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November 2004

26th November 2004

ELIZABETH TAYLOR – the Hollywood actor in her early 70’s. Reports show that she is very ill, near death. She said she does not fear death – she had an out of body experience herself where she met one of her former husbands, then actor Michael Todd. Through that she lost all fear of death. She does not give a hoot what anyone says. As usual the EXPERIENTIAL is more powerful, more persuasive and more convincing than the existing restricted definition of traditional materialistic science or anything else.

ANOTHER TWO GIFTED PSYCHICS BEAT ORTHODOX SCIENCE! AGAIN in the Australian version of ‘SENSING MURDER’ second episode shown last Sunday 21/11/04, an absolutely brilliant television documentary. Channel 10 interviewed 100 psychics and chose the five most accurate gifted psychics who could come up with accurate details about murders that had been solved. They then flew three of them interstate to investigate an unsolved murder. The only information they were given was a photograph of the victim. Amazing ACCURACY – the three psychics were filmed independently – Debra Webber, Ruth Wilson and ‘Linda.’ A staggering flow of accurate information showed they had to be in touch with some ‘intelligence.’ Over twenty five definitive variables came through including: the name of the victim, the place Templestone where the teenager was murdered. The odds of getting that one alone by chance would be some five thousand to one. Other variables identified and ALL CONFIRMED by the police were: the victim was 13 years old; she was female; she was shot in the back of the head execution style; lived in a big house; house near a school; gravel in front of the house; the house had an alarm which was disabled; she was Asian; there were two other young females in the house (sisters); attack took place in the house; a knife was involved; mother was not in the house at the time; the girl was abducted; victim found by a man walking his dog; body was near water (river); murderer had abducted other girls but not hurt them; speaks to his victims in whispers; abductor took great physical care of his victims even cleaning their teeth, the girl was dragged out of the house into a white van; abductor entered through a window; the parents do not live in the house anymore; the girl had braces; she was taken to a house under the flight path. The psychics then independently identified the victim’s house in the street.

All three psychics -independently - shed light on the murderer giving virtually the same information about the murderer: either a Vietnam vet or someone who has a lot of connection with them; walks with a limp; ginger haired; works as a medical orderly; works two suburbs from where the victim was abducted; wore green gown, was employed in a sixties vintage four storey building… he visited the house before the murder took place posing as an electrician looking for work; he took the girls he abducted to a house where planes fly directly over it; house almost certain in Box Hill – (underneath a flight path); abductor’s motive for killing the girl was racism; he is very cruel. (two other female teenagers were kidnapped by apparently the same abductor but were allowed to go home after some time).

Two professionals – criminal psychologist and a private detective A Wemyss both independently confirmed all of the psychics’ information

Chillingly it was discovered that right in the centre of a triangle where the three girls were kidnapped was a repatriation hospital which matched the description given by the mediums exactly. At the time of the murder this hospital specialized in treating former soldiers including Vietnam veterans and the medical orderlies wore green gowns.

Conclusion from all this: gifted psychics show that psychic energy is real, genuine and we have to do more research into this in order to maximize this most critical energy. It exists – let’s use it!

CSICOP’S A. ‘SKUKNICK’ – a malicious vandal, a ‘defacer’ using toilet humor to try to amuse. Is this the best what CSICOP can do to try to intelligently rebut charges of irregularities? A really silly guy by the name of Mr A SKUKNICK – (appears to be acting on behalf of CSICOP an anti-psychic organization) - is trying to parody and willfully maliciously DEFACE my website – the way vandals, racists and maliciously deface Jewish cemeteries and naughty schoolboys spitefully deface Christian pictures in Churches. Obviously, his toilet humor will amuse the lowly intelligent. His idiocy shows huge frustration of someone who does not have the vocabulary or intelligence to rebut any of the charges of fraud against himself and CSICOP’s debunking skeptics. Is this the best that CSICOP can do- sending an unbalanced juvenile to do a man’s job? Now, the deal is this: unless this A Skuknick gets rid of the defacing of my website forthwith my colleagues in the US want to install at least two permanent websites, one strongly attacking CSICOP AND its senior members –and another one his intimate friend Zwinge James Randi – both will be dealt legitimately but harshly - (courtesy of Skuknick) I’ve heard from a senior CSICOP academic and two other members who already have disassociated themselves from the idiocy of this malicious inarticulate CSICOP defacer.

