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September 30th 2016

It seems that near-death experiences are the only evidence of the afterlife that many people have heard of. I often come across skeptics who (wrongly) say that near-death experiences can be attributed to the physiological effects of the dying brain ( see 15 reasons why this is not true) and therefore the afterlife does not exist.

But there is far more evidence for the afterlife than the NDE. As an attorney with professional expertise in the admissibility of evidence, the onus has been on me to present multiple areas of evidence that show the afterlife exists. That is why in our book A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife, outlines are given of more than TWENTY different areas of afterlife evidence.

Many years ago I challenged the skeptics to show where, when, how and why this evidence is wrong. It NEVER happened. Is there some genius skeptic out there who has the skills, the ability, the intelligence, the professionalism and the genius to disprove the evidence I presented??

"This book is compelling, persuasive, believable. I am a former and reformed elder of a Church of Christ, an eighty nine year old veteran of the 1945 Pacific War. I have had at least four recognizable contacts with my wife of sixty seven years who 'died' Sept. 25, 2015. I am not inexperienced or uneducated." (See Amazon for more reviews)

NDE survivors have clear and structured memories of what happened to them, memories which they remember with full clarity all their life. Patients who did not have a NDE during similar treatment were very confused or could not remember anything.

One of the most convincing areas of afterlife evidence is independent direct voice mediumship. Yet it is something that most people have never heard of. When the conditions are right, the spirit operators may be able to build an ectoplasmic Voice Box, either in mid air and on the the side of the neck or on the shoulder or the physical medium. (See photo of medium Leslie Flint with voice box on his shoulder). People can then have extended conversations with their loved one, who speaks in his/her own voice, sometimes at a great distance from the medium. The voices can be heard by everyone present and can be recorded. Sometimes the medium can be conscious and join in the conversation. Wendy and I have listened to direct voice mediumship on more than 200 occasions and can verify that it is real.


Douglas Conacher was a London Publisher who passed in 1958. He began speaking to his wife, Eira, through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint in 1959. There are more than 40 recorded, separate, intimate conversations between husband and wife. In the first one, the first spirit heard is Leslie's 'guide,' Mickey, and then a woman from the spirit world. Then Douglas Conacher comes through and explains to his wife that he visits her every day and that she visits him in the spirit world at night. He also describes his activities in the spirit world. Listen to their first conversation.

"Remember always that you are spirits manifesting through bodies, and that nothing which happens, nothing, can harm or hurt your eternal spirit. You must say to yourself, 'I am part of the Great Spirit; part of His divinity is within me and part of His divine strength is at my disposal when I want it'. In hours of weakness call on that strength and it will help you". Silver Birch.


LIFE AFTER DEATH FROM A NON-BELIEVER'S PERSPECTIVE Donna Moncrieffe, director of Metaphysics Research (www.medium7.com) conducts a debriefing with an individual after his first reading with an evidential mental medium. This individual participated in the reading as part of the "Male Non-Believer" experiments. One of the objectives of this research is to identify and assess evidence of life after death using double blind techniques with individuals who do not believe in life after death.

Watch the reading.

Harrison was perhaps one of the most spiritual of popular musicians of our times. His spiritual quest began in his mid 20s, when he realized for the first time that "Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot..." This search led him to delve deep into the mystical world of Eastern religions, especially Hinduism, Indian philosophy, culture, and music. Harrison firmly believed that "life on Earth is but a fleeting illusion edged between lives past and future beyond physical mortal reality." Speaking on reincarnation in 1968, he said: "You go on being reincarnated until you reach the actual Truth. Heaven and Hell are just a state of mind. We are all here to become Christ-like. The actual world is an illusion." Read more....



Tom Butler has fifty years of experience as an afterlife researcher and a leader in EVP and ITC. His new book,Your Immortal Self is a must-read.

The first Part called Implicit Cosmology is an attempt to explain that we are spirit having a human experience, our purpose for existing, and how we relate to reality. Tom feels that before working in one particular area of research, like EVP, people need to understand the big picture.

In the second Part, called Community, Tom argues that paranormalist community is fragmented into little groups, which study their own particular area, and that there is very little cross-community collaboration. He talks about his disappointment with mainstream scientists for not examining the evidence of ITC. He sees parapsychologists as "trojan horses" since they claim to accept the evidence but then try to explain it as "super-psi". He shares his extreme frustration in being a Wikipedia editor since 2006 and talks about the need for an alternative to Wikipedia.

The third Part called Transcommunication is composed of 11 studies which summarise practical aspects of investigating EVP (Audio ITC), Visual ITC, Artifacts and Perceptual Error, Mediumship, Healing and examples of best practice. Read more...

