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23rd January 2009

Apologies if we have not replied to your email. We are still catching up with the huge backlog.

Last week's report

COMMENTARY: WHY THE COLOSSAL NEGLIGENCE BY UNIVERSITIES? Some people might say it is criminal negligence! In the last few weeks I mentioned two gifted psychics – Michelle Whitedove who was able to find a buried stuntman and Joseph Tittel who was able to find a young person in some 14 acres of land in less than 5 minutes. This is an example of what I have been stating for years – the paranormal can be objectively measured and can be repeated. These are two elements: objectivity and repeatability that make a phenomenon ‘scientific.’ There is no doubt whatsoever that truly gifted psychics can perform ‘miracles’. Buy why should the research be left to television companies? Why aren't universities doing controlled research into the greatest discovery in human history? Is it materialist stubbornness? Materialist denial? Materialist academic gross negligence? Is it fear that confirming the existence of the paranormal will make knowledge of science we have to-day as redundant as the nineeenth century steam engine? Guaranteed, research into the paranormal at university level – taking it into mainstream will mean a huge quantum leap in the advancement of science.

Just a day before his inauguration to the Presidency, President-elect Obama was seen doing service for charity – in his jeans painting walls – to encourage and motivate people all around America – and the world - to make a contribution to the less advantaged. He could have attended parties with chiefs and with celebrities – but no, President elect Obama wanted to send out a strong message on the value of doing ‘spiritual service’. As I have been stating for the last twenty years, helping others selflessly will put you light years ahead on crossing over where our life is not for just a few decades, but for a long, long, time.

When Terri Daner's 28 year old son Geoff died in a car accident she was devastated. Geoff (pictured) had been a tiger trainer and when Terri recorded some of his tigers roaring, among their noise she heard Geoff say "Hi Mom" in his normal voice. Watch as Terri and Lisa Butler from AAEVP are guests on a Maury segment. Very inspiring. Watch now...(7 minutes)

Sonia Rinaldi from Brazil begins her latest report with a video postcard in Portuguese with a translation into English underneath. Sonia it's lovely to see you and hear about your master's degree project to bring to the academic world the scientific proof of the communication between planes.
Sonia also describes a workshop she recently ran (with the help of her husband Fernando and others in spirit) for 10 people on how to contact departed relatives using Transcommunication techniques. Usually her workshops are only for 3 or 4 people but all 10 obtained great results- Sonia collected 53 very clear contacts. You can see the workshop participants and listen to their results they achieved in just one day! Check out Sonia's latest news bulletin-

OBJECTION OVERRULED! Skeptics' objections about the existence of the afterlife will all be overruled by a court of law. Dealing with 20 objections, one every week.

(No.4) “No one can disprove the afterlife because no one can prove the negative. Stated by a flamboyant closed-minded skeptic from Florida.

Victor: In professional debate, the asserter has to prove – or in the legal context, the lawyer for the plaintiff has to prove his case by presenting his/her evidence. Of course, they also bring their expert witnesses to support their evidence. Accordingly, the plaintiff lawyer's assertion is ‘that there is an afterlife’. As the plaintiff lawyer, I presented some twenty-two areas of evidence for the afterlife from the Electronic Voice Phenomena, Instrumental Trans-communication, Laboratory experiments, Near Death and Out of Body Experiences to Xenoglossy and Quantum Physics. Now, the procedure in professional debate is for those opposing the expressly stated evidence to cross-examine the witnesses on EACH definitive area of afterlife evidence presented to show WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY this expressly stated evidence ought not be accepted. It is absolutely meaningless and inadmissible for the skeptic to say, “no one can prove the negative” simply because the evidence has been positively expressly stated. In nine years that I had this afterlife evidence on the internet, no one – no skeptic or materialist or reductionist scientist, no senior litigation lawyer, no magician or anybody else has been able to rebut the afterlife evidence. Clearly that uninformed closed minded skeptic from Florida does not understand and is not familiar with the rules of professional debate. Most interesting, the more informed intellectual skeptics do not raise this objection because they know they’d make fools of themselves if they did.

A Psychic Answers The Skeptics

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT: 'PARANORMAL BRAIN': Daniel Tammet now around 30 yrs old had brain injury through his seizures when he was around 4 years old. Possibly as a result of these seizures his brain became paranormal with an incredible memory and the ability to calculate mathematical problems science to-day cannot explain. The most interesting thing is that he SEES the correct numbers – and he sees colors, shapes and texture in his head. What he does, no mathematical professor in the world can do because Daniel Tammet has a paranormal brain NOT a normal brain. There were a number of people who had a particular injury to the brain and suddenly became gifted paranormalists. Remote viewers, such as Joseph McMoneagle, Dr David Morehouse, also claimed they were injured in the head during their war years and became experts in remote viewing. Scientists agree Daniel has a brain science to-day cannot explain. Those in the paranormal say, “So? It’s quite normal for us to have these exceptional psychic and paranormal skills.” Enjoy the video: (on youtube sent by Ricardo)

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Are group souls people in the same state of spiritual development, with the same interests?

