A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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COMMENTARY: LAW IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SCIENCE (OR PHILOSOPHY) IN PARANORMAL EVIDENCE. WHY? Lawyers are experts in the admissibility of evidence – they have the specialized knowledge to know what evidence can or can not be admitted in relation to proof. A scientist who wanted to apply for my million dollar challenge stated that he could explain the paranormal with the highly speculative ‘super psi’ hypothesis. WRONG! If any scientist or anybody else wants to raise an alternative explanation for the phenomenon it has to be something that can be EXPERIMENTALLY DEMONSTRATED as having occurred in similar situations under experimental conditions and having occurred in the specific situation under discussion. There has to be a definitive empirical CAUSE-EFFECT relationship demonstrated. It is NOT sufficient to say “Oh it could be super psi” or “the medium was accessing the Akashic Records not the afterlife” - when the Akashic Records have never been proved to exist. Empirically I state in my evidence that the Circle of the Silver Cord’s afterlife convener, William, repeatedly speaks from the afterlife dimension and repeatedly leaves his voice on a tape recorder and repeatedly answers intelligently any question put to him about afterlife matters. A scientist taking on my challenge has to show why the materialized William is not someone from the afterlife dimension, why his voice on tape cannot be that of an afterlife entity and why, when he comes over to you in a materialized form, and says he is an entity from the afterlife answering questions, he is not the one who is answering the questions. Scientists or cosmologists may be good in their narrow area of specialized knowledge. But when it comes to the admissibility of evidence for the paranormal, lawyers have a comparative advantage and the specialty to know what can and what cannot be admitted in evidence.

NEARLY 1 IN TEN US CATHOLIC PRIESTS A PEDOPHILE?: A most stunning report for all - especially parents in the United States - and everywhere else. THE Roman Catholic Church in the United States paid out $A665 million last year for child sex abuse cases involving members of the clergy, or 54 per cent more than the previous year. Of the monies paid out by the church, $568 million went to settling cases - almost double the amount paid out in 2006, according to the report commissioned by the church. About $23 million was paid out for therapy for victims or support for accused offenders, and $64 million for legal fees....According to Terry McKiernan, president of "Bishop Accountability,'' which documents the abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic church, more than 5000 priests out of the 42,000 across the United States have been denounced for sexual abuse." Read more

MEDIUMS BEAT ODDS OF A MILLION TO ONE: A five-year test has shown that mediums can indeed discover your deepest secrets. Researchers at the Scottish Society for Psychical Research (SSPR) say mediums who took part in their tests beat odds of a million to one to correctly reveal information about volunteer test subjects. Read more …

SECRETS FROM THE AFTERLIFE a 207 pages book by Colin Fry – British well known medium. The publisher writes: " Colin Fry is one of UK’s leading mediums and the acclaimed star of Living TV’s 6th Sense and Psychic Private Eyes. He has been able to communicate with the Spirit World since the age of ten, and over his lifetime, has received thousands of messages from those in the afterlife. Contained within these messages, Colin has found many secrets that can help us. Now, in his extraordinary new book, he documents some of his most remarkable encounters and reveals the lessons they have taught him – and how we can be guided by them."
Available from Amazon UK...

QUESTION: Why is it that some people are highly resistant to changing their beliefs? Mandy - Miami.

VICTOR: All beliefs – skeptical, religious and materialist are hard-wired into our nervous system. Beliefs are not abstract – beliefs are highly emotional. The deeper our beliefs, the less likely they are to change quickly. When someone deeply entrenched in materialism is told that there is an afterlife he/she will emotionally refuse to believe it. Psychology explains this as the ‘dissonance’ defence: in context of the afterlife, materialists starts rationalizing their beliefs to prevent the body from experiencing too much anxiety. When the materialist receives information inconsistent with his cherished beliefs, anxiety sets in – this means the heart rate and blood pressure increase, body tone goes up, the body sweats etc.. To offset all this, he/she rationalize to bring back balance in the body (homeostasis). Neuro-linguistic Programming tells us that materialists also tend to ‘delete’ all information which is not consistent with their own cherished beliefs- and in most cases this actually prevents them from actually investigating the evidence for the paranormal. How to break through this? Usually a stunning personal experience of the paranormal.