BY POPULAR DEMAND: WHY NATASHA DEMKINA CAN SUE THE DEBUNKERS WHO AMBUSED HER: NATASHA CAN SUE these negative, debunking skeptics for some $2 to $5 million (from last week- see archives 15th Oct. 04) Why? Natasha among other things, can claim malicious fraud; cheating; willful misrepresentations to endeavor to destroy her good name and reputation as a gifted psychic: Close content analysis of what the debunking skeptics did to Natasha on the Discovery Channel program shows that throughout the show there were continuous 'illegalities', 'illegitimacies' and negativity being heaped onto Natasha. She was willfully misled, exploited and cheated to intentionally bring her into disrepute. Listening attentively to the show as a whole, it was seen and heard that there was continuous direct and indirect bombardment - and imputations - that Natasha is likely to be: a fraud, a hoax, incompetent and unskilled, not what she claims to be, deceptive, one who cheats and lies, takes money under false pretences, superstitious, not to be trusted, devious, deceitful, dishonest and conniving and that the planners of the experiment had a duty to expose her. Conduct shows the experimenters tried to bring Natasha into international disrepute. This is so the public will never trust her again and that her good name, excellent reputation and character will be permanently destroyed. Now read on:

Report 19th November 2004

Scientists in the U.S. confirm the validity of psychic phenomenon telekinesis- moving of solid objects by using the mind – see Mitchell 1974, Targ and Puthoff, 1977, Nash 1978, Radin 1997, Tart et al 2002. This week a paper authored by Dr Eric Davis of Las Vegas on teleportation has attracted a predicable outcry from closed-minded media commentators whose boggle-thresholds have been challenged. Time will tell whether Davis’s paper has any validity but he is spot on when he writes: “The debate among scientists and scientific philosophers is highly charged at times, and becomes acrimonious to the point where reputable scientists cease being impartial by refusing to examine the experimental data or theories, and they prefer to bypass rational discourse by engaging in ad hominem attacks and irrational “armchair” arguments.” Read the report for yourself.

Dr Davis’ report contains a very interesting review of Chinese psychic studies. The American Defence Intelligence Agency is keeping close watch on Chinese experiments with gifted psychics ever since the publication in September 1981 of a paper describing a series of rigorously controlled and repeatable experiments with the teleportation of small objects by psychically gifted children. Additional research was carried out by the Aerospace Medicine Engineering Institute on Beijing in July 1990 and reported in the July 1990 issue of the Chinese Journal of Somatic Science. These experiments conducted under well-controlled blind and double-blind conditions are being taken seriously by the DIA which has translated them into English. Reported in several articles was the video-taping and high speed photographing of test specimens being transferred through the walls of sealed paper envelopes, sealed glass bottles, sealed plastic film containers. The English Society for Psychical Research documented similar events occurring in The Scole Experiments (Link to chapter).

DOCUMENTED STUDIES OF TELEKINESIS Eusapia Palladino was the first medium for physical phenomena to be examined and found genuine by a large number of eminent men of science She was found to have definite telekinetic abilities by Sir Oliver Loge the greatest English scientist of his day and then by a series of distinguished Italian scientists including the criminologist, Professor Lombroso at Turin, Dr. Enrico Morselli, Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry (mental therapeutics), in the University of Genoa, and Doctors Herlitzka, C. Foa, and Aggazzotti, with Dr. Pio Foa, Professor of Pathological Anatomy, at Turin. These investigations were all carried out under laboratory conditions and yielded positive conclusions.

