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Report March 21st 08

COMMENTARY: THE MEANING OF EASTER Keep your beliefs. Keep your politics, keep your dollar. I am a legal empiricist with a special message for you. Christian theology created some 2,000 years ago tells us that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday and was the ONLY person to do so. Science tells us to-day, that ALL people on crossing over "rise from the dead". Traditional Christian theology tells us that on dying we remain unconscious "until Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead." THAT IS NOT CORRECT! Empirically elicited information tells us we continue to live - that on crossing over we are immediately met by our loved ones and will continue to live in the afterlife dimension. Christian theology was created a couple of thousand years ago when no one really knew anything about science. These days empiricism is giving us VALIDATION about what to accept as admissible evidence for the afterlife and what happens to us when we die. We are living to-day in an age where objectivity and repeatability are removing blind faith, beliefs and subjectivity. People in the West used to accept Christian theology which had become part of mainstream culture without question. But not anymore. People are asking questions about what is relevant, what is the truth, what is objective, what is repeatable and empirical and scientific. We have made huge progress and this information at last is penetrating mainstream thought. Easter, therefore should be a celebration that ALL people – theists, atheists, believers, materialists, scientists, religionists – everyone will be resurrected immediately after physical death – guaranteed! And that’s good news for all honest, decent and open-minded people on Earth.

EASTER – BELIEFS and BLIND FAITH vs EMPIRICAL VALIDATION. Keep your beliefs – I am NOT interested in changing your beliefs except to the extent that they contradict empirical evidence. It may surprise many people, that there is no direct evidence that Jesus was crucified or crucified in the way we have been told. I am an empiricist – my conclusions have to be based on hard core evidence. What we have heard about Jesus is to a certain extent hearsay – what somebody said about what happened to somebody. That would not be admissible in a court of law. The only independent evidence comes from the non Christian, Jewish historian Josephus – writing many years after Jesus’ death. One of the problems we have these days is the amount of changes that have been made to the Bible as evidenced by highly credible writers and researchers – e.g. former priest Peter De Rosa, former Catholic priest Johannes Greber and the most impressive transmissions from the afterlife by the former Monsignor Hugh Benson (the Anthony Borgia books) – and other experts in the history of the Bible. Arthur Findlay in his book THE ROCK OF TRUTH reveals much about how Christian religion evolved – and states that there is nothing original in Christianity. Judge for yourselves. Some devout Christians may find this rather disturbing – but the search for truth rises above history, culture and tradition.

The following passage comes from Monsignor Hugh Benson, a distinguished priest while alive, speaking through the mediumship of Anthony Borgia published in the book Heaven and Earth (1948).

"The great founder of Christianity, so-called, was not the least interested in founding any Church. In good truth, he founded no Church in spite of the alleged references to 'my' Church. He had no intention of establishing Church or Chapel nor any other form of religious organization. He came to give simple teaching to simple folk, showing them how to live their lives on earth, and how to behave towards their neighbors.

He told them that the God of wrath, as they understood Him to be, was indeed no God of wrath at all, but the Father of all love. He told his hearers that death of the physical body was not the end of all things, but the real beginning of life, a new life in the immense world of the spirit. He told them that such gifts as he possessed and demonstrated, of healing the sick and speaking spiritual truths, were not mystical or magical gifts, nor were they operated through the power of the devil, but that they were natural gifts which they could themselves develop and use in the service of their fellows, if they went about it in the right way."
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What a treasure my colleague R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., has created. You can read his new book Your Eternal Self online on his website which is complementary to and builds the research on this website. His highly recommended book is essential reading for anone interested in the Afterlife.
Look at the website and choose contents page....

A HUGE thank you to Sophie-Anne Perkins from Canada who translated my Chapter on
What Happens When you Die
for our French readers.
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For those of you who don't read French check out R. Craig Hogan's Chapter 9
"What are the Facts about the Afterlife"
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And also look at his additional material on Chapter 9

QUESTION: So why is it that so many people are terrified of death?

