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April 19th 2013

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REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: PRESIDENT OBAMA’S $100 MILLION ‘BRAIN’ PROJECT – very likely to fail. Why? Briefly, this is because scientists fail to investigate the ‘brain-mind duality’. You cannot just research the brain without researching the role of the influence of the mind on to the brain. President Obama said just earlier this month - this “next great American BRAIN project” will lead to breakthroughs on par with other government-nurtured inventions, such as computer chips, global positioning, and the Internet.” I beg to differ. Why?

MIND-BRAIN SEPARATION: GREATEST DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY: Whilst I agree with the scientists ‘that the brain is the most complex object to science’, the problem for materialist scientists is that they are ignoring the most fundamental thing that operates the brain: that is, the ‘mind’. To get to the truth about any aspect of the physical brain, one cannot research the physical brain without researching the non-physical ‘mind’. The overwhelming evidence for the duality of brain and mind is most substantive and goes beyond just raising reasonable doubt about the existence of the mind influencing the physical brain. Whilst scientists may find some explanation for some functions of the brain, a huge opportunity to establish the existence of the duality of brain and mind will be missed. The understanding of the mind-brain duality is the greatest discovery in human history. Read full article

BRAZILIAN SCIENTISTS FIND THAT THE BRAIN IS INACTIVE DURING TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP Researchers found that when five experienced psychographs (writing mediums like Chico Xavier) were in trance and receiving messages from spirit, there was far less activitiy in the areas of their brain relating to language, reasoning and movement than normal. If they were imagining it or making it up there would have been far more brain activity. (Thanks Richard for the link)
Read more... . These are the kinds of studies that are urgently needed.


Many thanks to all our encouraging friends who have been asking us about the progress on the new book. The good news is that it is finished. It will be available online in just over four weeks. If you want an overview of all the evidence for the afterlife that we feature in the Friday Reports in one easy read this is for you. While we are not able to give this book away for free (our publisher needs to recoup his costs) we will be able to give a pdf copy to anyone who is prepared to write a review (even three lines) for Amazon or other booksellers or publicize it in another way. We need lots of positive reviews and mentions on social media for when the book hits the market.. If you can write a review or have other ideas about how we can spread word about the afterlife, email books[at] victorzammit.com. We will email you a pdf copy as soon as it becomes available early next week. Meanwhile check out our page on Amazon
and on Whitecrow Books.

In a world where the media only reports on tragedies and disasters Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon Dr Mary Neal author of To Heaven and Back talks about her accident when she was kayaking and drowned. She claims that she looks on the experience with immense gratitude and says that out of every so-called tragedy come incredibly positive and beautiful things.



My 23 years of paranormal and afterlife research tells me that there are exceptionally highly gifted medium/psychics who would be able to help the FBI and the police to catch the killer/s. The The FBI, released the photos of the two suspects claimed it 'will go to the ends of the earth' to find the killers". Accordingly, the FBI should seek out only the very best psychic-mediums to assist. Millions saw on television programs such as SENSING MURDER and PSYCHIC DETECTIVES tough police officers confirming that some psychic-mediums are deadly accurate. Of particular interest are the psychic mediums who can accurately state: the gender, race, name and appearance of the killers and the location of the suspects. Of course, maybe te FBI have already done that! See articles on Psychic Detectives and Sensing Murder

Sirius” from Emmy Award winning director Amardeep Kaleka (“Neverending Light”), producer J.D Seraphine and narrated by actor Thomas Jane (“Hung”) will have a gala celebrity premiere on April 22 in Hollywood followed by a limited national theatrical release on April 24. The explosive documentary deals with the subject of UFO disclosure and clean energy. “Sirius” was also one of the most successful crowd funding initiatives ever produced. The film includes Government and Military witnesses to the UFO secrecy, explains the connection to Free Energy and provides the vision of Contact with ET Civilizations as witnessed by the CE-5 contact teams. Never before has this wealth of information and footage been shown to the public. Read more...

First TED was seen to be openly censoring Drs. Sheldrake and Hancock and now academic opposition to Dr. Amit Goswami....
" Amit assures us these new developments make it apparent we have scientific materialism 'On the run' ”....A filmmaker writes " a dean of the science department literally frothed at the mouth yelling at us - “Why are you interested in what HE has to say, all this mumbo jumbo about consciousness being the ground of being is non-sense, not science!!” He was truly bent out of shape that we were there to interview Amit Goswami and not himself about the cutting edge of research that day. I’ll never forget how his secretary was abhorred and apologetic to our crew. Thankfully, we helped move Amit out of that building weeks later. Then there was the unique experience of Dr. Goswami’s Wikipedia page being pulled – essentially by one adamant voice arguing that although he is a popular author numerous times over, stars in a film made about his concepts and ideas, was in What The Bleep Do We Know? – (the 5th largest grossing documentary of all time) and… literally wrote the university text on quantum physics; Still this person argued his irrelevance effectively removing Dr. Goswami’s Wikipedia page.
:



UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS - KEY TO YOUR FUTURE: Question: Hi Victor, Could you tell me how many times do we have to come back to earth. Someone told me that we could be coming here for many, many lifetimes. That worreis me. P.A.