“In spiritual relationships, you have in the supreme case affinities or the lesser instances kinship. Group souls, when referring to their human aspects, are composed of individuals who have a spiritual kinship. Automatically they are drawn to one another because they are ‘facets of the same diamond.’ It can be, and it does happen, that for purposes of work to be done fragments of the diamond incarnate into your world to have the kind of experience which will help the larger self.” Higher afterlife intelligence SB.

SUICIDE – effects of in the afterlife: I get emails from young people about suicide. This is a very serious subject especially for those youngpeople who are considering taking their lives usually because of depression. In the USA the yearly suicide toll is over 35,000, China over 300,000, Japan over 33,000, India over 100,000 – what will happen to them? Is the Church right in regarding suicide in the same way? What is the status of suicide in the spirit world?

Pictured below are young people who suicided. Sad, very sad. Here's another comment by a highly accredited afterlife intelligence: “You cannot answer that right away. It depends on the earthly life that has been lived; it depends upon the qualities that have been developed; it depends upon the soul’s progress; and, above all these things, it depends on the motive. Because motive precedes action. The Churches are wrong when they say that all suicide comes in the same category; it does not. While you have no right to terminate your earthly existence, there are undoubtedly in many cases, ameliorating factors, mitigating circumstances, to be considered. No soul is better off because it has terminated its earthly existence. But it does not automatically follow that every suicide is consigned for eons of time into the darkest of the dark spheres … If you force yourself to go into the next stage of life before your spirit is ready, then you will have to pay the price in the long adjustment that you will have to make … it will also have the effect of causing you to be separate fro the ones you loves, for you will have made a gulf.
Watch Victor’s video
Suicide is not the answer.

VICTOR IS OFFERING HIS 225 PAGE AFTERLIFE PAPERBACK BOOK FREE FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS! Every now and then I give books away for people to treasure and/or to pass on to others who are searching for substantive information about the afterlife. All you have to do is to pay for airmail postage:

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'YOU CAN'T BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE' - OR CAN YOU? Many people have reported the phenomenon of bilocation -- being in two places at once. One of the more intriguing stories took place during the early 1940s and was reported by Dr. Arthur J. Wills. Read more on Mike Tymn's blog.

FEEDBACK: Last week we featured the brilliant new site www.afterlifedata.com. Apparently lots of our readers liked it as much as we did because we received this very appreciative email from Dr. Dennis Grega & Michelle Szabo, the two website whizzes who worked on the site free of charge as a labour or love for twelve months. Check out their work and if you like what they do contact them.

They write:

"Thank you very much for featuring afterlifedata.com on your Friday Afterlife Report. The response has been wonderful and very heartwarming. Half of our visitors are returning multiple times to date and the bounce rate is extremely low which tells us we've definitely struck a chord and the site is resonating with many visitors. Your influence obviously reaches far and wide as the numbers of people from around the world that have responded to your Report would normally have taken months for us to achieve."

We also has an email from the creator of its companion site www.afterlife101.com who assures us that in spite of our difficulty accessing it the site is operational. Please try the link but if you don't get through go to the archived version that is featured in our links section.

I just can’t work it out Victor … tell me, is there any meaning in this crazy world of ours? What do you think is the purpose of life on earth?

Victor: very briefly, our purpose on this planet earth is: to gain as many experiences as we can and learn from our experiences and to continue to evolve, to make progress, to continue to refine in mind, body and spirit. It is very important to learn the lessons of earthly life and the greatest lessons can be learnt through overcoming the difficulties, obstacles and handicaps. These are the challenges which will call forth some of the potentialities we possess. “You are not a body with a spirit, you are spirit with a body. You will make spiritual progress when you meet with difficulty and overcome it. Steel is forged in the crucible of fire. Your spirit is forged in triumphing over problems.” SB.

“No one judges you or condemns you to the lower spheres. You condemn yourself to the lower horrific spheres (“hell”) by the low vibrations (low spirituality) you acquired during life on earth. Those who were consistently evil are, on their transition, either left alone or are met by those others of the same very low vibrations and with the same very low spirituality. They are naturally attracted to the darker lower spheres. However the universal Law of Progress ensures that at some time in the future those with lower vibrations will eventually, even if it takes eons of time – centuries or even thousands of years – obtain higher vibrations and graduate to the higher spheres. No one is condemned to eternal hellfire.” To read more about what happens when you die see chapter 29.