Naturally debunkers try to discredit the vast number of experiments carried out on her and in 1992 negatively entrenched Richard Wiseman wrote an article attacking three members of the Society for Psychical Research: the Hon Everard Feilding, Mr. W. W. Baggally and Mr. Hereward Carrington who wrote a report confirming the psychic gifts of Eusapia Palladino. Wiseman’s attacks were brilliantly rebutted by more intelligent, more informed intellectuals including: Barrington, 1992; 1993; Fontana, 1992; 1993; Martínez-Taboas & Francia, 1993)

Dr Stephen Braude, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland is one of a number of academics who refuted this attack (See also Barrington, 1992; 1993; Fontana, 1992; 1993; Martínez-Taboas & Francia, 1993). He brilliantly devastates Wiseman’s argument in this edited extract from his book, The Limits of Influence. Stephen Braude shows the shallowness of the arguments used by the “media skeptics” Read more …

DEBUNKERS A NATIONAL SECURITY PROBLEM: With so much accumulated evidence that other countries are pouring funding into psychic research – primarily for military purposes – and obtaining brilliant results, the West is being left behind in psychic military research. It is immediately recognized that anyone who can harness the non-physical psychic energy at will – will CONTROL - who will dominate the world. Debunkers who do not seem to have the ‘technical competence’ to perceive psi energy with proper objective equanimity – and are fundamentally inconsistent with the ‘new science’ and the psi positive results obtained by other objective scientists - are doing irreparable harm by pressuring the governments claiming there is no non-physical energy. What have the response been by the debunkers? Complete denial or stating everything positive about psi is fraudulent!

TRAITORS? Further, we have no guarantees that these active anti-psychic debunkers who are trying to influence the American and other Western governments ‘not to invest in psychic research’ are not being encouraged or given direct or indirect incentives by the rivals of the Western nations. GUARANTEED: any professional covert operator on a national level will tell you that it is within the realm of possibilities – indeed, it is highly likely.

The first episode of the Australian version of the television documentary Sensing Murder produced brilliant results which stunned orthodox scientists. In the second installment two gifted psychics performed ‘miracles’. The two women, different psychics from the previous episode, were brought from interstate to investigate an unsolved murder of a child which had occurred 15 years ago. Details coming soon… Read more about the series and the first episode…in a couple of days here.

TERRORISTS’ DISGUSTING EXECUTION OF A HUMANITARIAN: Mrs Margaret Hassan was brutally executed this week by what appeared to be hooded terrorists in Iraq. Margaret was a sweet, gentle 51 year old woman who was into spiritual service – serving others with fewer advantages than most of us in the ‘West.’ In context of afterlife consequences – these murderers’ vibrations would have been radically reduced. This means on crossing over they will gravitate by the laws of afterlife physics to a realm vibrating at that same low frequency- a most horrible, most foul, most hideous realm. No one gets away with negative actions, no one! As for Margaret highly credible information from afterlife eye-witnesses states that she will be met by her loved ones.

MORE SCANDALS BEING UNEARTHED IN THE BOTCHED NATASHA DEMKINA EXPERIMENT: a major planner of the experiment was described as a ‘Doctor’ by the narrator of the television documentary of the experiment. Records show that he is not a medical doctor, not a doctor of philosophy, not a scientist and not an objective empiricist. Why the cheating and the lying? Why the misrepresentation? Why did the narrator try to mislead the viewers to try to destroy the good name and reputation of gifted psychic Natasha Demkina?

PSYCHICS ADVISORY COUNCIL: Because of the ambush of the gifted Russian teenage psychic Natasha Demkina, a Psychics’ Advisory Council is being organized. ANY gifted psychic will be able to use the services of P.A.C. so that he/she will not be exploited and misled by bullies who make a living out of destroying gifted psychics. More later.

