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January 25th 2013

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COMMENTARY: TIME TO SUPPORT THE 'WINDBRIDGE INSTITUTE'- New E-book - 'Among Mediums: A Scientist's Quest for Answers' - [Kindle Edition]

Following the suicide of her mother, scientist Dr. Julie Beischel had an evidential mediumship reading from a gifted medium. Dr Julie Beischel was so impressed that she gave up a well paying career in the pharmaceutical industry to become a poorly paid full time scientific researcher of mediumship (good choice, Julie). The Windbridge Institute which she and her husband Mark have created is unique in the world today and is incredibly important in giving credibility to mediumship.

Dr Julie Beischel's new e-book Among Mediums is an easy to read review of her 10-year journey. Her writing is concise, non-technical, conversational, and entertaining. Dr. Beischel (pictured, left) discusses her research investigating the accuracy of mediums. She also talks about her plans for furthering her research into potentially useful social applications of mediumship in fields including bereavement, end-of-life care, and forensics. Unfortunately the drug companies are not interested in funding this research. (What a surprise!). So it's up to those of us who think that afterlife science has the potential to change the world.

If every one of our subscribers was able to spend $4.99 on this E-book and get one other person to do the same, Julie and the team would be well on the way to getting more of this wonderful research happening. Please post it on your Facebook page, tell your friends and family,
BUY IT NOW, write a review and LIKE the page.

SCIENCE SET FREE- In this video, British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's most innovative scientists, describes how science is being constricted by unexamined assumptions. Some of these are that all of reality is material or physical; the world is just a machine; nature is purposeless; free will is an illusion; God is just an idea which exists in human minds which are just electrochemical processes.


WHY PSYCHIC DEFENCE IS CRITICAL TO NATIONAL SECURITY: Those intelligence agencies who do not use gifted psychics are very likely to be outwitted by those intelligence agencies who use gifted psychics- see the next two items:

. Marita Wilson, in the U.S. asked gifted U.S. psychic-medium U.S. Debra Martin (pictured, left), to try to find out what happened to her Aunt Alicia Becerra in Peru. Marita had been told that her aunt died of stomach cancer. But medium Debra Martin informed Marita that her aunt did not die of stomach cancer. She was murdered. Debra described in detail how the aunt was killed for her property. Further, the gifted psychic produced the NAME of the murderer – ‘Carlos’. The niece hired lawyers in Peru to investigate. Authorities dug up the body. Results showed that the aunt did NOT die of stomach cancer – that in fact she was choked. Police traced the murderer, convicted him and sent him to jail for 20 years. This kind of mediumship is clear evidence for the existence of the afterlife. Watch this sensational video below.


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FIND ME is an Arizona USA organization of 110 talented psychics, retired law enforcement officers and professional search and rescue volunteers. They volunteer to work with law enforcement and families to find missing loved ones and solve homicides. They do not charge for their services. So far in eight years they have solved or resolved 27 cases. The idea could be adapted for other countries! Read more...

: Here is just one out of
thousands of examples why Intelligence agencies should use gifted psychics. . In early October 1970, two Canadian officials were abducted by a Quebec separatist terrorist group. Gifted Chicago psychic IRENE HUGHES accurately described the location of the terrorists' hideout - subsequently proved to be correct. She predicted that British Trade Commissioner Jasper Cross, taken by his captors, would come to "no physical harm". But she said that the life of Labor Minister Pierre La Porte Hughes was in danger. She also said that a green automobile was involved. On October 17, La Porte's lifeless body was found in the trunk of a green Chevrolet. Japser Cross was found unharmed. Irene died last year at the age of 92. Read more...


NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCER MELLEN-THOMAS BENEDICT was suffering from terminal cancer. In 1982 Mellen-Thomas Benedict ‘died’ and for an hour and a half he was monitored showing no vital signs. Evidentially he returned to his body with a complete remission of the disease – and what may be the most inspirational near-death experience story known to date. A fascinating interview with George Noory. He talks about how valuable every human being is and why spirits cue up for a human life. He also talks about the positive future ahead of humanity.




AFTERLIFE EXPLORER BRUCE MOEN SEES HIS HIGHER SELF Bruce Moen is an engineer, author and lecturer on out of body travels which he learned to undertake at the Monroe Institute in 1992. He writes:
" I discovered there is another me. That me is something I call my Disk, something Bob Monroe called the I / There. Others might call this the Higher Self, Greater Self or Oversoul. The me inhabiting my physical body is but one small part of the Disk. In my explorations, I’ve seen my Disk or Greater Self. To me, it looks like a large disk with many small, round lights arranged in concentric circles. " Read more...

Phil G is keen to teach people how to recognize messages from the afterlife. See his website.

