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Report March 28th 08

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COMMENTARY: ORTHODOXY ATTACKS THE PARANORMAL- WHY?: In his Easter address last Sunday to the people of Sydney, an Anglican Archbishop warned people about attempting to contact their deceased loved ones which he describes as "dabbling in the occult". (See text of his Easter message). He stated many things which are blatantly untrue:

"Even if people come back as ghosts, they are not full people. They are more like memories of people, wisps of humanity."

That is absolute nonsense! This highly conservative, orthodox Christian of high rank, Dr Jensen (pictured), is exhibiting colossal ignorance about the paranormal, about after-death contacts, about mediumship and is fundamentally misleading and misdirecting the public. It could even be said that this Archbishop has committed FRAUD (wilfully telling lies) – by willfully CHEATING. How? He fundamentally and knowingly ignored and contradicted Anglican Archbishop Cosmo Lang who oversaw a two year study by the Church of England into mediumship– and the results were positive. Yes, the Church of England committee found, it is possible for humans on earth to contact loved ones from the other side. The findings include that those humans who crossed over were able to communicate with us - just as they did when they were on physical earth. Just because this Dr Jensen is an 'Archbishop' that does NOT give him any objective authority to denigrate the empirical paranormal. He is a 'believer without evidence'. Nor does it give him authority to offend millions of Spiritualists and the hundreds of millions of ordinary people who have experienced an unsolicited after-death contact (see Chapter 19 of my book).

This religious but 'unspiritual' Archbishop should publicly apologize for his rudeness, insults and for his colossal ignorance about the paranormal.

There is no 'occult' anymore in the world. The word 'occult' means 'hidden.' With the success of the internet, there is absolutely nothing 'hidden' anymore. This Archbishop's mind shows he still is in the nineteenth century.

Further, he is the same Archbishop who launched attacks against women - he did not want them as priests and certainly not as bishops.!

Paranormal research includes repeatable, objective and empirical studies of communication with people who crossed over. But this Archbishop calls communicating with afterlife intelligences " the occult" to willfully try to give the paranormal a nasty taste. I find it absolutely disgusting in the extreme that someone like this Archbishop knowingly attacks something he clearly does not know anything about and does not understand. He clearly comes across as someone who has not investigated but fears the paranormal has made his orthodox Christian theology utterly redundant, unnecessary and irrelevant.

This Archbishop still accepts fourth century orthodox theology that most people in the world think is insulting to their intelligence – telling people that for some relatively minor transgression you will go to 'hell for eternity' – billions and trillions of years in ‘hellfire.’ People no longer believe that nonsense.

So, this is about CREDIBILITY – who would you accept – empirical repeatable and objective paranormal or the orthodox subjective theology of this Archbishop? Wake up to the twenty first century Archbishop Jensen!
Anyone with any views on the matter? Email: victor@victorzammit.com

DOES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH NEED URGENT REFORMATION? YOU BE THE JUDGE: everything is about AUTHORITY – WHO has the authority to tell you the validated truth? We come across so many religious beliefs – NOT ONE of these beliefs has objective authority. Not only that – the evidence shows that these religious and Biblical beliefs were changed many times during the dark ages by those in leadership to reflect their thinking and politics of the time! We do not even know WHO the writers of the religious writings were! Religionists tell us WITHOUT EVIDENCE at all words to the effect, “Well, you know, these writings or changes were inspired!” So these religious writers of thousands of years ago – at a time when there was colossal ignorance, no education for the masses, no science – put down on paper how we should conduct ourselves to-day in the twenty first century! Wouldn’t you want to know WHO these writers were? The problem with religious writings is that they are ‘subjective’ – which means they are subject to complete invalidation - and there is evidence of too many interpolations in the Bible. Empirically elicited results – objectivity and repeatability – are NOT subject to invalidation – they give us validated truth. There is not one religious belief that can be independently substantiated. Therefore any clash between religious beliefs and empirically elicited results about afterlife matters, religious beliefs inevitably have to give way to empirical beliefs. It can never be any other way. I ask BY WHAT AUTHORITY the ancient writers made these horrible statements below? Here I give a few examples:

1. HELL FOR ETERNITY IF YOU RE-MARRY: According to Catholic doctrine, any woman/man who is divorced and remarries will be living in perpetual adultery (‘grave sin’) and if she/he dies will go to hell to burn for ETERNITY – which means more than billions of trillions of trillions multiplied by trillions of years – in pain and suffering - for something where nobody got hurt! (Catechism of the Catholic Church, by Soc.of ST Paul, Homebush, Australia item 2384 DIVORCE). If you are the reasonably intelligent, well adjusted person, does your mind accept that? Judging by the crises in the Church, most people are not accepting the absurd and are voting with their feet.