GIFTED REMOTE VIEWER FINDS MISSING PEOPLE in Japan. Joe McMoneagle continues to stun people with his extraordinary remote viewing demonstrations. In 48 different television demonstrations he has successfully described the contents of sealed envelopes, located missing people, producing a wealth of descriptive details about targets as well as drawing maps and landmarks leading to them. Recently on programs for Japanese television he was asked to find three people from names and birthdates placed in a sealed envelope. The people had been missing for more than thirty years and no-one knew if they were dead or alive. Detectives followed up on his information and all three people were located. Read more…

CREATING AFTERLIFE CONTACT In my book I describe how Raymond Moody replicated a technique used in Ancient Greece whereby people can have visionary contacts with deceased loved ones. People swear that the contacts are real and in some cases solid and tangible. Now you can hear and see Ray Moody teach his technique on a 55 minute video or DVD in a program called Through the Tunnel and Beyond. It is available on DVD from VisionQuest Video combined with another excellent program in which Dr. Bruce Greyson introduces six people who experienced profound Near Death Experiences. PAL video format is available through In a new service called Video on Demand you can overcome format problems and watch Moody’s documentary on your computer (Price US $4.95 for 3 days hire).

QUANTUM PHYSICS and the AFTERLIFE What the Bleep Do We Know takes very complex issues of neurology, metaphysics and quantum physics and brings them to life by intercutting a simple story of a photographer named Amanda (Marlee Matlin, the first deaf actress to receive an Oscar), who learns to change her life and her beliefs by altering the way she thinks about herself and the world with interviews with top level quantum physicists like Fred Alan Wolf. Hollywood at first rejected an idea so much above its normal target IQ level so the filmmakers William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente marketed the film to science and health-oriented groups. It began playing on arthouse screens but the audience reaction has been so positive that it is now being distributed widely. Check out the film’s website

CSICOP – (a debunking skeptics’ group): a couple of people wrote to me that I am against CSICOP. No, I am NOT against CSICOP – I am NOT against debunking skeptics – I’m not against anybody. But I am against irrationality, against blind stubbornness, against cheating and lying. Theology dominated the world for some sixteen centuries purely by religious bullying. It is necessary to have science and empiricism to measure phenomena – especially psychic phenomena. But CSICOP appears to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. They have become irretrievably closed-minded, anti-psychic, not scientific and appear be suffering from a serious case of groupthink.

12th November 2004

APOLOGIES: Owing to a high volume of urgent work I am delayed in answering your emails - a little patience please!

VOLUME OF EVIDENCE: "The sheer volume of evidence for survival after death is so immense that to ignore it is like standing at the foot of Mount Everest and insisting that you
cannot see the mountain." Colin Wilson- a recognized world authority on psychic phenomena.

INTERNATIONALLY RESPECTED SCIENTISTS WHO INVESTIGATED: over the last 200 years there were highly intelligent scientists who researched psychic phenomena and the evidence for the afterlife - and conceded to the validity of their existence - click on BOOK top right and click on chapter 2.

There are more countries to-day doing research into psychic phenomena than ever before. But one of the problems is that the state sponsored research in the paranormal is being done for military purposes. I dealt in the past with psychics in Russia. But I have been asked from last week's report what evidence is there that China is doing military psychic research - and that they are most successful at it: see CHINA'S SUPSER PSYCHICS a book researched by Dong & Raffill - (check for availability of the book.)If these two authors are correct, the Chinese are leading the world in psychic espionage and the military. I unequivocally state that anyone who can harness the non-physical psychic energy at will - will control the world.

REMOTE VIEWING GOES COMMERICAL: There are now two commercial remote viewing services operating on the Internet: Intuitive Intelligence Applications, which is run by Joe McMoneagle, a former spy in the Stargate program for the C.I.A., and now
Daniel Short, owner of, is interested in helping businesses that need to solve problems or that need forecasting done and claims to be able to provide psychic information to a business to help solve difficult problems. Short claims that he previously did remote viewing on terrorism and supplied the information that he acquired to the National Security Agency. Clients of retain services online and are offered a consultation to include 10 hours of work with a money-back guarantee. It will be interesting to see if these services are able to convince business owners of their usefulness.