Victor: First, one has to know what is the purpose of life on earth for us humans here. Simply put, we are here to continue to learn spiritual lessons, to spiritually refine. Living on earth, we humans can learn lessons far more quickly than we can in the afterlife dimension. This is because in the afterlife everything is done for us - we do not have the burden of having to pay for anything - for accommodation, we do not have to sleep, to eat, to clean, to work. But on earth we have to do all these things. This means we have to socialize with others and enter into relationships with people. And this means we have to come across issues of love, trust, honesty, discipline, overcoming challenges - and so on. We have to control all biological urges in food, drink, sleep, sex and so on. So we continue to learn spiritual lessons while on earth. Now some people decide to delay spiritual learning (consciously or unconsciously) - which means they may have to come back to earth more times. But when one attains a spiritual level on earth when he or she can unconditionally forgive and unconditionally love all - then there will be not need for that person to come back to earth to learn more lessons. For the average person, my view is that life on earth can be from just a few times to many times - depends how long one wants to delay spiritual growth.


Julia Assante, the author, is an established social historian of the ancient Near East (PhD. Columbia University). Yet for over three decades she has also been an active professional intuitive. In her book, The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death, she applies the insights and methodologies gained from both fields in order to present a uniquely rigorous investigation of where we go after we die. Her book contains 40 pages of highly useful material on contacting your loved ones in spirit.


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If you have an Apple i-phone and want to develop your psychic skills you can download a free application from i-tunes. The ESP trainer was developed under a NASA program by Russell Targ at Stanford Research Institute. He have found that people are able to improve their ESP scores by using a machine just like this to get in touch with the part of themselves that is psychic. The player is presented with four colored squares. For each trial, one has been selected at random by the ESP Trainer. The task is to choose the correct square. If you succeed, you will hear a chime, feel a vibration, and see a large color picture. The game offers multi-sensory feedback, reinforcement, and an opportunity to Pass, meeting all the requirements needed for learning this skill. ESP Trainer improves your ability to recognize your intuitive impressions, and it can bring you to a level of intuitive awareness beyond anything you've experienced before. Read more...
(Thanks to Simon Turnbull for this gem).

If you want to test your ESP NOW try this exercise on
Rupert Sheldrake's home page.


ABUSE OF POWER, CRUELTY, SELFISHNESS: three of the greatest problems:
One of the interesting questions often asked is what are the greatest problem for people on crossing over. There are THREE very important things that will give people huge problems on crossing over: CRUELTY, SELFISHNESS and ABUSE OF POWER. If in life you remain a reasonably good person but never indulge in any acts of cruelly - or that you will show that your are not selfish in the way you deal with people - and that if you have power - any power - whether a bureaucrat in government agencies - or at any other place at work or in organized religion, then you will have nothing to fear on crossing over. Cruelty is highly karmic, so is abuse of power and selfishness. So help those who come your way - and you've got it made for the afterlife - guaranteed!!!!



" In the troubled times in which we live, the concept of world peace may seem to be an unlikely outcome. If we feel we are powerless to achieve a positive influence on world conflict, we have in a way accepted that situation. This lack of power and lack of action (apathy) allow such conditions to continue unabated. Let us move from the subject of world peace to an easier global goal - world kindness. The world population comprises about 6 billion people. If each of those 6 billion people were to think that they could have a positive influence on enhancing world kindness, there is nothing that could prevent this from happening. Great power is generated when the citizens of the world band together in a common cause. This phenomena has been recently referred to as "the other world power."" Read more...


My friend,
What a wonderful message we have for you.
What a wonderful message we have for the world.
We are here to tell you the truth that there is no death, that you are an eternal being, that spirituality is the answer to heal your world, to heal yourself, to find your real self.

Heal your world. Every one of you can make an effort to heal your world, by bringing love, by caring for your fellow beings, because you are all children of God, you are all one big family, and you can all contribute to a better world. Love and care for your brothers and sisters, and you can create heaven on earth; you can create heaven on earth by healing your world by love.
– White Bear

Medium Jostein Strømmen of Norway has channelled 7 books after sitting for trance every day (Mon-Fri) for 1 whole year. They have been written word for word, not edited. Some of the material is amazing. You can download all 7 free of charge here.

