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April 13th 2012

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

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COMMENTARY: NEED FOR A THIRD ALTERNATIVE. Last Monday on Australian Broadcasting Commission television atheist Richard Dawkins was put up against Sydney's Catholic Cardinal George Pell. The answers given about life, death, creeds, evolution, God and the afterlife by these two gentlemen showed how colossally ignorant both of them are in relation to the scientific discoveries about the afterlife. They either know nothing about the objective and repeatable afterlife evidence - or they willfully ignored the evidence because it would have demolished their argument.

Perhaps if the host of the ABC television show Tony Jones did his homework, he would have asked these gentlemen what their responses would be to the objective and repeatable evidence for the aftertlife. But the host didn’t – perhaps because he had not professionally researched the topic. Or if he knew about the scientific afterlife evidence, he should have had a litigation lawyer explain that the evidence would be admissible as objective repeatable evidence in the highest courts of the world. THAT would have been ‘revolutionary’!
And that would have completely demolished the argument of the anti-afterlife Dawkins.

PROFESSOR DAWKINS' HYPOCRISY: Prof Richard Dawkins during the above television question time was asked "... is it all right NOT to tell a child about God?" In reply he uttered the most hypocritical statement of his career - when he said, among other things, "I would prefer to encourage a child to make up his own mind and to think about the EVIDENCE and to believe in things when there is EVIDENCE." Yet this professor does not practice what he tells others to do - because he just will NOT investigate the evidence for the afterlife.. If he did, the onus on him would be to show WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the evidence cannot be accepted. Why does Dawkins not investigate the evidence that will guarantee he is wrong in his negative beliefs about the afterlife? Read my highly entertaining hypothetical cross examination of Richard Dawkins.

William Buhlman has some fascinating things to say about how people can develop spiritually through out of body experiences.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Rachel sent me a link where some uninformed afterlife amateur tried to denigrate the validity of NDEs. Given the limited space this is what I submit:
Most of the "alternative explanations" are theories based on observations of a small number of subjects which produce elements of the near death experience like seeing a bright light but certainly not the whole experience.
There are no cases of these simulated experiences changing people's lives longterm. Unlike real NDEs there are no cases of the blind being able to see or of people coming back with knowledge of future events or of meeting relatives they didn't know about. There are no cases of people being cured of a fatal illness and patenting inventions based on things they were shown. There are no cases of people coming back with evidence that they were able to see and hear things while they were unconscious that would be impossible for normal sensing the way Pam Reynolds did during the one hour she had NO BRAIN FUNCTION AT ALL yet the mind of her duplicate etheric/spirit body remembered word for word what the surgeons said to the nurses etc etc etc...

I heard a Christian Cardinal - (Catholic) when talking about the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, saying that Jesus was the first and only person to show that he had been resurrected from the dead. That shows how the Catholics are still behind in understanding what really happens when we die. Why? Because ALL human beings are "resurrected" when they die. They they do NOT stay unconscious underground 'until Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead'. That is NOT going to happen. Repeatable evidence shows that at the moment of death we are met by our loved ones who will take us to the realm of the Light to continue to live - because consciousness CANNOT DIE. So, on crossing over we leave our physical body behind, but take our etheric (spirit) body, with all its memories, with the relative stage of spirituality attained during life on physical earth. This information has been transmitted by highly credible afterlife teachers for over a hundred and fifty years.

Next Sunday being the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic our thoughts may go out to those who "died" on that fateful voyage. As we mentioned last week, one of those souls was William Stead, who returned from the dead after three days through physical medium Mrs Etta Wriedt. Michael Tymn's Transcending the Titanic tells his story. His return will surely give comfort to all those who have lost loved ones in sudden accidents. “He was weak in articulation, but we quite understood him,” wrote Vice-Admiral William Usborne Moore quoting the host. “His stay was short. The next night, Thursday, Mr. Stead came again; his articulation and personality were much stronger, and he went into details of his passing. The following night, Friday, he came again very strong and clear, again giving us full details of his passing." Three weeks later he 'manifested' through Mrs Wriedt physical medium in England. Read more in Michael Tymn's blog... and download a free copy of Vice-Admiral William Usborne Moore's wonderful book The Voices.
OR buy a printed copy here.

QUESTION: THE AFTERLIFE ... WHERE IS IT? Some people think that the afterlife is up in the sky. Some people are influenced by what is in the BIble - especially when it describes Jesus "ascending into heaven" into the clouds above. S. Birch, a highly credible afterlife teacher says:
"The afterlife is the invisible and the inaudible side of the world in which you live. You are as much now in the world of spirit as you ever will be ... You cannot register it unless you have developed the gifts of the spirit so that you can tune in to all its vibrations and frequencies, or whatever word you care to use." It seems like it is right where we are but just on a different frequency.

"FINAL GIFTS- UNDERSTANDING THE COMMUNICATION OF THE DYING" Author and hospice nurse, Maggie Callanan co-author ot the excellent book Final Gifts claims that people all know when they are going to die and no-one dies alone. We are all met by our loved ones in the last few days.

