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We’ve had highly intelligent scientists of all kinds – physicists, biologists, psychologists and physicians telling us that after they investigated the afterlife empirically, they had no choice but to accept the objective and repeatable evidence. This is the acceptance of the non-physical energy that explains all paranormal activities. We now have a new breed of scientists – especially in physics who are telling us that quantum physics is the key to the acceptance of the afterlife. We have a number of physicists who agree with Professor Alan Wolf who said, “I believe that the findings of quantum physics increasingly support the notion that there is a more perfect, non-material realm of existence.” This is revolutionary science which is leaving reductionist science behind. Funding is urgently needed to continue to develop this magnificent afterlife quantum physics. Universities throughout the world should get together and co-operate in quantum physics research – because once non-physical energy is controlled, science will take a quantum leap and will make reductionist science as modern as the nineteenth century steam trains.

Rather than being lifeless matter, subatomic particles are being revealed as having consciousness. Michael Talbot describes an experiment by Aspect, Dalibard and Roger in 1982 that he predicts will be the most important experiment ever: “Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electronics are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them” University of London physicist David Bohm believed Aspect’s findings imply that objective reality does not exist and that despite its apparent solidity, the universe is fundamentally a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.” (Talbot, 2000-196).

“ – Those who think that science has no place for the paranormal do not know what they are talking about.... “New discoveries in science are forcing an expansion to ideas of who and what we are, and that those who are most hostile to this topic know little or nothing about the evidence.”

NOBEL LAUREATE Professor Brian Josephson and Professor Jessica Utts (experts in quantum physics) ”What are the implications for science of the fact that psychic functioning appears to be a real effect? These phenomena seem mysterious, but no more mysterious perhaps than strange phenomena of the past which science has now happily incorporated within its scope.” (Utts and Josephson 1996).”


Featuring Noted Experts - Fred Alan Wolf, Peter Russell, Professor Al-Khalili, York Dobyns, Robert Anton Wilson, Dean Radin, Richard Alan Miller, Michael Talbot, Gregg Braden, Professor David Deutsch, David Wilcock, Khemp Yurmed Tinly, Nassim Naramein, John Hagelin, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, David Bohm.

The Scientific Committee Exposing Pseudo-Skeptical Cynicism of the Paranormal. 'SCEPCOP' is a coalition of individuals which includes Paranormal Researchers, Investigators, Writers and Intellectuals who have united to counter and expose the Pseudo-Skeptical movement for their fallacies, misinformation, dismissal, denial, censorship, suppression, bigotry and attempt to ridicule toward any evidence, experience or science that challenges orthodoxy or does not fit into a materialistic reductionist paradigm - and those other materialists who have buried their heads in the sand .... Read more....


THE FELIX CIRCLE IN EUROPE - Kai Meugge, chairman -
has started to do experiments in Psychic Photography, conducted by the deceased icon of German Parapsychology "Prof. Hans Bender". With the end of 2008 one of our trance-personalities, "Rafael Gutmann" announced to change place with a higher level personality. The mentioned entity first came only through under very unnerving circumstances. The trance induction had changed and was accompanied by heavy hyperventilating and the entrancing 10 minutes were very exhausting for all present. Later the entity explained that energy assimilation was the problem. Moreover the replacing entity did not want to reveal its name and to work under a pseudonym at the beginning. At this time it only could speak in a very difficult, but interesting manner. It sounded like a radio, that loses its signal, the pitch of the voice seemed to increase and decrease in a way, while it was permanently changing its audibility. During this its say leveled between faster speaking in a higher pitched voice with changes into a slower very deep gruntling voice that was nearly inaudible. Very interesting to observe that.
Read more ...

Australian medium Deb Webber has been featured on more than 20 episodes of Sensing Murder. In this fascinating interview she talks with Robyn Walker about her mediumship.

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Part 8- What happens when you die?

Direct Communications from the Afterlife
By DR Elizabeth Nowotny-Keane
“I looked to the side and there was Ricky and he was sitting
there beside my bed. On the floor beside my bed … I
remember looking and thinking ‘wow’ and feeling so … just
taken, so surprised by it.’ (Marlene)
‘I’ve always believed we could not be put on this earth for
seventy years or whatever just to be discarded. We are much
more than just compost material. I just know that. That there
is life after. And I know that it’s joyous.” (Marianne)
People who have experienced the presence of a departed spirit no longer doubt there is an afterlife. This book tells amazing stories of people who have received direct visits and communications from deceased loved ones – a parent, spouse, sibling, child or friend. The bereaved tell stories of visionary encounters, conversations, dreams, familiar scents, even hugs and kisses. These fascinating accounts of successive communications from the deceased are shared within the framework of the lives of their loved ones. To order the book: Send to $25: Elizabeth Keane 167 Campbell St SORENTO QLD 4217 email lizkeane@bigpond.net.au

“Time is ticking on and we are ramping up the preparations for the extensive travel to the UK and also Australia & New Zealand. It's a very exciting time. We are also looking at new TV opportunities too, so it looks like it's going to be a busy year next year. I can't believe we are already starting to plan ahead for next year! Time flies so quickly in life and what we find is that we are constantly trying to rush, rush, rush around to get things done, but sometimes we have to sit back and enjoy the present …” Join Lisa's mailing list.

