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17th February 2012

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**I do sincerely apologize if I have not replied to your email - I've been down with the flu' (first time in 20 years!) - and with the ever accumulating work that comes in consistently.

THE 'PARADOX OF PERSECUTION of the Paranormal'. Some time ago - as the regular subscribers will know - I tried to defend Spiritualist Sally Morgan, the highly entertaining and energetic British mental medium, against unfair and vicious attacks in the mainstream press in the UK. Like many mental mediums Sally has a successful track record for doing brilliant work in providing people with personal experience of survival after death. I challenged the critics and others to look at the evidence, 'see for yourself', 'investigate yourself'.What happened? At the time Sally Morgan was in crisis. She had some 30 bookings planned for the U.K. After the unfair attacks - and after people investigated Sally 's mediumship- the bookings in different theatres soared to some 80 all over the UK between now and November this year! Some of the bookings are already SOLD OUT! Well done Sally! See http://www.sallymorgan.tv/tour -for dates

LESSON the ‘paradox of persecution’of the paranormal. Time is showing that those who attack the substance of scientific paranormal and afterlife evidence will increase the influence and credibility of the evidence by making it stronger - creating a situation opposite to what the critics intended..

NOTE CAREFULLY: Perhaps that explains why when I first went public with my afterlife investigations, I regularly had a number of closed-minded skeptics attacking me. To-day I do not even get three educated closed minded-skeptics in one year. Clearly times are changing showing we are on the winning side.

- THE SCIENCE DELUSION- FREEING THE SPIRIT OF INQUIRY Rupert's talk for the Medical and Scientific Network January 17, 2012, King's College London, London. Watch video of talk on Sheldrake TV - click on the picture below:


A BBC Documentary on some of the great pioneers of afterlife research with physical mediums. Also includes information about the Church of England enquiry into mediumship. Fabulous.
One of the scientists featured is Sir Oliver Lodge who wrote a book about his personal experience of evidence of the afterlife. You can download here a free copy of his book Raymond.

A MESSAGE OF OPTIMISM: " ... I can say you need have no fear of what the to-morrow will bring forth. Whenever the difficulty, the obstacle, the handicap, the opposition, whatever the stupidity, the ignorance and superstition you may encounter, all will be divinely well because truth is on the march and none can prevent it from attaining its goal. So hold your heads high and know that the power which is behind us is greater than any that can be encountered in your world." (S.B. FROM THE BEYOND)

We are anxiously awaiting full reports of three seances conducted by physical medium Kai Meugge at the Acacia Centre in Spain Feb 7 to 11, 2012. One of the sitters, a doctor from Lilydale New York, has written a report stating "At the last session we were actually able to see the face of Dr. Bender formed in the ectoplasm, which was illuminated for us by a WHITE light from a flashlight! (The British word for this is “torch”.) " (Post 15. February 2012 on felixcircle.blogspot.com) Another sitter wrote: "It was possible to see ectoplasm in *lighted* conditions which took the form of a face and spoke." A number of circle members wrote: " After weeks of preparative meditation the spirit team eventually declared the start of a new era of ectoplasmic display under optimized light conditions and in a manner satisfying for all attending sitters. As a proof we were given the opportunity to photo the development of the substance right from the medium's mouth mucosa under white light conditions. These photos will be published at the 18th of February!" Check out the Felix Circle blog page in the next few days to see the photos and read more about these wonderful new developments.

After the death of his mother medium Minnie in 1958 Tom Harrison spent over fifty years sharing his stories of her remarkable mediumship and of the evidence of the afterlife he had received.


Since his death at the age of 92 in October 2010, Tom Harrison (pictured left with his wife Anne) has continued in his mission to share knowledge of the afterlife communicating with his wife Anne through many different mediums. He materialized through David Thompson at the Acacia Centre in Spain last year. You can download the audio recording - go to Spain - 22nd August 2011. And according to various reports Tom Harrison also materialized through medium Kai Meugge last week and again spoke to his wife Anne. Details will be available soon on the
Felix Circle blog page. Robin Foy, the highly credible afterlife investigator was a witness on both occasions. Tom is reported to have told his wife Anne: "I was wrong about the afterlife- it is so much better than I imagined."