Victor: That came about because for centuries religious leaders had a monopoly on information about the afterlife and they associated death with enormous fear – of eternal punishment. Some years ago, if you were a Catholic and ate meat on Friday, you would be committing a grave "mortal" sin- punishable by eternal damnation if you died without confessing and bering given forgiveness! That means if you knowingly ate a ham sandwich on a Friday and died, according to the Church you were in big trouble!!! Death was directly associated with hellfire for you for eternity! For over sixteen hundred years in the West, the Church had a monopoly on information. It was only with the development of printing, books and understanding of scientific method that they were able to evolve from fear and superstition. I have come across people in many parts of the world these days who showed they are still terrified of death – something which, according to highly credible afterlife teachers, should be the most ecstatic experience on earth.

This month's issue of Zerdin Phenomenal contains a fascinating report on a seance with famous British materialization medium Helen Duncan held on 10th July 1951. The transcripts were written by a Cecil Kennett, a businessman, artist and writer who was initially highly skeptical about physical mediumship. He describes how he witnessed a large number of materialized forms in dim red light, how they talked to and were recognized by their loved ones and how from normal height they sank rapidly to the floor and dissolved when their visit ended. One of those who materialized had dies only a few days earlier. Fascinating reading... Available from Zerdin Phenomenal.

“The International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is moving from Storrs, Connecticut, where it's been for more years than most of us care to count, to Durham, North Carolina, to share facilities with the Rhine Institute - which is next door to several important universities. This couldn't be a better move. IANDS will now have an opportunity to initiate programs and offerings they've never been able to do before, even though they wanted to. Here's the new contact information:
International Association For Near-Death Studies
2741 Campus Walk Avenue, #500
Durham, NC 27705-8878
(919) 383-7940 voice/fax”
Info@iands.org www.iands.org

After nearly 50 years of Chinese rule, the Tibetans are sending out a global cry for change. But violence is spreading across Tibet and neighboring regions, and the Chinese regime is right now considering a choice between increasing brutality or dialogue, that could determine the future of Tibet and China.
We can affect this historic choice. China does care about its international reputation. Its economy is totally dependent on "Made in China" exports that we all buy, and it is keen to make the Olympics in Beijing this summer a celebration of a new China that is a respected world power. Read more...

: Onthe one hand Japan is slaughtering whales which are in real danger of extinction. Australia is protesting against Japan for this unnecessary slaughter. Balanced against this is the Australian government's consent to kill some 500 gray kangaroos in an area which, we are informed, is needed for luxury homes. We, as people of the world do have a spiritual responsibility to take care of our planet Earth and its inhabitants – and to minimize and any unnecessary cruelty and slaughter of humans and animals. Animals feel pain as much as humans do. My own view is that the Australian government should move the kangaroos to a safer place – really a simple answer. Japan is also doing wrong by obliterating whales from this planet earth. What do you think
?

HUMOR - 'GRUBBIE' OF THE WEEK: Why do you think that J. Randi calls any decent, honest person who asks for clarification about his alleged challenge a ‘grubbie’? I am a most sensitive female and that kind of talk disgusts me. Ms Minx T., Beacon Hill.

Victor: Good question Ms. Minx! This rude man should apologize to you for hurting your feelings. Psychologists would argue that Randi is ‘PROJECTING’ and attributing on to others what he himself is – a ‘grubbie’ – yes, is in fact he’s calling himself a ‘grubbie’ – people think that’s a perfect description of this guy. Without doubt, you will find that Randi himself has all these negative ‘attributes’ he calls others. Guaranteed Ms Minx, so sensitive as you may be, one day this rude man will refine and will be able to communicate in an intelligent, reasonable way without negative qualifications. But it may take a few lifetimes!!! Keep your collar on sensitive Ms Minx, you’re way ahead of this rude 'grubbie'.

SPIRITUAL ECSTACY WHEN DISCOVERING WHO WE ARE? Geraldine Camilleri sent the link to this magnificent video – but you must give yourself at least around 15 minutes to watch it. Watch this magnificent video with an open mind – BUT you must relax at the same time. Do not be impatient - do not rush it. Sit down and relax! This is about who we really are. This is also about spiritual enlightenment – it explains and informs about your role on planet earth. Make the time to learn more about yourself and ultimately where you inevitably will be going. Watch Part 1 of The Unity of Spirit and Matter...

