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25th February 2005

DAILY MAIL (UK news) DESCENDS TO THE GUTTER. Materialist science editor M. Hanlon last week stated in relation to famous materialization medium Helen Duncan that there is little doubt in the ‘strictest sense’ that she was indeed a fraud. Either this Hanlon is colossally incompetent as a researcher or he is knowingly being sycophantic writing what he is told to write. Or he is exploiting his position to promote his deeply entrenched materialism. Why did he not mention that more than 39 witnesses, some of them with the highest credibility such as a British Wing Commander, testified under oath that Helen Duncan was a genuine medium? Why did he not state that Helen Duncan was refused the opportunity to demonstrate her psychic gifts to the court? Access the truth about HELEN DUNCAN: click on BOOK top right, Chapter 11.

‘MEDIUM’ – television documentaries based on the experiences of Allison Dubois are doing great. Tell your friends to watch the show. Allison is showing the world that psychic phenomena are real. More funding must be allocated for research into this most vital area of dealing with non-physical energy. Other countries are pouring money into psi and if we in the West do not get psi results – we’ll be paying a huge price for our colossal negligence.

LINKING AFTERDEATH WITH SUB ATOMIC PHYSICS – a lecture by that brilliant physicist Sir Oliver Lodge. By way of an introduction Michael Roll says: This article by the great scientist Sir Oliver Lodge was published in The Queen's Hospital Annual in 1933 (Birmingham). It is because this great scientist wrote articles and published books along these lines that he has been vilified by negative, defeatist critics who are always trying to control the scientific teaching throughout the world. Sir Oliver Lodge was the first person to send a radio message, one year before Marconi. His great contribution to science is universally acknowledged. Many informed scientists and empiricists agree that Sir Oliver Lodge influenced millions about the existence of the afterlife.. Read the full lecture.

AFTERLIFE PHYSICS is highly objective and efficient. Highly credible information from the other side tells us that when we cross over we won’t immediately see St Peter, Or Jesus or God. But we will be met by those with whom we have a heart to heart connection. However, the universe, including anything in the afterlife, has to do with ‘vibrations.’ There will still be capacity to do good works but there will also be the capacity to be selfish. This means that the level of vibrations will continue to increase or decrease depending how you exercise your free will.

ANGLICAN CHURCH in England – an ABC radio announcer this morning reported that a staggering 70% of Anglican Christian ministers there do NOT believe in God! Yes, that is right- you read it correctly 70%!

SPIRITUAL EXISTENTIALISM. When the universal laws that govern the afterlife are understood all other beliefs devised by man become irrelevant. These laws relate to the increasing and decreasing of vibrations of the ‘etheric’ (spiritual) body, the laws governing telepathy, teleportation, materializations, clairaudience, clairvoyance. Even to-day there are empiricists of the highest credibility attesting to their existence. Spiritual Existentialism refers to the acceptance of and detachment from worldly phenomena. E.g. you don’t need to be depressed when information is given to you about world disasters or when negative people attempt to try to destabilize you. You do what you can but you emotionally keep on keeping on with your daily tasks. In the future, I will be writing more about this in greater detail.

WILL PRINCE CHARLES GO TO HELL? I was asked a couple of weeks ago when this marriage was announced whether Prince Charles will go to hell because he committed adultery with Camilla when Princess Diana was alive. As I stated before we humans accumulate vibrations throughout our lifetime according to how we live. Those who lead a willfully cruel and selfish life will have big problems- whether they are a queen, king, princess or a manual worker. Prince Charles, like everybody else will go realm compatible with his own level of vibrations when he crosses over. If we are unselfish, kind, actively help others and are decent folk, we have nothing to worry about. Where Prince Charles will go on crossing over will not depend only on his adulterous conduct, but his contribution during ALL his lifetime.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: You said last week that Roman Emperor Constantine was the founder of Christian theology in 325 at the Council of Nicea and you implied he was a bad man. He founded Christian thinking and the Greeks made him into a saint, how can he be bad? (P.G. Louisiana, U.S.)
VICTOR: Historically, there is NO dispute that Emperor Constantine was very cruel: he murdered his wife Fausta in bath of boiling water; he beheaded his 11 year old son; murdered his half sister and her sister Constantina. He strangled to death his own spiritual advisor Sopator! Julian, Constantine’s own nephew stated about Constantine that he was “a voluptuary, a profligate and a murderer.” Understandably, Constantine is a huge embarrassment to the Christian Church which does not want to discuss him at any time. The Greeks decided to completely ignore his violence and accept him as a saint. But I have to repeat: the Council of Nicea was in 325AD and what the world was made to believe in those days came from very primitive sources. And the beliefs laid down 325AD have not changed. As a matter of fact EVERY time a Catholic service takes place, the priest saying mass repeats the beliefs of the Council of Nicea when he and the congregation recite, the Nicean Creed, “I believe in God …” Constantine was NOT a Christian at the time – but he is on record for organizing the Council of Nicea which determined the ‘Western mind.’ See last week’s comment in the archives.

AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE – a message: the highly regarded Silver Birch, an intelligence from the afterlife, states in response to a question by a medium about who chooses to be a medium, “ … you determine where you shall begin. You know what you have to do. Then you come into the world and it is buried within your sub-consciousness waiting to emerge when you come into your own. There are no accidents, no chances, no coincidences, no miracles, nothing supernatural. It is all law and order and design. All is planned.”

QUESTION ABOUT MY OWN EXPERIENCES: A number of times over the last sixteen years people have asked me whether I ever experienced any psychic phenomena myself. Of course I have. I repeatedly experience different psychic phenomena at many times e.g. direct communicating with the afterlife. And that is one most fundamental reason why I am absolutely convinced that the afterlife exists. We HAVE to remember and accept that the EXPERIENTIAL is far more powerful in creating personal conviction than anything else. I have come across so many people who stated words to the effect, “ … don’t talk to me about science … I KNOW what I experienced. I saw my loved one AFTER she died. That I KNOW to be true.”

IGNORE THE LOSERS AND DEFEATISTS! I have not met one debunker-materialist who was able to clearly explain why the afterlife does not or cannot exist. But we do have some of the world’s most brilliant scientists telling us that their empirical research shows that the afterlife does exist – AND the consequences are ENORMOUS! My suggestion is to ignore the negatively minded, the closed minded skeptics, the materialists and those others who are spreading false information about the afterlife.

SOUL TRAVEL MAGAZINE: a Swedish non-profit e-zine (electronic magazine). Its primary focus is inner human development through the exploration of altered states of consciousness known as Out-of-Body Experiences, Remote Viewing and Lucid Dreaming. Below are two excellent items it contains. Free and highly recommended.

How much research has been done in Parapsychology in the West the last 100 years? The answer is unfortunately not much according to Sybo A. Schouten, University of Utrecht, Parapsychology Foundation. The money spent on research during all those years equals the fundings of just two months of research in psychology in the US! The research being done on the Out-of-body phenomenon as a part of the field of studies in parapsychology is almost nothing at all. Yet skeptics claim that research in parapsychology never have yielded any significant results and no evidence. Read More...

When will medical science accept the reality of Near Death Experiences? P.H.M. Atwater writes: More medical people are now willing to consder the reality of the near-death phenomenon and the effect it has on experiencers. Much of this turn-around in relative acceptance is because of "Pam Reynolds's Case" that was reported on in cardiologist, Michael Sabom's book "Light & Death". Pam's case is the first absolute medical proof that an individual can see and hear when dead (without vital signs, no blood in the body, brain dead as well), and can have a long, fully involved near-death experience absent of any brain response whatsoever. Since her case cannot be refuted, medical science has had to reconsider its position. Read more...

18th February, 2005

Report 18th February 04

U.S. SOLDIER (K.K.) FROM IRAQ PART 2 – a message: how TERRORISTS recruit suicide bombers. “Another tactic used by terrorists is this. It is often used in Palestine. A terrorist will either seduce or rape a younger woman, with the complete intent of getting her pregnant. Once this happens they will leave the woman to her fate, knowing that for shaming the family they will often kill her. I should mention honor is far more important in that culture, it completely affects employment, housing etc. Loss of honor can be a death sentence for more then her. However they will offer a way to regain the family’s (and her) honor - that is to become a suicide bomber.”