2. HEAVEN IMMEDIATELY EVEN IF YOU’VE BEEN THE GREATEST MURDERER IN HISTORY: Even if you’ve been extremely cruel all your life and tortured, maimed, mutilated, murdered and massacred millions of people “if you are truly sorry for your sins immediately before death” and confess to a Catholic priest all your deadliest ‘sins’ – you will go to the theological ‘heaven’ when you die. Whereas if someone was extremely spiritual all his/her life – someone like Gandhi- and just before he/she dies commits a mortal sin (according to Catholicism a ‘grave sin’) like having sex with his wife using a condom and dies, that person will burn in hell for eternity – more than billions and trillions of years. Does this present Catholic theology make a mockery of spiritual justice? (see under Penance item 1480-98 ibid)

3) ‘NO HEAVEN’ IF YOU ARE NOT BAPTIZED: someone wrote thousands of years ago that if some water is not poured over your head (baptism – a ritual taken from the Pagans before the Christian era) – you will NOT go to ‘heaven’ even if you’ve been an immensely good person on earth.

if boys - and girls masturbate – spend a few minutes sexually pleasuring themselves (not doing any harm to anyone) and die thereafter without confessing their sin to a priest they will go to hell for eternity according to Catholic theology.

: The Church's teaching on contraception is not an optional extra. They insist that it is hell for eternity if you use contraceptives!! "Paul VI's later insistence on upholding the traditional ban on all forms of birth control, including the pill, had significant consequences for lay Catholics. In Catholics and Contraception: An American History (2005) Leslie Woodcock Tentler argues persuasively that the laity ceased to value church officials' moral judgments once the Pope rejected his own commission's determination that continuing the ban was theologically untenable". Read more....

' - Next week: where the Church got 'hell for eternity’ – and why the Church is absolutely wrong about it. For the last 2,000 the Church used eternal damnation very effectively to try to keep people in the Church. But these days, hardly anyone believes that any more. Again, you be the judge about the information I am relating to you. But millions of people are suffering because of Catholic theology which was decided - without objective authority. This will be an issue of empiricism against the subjectivity of theology.

Let me know if you think that the Catholic Church needs urgent reformation. victor@victorzammit.com****

" With a seemingly limitless pool of middle-class discontent to tap into - and a major push from Oprah Winfrey - he has become the most popular spiritual author in the United States. His books hold the top two spots on the New York Times best-seller list for paperback advice books. Since March 3, he has been host to a weekly online seminar series alongside Winfrey in support of his 2005 book, "A New Earth," which is her latest book club selection and No. 1 on the list. His secret, according to fans, publishing industry experts and booksellers, is packing thousands of years of teaching - from Buddha, Jesus, Shakespeare and even the Rolling Stones - into what one of his publishers, Constance Kellough, called "a clean contemporary bottle." Read more...

I received an email from one of the members of this mailing list asking me to promote Spirit Teachings which was given to the world through the mediumship of an Anglican priest, the Rev. William Stainton Moses. "Here, in language of matchless prose, is contained the religious, philosophical and ethical implications of Spiritualism, as viewed by the spirit world. The communicators, by sheer brilliant logic, compelled their medium to abandon, stage by stage, his orthodox religious beliefs. They gave clear evidence of their high purpose and furnished him with irrefutable proofs of Survival. There were twenty-two spirit communicators, headed by one who signed himself "Imperator".
Read Spirit Teachings....
More Spirit Teachings...
The life of Rev William Stainton Moses.

Thanks once again to Michael Tymn (pictured) for his outstanding tireless ongoing research into afterlife matters. This week in his blog he writes of a stunning new case of verifiable out of body perception by someone who was verifiably brain dead at the time. He writes:
" The case of "Pam Reynolds" is often cited as one of the best, but skeptics have attempted to pick holes in that case. Now, the "Sarah Gideon" case seems to plug those holes. In The Scalpel and The Soul, a new release, Dr. Allan J. Hamilton, a Tucson, Arizona brain surgeon, tells about the Gideon case.” http://metgat.gaia.com/blog

Researcher Kenneth Ring found that listening to and watching first hand accounts by people who had near death experiences significantly reduces fear of death. Founded in 1981, the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is the only organization in the world devoted exclusively to the study of the Near-Death Experience and the Near-Death-Like Experience. Through building global understanding of NDEs through research, education and support, their mission is to make NDEs and related experiences a part of the common wisdom, enriching the human search for meaning and inspiring a better world. IANDS now has a page of links to audios and videos made by NDE experiencers. Some of these NDE accounts were recorded at various IANDS sponsored events; others are from the news media. A few derive from other sources. Watch videos now....