“That is a very vexed question because always there are differences of opinion in our world amongst those who know, and those who do not know. There are those who are just as emphatic in rejecting the idea of reincarnation as there are those equally emphatic in favoring it because of their experience. I am among the last category because it is something I have experienced. But, as always, it is a confusing question because, as you have heard me say so many times, it is not the same facet of the individuality that reincarnates.”(SB)

“In the afterlife dimension we are informed that we will have perfect health as we have never had when we are in the physical world. It must be experienced, and that you will not be able to do until you become one of us here yourself … I have said that my mind was alert. That is an understatement. I discovered that my mind was a veritable storehouse of facts concerning my earthly life. Every act I had performed, and every word that I had uttered, every impression I had received; every fact that I had read about and every incident I had witnessed, all these, I found, were indelibly registered in my subconscious mind. That is common to every spirit person who has had an incarnate life …” Transmitted from the afterlife by former Catholic priest Mons. Hugh Benson.

“All in the same plane can see and touch the same things. If we look at a field, it is a field to all who look at it. Everything is the same to those in the same condition of mental development. It is not a dream. Everything is real to us. We can sit down together and enjoy each other’s company just as you can on earth. We have books and we can read them. We have the same feelings as you have. We can have a long walk in the country, and meet a friend whom we have not seen for a long time. We all smell the same aroma of the flowers and the fields as you do. We gather the flowers as you do. All is tangible, but in a higher degree of beauty than anything on earth. Here we have no decay in flower of field as you have. Vegetable life just stops growing and disappears. It dematerializes.” (from Arthur Findlay’s THE WAY OF LIFE, p.123)

THE WAY OF LIFE – A Guide to the Etheric World
– giving 419 extracts from the verbatim records of sittings with John Campbell Sloan, the famous Glasgow Direct Voice Medium, taken from the works of and arranged by Arthur Findlay– that great Scottish psychic historian. Download free from thegreatquestion.com or Buy online or Contact the Arthur Findlay College

What is likely to happen to those who where mega stars on earth – such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and John Lennon and others like them once they pass on to the afterlife?

Victor: Their star status will no longer exist. They will be meeting a lot of people, but the circumstances in the afterlife dimension are totally different to what they are on physical earth. We have different beliefs, values and adulation towards these megastars. But what gives anyone the megastar status in the afterlife is the consistent, highly level, the exceptional high quality service to others there. This is the same with looks in the afterlife. Whereas here on planet earth extremely good looking people with an alluring figure– especially women are given exaggerated status in the afterlife the brightness of your aura will become your status – the brighter the aura, the higher status you will have.

1) From A reader who is communicating with his wife via EVP...(See previous article)

"Your last Friday Reports have been, as always, so full of wonderful and interesting news. The contacts with my wife keep going on each week. Sometimes all three to four questions that I ask weekly are answered, sometimes not, or the answer may have been given but I didn’t catch it properly.

I thought it might interest you to know that I enquired about if our ITC contacts did not interfere with her evolution in the spirit world. The reason of that question is that I read from several sources that when we insist having such exchanges during a too long period - my wife had her transition over two years ago - there is a risk for the passed person to stay too close to the earth area and to suffer from not being able to follow a normal course in her spirit life. The answer has been in substance "well to keep on for me as for you".

On another hand she validated six books of Anthony Borgia-Hugh Benson. Have a nice week. "

2) " Victor,
I have now some of Arthur's Findlay works on the internet including volume 1 of The Curse of Ignorance. I am now working on Volume 2. It took me almost 2 years scanning Vol 1 and making sure there wasn't any scanning problems. If you like my website and feel it can be of help to anyone, I'd be grateful if you mention it. My only intent is to help propagate the work of these great men, such as Arthur Findlay; and if in by so doing so, I can help one or two souls, I will have then received my reward.
Sincerely Carlos. "

3) " Tony Robinson is an admired actor on stage and UK TV programmes, and a serous presenter of an archaeological series. I have a great regard for him. However, this time he made a farce of objectivity. All the gloomy light and quick cuts to other irrelevant shots, plus interminable time showing him driving here there and everywhere, made for a programme which wandered with no tight direction. Opportunity lost, or was it deliberate? If so, I would think Tony Robinson was conned into making himself look silly.

I could go on, but unless he is serious about wanting to understand the greatest question we all must grapple with, what's the point? He could start by reading any of the free downloaded books which span more than 100 years of Mediumship, both in Europe and America at survivalebooks. Then he should consider returning, and making an objective programme, without his pretty assistant, who contributed little except her disbelief and her good looks. "

Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* World ITC- ITC Research of Mark Macy (USA) and Rolf Ehrhardt (Germany)
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC

by special request: for those who really can appreciate evocative, highly melodious music- a spectacular piece of music to listen to. It is a masterpiece. Of all the great singers who sang it, I chose the version sung by a relatively young New Zealand singer Hayley Westenra - she puts her heart and soul into it. Listen sensitively to the feeling she exudes. Really, wonderful, great music!

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.