After the sudden death of his own son, Galen, in a tragic accident, Dr Kenneth Stoller found himself having obsessive thoughts about his son's death. He was being overcome with feelings of fear, anxiety, and panic. Something which helped him enormously was the hormone oxytocin. This hormone appears to be linked with trust, bonding, and love, with people secreting higher levels of the hormone when they are involved in activities with people they are close to. It is also being used treat addictions and help children with autism. He now believes that this hormone should be offered to all those suffering severe grief, especially to parents who have lost a child. It can be taken with a nasal spray. It has to be prescribed by a doctor but he wants the general public to know it is available. He has written a book about oxytoxin treatment which you can download for free. Read more...

Life After Death: Why the Growing Interest?

Medical doctor Elisa Medhurst's blog this week on Huffington Post asks this question. She claims to be " riding a surging wave of a growing fascination about what happens after you take that last breath, and that wave is swelling to tsunami like proportions as nearly 78 million baby boomers grapple with their own mortality."

INTERESTING QUESTION ABOUT RELIGION - What did Jesus really teach?.: Victor, I'm not a Christian - and I read a lot of different stories about what Jesus taught. What were the main things that Jesus taught? Terri.

Victor: The evidence taken from the New Testament, about what Jesus taught:
. "Belief in the afterlife.
.Thou shalt do no murder,
.Thou shalt not commit adultery,
. Thou shalt not steal,
Thou shalt not bear false witness,
. Honor thy father and mother, and
.Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." ...... So notice very carefully, Jesus never said you must be baptized or that you have to believe that he was the Second person of the Trinity to enter 'heaven', Jesus never said you must believe in the Bible to go to 'heaven' or that the Bible is the inspired word of God. Jesus did not say you have to attend Church service on Sunday, or that you must not remarry if you divorced your partner. No, he did NOT say anything like that. So, as Arthur Findlay says, what right does the Church have to add further conditions to enter the realm of the Light Jesus did not think necessary?

Some billionaires, celebrities, movie stars and others who ignore the needs of others are likely to find themselves in the 'gray area'. : "... The simplest and least-repugnant is that of a house which appears like an unclean hovel ... If people were selfishly pre-occupied with their own status or material gain, so that they were blind to the needs and desires of those around them, then they have some learning to do before entering a realm of light and beauty .... they are not likely to find themselves in the realm of the Light. To their own perception, they are quite alone. They have in their lifetimes closed their hearts to all others, so in this realm they reap the harvest of this thinking. They remain alone until they open their minds to the subject of their own poor thinking; once they are open for help, they often can progress quite rapidly." (ex Mons Hugh Benson from the afterlife dimension - pictured left).

Author Peter Russell is an expert on meditation and consciousness. In this discussion he talks about the increase in the number of people who are following the spiritual path and the importance of meditation. Try Peter's 3 minute meditation

HELP NEEDED: SPANISH SPEAKING, HIGHLY EXPERIENCED TO GIVE ADVICE: I had an enquiry by someone who speaks only Spanish. He needs urgent advice on how to deal with a psychic problem (he thinks it's a 'Third Eye' problem). If you can help kindly contact me at your earliest. Thank you so much. (vz at victorzammit dot com)- I received this just five minutes ago from him:' puede usted darme una dirreccion de una medium que ayude a resolver un problema, que usted conosca como especialista en esta rama, yo vivo en santa barbara california y necesito ayuda que esta pasando con mi persona por fabor don victor and wendy necesito hablar con una medium que ayude a resolver caso, yo he visitado medicos y otros medios, y no he podido areglar mi problema, puede usted ayudarme por fabor. saludos m)


Every week, one hour after this report comes, out a great afterlife radio program which is archived for you to listen at a later time. Check out the who's who of 2012 in the archives.
This week's guest: Chris Carter is an author and educator with an expertise in psychic phenomena, near death experiences, and survival of consciousness. In his new book Science and the Afterlife Experience, he focuses on the scientific evidence for reincarnation, apparitions and communications from the dead. He not only explains why evidence of an afterlife has been consistently ignored, but also argues why the afterlife has been proven beyond reasonable doubt.
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(Three only) 1 )Dear Wendy and Victor
Thanks again and again, every Friday report is a blessing and comfort for us incarnated. God bless you Tony Sweden

2) Hi Victor.. I love it! Thank you so much for yet another great newsletter. I'm always in awe of how much information you have to share.
Cheers, Sharon Harding:o) xx

3) Victor- that article you wrote is a wonderfully insightful piece. http://www.victorzammit.com/articles/dialectical.html ..... You are correct: We will continue to evolve and not repeat the Dark Ages but I add a proviso that we must solve how to enjoin Islam in this. Otherwise we will have an unending cultural clash. Best Regards, John

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: For millions of people throughout the world : The music UNCHAINED MELODY is something very special. Forever associated with the movie GHOST, the best Hollywood movie ever made about the afterlife. Here we the Righteous Brothers, with Bobby Hatfield' s incredible soaring tenor. So, relax, click it on full screen, - and take a melody trip to heaven.

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