"Awakening only comes when realization dawns. If you have knowledge, then your awakening is much quicker. We have to fight ignorance, misunderstanding, superstition, false creeds, erroneous theologies, all of which do not help to prepare the soul for its new life. Before these are conquered, the soul has gradually to accustom itself and there is a long period of rest. As in your world you have hospitals for bruised and injured bodies, we have to treat bruised and injured souls.

But where an individual has rendered great service, and love, good will, affection and prayer accompany his passing into my world,
then the awakening is speeded, for all those vibrations help him/her." Of course, those who are familiar with afterlife matters and kept up with their afterlife information, are very likely to have a most pleasant 'conscious transition'. These will immediately recognize their loved ones waiting for them. The more you know about the afterlife the much easier, the more pleasant your transition to the afterlife will be."

QUESTION: That was quite a shock what you had in your Editorial a couple of weeks ago Victor. Imagine, at last, these hard core skeptics admitting they were wrong about the paranormal - about telepathy. You were right that once telepathy is accepted by conservative science, that is going to open up a huge problem for them regarding mediumship - because as you rightly said, mediumship is about telepathy. Would you not say we are half way there?

Victor: When extreme closed minded scientists conceded - for the very first time - that telepathy has passed all scientific tests - that is a really good indication that anything that has to do with telepathy can also be accepted - such as mediumship. Remember that according to Dr Charles Tart (in his book The End of Materialism) there are five areas of psychic phenomena for which there is impressive experimental evidence.These are:

* telepathy- receiving messages from someone's mind
* clairvoyance or remote viewing- knowing things at a distance
* precognition- knowing things before they happen
* psychokineis- moving things with the mind
* and psychic healing.

Victor: It seems that at some level many of us do- at least at an unconscious level. When John Wesley wrote to Emanuel Swedenborg that he was about to leave on a six-month trip, but would like to meet with him upon his return Swedenborg said that it would be too late as he would “go into the world of spirits on the 29th day of the next month, never more to return.” Swedenborg died of natural causes on March 29, 1772, even though he still appeared in good health and gave no signs of dying beforehand.
He had, in advance, also told his landlady and maidservant of his departure that day. The latter said that he seemed pleased at the prospect, “as if he was going to have a holiday, to go to some merry-making.” This is just one of the EVIDENTIAL reports in Michel Tymn's new book The Afterlife Explorers- Volume 1. Read more...

A popular American reality TV series that features a "vivacious" over the top New York medium Teresa Caputo. Each episode has her conduct private and group readings. However she seems not to be able to keep her mediumship separate from her normal life. Series 2 episode 1 aired on March 25th and drew 2.28 million viewers.

I received a number of emails from people enquiring about the limited space on earth. Here is an article that says we are not the only ones in the universe. :"Could there be ‘tens of billions’ of habitable worlds in our own galaxy? That’s the results from a new study that searched for rocky planets in the habitable zones around red dwarf stars. An international team of astronomers using ESO’s HARPS spectrograph now estimates that there are tens of billions of such planets in the Milky Way galaxy, with probably about one hundred in the Sun’s immediate neighborhood, less than 30 light years away". Read full report ..


A SWEET THOUGHT: Here’s a poem by one of our subscribers - Maria Retz

For a moment, forgive every single person on Earth. For a moment, respect every single person on Earth, even if they don't share the same ideas as you. For a moment, respect all life, even the tiniest, even that which may be a threat to you. For a moment, LOVE all that is. For a moment, just for a moment… but practice letting this moment last longer and longer -

FREE E-BOOK FOR KINDLE: Quantum Physics, Near Death Experiences, Eternal Consciousness, Religion, and the Human Soul [Kindle Edition] by william bray (Author)
Written by a Physicist in Neuroscience Research who has experienced multiple NDEs the book describes how and why reality, this Universe, is interdependent with consciousness in order to exist. Beginning with the founders of Quantum Physics, Bray describes in detail how we interact with, manipulate and define the finite Universe. We “Paint the Universe into Being”, as Bray says based on the hard data which has been proven as correct through a century of quantum research. You can download a free kindle reader for PC if you don't have one and read it online.
Get it free from Amazon. (Thanks Louisa for the tip).

FREE BOOK FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT AFFORD IT - I received money from Mr Lowson who wants to sponsor free books for those who cannot afford to buy the book: A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE (usually $14 per book + & $14 postage, $3 local). So, if you are truly low in your finances and want to acquire a hard copy of the book, just email me and a book will be posted to you immediately. vz@victorzammit.com


Dear Victor, and Wendy, Thank you for continuing to send me your ever enlightening Friday Reports. They are always a welcome sight at the end of each world weary week Jim E.

2) Hi Victor,
Thank you so much . for the great link . to the website . It will bring them directly. into my book site .. Lots of hits . directed from your newsletter . Thanks again. You will be a friend forever Victor . Here and in heaven as well. We are both lightworkers . . They always meet in heaven . All of us are ONE . there . . I am about ready to go . but i have J to look after yet .. So as long she is here . I work on this site of the Veil. . . Art

3) Hi Victor..
Thank you again for a most informative Report.
I do understand that we All are in sync each day with many situations and circumstances. so i don't necessarily expect you to read this but I wanted to share it with you. I love what you do and you continually show me new areas or confirm for me, information I receive. Much appreciated with Thanks.


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