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18th September 2009

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This week's Friday report is coming to you from the very highly spiritual/healing centre Hameau Montcabirol near Toulouse in the south of France. Wendy and I are taking a break from Sydney Australia to have the enormous privilege of sitting with four different physical mediumship circles in Europe. Rest assured we will write a full report when we return.

Hameau Montcabirol offers weekend spiritual retreat breaks. During your stay you could experience a demonstation of Physical mediumship from physical medium Tom Morris and The Yellow Cloud Circle Of Eternal Illumination, and recieve Spiritual Healing through healing medium Kevin Lawrence. Please get in contact for more information: e-mail tomkev3@aol.com Tel: 0033 (0)561605203.

ARE WOMEN AT A SPIRITUAL ADVANTAGE? Over the last thirty years I attended meditation and spiritual groups in many countries – the U.S., UK, Europe, India and Australia. Nearly every time I attended spiritual meetings, women vastly outnumbered men – mostly by ten to one. The only exception I found was India. But elsewhere, there were times when I was the only male in the group. I discussed this issue with a number of people, who agreed they had the same experience. So, are women - generally - more spiritually sensitive, more insightful and more spiritually aware than males? Psychologists tell us that male 'aggresive' hormone testosterone is the definitive variable that makes men differ in personality from women. Perhaps it is women's intrinsic maternal drive that makes them more intuitive, more gentle and more caring, whereas males, packed full of testosterone, tend to have powerfully strong physical urges – higher sexual drive and more tendency to aggression and attack. In evolutionary terms these qualities were necessary to protect the species but are men then spiritually handicapped because of stronger hormones which give men different and more urgent and more immediate priorities? Once the cause-effect link is identified, then perhaps males will be in a position to understand what is going on and be more able to exercise discipline in conduct and realize they may need to work a little harder to understand their own spiritual challenges, Of course, many of us have met men who are very highly spiritulal evolved,

John writes: "Dear Victor,
Please say something to us about this wonderful gentleman this week. His film Ghost was an inspiration to me after my dear wife left for Heaven."

Victor: Without doubt, Patrick Swayze, through his character in the movie Ghost, revolutionized the way we see the afterlife.
Who can forget the memorable scene in the movie where he runs after his murderer only to return and find himself looking at Demi Moore cradling his dead physical body on the ground. Many of us felt a powerful tingling sensation during that moment when we saw the white light descending on Patrick Swayze. And the final magnificent scene he says goodbye to his soul-mate (played by Demi Moore) and the medium played by Whoopie Goldberg.

"APPARITIONS" Loyd Auerbach

Loyd Auerbach is the Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations and author of many books. He has been an Adjunct Professor at JFK University since 1983, and also served on the faculty of the Rosebridge Graduate School for Integrative Psychology in Concord, CA. For more than 25 years, he has been investigating cases of reported paranormal phenomena, Parapsychology. In an interesting example of a documented apparition he talks about a woman associated with a restaurant who has appeared thousands of miles away at activities related to the restaurant.

This is true of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Paganism. Very briefly: in JUDAISM Moses heard voices telling him what to do. Historically “voices in the head” are experienced by millions of people around the world – a classic one is Joan of Arc and a recent one is John Edward. In CHRISTIANITY the primary psychic experience is the materialization of Jesus to Mary Magdalene and to his Apostles. Materialization has been the subject of empirical psychic research. See Chapter 10. In ISLAM we are informed of the psychic apparition of Gabriel to Mohammed. Buddhism is the practice of meditation and trancing which is part of psychic/spiritual experience to attain a oneness with the universe. In PAGANISM which goes back to some 5,000 years in Britain and Europe and many thousands of years in indigenous cultures– a major endeavor was to communicate with afterlife intelligences – to-day called ‘spirits.’ To-day, we use scientific method to validate spirit communication. The psychic stream which gave us early religions still flows. But now rather than relying on the accounts of a few, psychic scientists work to systematically gather details of the psychic experience of millions of exceptional people throughout the world and collate them.

SKEPTICS' HEADS DEEPLY BURIED IN THE SAND: By T Stokes “Michigan University has released studies that show a skeptical mind-frame Is conducive to illness, both cardiovascular and depressive in nature. British studies in the seventies, pinpointed links with skepticism and atheism. British actors constantly use skeptics as figures of fun, the dry character Victor Meldrew, with his catchphrase " well I don't believe it " was a hugely successful composite of many British comedians. A certain wierdy-beardy conjuror and sceptical flag waver, takes this skepticism a step further into medical and similar fields, but the basis is to undermine the paranormal base to Christianity and other world religions as stated in literature, and subsidized by the Rockefeller foundation and other N.W.O groups. Recent advances in the paranormal field, particularly in the technical advancement areas, give exciting new proof to aspects in the supernormal arenas. This has meant many skeptics, have had their minds changed on many issues. Read more …

WE TV's Evidence for the Afterlife Part 5- Pam Reynold's NDE (continued) Blind woman sees during her NDE-


QUESTION: What is the purpose of life on earth?

