, to others who believe in no God, or a God as represented by animal spirits, alien groups, or psychoactive substances. The chart below was created in an attempt to document "all" the religions in the United States, their membership levels, and their unique beliefs. It details 28 of the largest religious groups (by members) in America, and it provides expanded sections on 35 Christian religious denominations, 124 "Other" religions and 127 "New Age" religions.” Read more...

THE MIRACLE OF XENOGLOSSY: One of the most amazing psychic phenomena, which religionists, skeptics and atheists have continuously and deliberately ignored is xenoglossy - the ability to speak or write a foreign language a person never learned. After all other explanations have been investigated - such as fraud, genetic memory, telepathy and cryptomnesia (the remembering of a foreign language learned earlier), xenoglossy is taken as evidence of either memories of a language learned in a past life or of communication with a discarnate entity— a spirit person- see Book chapter 22.

BRIAN INGLIS, a prominent British afterlife investigator stated, “Even if telepathy were proved to be true,' an eminent biologist told William James, 'savants ought to band together to suppress and conceal it, because it would upset the uniformity without which scientists cannot carry on their pursuits.” Quoted from Brian Inglis

ANTI- HEALTH ALTERNATIVE CRUSADER MEDICAL DOCTOR LOSES CASE: Lawyer for alternative medicine Carlos Negrete soundly defeated Dr.Stephen Barret the so-called "quackbuster" who has lost many trials against alternative medicine doctors. Barrett conceded that he was NOT a Medical Board Certified psychiatrist because he had FAILED the certification exam. He was exposed in court cases. Take a look at: . Barret's worst nightmare is the lawyer Carlos Negrete who is specialist in defending alternative medicine doctors. Read Negrete's website and documentation about Barret's court cases

This crusader against alternative medicine has made a fool of himself. I state that there are a number of highly gifted alternative medical practitioners who are helping and curing many people traditional medical doctors have failed to cure. Whilst scientific medicine has helped many, these days people are rapidly losing confidence in pharmaceutical products prescribed by general MD’s which just don’t work.

AFTER THE WAR/afterlife communication documentary movie: “For eight years, Dr. Allan Botkin has been treating patients at a Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Chicago with a new technology that he discovered and trademarked called Induced After Death Communication (IADC)—a treatment he refined while searching for a way to help his patients, primarily Vietnam Vets, who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). IADC therapy incorporates eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), a widely used and proven method of treating PTSD. IADC is breakthrough therapy that emerged out of EMDR. It’s a technique that induces Rapid Eye Movement (REM) like state in people who are awake. When this state is reached, Dr. Botkin’s patients report seeing and conversing with a deceased loved one or in the case of the Vets, a fellow soldier or enemy killed in battle. As a result of IADC therapy, patients universally feel lighter, as if the weight of all they have felt has been lifted from their shoulders. For many of these patients intense grieving subsides in one or two sessions and the fear of death no longer exists.
Read more …

Friday Report August 3rd 07

COMMENTARY: (something special: will be writing the commentary on Sunday)

MATERIALIZATIONS LAST SUNDAY IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA by David Thompson: Jane Sampson submits this report from Western Australia where David Thompson conducted materializations sessions. These materializations sessions show that David Thompson has the capacity, the skills and the talent to demonstrate his very special psychic skills anywhere, not just in one place in Sydney. Jane, made some interesting observations about William’s hand when he touched her face:
“William’s hand was warm and smooth like that of someone who did not do manual work. He placed his hand on my face exactly – just as though he was able to see me…It is important here that I mention the smoothness of William’s hand as my friend next to me had her Grandfather materialise and his hands were quite dry and rough. He was a manual worker in life. She was also touched by William and said the difference between the hands was quite distinct.” Read Janes' report….:

REGARDING SCIENTIFIC METHOD: it is only fair and reasonable to ask questions about the sensational evidence of David Thompson’s materializations we experience every Sunday night. But any objection has to be a proper and admissible. Professional scientists over the last twelve months have not approached us, have not written any article about our materializations, have not shown that what we are doing is invalid, scientifically. I say that they have read my report on the way I initially conducted the materializations experiment some twelve months ago and found that there was nothing to complain about. I am qualified in Scientific Method – a three year university study as an adjunct to a major in Psychology – and am fully aware of what variables to control to make sure that the experiment yields valid results. I distinctly remember my lecturer in Scientific Method reminding us, “Tell me what variables you controlled and I will tell you how valid the results of your experiment is.” The uninformed skeptical debunkers make objections which are technically INADMISSIBLE. Why inadmissible? Examples: “There is no afterlife, so your scientific methodology must be faulty.” WRONG!!! or “David Thompson was Colin Fry’s protégé, therefore David Thompson cannot be a legitimate medium.” WRONG!!! “Materializations were shown to be fraudulent in the past, therefore your materializations cannot be valid.” WRONG!! All of these are INADMISSIBLE. One can quite understand why we do not debate the uninformed materialist debunking skeptics. I’ll be more than happy to accept any submission from a fully qualified professional lawyer/scientist who has done his homework in the paranormal, especially in materializations.

NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES ARE REAL says scientist. Jounalist Danny Penman has another supberb article on NDEs citing the work of Dr Sam Parnia. “We now have the technology and scientific knowledge to begin exploring the ultimate question,” says Dr Sam Parnia, leader of the research team at London’s Hammersmith Hospital. “To be honest, I started off as a sceptic but having weighed up all the evidence I now think that there is something going on.” Read Danny’s article

CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN NDE. It seems to me that cultural differences in the NDE argue against a biological explanation. I was particularly interested in Dr Parnia’s claim that “Tribal people may report paddling in a canoe down a long dark river for three days towards the sun, for example, rather than floating down a tunnel towards the light.” (in Danny Panman's article).

PAIN AND SUFFERING ON CROSSING OVER – will be lessened - according to the Catholic Church - if you pay a priest: as I stated last week, the Catholic Church is absolutely wrong in stating that ALL people on crossing over will go to purgatory to attain purification by fire– which means, according to the Church, much pain and suffering for an indefinite period of time. But one priest stated to me in the past, one can pay a priest for an indulgence - money for prayer- to have Mass or prayers said for your loved one. No kidding, one priest told me they had a ‘special’ price that week for Mass for the dead: ‘fifty dollars.’ This comes under indulgences – see item below. Read more about purgatory...

'INDULGENCES' CAN NEVER NEGATE OR MODIFY THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT:: indulgences are the payment given to a Catholic priest to pray for your loved one who died. According to the Church he/she is supposed to have gone to purgatory (a place of pain and suffering). It is possible to have more than one service – which means the more money you give the priest, the less time your loved one will be in pain and suffering. The Church to-day in 2007 still accepts indulgences – cash to reduce pain and suffering. As I stated last week, it is absolute rubbish that ALL people go to ‘purgatory’ - to suffer pain on crossing over or that paying cash to reduce pain in the afterlife has any merit at all. No one on earth can modify the Law of Cause and Effect. There is NO OBJECTIVE AUTHORITY for that at all. See what happens when you die, BOOK top right, click on chapter 29 and see below:

LAWYER ASKS, IF THERE IS AN INCONSISTENCY BETWEEN WHAT JESUS STATED AND WHAT THE CHURCH STATES WHO PREVAILS? Inevitably, Jesus prevails. And when in the New Testament someone asked Jesus what he must do to ‘enter the kingdom of heaven’ – what did Jesus reply? Jesus stated six things: no murder, no stealing, no adultery, no bearing false witness, honor thy mother and father and love thy neighbor as thyself. THAT’S ALL you have to do, according to Jesus to go to ‘heaven’. Why then did a few priests decide to change that? Why add more conditions? Why should a few priests say you can buy yourself into going to heaven? Why change Jesus answer to a direct question about the afterlife? A number of priests in the 1550’s – at the Council of Trent - decided without authority from anyone to modify Jesus conditions on entry into heaven. Incidentally, at this same Council a motion was also moved that ‘women had no souls’ – it was lost by only a few votes!!!!!

REINCARNATION: empirical evidence shows convincingly that reincarnation is a fact. But note very carefully: information transmitted from the otherside from around the world states that there can never be crossing over into other species. This means a human will come back as a human. The attempt by some uninformed religious sects to discredit reincarnation – saying one can come back as a dog or a cat is absolutely stupid in the extreme. Silver Birch is one huge authority who states that reincarnation refers to be ‘re-incarnated into human flesh.’ Do not be misled by uninformed religious fanatics and bigots.There is plenty of evidence for human reincarnation: click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 24.

ITALIAN TRANSLATION OF LAST WEEK’S REPORT BY DR CLAUDIO PISANI: Cari Amici. Sono appena tornato in Australia, benché provato dai tanti cambi di fuso orario, dopo aver visitato sei paesi in quattro settimane. E' stato meraviglioso incontrare così tanti amici e sostenitori e sentirsi raccontare molte esperienze meravigliose di medianità e contatti con la vita ultraterrena. Sembra che tali comunicazioni accadano dappertutto nel mondo. Ecco un breve riassunto dai miei appunti di viaggio … read more …

ARE ORGAN TRANSPLANTS METAPHYSICALLY CONTRAINDICATED? By Mike Tymn. “Donating one's organs to those in need of them certainly seems like a spiritual act -- one of kindness, of all giving and no taking, of human love and service. However, there have been warnings that it might be spiritually harmful for both the donor and recipient. At issue is whether the consciousness actually leaves the body at the moment brain wave activity and vital functions cease or whether it lingers for hours or even several days. Also, there are indications that premature removal of organs can result in possession of the recipient by the donor, causing the donor to be "earthbound" and the recipient to be negatively influenced.” Read more …

CANCER: over the years a number of people enquired about cancer. Dr Ken Saari, a colleague from New York, sent this most important information about cancer. This article may answer any questions you want to know about the causes of cancer and how to prevent it.

1. Every person has Cancer cells in their body. These
Cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until
they have multiplied to a few billion. When doctors tell
Cancer patients that there are no more Cancer cells in
their bodies after treatment, it just means the tests are
unable to detect the Cancer cells because they have
not reached the detectable size. Read more ...

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