'INNER VOYAGE' HOLISTIC RETREAT AT BALI in June 2013 - book now! A piece of paradise. “Six nights in tranquil Sanur will transform your life without enduring endless yoga poses, days of silence or hours of chanting. The villa is luxurious, peaceful, has WIFI, pool and is in the heart of beautiful Sanur. An unforgettable week to focus solely on your happiness, relaxation and personal / spiritual growth. As one of only four guests you will experience: the wonders of holistic healing by authentic Balinese traditional healers, Reiki sessions, basic yoga for practical people, simple meditation you can incorporate into your home routine, delicious organic cuisine, private Hindu blessings, stunning spiritual properties not open to tourists, all day access to a trained Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Teacher, hours of pampering with exotic body treatments, down-time to fall in the pool, journal and bike ride the board-walk.” Read more...

SALLY MORGAN, that flamboyant psychic medium - holding meetings in different countries. It is quite entertaining and informative to watch Sally Morgan in action. Here is what she says, in part,
"HELLO, What a chilly month it has been! It's not as much fun being on tour in the snow, wind and rain. Having said that, the energy on the tour has been immense - thank you everyone. It just seems to be getting better and better and I couldn't be more grateful. I am hugely looking forward to my tour of Australia in July. The tour dates are now up on me website but there are more dates to be added in Blackstown, Nowra and Melbourne!! Even though it will be their winter when we go out, I'm sure the love and energy will be just as fantastic as it is here in the UK. Here's one for the ladies reading this, John will be taking a break from the office and will be coming with me to Australia!" For dates see her website:

MEDIUM LISA WILLIAMS TALKS WITH MEDIUM TONY STOCKWELL Tony Stockwell, back in the UK after his tour of Australia talks with Lisa Williams about mediumship on Blogtalk radio. April 4, 2013 Listen.

Last year Nancy wrote:
I want to thank you for sharing the film Chico Xavier with us. I searched in youtube and I found it subtitled in Spanish. I've just finished watching it and I'm still in awe (and also in tears). I asked whoever uploaded it for the English subtitled one. I strongly recommend that everybody watch this film, especially those who have lost a child. One last thing: this great man, Chico Xavier, wrote 412 books, sold 40 million copies and was translated to 33 languages, Braille included.

At the time no-one could find a version with English subtitles. Now Alberto Oyarvide has helped out by finding one with subtitles in 4 languages.

To view white rectangle marked CC click bottom of the video frame.



FEEDBACK: 1) Dear Victor and Wendy,
Dear Victor and Wendy, The thought struck me that, when I write, I generally write to offer some criticism, albeit hopefully of a constructive nature. This time I thought it would be fitting for me to write just to express my gratitude that you are both working so hard to spread the light of truth, to dispel fear and enlighten your world-wide audience. No buts, no ifs, just a big thank you for the both of you!

Over the last few years I have come to find what you do of the utmost importance. In my work as a pastor I was often moved by the fear and apprehension that many people have of death. A lot of the fear and anxiety is due to originally inspired but subsequently misunderstood spiritual teachings distorted to fit into the churches' dogmatic straightjacket...... I'm convinced that your newsletter and the information you provide is of critical importance to many people and will help them understand what is happening when their time comes.

The longer I follow your newsletters the more I come to appreciate the enormous amount of work that must go into finding and providing all the great articles, video and music that you both collect for all of us readers.
Week after week I am amazed by the consoling stories, the book reviews and other touching accounts that bear witness to the life and love that lies beyond the veil. I can hardly imagine how many hearts you must touch with this work. You are warming the hearts of people who have lost loved ones, maybe even children or even hope for anything "more".

Therefore I wish you both peace and all that is good, so that you may continue to be inspired and to inspire many more people. I hope all people will one day realize the truth of the afterlife and that we may trust the Go(o)d that encompasses all, trying to be good to ourselves and each other, simply trusting that all is well that is in god, outside of which there is nothing.

Know that my love and prayers are with you both.

2) Dear Victor & Wendy ... What an excellent answer to the Margaret Thatcher question! And we know she gets no spiritual credits for mounting an armada to the Falklands! Our seance group has received direct testimony from two queens; also Sir Winston Churchill.The actual recordings of Catherine the Great - Empress of Russia, and Mary Queen of Scots, are on the 'Figures from History' page of our website www.salumetandfriends.org To hear Mary reflect on the day of her execution is moving in the extreme. All three now progress nicely in spirit. Keep up the good work ... George.

Hello Victor and Wendy, As a confirmed animal lover I was moved to tears by the Humpback whale video in the last report. To me, and i’m sure all animal lovers, we share the earth with animals, and they have just as many rights as we do. Warm Regards Alan G

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INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC - FOOD FOR THE SOUL - a song that prophetically describes life in the afterlife - very much in demand this week.
Here is one of the most beautiful songs written by John Lennon who has assassinated in 1980. This is the song where so many people reported they got goosbumps when they listen to it vocalized by John Lennon. His beautiful song aptly describes life in the afterlife - just have a look at the lyrics.



Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You, you may say
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You, you may say
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.