Victor’s comment: It is so sad that in addition to all the coercion the suicide bombers are promised that when they die they will go to a ‘paradise’ of afterlife pleasures and– (for the males only–of course) there will be some 50 virgins waiting for them. We know better!! I repeat last week’s statement: all politics aside, we have to remember that it is the brave American soldiers (and other pro freedom forces), not the politicians of the Republicans or the Democrats, who are bearing the brunt of the conflict and risking their lives every day. Do send light and prayers to the soldiers and others helping to bring peace, order and sanity into a country full of darkness-- Light and prayers to help them survive.

THE WESTERN ‘MIND’ – and continuous refinement: Our beliefs, our emotions, our perception of the world, our thoughts, ethics, values, our laws – were originally and primarily shaped by the decisions at the Council of Nicea, Turkey in 325AD (May to September) under the auspices of the Roman Pagan Emperor Constantine. Here major decisions were made about what the Church and the people had to believe. The Church and its theology then ruled the Western mind for some 1300 years – some call it the Age of Darkness - until the Age of Enlightenment in France – in the seventeenth century. With the Age of the Enlightenment came the early seeds of empiricism- objectivity and science started to evolve. Cartesian logic evolved: “doubt anything that can be doubted”. Later, works of Sir Walter Raleigh and others.

CONTINUOUS REFINEMENT: Do you ever test your beliefs to see if the ones you grew up with are still valid and relevant? Are you brave enough to change your beliefs, if you find they are no longer supported by the evidence, have no logical sense, have no value and are really misleading you? If you are brave enough, do the test yourself. That is how progress is made. What we were told to accept in 325AD does not apply to us to-day in the twenty first century! That is why my evidence for the existence of the afterlife is strictly empirical. I do not have the luxury of ‘beliefs’ anymore. If a given objective formula can be repeated over time and space and yields the same results, I know I have truth on my side.

POLICE ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES: Many police chiefs understand that there are gifted psychics who can assist them in solving crimes. But as in all things discrimination is the key. The Sensing Murder producers tested 100 psychics for their show and found than only 5 of them were able to empirically produce reliable corroborated information about a known murder. Allison Dubois – and a number of others in the United States and Deb Webber and Debbie Malone in Australia have proved themselves to be truly gifted and have performed absolutely brilliantly in identifying murderers even some thirty years after the crime has been committed!

SUGGESTION TO POLICE: Do what the producers of Sensing Murder did. Advertise and empirically test a large number of psychics and find the top 5% who can demonstrate known facts about a number of solved crimes. Then establish a panel of consultants. Use what has been learned about psychic detection and have them work independently and only act on what is cross corroborated. POLICE DEVELOP THEIR OWN INTUITION. Police recruits can be taught how gifted psychics and remote viewers can be of enormous assistance on all levels and that they too can develop their own intuition. One police chief who developed these abilities was Patrick Price, who became a particularly gifted remote viewer and later worked for the CIA. Sadly he was murdered by the then KGB because he was able to identify highly sensitive nuclear potential targets in Russia – click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 17.

GIFTED MEDIUMS – where do they get the information from? One has to understand that these days ‘mental’ mediums have come under strict empirical scrutiny. Repeatedly psi empiricists working with mediums in universities are obtaining positive results. Mediums are able to attune themselves to the non-physical energies of those who crossed over. Those who have been murdered, would have powerful motivation from the afterlife to contact a medium to relate necessary information. Some problems arise when the victim in the spirit-world cannot make his or her message clear. We must NOT take it for granted that the victims can articulate everything properly from the otherside. When transmitted information is excellent, the gifted mediums on earth are able to receive the information and relate the accurate information on to others. That is what happened with those mediums in the brilliant and outstanding television documentaries SENSING MURDERS (see below)

PROFESSOR STEPHEN BRAUD Thursday 7th April 2005, 6:35pm. Lecture Hall of the Kensington Central Library, Campden Hill Road, London, W8 7RX. Stephen Braude is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He is a Past President of the Parapsychological Association and the author of ESP and Psychokinesis (1979), The Limits of Influence (1986), First Person Plural (1991) and Immortal Remains (2003). Members and Associates: Free. Non-Members: £5
Students, Over 60s or Unwaged: £2
(Coffee and Biscuits will be available at £1 per person).