DEBUNKING SKEPTICS MAKE FOOLS OF THEMSELVES Prof Wiseman, the negative psychologist experimenter, has never obtained a positive results in his psi experiments- EVER. During his recent experiment with Natasha Demkina, the girl with the X-RAY eyes he tried to show that what Natasha can do, he can do by chance or by reading body language. The result? He obtained ZERO out of seven! Natasha on the other hand even under atrocious conditions scored four out of seven. But interestingly in both the commentary on the Discovery Channel Program and in his subsequent interview where he denounced Natahsa he kept as quiet as a mouse about his own failed attempt. Secondly, DEBUNKER FALLS ON HIS FACE His failure reminds me of a similar attempt I reported here sometime last year when that debunking skeptic Zwinge James Randi tried to prove that he could do as good a job as a medium as John Edward in an English TV show. He was so bad, so idiotic that the audience whistled him off the stage - AND the television producer decided not to include that segment for the psychic show. When are these closed minded debunkers understand that one day they will have to a heavy pay a price for the willful dissemination of darkness in this world?

THE 'RAPE' OF SCIENTIFIC METHOD Debunking skeptics ambushed an innocent legally under-aged gifted psychic Natasha Demkina and 'raped' the objectivity of scientific method to attain their negative results. The experimenters blatantly violated the rules of scientific method and abused their position. They willfully bastardized scientific method to bring about negative results consistent with their entrenched negativity. A permanent MONUMENT OF SHAME will be built for these heinous debunkers as a permanent LEGACY of their entrenched negativism. Read more…

SCANADALOUS CONDUCT: We have just learned that the debunking negative experimenter Wiseman did NOT show Natasha the medical records of the subjects that she analyzed. Why not? Prima facie this would show some form of CHEATING or willful defect in procedure. Someone put it quite accurately when he stated that the evidence clearly shows that debunking skeptics are nothing but psychic terrorists who harass, pester and mislead the people about the true information about the paranormal.

TOO MUCH FUNDING is being allocated on how to cheat the public by making food less expensive to produce but at the expense of maintaining good health: for example, synthetic fruit juices can be made some 600% cheaper but all the goodness of the fruit has been taken away. We now have more colorings, more additives, more salt, more sugar and more chemicals and growth hormones - such estrogen - in many of our foods than at any time in history. And there is medical evidence that these chemicals in our foods are carcigenous. NO wonder the cancer rate has gone up from some 2% a hundred years ago to some 40% of the death rate to-day. TOO LITTLE FUNDING is given to accredited psychic empiricists to expedite the harnessing and control of the empirically validated non-physical psychic energy. This can cause a revolution in science and help humanity to PREVENT critical illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and depression.

LEADING THEOLOGIAN RETURNS. While a post-graduate student at Yale, the Reverend A. D. Mattson, S.T.D., became interested in the scientific study of the paranormal that was being conducted there. Dr. Mattson taught for thirty-six years at the Augustana Theological Seminary (now the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago) and was Chairman of the Department of Christian Ethics. A.D. was always at the forefront in the struggle for civil rights, workers' rights, and social justice. He always promised his daughter that if there was any way he could send messages back he would do so. He died in 1970 and the following year started sending messages to his daughter through Margaret Flavell, an English medium who during World War II was commissioned by Lord Hugh Dowding, Marshal of the Royal Air Force, to use her unique abilities to trace missing RAF pilots. Mattson's after-death messages portrays an after death world that was surprisingly different to his Protestant teachings. Read Evidence from Beyond: An Insider's Guide to the Wonders of Heaven--And Life in the New Millennium More After-Death Communications Received from Theologian A.D. Mattson (1999).