You said in the past, Victor, that when we go to the afterlife we continue to learn and to do useful work. I really cannot imagine what I could be doing - I am an electrician. Steve S.

You are quite right - there will be no need for electricians in the afterlife. But you may be able to explore aspects of physics which relate to electricity. And you will be able to explore other talents that you never had a chance to develop in life and do work which brings joy to yourself and others.

"With us service does not mean an eternal round of distasteful and laborious tasks. What we do, we do willingly because we have chosen that particular form of work. We do the work that suits us, for which we have a natural aptitude or talent, the work that brings us the greatest satisfaction which will produce the best results proportionate to our labour, and which will bring the greatest benefit to others, either directly or indirectly." Hugh Benson.

"Alternative medicine recognises the physical reality of thought and the enormous part it has to play in the overall well-being of man-woman. Negative thoughts and repressed emotions, as destructive vibrations in the energy body, can have detrimental effects on the physical body. The converse is also true. Positive thoughts and emotions, harmonising the super-energy field, can heal the physical body. The effect of the mind on the body is, of course, recognised in orthodox medicine under the term 'psychosomatic'."
(from Science of the Gods, David Ash & P. Hewitt). Read more...


Every now and then people come up with a promise to enable people to live forever, whether by cryogenics or by technological advancement. There is even a group claiming that, for a price, they can give you pills that will guarantee a permanent extension to your life. Clearly there are frauds everywhere. But seriously, who would want to stick around that long?

Those who understand what happens to us after we cross over, are looking forward to it: a place of glorious beauty, where we will be in perfect health, do not have to eat, drink or sleep - where we will regress to a younger age full of energy, peace and love.


HOW RELIABLE ARE ANCIENT RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE? There is a huge problem with all established religious creeds.
the greatest problem is there is no evidence about WHO actually wrote the religious writings in the Bible, the Talmud, Bhagavad Gita and other 'holy books'.
Secondly, there is debate about why some spiritual teachings were chosen for inclusion and others, just as spiritual, were not.
Thirdly, these ancient religious writings of thousands of years ago were written in times of great superstition, when all the world thought the earth was flat. Inevitably they were influenced by the superstitious thought, customs and social structures of the day.

Fourthly, no one has ever seen the original scripts and the books contain many fundamental inconsistencies. They contain claims that we know are not true, e.g. the world being flat, stopping the sun etc.

Fifthly, once religions were institutionalized, the leaders were in a position to make changes in the writings to entrench their own power.

On crossing over it is how spiritually evolved we are that will determine the conditions we find ourselves in, not how religious we were. Of course, if your religion helps you to become more spiritual, loving and forgiving, that is wonderful.

Moderated by Linda Truax, this 2016 IANDS panel includes Sharon Heller – The Brain Gym Lady; Ellyn Dye, intuitive coach and healer and Rudi Rudenski who claims that before his NDE he was a "Christian jihadist". Rudi had an NDE while serving on active duty and changed from hating everyone not just like him to loving everyone.

AREI has been asked to compile a list of universities and other education institutions that provide programs in afterlife studies, afterlife communication, parapsychology, metaphysics, and other related fields. AREI will be developing the list. If you would like to help in this AREI activity, send an e-mail to r.craig.hogan@afterlifeinstitute.org.


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FEEDBACK: (Three only)

1. 'I cannot understand why scientists are so closed minded. The Afterlife is something which affects us all. How much proof would be sufficient for these skeptics? I have read and experienced so much evidence, including your wonderful book. Knowing about the Afterlife and getting signs helped me with grieving for my wonderful husband. Knowledge is power.' Joyce.

"The SPRs wiki page you sent in the last Afterlife Report had mostly tone in similar lines to wikipedia and skeptics...except they support Psi and super psi which they try to specificize as living agent psi. Here in this page they say that the non-survivalist but pro-psi is the more plausible alternative than survival. They indicate that for both nde and reincarnation, psi is responsible...though they don't say this in words but overall tone is kind of like that, and they say the same for mediumship."
Dr Parizat Mukherjee

3. 'We cannot wait for the establishment we will all be working spiritside if we rely on them too many things going on we might as well be leading the way.' Karyn



THE MAGIC OF MUSIC George Harrison of the Beatles, one of the greatest performers in the world, sings his most successful and most memorable song. MY SWEET LORD has over 27 million hits. The music clip shows photos of the highly spiritual George from age 17 until he tragically died at a fairly young age (58) in 2001. Very nostalgic, emotional but also memorable.


Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.