Kai Muegge's blog entry dated 21. Dezember 2011 describes a sitting he had at the Banyan retreat centre with Scott Milligan, a young English physical medium. Kai describes how Leslie Flint came through with an important message: " He mentioned the pointlessness of mediumistic testing and recommended to not let this illuminating work be restricted by so called scientific test conditions mediums are not used to work under. Genuine Mediums can only lose in such a constellation. Furthermore a medium shall never look for reputation by those who doubt. They can only be persuaded by their personal experience. The medium has to offer his gift to the truely searching, to release their hearts from darkness and anxiety - not to those whose worldview seems to be completed and who look down to us!". Read more on Felix Circle blog page entry dated 21 Dezember 2011.

In her 2011 book "Near Death Experiences- the Rest of the Story" PMH Atwater argues that the near-death experience is an impactful spiritual/religious/mystical experience which is not some type of anomaly, but is rather part of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness. A summary of her argument is contained in her guest editorial in Journal of Near-Death Studies," Volume 29, Number 4, Summer 2011entitled "NDE as a Threshold Experience." Download as pdf...

I came across critics who say what PMH Atwater writes about Near Death Experiences is not proof for the afterlife. What is your view?"

Victor: As I stated in the commentary a couple of weeks ago, all afterlife evidence MUST be seen COLLECTIVELY. That is, when one looks at Near Death Experiences, one must also see the NDE in context of ALL other afterlife evidence - Out of Body Experiences, Trance mediumship, Instrumental Trans-communication, mental mediumship, materialization mediumship, deathbed visions, poltergeists ... and the other afterlife evidence. During a NDE, the duplicate etheric (spirit) body of our physical body comes out of the physical body. This is the same etheric (spirit) body in Out of Body Experience, in poltergeist, and other areas of evidence for the afterlife I mentioned above. Critics deliberately FAIL to see the NDE's COLLECTIVELY because if they see NDE's with the abundance of other afterlife evidence, they have no argument at all - and they know that.


" On April 30, 1976, following an unsuccessful suicide attempt by drug overdose the previous night, Sandra Rogers placed a .38 caliber pistol to her chest, aimed it at her heart and pulled the trigger. At her darkest hour, Sandra committed suicide. She expected to die. Instead, she found herself in the presence of a brilliant light. Instead of the nothingness she sought by committing suicide, Sandra was given an amazing look at life beyond death, and the infinite wisdom of the Other Side. What she learned profoundly changed her. On April 28, 2000, Sandra made the transition back to the Light due to complications resulting from her suicide attempt in 1976. The following is an excerpt from her excellent book, Lessons from the Light, reprinted by permission. It describes an episode of her near-death experience and some of the insights she received while in the light." Read more...


A number of wonderful evidential near death experiences.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? - Directly from the afterlife: "The 'self' which you know is but a small, even tiny, percentage of your total personality. It is necessary to be so focused in order to most benefit by your physical life. Upon death, however, each of you has a very noticeable broadening of your faculties. It can be compared to suddenly being clairvoyant and telepathic, being able to read other people's thoughts easily. That is actually the case once you are freed of the earthly body. You can, indeed, read the thoughts of those around you. This is done without relying on language at all. thoughts are transmitted in a wordless yet universally recognized language of the mind. Simply put, you become aware of the thoughts, emotions and overall tone of the personalities around you." J Laddon's 'Beyond the Veil.'

Our good friend Craig Hogan is the author of the wonderful book "Your Eternal Self" and several great afterlife websites including Your Eternal Self and The Greater Reality. He has also co-authored with Rochelle Wright a book on Guided Afterlife Connections that we highly recommend. A grief therapist, trained in the method, will have you put on headphones and listen to barely audible recordings of music and sounds alternating between the right and left ears. Then they will guide you through a sequence of actions that will lead you to having your own direct contact with a person in the afterlife. Rochelle is planning to train psychotherapists in the method and Craig is working with his nonprofit Centre for Spiritual Understanding to discover and refine methods for people to have their own afterlife connections. Rochelle Wright's webpage lists six reasons why participants feel that these encounters are real visits. Read more....