Yasser Arafat- terrorist or savior? question emailed yesterday - where will Arafat (who died this week) go on crossing over? This empirically has to do with afterlife physics. Highly credible information transmitted from the other side states that there is a direct relationship between our conduct on earth and the level of vibrations of our duplicate etheric body. This means that if this Yasser Arafat conduct was 'bad' i.e. if he knew that some of the things he did were murderous and terroristic the inevitable result is the lowering of the vibrations of his duplicate etheric body. If he did unselfish good works he would have raised his vibrations.Look at the objective evidence and decide for yourself about where Yasser Arafat will end up in the realms of the afterlife.

NATASHA UPDATE: Further, when Natasha is properly advised she would not concede that she attained only 4/7. Since at least one additional hit is in dispute there has to be a presumption that Natasha was right regarding issue of the appendix scar. This is because she did identify a woman with a scar and the experimenter willfully failed to show Natasha the medical record of the subject to compare it with what she stated about the scar on the subject. Accordingly Natasha can legitimately claim she scored FIVE out of SEVEN.

5th November 2004

'THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE - The Scientific Truth About Psychic Phenomena' - a masterpiece! : by Dr Dean Radin. This is perhaps the most important book of the last 25 years - is in demand from all over the five continents. I suggest you go out and buy it now (try AMAZON.COM). It brilliantly shows why psychic non-physical energy exists. Dr Dean Radin makes the debunking skeptics completely redundant and irrelevant. These same debunkers in the last 7 years have NOT rebutted Dr Dean Radin's brilliant research in the book. Just one example: how CIA REMOTE VIEWER McMoneagle was able to identify a Typhoon class Russian submarine before the US intelligence services were able to. Obviously, SOMETHING -was happening. Because of its extreme importance, this book has been translated into more than fourteen languages. Dr Dean Radin deals with non-physical energy - something that will inevitably cause the next scientific revolution. Secret psi research is being conducted by the advanced governments.

SKEPTIC PROFESSOR makes a fool of himself! So, a self-confessed skeptic Professor from the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University in the Netherlands - who is NOT a lawyer - wants to play lawyer to show how smart he is. And as is usual with debunking skeptics - use dirty tricks to unfairly attack ME!! This silly and ridiculous professor is trying to use his position and status as a professor to attack me and to state that what he is saying should be accepted. That is most dangerous for him. He willfully - but illegitimately - tries to intrude into a tougher, more challenging profession - the legal profession. He is totally unequipped - like a plumber trying to meddle in computer science. I will show why and how this narrow minded professor has made a fool of himself, pushed idiocy to its extreme and brought the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University into disrespect. This skeptical professor will inevitably be assessed as having committed one of the most idiotic and egregious blunders in academia and in psi history. Judge for yourselves … read more

HELEN DUNCAN TRAGEDY. History records one of the most horrific, most unjust incidents regarding materialization medium Helen Duncan. Foxtel television, the History Channel occasionally repeats the documentary. Without a shred of objective evidence and with some 50 highly respectable witnesses (including a Wing Commander in the British Air Force) testifying that Helen Duncan was a genuine medium, the court, would you believe, accepted the testimony of just ONE witness for the prosecution. Stanley Worth was the one who complained to the police and the one who LIED - under oath to the court. He lied, cheated and did everything he could to try to destroy the good name and excellent reputation of Helen Duncan. A medium tells us, "Unrepentant Stanley Worth, when you cross over - you will inevitably experience a rude awakening and a huge price will be paid by you for your cheating and lying. You will not get away with it.!!" Read the true story of materialization medium Helen Duncan - click on BOOK -top right - and click on chapter 11.