Victor: Transmitted directly from the afterlife. First, preface: “You cannot convince people of spiritual truth. They can only convince themselves. You cannot convert people; they can only convert themselves. Spiritual power must work its own will, and not until the soul is receptive can the individual accept the truth.”
Never forget that the supreme purpose of life is the unfoldment of the spirit. Pay attention to the requirements of your eternal nature. Thus, you have a true perspective and focus on life and know that you are immortal souls, expressing yourselves through mortal, clay, and that strength will come as you allow the divine to express itself through you. These are the important principles to keep in mind …” (S.Birch)

“There is a similarity here to what you call death. We call it transition. In time, as we develop sufficiently, we pass on to another plane from which it is not so easy to come back to earth. This we call the second death. Those who have passed through the second death can come back and visit us in our plane, but we cannot go to them until we have passed through it also. Those who have passed through it do not often come and speak to you on earth directly by materializing, as I am doing now; but they can pass their messages on to me, or someone in my plane, and we pass them on to you.” (from Arthur Findlay's THE WAY OF LIFE).

A former paratrooper vanishes, leaving everything behind everything that is, except any evidence as to his whereabouts. With little to go on and desperate for a break, police call in psychic detective Annette Martin. She locates him within a massive 2,000 acre park.



A former bicycle racer who competed in the 1968 Olympic Trials, Tom Sawyer had a near death experience in 1978 when his pickup truck fell on him, crushing his chest flat. He was clinically dead for fifteen minutes, yet he came back to tell of his strange experience of going through a tunnel, meeting the "Light that was God," and being sent back to tell people about God’s unconditional love for everyone. Sawyer came back with information on coming earth changes, healing, reincarnation, politics, pollution, and world peace. He came back to teach people how to communicate with God through prayer. What Tom Sawyer Learned from Dying was published by Hampton Roads Publishers in 1993.
Tom Sawyer and the Spiritual Whirlwind illustrates Tom’s work on a global basis after his NDE. Read more....

QUESTION: The Other Side - where is it?

a) A highly credible afterlife intelligence - directly from the afterlife, "It is the invisible and the inaudible side of the world in which you live. You are as much now in the world of spirit as you ever will be. You will not go there when you pass from your world, you are in the spirit world now. You cannot register it unless you have developed the gifts of the spirit so that you can tune in to all its vibrations and frequencies, or whatever word you care to use. It is not another world. It is an integral part of the universe of which earth is but one aspect." S.B.

b) QUESTION: How long does it take before a spirit comes back to this world after death takes place?

"It depends on the conditions. There are some who come into our world who, although they have been here for centuries, have not yet awakened to the realization of what has taken place. And there are some who come here with knowledge, who know the ropes, and to them, if they can find the right medium, they can manifest within a few moments of passing. There is no simple answer." S.B.

c) THE 'NEW AGE': "To me there is a constant process of evolution, development, unfoldment. That will not happen over night. There will be change and a new age will be ushered in. Gradually, as truth progresses, more and more people will become aware of it. Once they realize that the whole of the universe is founded on spiritual realities that cannot fail, and as a result they begin to live these implications, so there will be higher states of consciousness and awareness functioning in your world, but it will be a gradual process." S.B.

Seeking relatives - MAURICE BARBANELL, who was the medium for Silver Birch. I received a message from Ms Barbara Nersesian from - Tucson, Arizona. She stated that she is a cousin of Maurice Barbanell, the medium of Silver Birch and would love to contact any relative of Maurice Barbanell who may still be living in England - or moved elsewhere. Barbara sent a 1934 photo of Tanta Barbanell - her grandmother's aunt. Kindly contact me on -----2008@victorzammit.com--------

FEEDBACK "Hi Victor ... I live in Buckinghamshire, England. I understand that you are a very busy man and can understand if you don't reply to this email, i just wanted to thank you for the amazing research you have done in this area, because collectively it has helped answer a lot of questions for me. A lot of unexplainable things have happened to me in my short life (miracles in a way) things that science could not explain ..."

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BEQUESTS: Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
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* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
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* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC

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