CRITICAL - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SUPER-PSI TO EXPLAIN THE PARANORMAL. Whenever there is an inconsistency between scientific method and philosophy or theology or any subjective phenomena, inevitably, scientific method prevails - and will always prevail. Why? No lawyer who ever submitted relevant evidence which is repeatable and objective ever lost a case. Because anything which can be demonstrated and is repeated over time and space and yields the same results, keeping variables constant using scientific method there is objectivity and repeatability. Now with anything subjective – that CAN NEVER BE DONE! So that when someone says, “Oh, John Sloan’s or Leslie Flint’s or Mrs Piper’s mediumship can be explained by super-esp – meaning that these mediums got in touch with "Cosmic Consciousness" or "the Universal Memory" that would be absolutely meaningless. Why? If anyone claims there is some Cosmic Memory or some universal Unconscious collective memory, then that someone has to empirically prove there is such thing AND that the medium is actually accessing it. It is preposterous in the extreme to attribute the medium’s skills to this super psi invented by someone who could not rebut the existing hard core evidence for the afterlife but in frustration stated – well if everything else failed, then it must be super-psi to explain the medium’s excellent results! The super-esp hypothesis is NOT accepted as objective evidence which means the super-esp evidence has to yield to the objectivity and repeatability of empiricism. As Montague Keen, who was an afterlife investigator for the Society for Psychical Research stated in relation to super-psi, “I do not say the super-psi hypothesis is impossible, but that it stretches improbability beyond my credulity when a simpler, more obvious and more consistent alternative presents itself, one which has a great deal of supporting buttresses in the literature of psychical research.” In other words, totally forget about super-psi explanations and accept what the medium stated where the afterlife information is coming from.

"I LOVE YOU" IS NOT SCIENTIFICALLY BASED – THEREFORE IT DOES NOT EXIST? THE POWER OF PERSONAL EXPERIENCE Whilst we have hard core science and repeatable empirical results for the existence of the afterlife, we must never forget that there is also a very important and powerful subjective evidence for the afterlife – the EXPERIENTIAL, i.e. the actual personal experience of the paranormal of the individual. For most people these experiences are the most persuasive evidence for the afterlife. These ‘experiences’ are not quite objective – but that does not mean they do not happen. When Sally tells her partner Joe, “I love you” does it mean that Sally does not love Joe because she cannot prove it? WRONG! The experiential evidence for the afterlife is very powerful – hundreds of millions around the world have experienced the paranormal and more and more people are coming out in the open to tell the world of their experiences. Because people are coming out with their paranormal experiences – people know they are on the winning side – absolutely! Slowly, steadily, surely and inevitably, this kind of experiential afterlife evidence is accelerating the accepting of the paranormal in mainstream thought.

FRUAD BY A CATHOLIC PRIEST: Not only skeptics commit fraud . In Sydney A PARISH priest who lied to his flock about having cancer used money they gave him to help pay for a trip to Lourdes for a "miracle cure". When Father Richard Abourjaily's lies about having prostate cancer were uncovered he was condemned as "delusional" by the head of the Catholic Church, Cardinal George Pell, and suspended from his duties at All Hallows Parish Church at Five Dock in Sydney's inner west. Parishioners have been left bewildered and hurt by the actions of the 29-year-old priest they welcomed into their hearts and homes when he was ordained last year. Parishioner Pina Biazzo, whose nieces were in Father Abourjaily's Youth Alive group, said: "We all believed he had prostate cancer. Read more … "We just thought he was having a tough time and that he wasn't going to make it. Everyone loved him." Read more …

QUESTION: NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE: In a near death experience, is it true that something comes out of the physical body and sees the doctors operating on the body, hears instructions to nurses and sees also the bright white light? Is it true that sometimes relatives are seen – and sometimes these relatives communicate?