THE ACADEMY OF RELIGION AND PSYCHICAL RESEARCH (U.S.) NOT TO BE MISSED! forthcoming meetings: The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research P.O. Box 614 Bloomfield, CT 06002-0614 (860) 242-4593; further information: email: 13th ANNUAL CONFERENCE of the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research on Mythology, After-Death Communication and the Soul 7:30pm on Friday, June 17, 2005 to 4:30pm on Monday, June 20, 2005 La Quinta Inn and Suites Orlando Airport North
7160 North Frontage Road Orlando, Florida A selection of speakers and topics will include: (Saturday, June 18, 2005) 10:30am - Muggles, Matrix and Silaril: The PRide of Modern Mythologies - James E. Beichler, Ph.D., Professor of Physics at West Virginia University, has the only Ph.D. in the world from an accredited institution in Paraphysics, conducts research in the physics of consciousness and edits Yggdrasil: The Journal of Paraphysics. 2:30pm - After-Death Communication: A New Field of Research - Bill Guggenheim, author of Hello From Heaven, Professor Sylvia Hart Wright, M.S., M.A., author of four books including When Spirits Come Calling: Open-Minded Skeptic's Guide to After-Death Contacts (2002).. 8:45pm - Paranormal Physical Phenomena - Rev. E. Ann Otezelberger, National Spiritualist Teacher (NST) with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, (Sunday, June 19, 2005) 9:00am - Electronic Communication from the Spirit World - Rev. Donald J. Zanghi, Ordained Spiritualist Minister,. 7:00pm - Can Science Prove the Soul, the Afterlife and God? - Donald R. Morse, DDS, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Temple University, author of over 200 scientific articles and 15 books, among which are Searching for Eternity: A Scientist's Spiritual Journey to Overcome Death Anxiety, President of The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research and Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research. 8:15pm - Panel of Presenters: Can Myths and Psychical Communications help us understand reality, both spiritually and scientifically, and help us find greater meaning and joy in this and the next life?

– the legacy of Galileo. Last Tuesday was the birthday of Galileo – that great scientist whose life was threatened by the Church some 400 years ago. He left us a memorable legacy of how to test the truth. When you have an inconsistency between theology and science, inevitably science will prevail. The Church said according to theology (the Bible) the earth was stationary and was in the centre of the universe. Galileo said no, science tells us that the sun is stationary and the earth revolves around the sun. He nearly lost his life and had to recant on his knees this inviolable principle. It took the Catholic Church over 300 years to concede defeat. The Church’s speed in rectifying problems, even when it knows it is in the wrong, makes a snail’s speed faster than a rocket. To-day the Catholic Church and other Churches have to accept that principle in psychic matters. This is because psychic matters such as mediumship has become empirical (scientific). Any theology which is inconsistency with empirically tested psi (psychic phenomena) inevitably psi will always prevail.

PRINCE CHARLES and CAMILLA marriage: I received an email from an informed source, Angus Huck, who lives in the UK. This is what he has to say about the marriage: Victor, I think you'll find that 70% are opposed to Mrs Parker-Bowles becoming "Queen Camilla"; few people oppose the marriage.

11th February, 2005

ALLISON DUBOIS – (one of the greatest mediums of all time) DOES NOT TAKE ANY NONSENSE FROM THE MATERIALISTS. This is what she says on her website: “ I want to address an issue that comes up from time to time. There is an irritating magician offering $1 million to anyone that can prove to him that there is anything paranormal. My response to this is there is a reason that mediums do not take him up on his challenge. The mediums I know, myself included, do not believe this man to be honorable. Not only is he an unintelligent skeptic, he would be an out of work skeptic if somebody were to prove this to him. Therefore, he will never come to the conclusion that any medium has met his standards. If he is so interested in million dollar challenges, maybe he should take Victor Zammit up on his. It would be appreciated if he would direct his anger, whining and bullying towards a therapist. FYI any e-mail concerning him will be rightfully deleted.” From Victor: Go for it Allison – you have my 100% support against any conman closed minded debunking skeptic materialist green with envy of your success who has pushed COWARDICE to its extreme- by NOT taking me on. He is trying to deceive, con, cheat, lie the American people.

