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COMMENTARY: A TRIP TO THE FUTURE: A BEING OF LIGHT: Transmitted by a highly credible afterlife intelligence - I strongly advise you to do the following whenever time permits: Find a comfortable quiet place. Close your eyes, relax, make sure there is no noise at all around you; put on some very sweet easy to listen, atmospheric music. Wait for a few minutes. Absorb the melodious tone. Then imagine that from the deepest recesses of your being comes a bright shining sun. Imagine for one moment that the bright light being emitted from the 'source' cannot harm you in any way. As a matter of fact the bright light energy is a most positive one that uplifts, enhances and fills your heart with much joy, peace, and love. Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that is what we humans will be like in the future when we inevitably lose our human appearance in the afterlife. That being of light which is you will be enormously powerful, extremely light, it has the capacity to transcend space and time; it will have consciousness, super-memory and would inevitably be very spiritually advanced. Hmmm … something to look forward to?

UK Medium and teacher Stephen O'Brien's Academy has put together a definite guide for mediums, psychics, healers, complementary therapists and teachers in related spiritual and psychic charitable and professional organisations and disciplines, or anyone who interacts with, or supplies services to, the public.
It contains:
* A list of the 31 banned 'Unfair Commercial Practices'
* 25 Ethical Points for Consideration
* Safer Practice Guidelines for all kinds of Therapists and Practitioners
*A Selection of Disclaimer Clauses aimed at protecting Service Providers / Spiritual Teachers / Complementary Therapists / Mediums / Psychics / Healers / Private Practitioners, etc
*Guidelines for holding services and events in Spiritualist Churches, Charitable Psychic Organisations, and Public Halls or Theatres
At the cost of five pounds it seems like a must-have purchase for all our UK mediums. Details...

Monday’s release of the 35,000-respondent U.S. Religious Landscape Survey from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows that 16.1 percent of Americans have no particular religion at all, while 23.9 percent identify themselves as Catholic. The next largest “belief group” is Evangelical Baptist at 10.8 percent. All other denominational groupings show in the single digits or less. The study also shows the number of Americans who identify as atheist or agnostic has risen from 3.2 percent to 4 percent, while a “remarkably high” 44 percent have rejected the religion placed on them in childhood. Read more...

HILLARY OR OBAMA? I would like some ten (preferably 20) mediums or psychics to predict who is going to win the Democratic nomination and who is going to be elected President of the United States. I am also asking others who make no claim to psychic or mediumistic skills at all to predict who are going to be the winners as above requested. Then we can compare the results. Interested? Email Victor...

A t the age of 91, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, died peacefully in Netherlands last Tuesday. He became famous when the Beatles at the height of their career, consulted him on many things, including mediation. The Maharishi's business endeavors were successful: he is reported to have made millions – while aiming to allegedly create world peace and banish poverty from the Earth through the power of group meditation. Read more...
Sooner or later – WE ALL HAVE TO MAKE THE JOURNEY – and the only thing that will face us on crossing over is our own Law of Cause and Effect: our own conduct on earth – that’s guaranteed!

PATRICK SWAYZE, American actor: GHOST, Dirty Dancing and others is reported to be very sick with cancer of the pancreas and one report was that he was given SIX weeks to live – according to world news yesterday. What advice do you think he would seek on what to do with these last six weeks? There is no last minute forgiveness for wrongs one did in a lifetime – as already stated, no one can erase the Law of Cause and Effect. If he was the reasonable good, honest person and keeps an open mind – the normal procedure would follow: on crossing over he’ll be met by loved ones to help him cross over to the realm of the light – into a much better world than life on planet earth.

CATHOLIC-MUSLIM DIALOGUE - : Question: how will moderate Muslims control the Muslim radicals-terrorists who blow themselves up killing innocent people sending them to the afterlife before their time?
Last year 138 Muslim scholars and leaders wrote to the German-born pontiff and other Christian leaders saying "the very survival of the world itself" may depend on dialogue between the two faiths. Since then, the number of Muslim leaders who signed the appeal as part of the "Common Word" group, has grown to 225. Now it has been announced that Pope Benedict XVI will host a ground-breaking "summit" of Catholic and Muslim leaders in November, according to a Vatican statement. The first meeting of the "The Catholic-Muslim Forum" will take place on November 4 to 6 in Rome, with 24 religious leaders and scholars from each side, the statement released on Wednesday said. Read more....

Ralph writes: "I guess lately I've been thinking a lot about death, and how this world is nothing but a training ground for the soul, but feel I am failing at this test! Alcohol, and other temptresses are around every corner, but some days, it's hard to stave them off!....My question would be, do you have any advice on how to deal with temptation, and to keep it from loosing one's soul?" Read PMH's answer to this question....