VICTOR: The best case I can quote is the Pam Reynolds case. What came out of Pam’s physical body was theduplicate of the physical body – a ‘spirit body’ which would be vibrating much faster than the ‘physical’ body. This spirit body is what comes out of the physical body at the time of crossing over – where it will continue to live in the afterlife dimension. This patient was put to clinical death for over an hour and her brain was absolutely dead – she was ‘flat-lined’ for an hour. Note very carefully, the physical brain cannot operate when the physical body is clinically dead. What was operating for Pam to remember every detail was her ‘MIND.’ The mind retains all memories – even when we cross over. Her ‘spirit body’ still had a vivid a near death experience. She actually saw and heard the operating medical specialist giving instructions to his assistants; she saw the bright white light and she met her relatives. Pam saw her grand-mother, her uncle and other loved ones who had crossed over. Five of the most eminent cardiac and medical specialists including Dr Sam Parnia, Dr Van Lommel, Dr Robert Spetzler – also Dr Peter Fenwick and Dr Michael Sabom – all supported Pam’s stated experience during her clinical ‘death’ – stating ‘what she saw corresponded to what actually happened.’ No cardiologist, no heart specialist, no brain surgeon, no surgeon, no ‘hands on’ medical specialist has said anything to contradict the abovementioned eminent specialists, Dr Sam Parnia & others. A DVD was made about this most stunning NDE – called THE DAY I DIED. Here is a viewing guide to the program.

IANDS now has a page of links to audios and videos made by NDE experiencers.Some of these NDE accounts were recorded at various IANDS sponsored events; others are from the news media. A few derive from other sources. Researcher Kenneth Ring found that watching first hand accounts by people who had near death experiences significantly reduced fear of death. Watch videos now....

THIRD AND LAST WEEK - NEXT WEEK THE RESULTS! : THE RACE IS ON! HAVE YOU YOUR SAY! HILLARY OR OBAMA? First two weeks were very interesting – quite a number of people replied. Results will be published next week. I would like some ten (preferably 20) mediums or psychics to predict who is going to win the Democratic nomination and who is going to be elected President of the United States. I am also asking others who make no claim to psychic or mediumistic skills at all to predict who are going to be the winners as above requested. Then we can compare the results. Interested? Email Victor...victor@victorzammit.com

OCCAM'S RAZOR is a two edged sword. What is his razor? It is a logical tool used by William of Ockham (died 1349) to cut absurdities out of arguments and philosophical systems. According to Ockham, the simpler an explanation is, the more preferable it ultimately is. In other words, if it is not necessary to introduce certain complexities or hypotheticals into a situation or explanation, then don’t do it. But nowhere does Ockham assert that the simpler explanation is always more correct or that the more complex explanation is always less correct. Had he done so, he would have been mistaken and remembered quite differently. The point is to start from the simplest possible explanation and only make it more complex when absolutely necessary.
Skeptics have used Occam’s razor to rebut the paranormal. But paranormalists have used Occam’s razor to support the paranormal. If any skeptic confronts you with this principle tell the skeptic the principle is irrelevant, immaterial and unacceptable - and that it explains nothing. Why not? Because first there has to be an agreement as to what information/knowledge are both opposing parties prepared to include. Another fallacy when using this principle – a very simple example: we see the sun rises from the East in the morning and sets in the West. The simplest solution is that the sun moves from East to West – WRONG – the sun does not move, the earth does.

POPULAR QUESTION: what will happen to those hard line skeptics and materialists when they cross over?

Victor: That would on what kind of a life they lived. The New Science these days is telling us specifically what happens when a person dies. If anyone is into dishonesty, cheating, selfishness and cruelty – mental or otherwise, that person could have grave problems when he/she crosses over. Everything we do has an effect on the vibrations of our spirit body. The opposite is that if you are the average decent person – you do not have to be perfect – on crossing over, keeping an open mind – you will be OK!

YOU BE THE JUDGE! MOST IMPRESSIVE RESPONSE from the last two weeks DO YOU HAVE AN EYE FOR ANYONE TRYING TO CHEAT? YOU BE THE JUDGE! There was an overwhelming response: ALL claiming Randi WAS cheating! There was not one person who wanted to defend J Randi. That speaks volumes. It shows people CAN discriminate. People do have the discerning power when they see someone trying to bend a key on the chair trying to fool the viewers. I did not make it up. I did not tell you how to vote on it. You, I invited, be the judge of this man who says he could duplicate Uri Geller's key bending phenomenon. The huge number of replies all claiming that J Randi is cheating shows that this guy does not have any credibility. Do you want to watch the video again? Here it is.

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