If you have any doubt about how far we've come in creating an environment where scientists, doctors and other professional researchers feel more free to talk about Afterlife and spiritual matters have a look at the list of presenters for the upcoming Tenth International Conference on Science and Consiousness in Santa Fe New Mexico March 28 - April 2, 2008. The website states: "The exploration of consciousness remains the new frontier of scientific inquiry. Physicists, medical researchers, psychologists, anthropologists, shamans, healers, meditators have all experienced phenomenon which cannot be explained under the old scientific paradigm.
This conference brings together a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the field of consciousness who will share their knowledge through lecture, discussion and experiential sessions."

THE GENIUS OF 'WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE': A NEW DRAMATIC INSIGHT: one of America’s greatest orators, Robert Ingersoll, who was an atheist when on Earth, related information from the afterlife through the mediumship of Emily S. French to American lawyer Edward C Randall – explaining that what Shakespeare wrote was all channeled from the afterlife. Judge for yourselves. Neither of his parents could read or write. He grew up in a small village among ignorant people, on the banks of the Avon. There was nothing in the peaceful, quiet landscape on which he looked…Nothing in his early life calculated to sow the seeds of subtlest and sublimest thought. There was nothing in his education or lack of education to account of what he did. It is supposed that he attended school in this home village – but of that there is no proof … Socially he occupied a position below servants. The law described him as a “sturdy vagabond.” He died at 52. … He was but the sensitive instrument through which a group of learned and distinguished scholars, inhabitants of many lands when in Earth-life, gave to posterity the sublime masterpieces of the Bard of Avon” – see full details in the highly recommended Edward C Randall’s The French Revelation – edited by N. Riley Heagerty.

THE PSYCHIC LIFE OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN; by Susan B Martinez, Ph.D. In dreams, he foresaw his sudden death. He consulted oracles, and at age 22 was told by a seer that he would become President of the United States. Trauma and heartbreak opened the psychic door for this otherworldly President, whose precognitive dreams, evil omens, and trancelike states are carefully documented here in this bold yet poignant chronicle of tragic beginnings, White House seances, and paranormal eruptions of the Civil War era. Aided by the deathbed memoir of his favorite medium, Lincoln's remarkable psychic experiences come to life with communications from beyond, ESP, true and false prophecies, as well as thumbnail sketches of the most influential spiritualists in Lincoln's orbit. Surveying clairvoyant incidents in Lincoln's life from cradle to grave, the book also examines the Emancipation Proclamation and the unseen powers that moved pen to hand for its historic signing into law. Read more...

Paul Von Ward emailed this week to give us news of his new book- The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation. He says " It reviews the assumptions in historical concepts of soul reincarnation, illustrates the scientific evidence pointing to natural explanations for these assumptions, and assesses the level of confidence one can place in specific past-life matches." A preview of some of the research in the book was published by the Institute of Noetic Sciences iShift-in-Action. The debut presentation of the book will be at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Santa Fe on March 29-30.

First week was very interesting – quite a number of people replied. Results will be published later on. I would like some ten (preferably 20) mediums or psychics to predict who is going to win the Democratic nomination and who is going to be elected President of the United States. I am also asking others who make no claim to psychic or mediumistic skills at all to predict who are going to be the winners as above requested. Then we can compare the results. Interested? Email Victor...