News from the UK...Campaigners have submitted a petition to the Scottish Parliament today calling for the last woman convicted under the Witchcraft Act to be pardoned. Helen Duncan spent nine months in Holloway prison after being convicted at a trial in 1944. Her conviction followed a seance at which the spirit of a dead sailor was said to have disclosed the loss of the battleship HMS Barham with most of her crew. The sinking had been kept secret by the authorities to maintain wartime morale, and was not disclosed for several months. A petition to the Westminster Government last year failed to secure a pardon, and the new petition urges the Scottish Government to urge the Home Secretary to reconsider the case. The 1735 Witchcraft Act was repealed by the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951. Read more...

Next Monday 4:00-6:00pm PST-USA Uri Geller will be talking with Rob Simone about the world of Remote Viewing, how Uri got his special "gifts" and his new show with Chris Angel called "Phenomenon" on NBC. Listen Live on 104.4 FM London UK at Midnight Mondays evenings... or on-line 4:00 pm PST USA. Host Rob Simone travels the world to find the most interesting people on the planet. Topics include consciousness, science, phenomenon and more. Rob produces this two-hour talk show from Los Angeles. Read more....

One of the geniuses of the world, Nobel Laureate Professor Charles Richet confirmed the empirical validity of dowsing - SEE: Richet, C. (1923). [Thirty Years of Psychical Research] (S. De Brath, trans.) New York: Macmillan. An American who used the pendulum shocked Navy officials by not only locating every American submarine, but also every Russian submarine in the world. Afterwards, the CIA determined that he was a risk to national security, and he was forbidden to leave the United States. Read more about this and lots more about dowsing and its history. Read more...


The Institute of Noetic Sciences (founded by Astronaut/Scientist Dr Edgar Mitchell) presents:
Living Deeply, a program based on over ten years of scientific research exploring the phenomenon by which people make significant shifts in the way they view the world and themselves. You can choose to:
* Read the book.
* Experiment with the practices on the DVD
*Join the Learning course (currently free of charge)
* Create a Living Deeply study group or community
* Attend a Living Deeply workshop
Watch this 1minute 45 second promotional video or

I received a couple of emails from closed minded skeptical materialist J Randi last week and I would like your opinion. This J Randi is shown on national television in Australia being interviewed by American Don Lane. Randi was reported to have stated that Uri Geller and Doris Stokes (English medium) were fakes. Randi implied he could bend keys any time the way Uri Geller does – with his mind. But Randi as seen on this video clip tried to bend the key secretly on the chair hoping no one would notice – see for yourselves. Randi emailed me this week denying he cheated during his interview with Don Lane. Now, I want you to have a look at this Youtube and tell me how this guy comes across -is he or is he not cheating? Email me... If you are curious as to the email correspondence by Randi Read more ….

: Is he a genuine? Is he a conman? Is he making millions out of those who are gullible? In this world we have all kinds of closed and open-minded skeptics cheats, conmen, con-women, psychics and preachers: Benny Hinn that flamboyant, extroverted Bible preacher some of us see on television who he goes into hysterics and high emotion to try to woo his audience into emotional submission – and telling them to fill their credit card correctly – is being investigated by the authorities. Why, do you think? A fair deduction is that he is emotionally blackmailing his audience into paying him money – and the implication - the larger the donation, the better chance of the donor of going to ‘heaven’ – being generous, God will be generous with you? Where are all the MILLIONS of dollars taken from good, honest folks being channelled to this Benny Hinn going? Into his pocket? You DO NOT NEED TO GIVE 'MONEY' TO BE OR TO BECOME SPIRITUAL AND GET THE BEST DEAL ON CROSSING OVER! Read more...

"Up to the time when I first became acquainted with the facts of Spiritualism, I was a confirmed philosophical skeptic, rejoicing in the works of Voltaire, Strauss, and Carl Vogt, and an ardent admirer (as I still am) of Herbert Spencer. I was so thorough and confirmed a materialist that I could not at that time find a place in my mind for the conception of spiritual existence, or for any other agencies in the universe than matter and force." So writes the co-originator with Darwin of the theory of natural selection in this "interview" with Michael Tymn complied from the great man's writings. The experiences that made him change his mind are identical to things I have experienced on a weekly basis. Read more...

STOP THE SLAUGHTER! JAPANESE STILL SLAUGHTERING WHALES- We DO have a responsibility to planet earth and its species of all kinds. Surveys taken show that more than 68% of the Japanese people do not know that Japanese companies are slaughtering whales. Once they are told they are horrified. Public opinion in Japan IS changing. SIGN THE PETITION: “You may be aware that Japan are out hunting whales again (apparently for ‘scientific’ research, however they do not deny the whales end up on dinner plates after the so called research) and this year have gone even further stating they will be hunting humpbacks and the beloved Migaloo (the only pure white whale in the world). Enough is enough please go to the link and sign the petition it takes 2 seconds. Also please forward to everyone you know!! http://www.whalesrevenge.com is trying to get a million people to sign a petition to stop whaling. (sent by Tina).

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