OBJECTIVITY - a huge problem in psi experiements. I have had a huge response to the article on the way gifted psychic Natasha Demkina was set up to fail a media test of her abilities by a group of anti-psychic debunkers. Statisticians agree that there was only a 2% chance of someone guessing the results that Natasha achieved. Considering the circumstances of the test Natasha's results were very successful and statistically SIGNIFICANT. The greatest problem was that the experiment was designed by a closed minded debunking skeptic - A Skolnick. He sought the assistance of another TWO other negatively closed minded skeptics, Wiseman and Hyman. These three were actively supported by the anti-psychic, anti-paranormal debunkers in CSICOP. They had full UNSUPERVISED control without the decency of having an objective observer to make sure there was NO CHEATING. At stated before, the principle is not dissimilar to a situation where the Wizards of the Ku Klux Clan do an experiment on the capacities of blacks in Southern U.S. where they have FULL CONTROL of the experiment and insist their experiment NOT to be supervised by independent experts. OBJECTIVITY means that there will have to be honesty, equanimity, strict adherence to scientific method overseen by an objective empiricist. Experience is showing that the ONLY way the debunking skeptics can score a cheap point is by negative manipulation, cheating and lying. That is most unacceptable. That is self-delusion - and sooner or later they will pay a huge price for willful dissemination of pernicious propaganda. To many objective empiricists and statisticians, the debunkers stuffed it up -Natasha in fact did win a victory over the above mentioned debunking skeptics Read more…

BILL CLINTON TELLS OF DEATH VISIONS. When surgeons stopped Bill Clinton's heart for 73 minutes to by-pass arteries which were 90% clogged he was clinically dead. Yet he remembers vivid experiences: "I saw dark masks crushing, like death masks being crushed, in series," he told the ABC News PrimeTime Live programme, being shown tonight. "Then I'd see these great circles of light. And then, like, Hillary's picture or (daughter) Chelsea's face would appear on the light, and then they'd fly off into the dark, into the distance. And other people that I knew and cared about. It was amazing." Read more…

: Rev. George Rodonaia, finally passed away on October 12, 2004 due to heart failure. Back in 1976 George was pronounced dead after he was hit by a car. He was dead for three days but revived during his autopsy. His NDE involved one of the most interesting examples of verified perception while out of the body. Before it he was an avowed atheist. Yet after the experience, he devoted himself exclusively to the study of spirituality Read more…

OUT OF BODY EXPLORING: A Beginner's Approach by Preston Dennett.
Dennett began his own out-of-body exploring decades ago in a quest to contact his deceased mother. He shares the techniques he used to go out-of-body, as well as the tricks that helped him maintain that state for longer periods of time,
gaining more clarity and confidence all the while. This book is a perfect primer for anyone wanting to try astral projection. It takes a step-by-step approach to the techniques for mastering out-of-body experiences and includes the author's tricks which help him maintain this fragile state of consciousness.

by Robert Bruce, Brian Mercer, Joanna WillisMastering Astral Projection is a hands-on, step-by-step manual for learning how to have an out-of-body experience (OBE). It provides a systematic approach for astral projecting out of your
body in a fully awake state. The exercises in the program are largely based on the New Energy Ways (NEW) system of raising and simulating personal energy. This method uses body-awareness movements for conscious and direct manipulation of one's energy body. The NEW system is easy to understand and learn. Anyone can do it.

Trailing Clouds of Glory by Harold A. Widdison, PH.D.

This book is the result of seven years of interviewing, researching and collecting of first person accounts of NDEs. Dr. Widdison became interested in the subject of death, grief, and bereavement two months before his marriage when his father suddenly died in a car a accident. He later created and taught one of the first courses on these subjects in a university setting. He also had several family members share their experiences with him- one uncle had a NDE on the operating table and an adopted daughter had a visit from herdead grandfather.

KEVIN WILLIAMS NEAR DEATH NEWSLETTER is a free semi-monthly newsletterwhich is emailed to subscribers every 1st of the month and every15th of the month. The mission of this newsletter is to inform, enlighten, entertain, and aid the public in understanding the latest in all things concerning the NDE and related phenomena by promoting the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), NDE researchers, experiencers, multimedia resources, and events. To SUBSCRIBE to the Near-Death Newsletter, email a blank message to:

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