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June 16th 2017

COMMENTARY: FUNDING FOR AFTERLIFE RESEARCH In spite of the fact that the most important question every person can ask is "What will happen when I die?" there is almost no money available for research and education in this area.

One of the aims of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute is to raise funds for specific research projects and to support work in preparing for loving, comfortable transitions from the earth plane to the next plane of life. In the future, physical mediumship, guided afterlife connections, Instrumental-Trans communication (ITC) and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) are just some of the areas likely to revolutionize knowledge of the afterlife contact on a global level. All these areas of afterlife contact have been researched in the recent past and have produced brilliant results.
We now need volunteer assistants and some funding to take the research to the next level. If you would like to help please email me.

DR. JAN HOLDEN - NDE AS PASSAGE INTO SPONTANEOUS MEDIUMSHIP EXPERIENCES An apparently less-addressed aftereffect of NDEs is what Dr. Holden (2013) termed spontaneous mediumship experiences (SMEs) Often a person who has had a NDE will get a message from a deceased stranger who asks that the message be conveyed to another living person.

: A system of knowledge with states:
1. That at the death of the body, the person continues to function as a conscious being.
2. That the person functions after death in a refined spirit-etheric body (or soul) which has substance and weight.
3. That this soul body existed within the physical body during life.
4. That the soul can communicate in various ways with persons on earth both before and after death.
5. That the world in which the soul dwells after death of the body, lies immediately around the physical earth.
6. That a man, even while alive, may leave his physical body, and, by the use of his soul body, explore spheres of refined physical states, commonly called the spirit world.
7. On crossing over the vibrations of the spirit etheric body will be swirling much faster than the vibrations during physical life on earth.

Fred Zimmerman had a terrible premonition that his son, Eric, was going to die. A few weeks later his wife, Marilyn, awoke in the middle of the night at the very moment that Eric was killed. In the years following they had numerous signs from Eric, including seeing and hugging him. A reading from medium George Anderson confirmed their experiences. It was filmed by Paramount Pictures.


The world’s most extraordinary experiment in physical mediumship occurred from 1993 to 1998 in the village of Scole in Norfolk, England. Robin Foy was an organizer of the Scole Group, and its meetings occurred in the cellar of his house. He tells us about the amazing events that he witnessed and gives us insights into how the dead teams worked as they experimented with ever better communication between the dimensions. Listen...
You can buy the 72-page Basic Guide Book to developing physical phenomena using the energy-based method on his website - click on The Basic Guide in the left had column)


TRANSFIGURATION This is a form of physical mediumship whereby a recognizable likeness of a discarnate person is built over the medium's features. It depends on the production of ectoplasm which is fashioned by the spirit operators into a mask. In good subjects the vapory material can be seen in the process of forming. This phenomena usually takes place in a dim light owing to the sensitive nature of the ectoplasm.
However, recently, it is also happening with Sonia Rinaldi's work in a different way when someone is taking a picture of one person and the photograph of a spirit person appears instead.

"You all have the greatest privilege in the world of matter, the privilege of being able to use your knowledge for service ... When all the things that are counted great in your world of matter have passed away, the service that you have rendered to one another will yield your eternal progress ... We preach religion of service ... not of creeds, not of rituals, not of doctrines - unless they make you serve ... What DOES count is that you exercise your spirit - the Great Spirit that is within you." (S. Birch)

PSYCHIC DIANE LAZARUS STUNS SKEPTICS Under controlled conditions in Britain's Psychic Challenge Diane Lazarus is able to find hidden persons in record time.

QUESTION: Do all spirits experience, in the same degree and for the same length of time, the confusion which follows the separation of the soul from the body? .........
"No; this depends entirely on the degree of spiritual advancement. The person who has already accomplished a certain amount of purification recovers his/her consciousness almost immediately, because the person is already freed from the thralldom of materiality during his-her bodily life; whereas the carnally minded person, whose conscience is not clear, retains the impression of matter for a much longer time." (Spirits Book, Alan Kardec)

SENIOR CATHOLIC MONSIGNOR: HUGH BENSON: "How does the spirit (in the afterlife) appear anatomically, you will ask?" Anatomically, just exactly the same as does yours. We have muscles, we have bones, we have sinews, but they are not of the earth; they are purely of spirit. We suffer from no ailments--that would be impossible in the spirit world. Therefore our bodies do not require constant looking after to maintain a state of good health. Here our health is always perfect, because we have such a vibrational rate that disease, and the germs that cause it, cannot enter. Malnutrition, in the sense that you know it, cannot exist here, but spiritual malnutrition--that is, of the soul--does most certainly exist. A visit to the dark realms and their neighborhood will soon reveal that!

For some time we have been warning readers that Wikipedia has been taken over by a militant group of unqualified skeptics who attack any articles on parapsychology, alternative and complementary medicine, and on the biography pages of scientists involved in investigating these areas.

IMPORTANT: WHY STUBBORNESS HAS TO BE CONTROLLED We are most fortunate to accept the afterlife and to know what is important in order for us to have a very smooth, peaceful transition to the afterlife. However, we continue to receive information that millions who cross over remain stubborn and refuse to accept they are in the afterlife. If you have a loved one whom you consider to be stubborn, just tell them to keep an open mind and expect to be met by their loved ones.

OPRAH WINIFREY AND DR. BRIAN WEISS TALK ABOUT AFTERLIFE COMMUNICATION Past-life regression expert Dr. Brian Weiss says that the people who have loved you on this earth are called master teachers and can be viewed as angels after they pass. Watch as he and Oprah discuss the many forms of angels and why Oprah says she now feels more connected to her late dog, Sophie, than she ever did before.

Respectable news outlets say they’re giving us an objective view of the world, yet drown us in a daily deluge of conflict and negative headlines. Bad news, it seems, is good for business. So many great things are happening across the planet that we don't get to hear about on TV. Read more...

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1) Thank you for the beautiful weekly gift!!! Cristina

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3) I have just recently begun meditating more frequently. I have found The Honest Guys (they are also on YouTube and on Spotify and probably other music streaming services as well). I listened to a meditation with them called 'Clearing Negativity' and I cried of relief throughout almost the whole meditation and have read comments from others who did too... so I want to share it here, so it perhaps can help other people too :)

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