YOU BE THE JUDGE! MOST IMPRESSIVE RESPONSE from last week’s DO YOU HAVE AN EYE FOR ANYONE TRYING TO CHEAT? YOU BE THE JUDGE! I will include this item for another week. There was an overwhelming response: ALL claiming Randi WAS cheating! Tell us all if you think he is cheating or not. If not, why not? This J Randi is shown on national television in Australia being interviewed by American Don Lane. Randi was reported to have stated that Uri Geller and Doris Stokes (English medium) were fakes. Randi implied he could bend keys any time the way Uri Geller does – with his mind. But Randi as seen on this video clip tried to bend the key secretly on the chair hoping no one would notice – see for yourselves - is he cheating?. Randi emailed me last week denying he cheated during his interview with Don Lane. Now, I want you to have a look at this Youtube and tell me how this guy comes across -is he or is he not cheating? Email me... If you are curious as to the email correspondence by Randi Read more ….

"Within the vast and marvelous records of American physical mediumship, one of the most outstanding chapters belongs indeed, to the turn of the century mediums, the Misses Elizabeth S and May E Bangs, of Chicago, Illinois. Their gifts included above board, independent writing in broad daylight (mostly slates), and independent drawing and painting; all forms of fully developed clairvoyance, materializations, and direct voices, but their most wondrous and spectacular phenomena was that of precipitated spirit portraits in full color." Read N. Riley Heagarty's research on these amazing mediums. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

LISA WILLIAMS, gifted medium's television program "Life Among the Dead" which is now going to millions of viewers around the world is most convincing and is making the materialists look rather uneasy. Lisa is rapidly joining the company of afterlife experts - and from what we see, she is very impressive. We watched her working very carefully – and we were absolutely stunned with her mediumship and psychic accuracy. She says, “When I was a little girl, I discovered I had a gift. Communicating with those who are no longer with us... I am now able to share these gifts with you through large audience readings and my TV show... I am also a healer and work along side the medical profession to aid the healing process. I have a FREE weekly distant healing session". Check out Lisa's home page and her blog.

AUSTRALIAN TOUR BY NZ MEDIUM KELVIN CRUICKSHANK With the outstanding success of popularity of the award winning series SENSING MURDER screened on Channel 9, Kelvin has decided to introduce a series of exclusive evenings around Australia that will reach out and touch more people at once. $72 per person FULL DETAILS...

Mellen-Thomas Benedict is an artist who survived a near-death experience in 1982. He was dead for over an hour and a half after dying of cancer. At the time of his death, he rose up out of his body and went into the light. Curious about the universe, he was taken far into the remote depths of existence, and even beyond, into the energetic void of nothingness behind the Big Bang. During his experience, he was able to learn a great deal of information concerning reincarnation. Because of his near-death experience, he was able to bring back scientific discoveries. Miraculously he returned to his body with a complete remission of the disease – and what may be the most inspirational near-death experience story known to date. Read more....

DEBUNKING THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE DEBUNKERS Ever since scientific research of the near-death experience began during the early 1970s, debunkers, i.e., cynical scientific fundamentalists posing as skeptics, have been attempting to come up with theories to show that the NDE is nothing more than a physical event. If you are interested in knowing what these theories are and learning more about the counter theories, Read more...

A young female who emailed me about my Youtube video on suicide would be representative of a class of people who may think the same way. She writes “I watched your Youtube on suicide and it upset me … I never thought that suiciding could lead to problems in the afterlife.“ Well I'm sorry but I do NOT make the rules. Information coming from the Afterlife about what could happen to those who suicide came directly from highly credible sources. And I do not say that lightly. I have been doing this afterlife research now for some twenty years – and all I can say is that the afterlife has huge consequences. One has to know the full consequences of suicide – so watch the youtube again – it took many years of research to relate what somebody from the afterlife we trust related - watch Youtube: Suicide is not the answer.

You do NOT have to go to the afterlife before your time! I’ve come across some very important information about cancer I’d like to share with you. What initially got my attention were the figures: 100 years ago 1 in 25 died of cancer. To-day 1 in 3 dies of cancer. I lost three younger sisters to breast cancer – it is an epidemic – but you can truly do something to absolutely minimize your chances of one of the most heinous diseases of all times. Read this summary of Dr. Richard Schulze’s 1998 seminar “Healing Cancer Naturally.”

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