THE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF CONSCIOUSNESS (IAC) is a research and educational nonprofit that emphasizes OBEs (astral travel). It teaches people (for a fee) to experience OBEs, and collects, synthesizes, and publishes reports from members around the world. Reports discuss contacting spirit guides, and spiritual growth and evolution among other things. They say : Don't believe, experiment for yourself! Read more..

Cold reading? Given the amount of detail that Lisa evidences this would not be possible.

What Stephen Hawking said about God and the afterlife has had my family and me into panic I'm just afraid.. I got depressed. What can you tell me about it ... Nicholas T.K.C (Singapore).

Victor: But Stephen Hawking did NOT investigate the afterlife. He only THINKS there is no afterlife - it is his own personal belief which he cannot independently support. Prof S Hawking FAILED to show WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the evidence for the afterlife does not or cannot exist. A scientist - or anybody else - is NOT allowed to come to any conclusions about something he did not research. Hawking is NOT qualified to make any comments about the afterlife – it is NOT his area of expertise. Why do you ignore the many other brilliant SCIENTISTS who accepted the afterlife? - see www.victorzammit.com . I suggest you regularly read good books about the afterlife - knowledge removes fear. When it comes to the afterlife and the paranormal, Stephen Hawking is a LOSER and DEFEATIST. He will pay the price one day for the stupid and dangerous comments he makes - negatively influencing others about things he shows he does NOT understand, he has NOT read about or he has NOT researched.

ON SKEPTICISM - 'REPETITION BY THE SKEPTICS DOES NOT TRANSFORM A LIE INTO A TRUTH': over time, we who have to combat closed-minded skeptics have found that some tell untruths, lie and cheat to try to mislead everyone. However they always IGNORE the evidence and NEVER specifically state where, when, how and why the afterlife evidence is not valid. The combination of Evidence and personal experience is why over time the number of people who accept the afterlife is increasing.

INTERVIEW WITH DR MELVIN MORSE NBC News says, "Dr Morse has done more to prove the existence of life after death than any other scientist." He will be one of the presenters at the Second Afterlife Awareness Conference- at VIRGINA BEACH MARCH 9-11 and is known for his groundbreaking work studying the near-death experiences of children. In this teleconference he is interviewed by Terri Daniels about near-death experience and answers questions about the survival of consciousness after death. Listen now

Listen, learn and heal with the top speakers, authors and mediums in the field of after death communication (ADC) at this conference. Join a sanctuary of like-minded people, where you can hear the stories of others and share your own. A place where you will learn about the latest research into after death communication (ADC), the continuation of consciousness after death, near death experiences (NDE) and other phenomena supporting the soul and life after life. Watch video about the conference.

OF NEW ZEALAND - for sending a donation towards spreading the 'Light' on a global level. The first way of using the donated money is to offer a free book and free postage to subscribers who have not yet purchased a copy of the book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE because they cannot really afford it. (I donate the book, C.P. LOWSON pays for the air postage). So, if you are truly low in your finances and want to acquire a free hard copy of the great afterlife book, just email me and a book will be posted to you immediately. vz@victorzammit.com

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1).Victor and Wendy….I was so glad and happy to see the book arrive today in the mail. I saw the postmen took out the book parcel and told me it was from Australia. I immediately opened the mail and was excited to see it was the afterlife book … John Malaysia.

2. Victor … Thanks again for a thoughtful report. One of the highlights of my working week after strapping on the desk and reading the morning mail (when not in Court) is to pause and read your report over a coffee. As always the content is of considerable interest…. Simon. Australia

3) Victor, …. Thanks again, and it's always enlightening to read your Friday report. Glad to know that there are always rewards for our deeds and punishment for the sins. Warm regards, Ani. Jakarta

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MUSIC : SOMETHING REALLY INSPIRATIONAL: Goodbye Whitney Houston! "Tears came down our eyes when we heard of your tragic death. Your fans will never forget you Whitney. Exceptionally talented and unique as you were - a giant amongst jazz singers, it is so sad we will not see you in the flesh again performing at your brilliant best on planet earth. May you continue to express your exceptional talent in the beyond without the negativity that crawled on to you in your last moments on planet earth...We will miss you Whitney Houston - but perhaps, we will see you and hear your angelic voice again one day." Victor xx

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