ALLISON'S BOOK Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye is available now! Check out her Up and Coming page for more information on the book or just order your copy here .” And Great News! NBC has picked up a second season of "Medium" to air in the 2005-2006 season. The show is currently airing Monday nights 10pm (9pm central) Check out the details on her Up and Coming page and on

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA investigates mediumship. For the first time in 30 years the University of Virginia is conducting a study with mediums. Allison Dubois, star of Medium the hit series now being shown on NBC and around the world is co-operating with researchers there.

TERRORISM: An AMERICAN SOLDIER WRITES FROM IRAQ Part 1. (next week Part 2). I received emails this week from an American soldier in Iraq - about how terrorists ‘recruit’ suicide bombers. It appears that the terrorists pick some Iraqi and tell him that if he refuses, he himself and his family will be killed. They mislead and lie telling him he will go straight to heaven to meet ‘Allah’ - God – and where there will be some fifty virgins waiting for him!! It has always been a puzzle for the professional law enforcers in the West to understand terrorists killing themselves. Now it makes sense – the professional terrorists will do the ‘thinking’ and the ‘dying’ is pushed on to somebody else – naturally enough! You may not like politics – but politics aside – let’s send our best and warmest wishes to those brave and courageous American soldiers who are bearing the brunt of extreme terrorism and are risking their lives every day so that one day true peace, freedom, democracy and sanity will prevail in one of the darkest countries in the Middle East and the world to-day. More next week.

SENSING MURDER – THIRD SHOW- ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Irrefutable evidence of psychic phenomena in practice. This television documentary shown by the mainstream Sydney national television station Channel TEN will be shown around the world. Once again it is absolutely mind boggling because it shows the dead ACCURACY of a couple of psychics working on an unsolved murder independently and on different days. They identified identical clues how two young nurses Lorraine and Wendy were murdered some thirty years ago. These gifted psychics identified WHERE and WHEN and BY WHOM (described in detail) the two victims were murdered. All of the variables identified by the psychics were independently confirmed by people who lived where the murderers lived. There were over thirty variables correlated between the two psychics. How could these come by chance? To claim it was fraud, that would include the boss of a mainstream television station, writers, police officers, cameramen, doctors, witnesses – some hundred people getting together to fool the world!!! If one rules out chance and fraud, there is only one realistic alternative: these gifted psychics are genuine and ought to be regarded as pure gold! Congratulations to those behind the documentary series and to Channel TEN for having the insight, the intelligence and the integrity to show something which is critical information for the public to access. Well done psychics!

THE GENUIUS OF RAY CHARLES – the brilliant blues/country Western/jazz singer accepted the existence of the afterlife. There was a very strong and powerful emotional and psychological relationship between Ray Charles and his mother. In 1979 in Atlanta when he was receiving an award and an apology from Atlanta City Hall politicians, Ray’s wife said to him, “I wish your mother was here.” Ray Charles is reported to have replied, “She is.”! The scriptwriters of the movie RAY –a really magnificent biography of Ray Charles which I highly recommend -got this one right.

POPE JOHN-PAUL II – time for him to retire. We watched the Pope a few days ago trying to bless those in the Vatican Square. He was shaking like a leaf – and giving signals that he does not have the essential energy to direct the Catholic Church with an alleged one billion followers. He did what he could from the prevailing political and religious circumstances and he has carried out his work brilliantly – you’d have to admit that even if you’re not a Catholic. But the Catholic Church – and Christianity itself will be facing the most challenging times in its history in the near future. In England, a national census showed there are more Spiritualists than Catholics! The new Pope MUST take into consideration the substantive empirical evidence for the afterlife and initiate changes in theology to make theology consistent with science and objective, empirical evidence we now have for the existence and conditions in the afterlife.