BY WHAT AUTHORITY? One very big lesson for ALL of us on this planet earth in life is to learn how to discriminate – how to identify conmen, tricksters, charlatans, from the legitimate and the genuine. We also have to learn to understand the very important difference between what is ‘objective’ and what is ‘subjective’ – anything subjective can be totally invalid. These are hugely important lessons. For example, whilst Eckhart Tolle, the New Age guru and someone who is very highly influential these days, has his right to his beliefs, I strongly object if he is telling people things about the afterlife which are NOT consistent with the transmitted information from ‘highly accredited’ afterlife eye-witness sources e.g. Silver Birch and others like him. Eckhart Tolle, is said to have stated that ‘Hitler is in heaven’ – and that we ’merge with the source’ on crossing over. Of course, he will be giving lectures in Australia and if you attend you may be able to get directly from him his views about heaven, Hitler, hell and the rest of it. More about this later. But always the question is by what authority does he make his claims? Where there is no objective authority, whatever is stated can be totally invalid.

GOD? 'QUESTION VICTOR, you never mention God in your research? Don’t you believe in God'?

Victor: my research is about the afterlife not whether or not a God exists. That would be a totally different subject. Further, I don’t have the luxury for ‘beliefs’ because beliefs are subjective and are subject to complete invalidation as we have seen with many of the religious writings. I let people believe in whatever they want to believe – or not believe in. If people believe in God because of their religious beliefs- that’s great for them! Personally, I chose the INTELLIGENT CAUSE/EFFECT rationale for the existence of a God because that is empirical. For every intelligent effect there had to be an intelligent cause. There are many who agree with me therefore, that God is the very first ‘intelligent cause.’ No scientist, no philosopher, no materialist or anybody else has been able to explain why effects are ‘intelligent’ eg, order in the universe – including our solar system operating with great perfection, gravity, evolution, growth and so on. Scientists and atheists have stated everything came by chance. But more intelligent scientists and statisticians state, “objectively, the ‘chance’ argument for life and the universe is irrelevant”.

A CHANCE TO EXPERIENCE DEEP TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP IN SYDNEY - the experience of a lifetime! Guaranteed - when you ask 'William' a question, you will be communicating with an afterlife intelligence! Those of you who are serious about experiencing mediumship may like to take the opportunity to attend a deep trance demonstration with David Thompson. David is of the most gifted physical/materialization mediums in the world today. He will be holding a special public session in Sydney on Saturday January 31st at Crows Nest. According to the Circle of the Silver Cord website people who attend the deep trance session will be given consideration as potential sitters for a future materialization session. Read more...

Hundreds of people of every age, shape, size and disposition have been successful using this incredible program. We support it because we have seen the happiness that results when people finally connect with the love of their lives. If you have a loved one who is unhappily alone, or continually compromising in relationships, tell them to tune in to this FREE ONE-HOUR LIVE TELECLASS / WEBCAST TODAY, January 22 5 PM Pacific, 6 PM Mountain, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern. Those who can't make the time or are attending outside the USA can just register for the class and will receive the link to listen to the recording. Read more...

BEQUESTS: It is vitally important that professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers be given funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* The Forever Family Foundation
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena
* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
In the future we will include other registered organizations which are doing afterlife research. Please email for details.

From previous weeks - the search goes on:
: Sadly as yet there is no category of paranormal research and consciousness studies in the Nobel Prizes so I’d like to invite you submit your nominations for the award of an ‘honorary’ Nobel Prize for Research into the Paranormal. Please nominate. anyone who is extending science to show the world that the paranormal has an empirical objective and repeatable basis and has nothing to do with beliefs. We have had a few nominations but we still have time to highlight the work of all the contemporary scientists who are pioneering the most important field in human knowledge.

Three developing physical circles are seeking well-known sitters who would be willing to speak publicly about their experiences. Does anyone have personal contact with a high-profile well-known "identity", possibly in the arts who would be interested in attending a physical mediumship session in France in May?
If so contact us at 2008@victorzammit.com

YOUR LEGAL QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY VICTOR ZAMMIT: 'SERVICE TO MY REGULAR READERS AND TO THE COMMUNITY': whilst this has nothing to do with afterlife matters, over the many years of doing afterlife research, I received many questions from my regular readers who needed legal advice but did not have the money to go to a lawyer. Accordingly, I have put on the website a special section for the many legal questions/answers (eg. negligence, defamation, police matters, murder, assault, divorce, Wills, probate, property, claims against insurance co's., leases, marriage rights, medical assault, police radars - and for other, click on archives on the blog) for for my regular readers - and for general readership and information.
Read more ... http://victorzammit.wordpress.com/

Elvis Presley: ‘Always on My Mind’: Undoubtedly, Elvis was the first singer to revolutionize music in the 50’s. Experts agree, Elvis’ rock n’ roll penetrated the hearts and minds of the millions teenagers of his time – and music was never the same again. In this song, Always on My Mind, it is believed he shows regret about his divorce – where after the divorce for Elvis's life took a steady nosedive from which he was never able to recover. My view is that this is one of the very best songs Elvis recorded. Listen to the most sensitive lyrics – Elvis at his best for melody, depth, feeling, expression and delivery - also a most interesting montage. This historical song has more than 7,600,000 hits.

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