BLACK DAY FOR BRITAIN: A 300 signature petition to the Scottish Parliament calling for a posthumouspardon for materialization medium Helen Duncan has been rejected. The petition was submitted by a group of mediums from UK paranormal group Full Moon Investigations. The petition was rejected unanimously by the Petitions Committee and follows the same decision by the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who refused a similar request last year. Committee member Nigel Don of the SNP said: "I feel we've got better things to talk about". Read more ... Without doubt, Helen Duncan’s mediumship was proved – especially when she gave a message at a public meeting to ‘a mother whose son was serving on the battleship HMS Barham that the ship was sunk by enemy action and that the spirit of her son was speaking to her.’ British Admiralty went berserk with that news and did everything to stop Helen Duncan to practice her mediumship. She was charged under the ancient Witchcraft Act of 1735. But at the trial at the Old Bailey, one of the greatest violations of the legal ‘due process’ occurred. She was refused the right to demonstrate her mediumship! How can the authorities charge her with not being a genuine medium and then at the same time refuse Helen Duncan the right to demonstrate her mediumship? She would have made them look absolutely stupid – and they knew that! Even the Scottish Law Society appealed to the authorities for the huge injustice leveled against Helen Duncan. This case is one of the greatest injustices in British criminal history – and those who colluded in this gross injustice will pay the price one day – guaranteed! (See also Chapter 11 of my book)

ALLISON DUBOIS: Fans of Allison will be interested in her online newsletters and calendar. In Sydney episodes of The New MEDIUM commenced on national television – shown on Thursday nights Channel 10 – 9.30 pm – for American and other audiences check your local television programs. Tell others who are new to the paranormal. This excellent show is the very first television show based on the mediumship skills of one of the most important mediums in the world to-day.

I had an email from a lawyer in Vigo, Spain who really liked my book and is seeking a reliable genuine medium to contact a loved one.
Can anyone help with a referral please? Please email Victor.

TWO IMPORTANT BOOKS: ‘THE TAO OF HOLISM "Abandoning the quality of life that four centuries of science and technology have given us to return to some primitive life-style is not a realistic option. But there are serious and urgent problems that we must solve if we want our children and grandchildren to be able to live happily in peace and harmony, and awareness of the universal spiritual dimension of human existence is surely our best hope."
A new book which has some answers
by Dr Howard Jones has just been published by O Books of Winchester, UK. Disincarnate existence is discussed in the context of the Taoist belief in reincarnation and karma through the all-embracing cosmic spirit. This book continues the holistic theme of The Thoughtful Guide to God (O Books, Sept 2006; ISBN 1905047703) which explores in more detail the scientific rationale behind psychic phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship and communion with the disincarnate. More information about the books can be seen at www.spiritofoneness.co.uk.

EARTH HOUR- Tomorrow Saturday 8pm

Get out your candles, invite some friends around and turn off the lights. Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message worldwide about the need for action on global warming. Sign up now...

Fortunately not all Christian clergy are as closed minded as Dr Jensen (above). In his work as a Christian Uniting Church minister/grief counselor Rob Smith believes he developed a receptivity to contacts from the ethereal realms. When he began to investigate the afterlife using EVP he quickly got results and had identifiable contacts from his mother, his grandfather and maternal grandmother. Since that time (1988) Rob has done great work exploring empirical evidence for the afterlife. Read Rob’s story and check out his new website which has lots of great material.

Reverend Rob Smith sent me this one
"Over the next few weeks, an exciting and innovative new Australian website known as the "AUSTRALIAN PARANORMAL SOCIETY" will be launched. Coordinated by Allison Andrews - who is an experienced Australian Paranormal Researcher - it will offer support and resources for people who feel they are experiencing any type of 'paranormal phenomena.
*** STAY TUNED *** "

ONE MORE WEEK- RESULTS TOO CLOSE - THE RACE IS ON! HAVE YOU YOUR SAY! HILLARY OR OBAMA? I have to run this one another week - the votes are very, very close. First three weeks were very interesting – quite a number of people replied. But it's still too close to call. I would like some ten (preferably 20) mediums or psychics to predict who is going to win the Democratic nomination and who is going to be elected President of the United States. I am also asking others who make no claim to psychic or mediumistic skills at all to predict who are going to be the winners as above requested. Then we can compare the results. Interested? Email Victor...victor@victorzammit.com

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