PRINCE CHARLES/CAMILLA MARRIAGE: a staggering 70% of the British people are against this marriage! True, no woman on earth will ever be in a position to take Princess Diana’s place (“There were three of us in our marriage – too crowded.”) – perhaps the most popular Princess ever. Two reasons why I support the marriage: there is a heart to heart connection (they’ve been together emotionally for the last 34 years) and secondly, Prince Charles genuinely supports the religion of Spiritualism – survival and acceptance of contacting those who crossed over.

ALLAN KARDEC – the most impressive spirit channellers of all time and who influenced millions of people around the world with his classic SPIRITS’ BOOK- very highly recommended- Representatives attended the Bicentenary celebration of his birth –held at the Maison de la Mutualite in Paris, France. Both the balcony and the auditorium were full with the 1,839 participants from 33 countries including France, USA, UK, Portugal, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Peru, Japan, China, Russia. The event was promoted by the International Spirit Council (ISC) and organized by the French & Francophone Spiritist Union and put into action by the Kardec Association.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES. Have you had a NDE? Researchers at Wichita State University are investigating the after-effects of the NDE by learning more about its impact on peoples' lives. If you have had a NDE and decide to participate, you will be asked to answer an anonymous questionnaire which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Any information obtained in this study will remain confidential and anonymous.

JOIN IANDS (the International Association for Near Death Studies) and receive a free copy of P.M.H. Atwater's 480-page "encylopedia of the NDE." "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Near-Death Experience" has been called "the Ultimate NDE Guide". Ken Ring, Ph.D. had this to say about Atwater's guide: "This book by PMH Atwater is to me the definitive work on near-death experiences, and stands somewhere between being a Bible for the field and an encyclopedia of it. It is a tremendous achievement - and its warm, compulsively readable, engaging, provocative and fun as well." This offer is good while supplies last. Visit IANDS join page for more information about becoming a member:

4th February 2005

BACK FROM THE DEAD - confirmed! MONTAGUE KEEN MATERIALIZES IN A SÉANCE. Montague Keen -Monty- who crossed over just over 12 months ago- was a prominent member of the Society for Psychical Research. He was one the best known paranormal investigators of ourtime, and also one of our greatest thinkers. He materialized through physical (materialization) medium David Thompson. I talked to David Thompson - and his wife Bianca who also participates in David’s psychic meetings in person this week. Monty gained a brilliant reputation for his rigid adherence to strict scientific method when investigating mediums. ‘Monty’ investigated David Thompson just before Monty crossed over. Monty was an expert in empirical mediumship and knew David fairly well. His report on him to the SPR was very favorable (Read report). Accordingly, Monty would not have had too much trouble materializing through someone with whom he was familiar. The report of Monty materializing is consistent with other claims of materializations from other mediums. There is consistency as to how the materialization took place – primarily through ectoplasm – as distinct from the ‘new energy’ used in the SCOLE EXPERIMENTS (click on BOOK top right, click on Chapter 5) . David says that Monty, during one of the materializations, addressed a group of psychic investigators who knew him. A copy of an audio recording of the seance was given to Monty’s wife, Veronica. To satisfy the meticulous psi empiricists what needs to be done now is to compare Monty’s voice before he crossed over and when he came through, and if it is truly Monty, a computer should obtain a correlation of one- as is being done elsewhere in the world.

DR LARRY MONTZ is a scientist who after investigating afterlife phenomena conceded that the afterlife exists. Dr Montz imputed that the ‘experiential’ is more persuasive than theoretical science about the validity of afterlife phenomena. As to ‘afterlife energy’ – he stated, among other things, ‘I’ve had investigators knocked down in front of me.” And, “I’ve been pushed downstairs and hit with objects. That’s only very seldom though …Lights go off, TV’S go on and off by themselves, telephones ring. Entities manipulate electricity, probably because of the electromagnetic fields they generate.” Join the empirical club, Dr Montz! Let us know more about your most persuasive psi evidence. Brilliant results!

PSYCHIC PREDICTS TSUNAMI DISASTER? Here are the facts – YOU interpret them. My view is that the information provided by the psychic under trance – information which has been confirmed to be true – is something which just cannot be ignored. Research is necessary in order to be able to refine any transmission from the afterlife. The medium: Tony Stockwell. Place: Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, UK. Date: mid November. During a deep trance demonstration to a group of people, a voice uttered by Zintar, one of the mediums’ regular spirit helpers, stated that, “There will be a huge natural disaster …Many thousands of people will be catapulted into the spirit world before the year is through.” The Tsunami happened on Boxing Day. Asked to comment Tony Stockwell stated: “All I can surmise is that sometimes we are not meant to interfere with events, which is why we are not given exact names, places, times etc and that maybe some events, even horrific ones such as this, are preordained.” My view is that funding is necessary to investigate and refine precognition.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE? There are some people on this earth who think they are either not going to die or that they are going to live for some 3,000 years! But if you are a long term thinker, you would want to know what will happen to you on crossing over, click on BOOK top right, then click on chapter 27. Then to another interesting afterlife investigation:

THE GENIUS OF SHAKESPEARE! Perhaps the greatest writer who ever lived on this planet earth accepted the existence of the afterlife. His most brilliant works are studied throughout the civilized world. He wrote about it in his works a number of times. His most memorable quotation, “All that lives must die, passing through nature to eternity.” Quoted from Hazel Courteny's The Evidence for the Sixth Sense - chapter 6 (see below Hazel Courteny).

FUNDAMENTALISTS. It is important to understand that a ‘fundamentalist’ can be found not only in religion, but in secular beliefs, such as materialism. In the past I came across fundamentalist communists, religionists, atheists and these days ‘fundamentalist materialists’. They are short term thinkers, condemn anything inconsistent with their beliefs but FAIL to investigate. Their mind is made up and no facts or science will be able to alter their dogmatic subjective beliefs. And we all know that a subjective belief is itself subject to complete invalidation! Conclusion: materialist fundamentalists have lost all credibility.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: considering there is a lot of empirical evidence for survival, why is it that there are materialist debunkers hardened against survival and the paranormal?
VICTOR: these professional anti-psi debunkers are not honest when they unfairly attack the paranormal generally. A few of them debunk for self promotion or for their own career promotion or they do it for money. Notice their behavior: the record shows to attain their negative objectives, they mislead, cheat, lie, indulge in unfair conduct. By contrast when you investigate the professionalism of those scientists and empiricists who provided the world with critical empirical information which will show people the way to understanding the most significant event in their life – their crossing over - one understands that these debunkers KNOW what they are doing is WRONG: they willfully and deliberately cause disruption, confusion, chaos and cause disorder in our society. With absolute certainty, one day they will pay the price for their willful negative conduct.

materialist fundamentalist huffing and puffing - in context of the Hollywood movie WHITE NOISE- the paranormal and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). I just cannot believe the low level of argument of these materialists. I received an email from a ‘fundamentalist materialist’ who claimed that the paranormal including the EVP (click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 3) do not and cannot exist. Read a strong response. Read more ...

FUNDING GOING DOWN THE DRAIN: information (to be re-confirmed) reached me that Prof Bernard Carr allocated funding (Perrot Warwick Foundation) to a closed minded materialist to supposedly investigate the ‘paranormal.’ If this is correct, why would this usually intelligent Prof Carr knowingly hand over precious funding to someone who is certain to get negative results.It’s like pouring money down the drain. Why? With our knowledge of the ‘experimenter effect’ (which has been empirically proved) - we know that when funding is allocated to a confirmed materialist- the results are GUARANTEED to be NEGATIVE. Why not allocate funding to someone who is known to perceive phenomena with empirical equanimity? Some colleagues suggested that there could even be manipulation to willfully elicit negative results. If that is true, then Prof Carr or whoever allocated the funding would be doing a great disservice to the public - and would be acting inconsistently with the aims of the

AUTHOR SEEKS GHOST STORIES FOR NEW BOOK: Jason Karl, a TV presenter, producer, actor, author and freelance journalist is actively seeking assistance from anyone who could send him experiences they had with ghosts. So far, Jason has three successful books under his belt: JASON KARL’S GHOST HUNT; PRESTBURY HAUNTS and THE FRIENDLY GHOSTS OF LITTLE EDBROOK. Jason Karl's email.

WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW? – the movie – quantum physics and the afterlife made easy- Review...

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