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Friday 27th October 2006

Friday 20th October 2006
Our materialization sessions from now on will be held on Sunday nights. I'll report on what happens on Monday morning and will also be putting the sound files on the website.

Apologies if I have not replied to your email. I am at the moment still very busy with very urgent matters. Will reply shortly.

MS. CAMILLA PERSSON, SWEDISH PSI INVESTIGATOR SITS WITH DAVID THOMPSON : we had a great many people from around the world wanting to participate in David Thompson’s materialization experiments. Because of technicalities, at the moment this can’t be done but may be possible later when David will be on tour in materializations.(Interview, up on the Net shortly). Listen to audio interview with Camilla (5 mins)..

A lawyer rebuts the giants of materialist science and negative empiricists - psychologists:

people emailed me stating that sometimes the voices of those who materialized recently (see below), e.g. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and others, do not sound the same as the these afterlife entities who spoke through Leslie Flint for example. “Why is it?” they ask. My answer is that different techniques for speaking are being used. It is far more difficult to speak when someone materializes because the ectoplasm on them is just like soft plastic all over their upper body and especially the face. One of the afterlife helpers, Timothy, said that it is like trying to speak when your face is underwater. He said that one needs a lot of practice to produce clear, crisp, resonant voice. Whereas in direct voice speaking, the afterlife entity does not have ectoplasm all over him or her, but is using a duplicate voice box made of ectoplasm. Hence it is easier to produce clear, crisp voice using direct voice mediumship. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle complains how difficult he finds it to speak when he materializes.

WHY DON'T YOU ATTACK YOUR ATTACKERS VICTOR? My comment: Why should I? My attackers are closed minded skeptics - which means they are losers and defeatists. Attackers and debunkrs, especially those who are a 'nobody', 'non-entities' - only attack those who are perceived to have value.They attack the charismatics. They attack the successful - such as Allison Dubois, John Edward, James Van Praagh and others. These debunkers are trying to get some spark in their miserable boring lives. But notice very varefully, they NEVER attack my objective evidence for the afterlife because they now admit my objective evidence for the afterlife just cannot be rebutted. Instead they try to throw mud! Hitherto, no scientist, no debunker, no skeptic - just no one has been able to rebut the classic objective evidence for the afterlife - if they could they would - and beat my $1,000,000 challenge! I've been waiting patiently for nearly NINE years for some debunker from anywhere around the world to take me on. But the silence is absolutely deafening!

YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT? $500,000 CHALLENGE TO THE SKEPTICS: those flamboyant, extroverted closed minded skeptics stated that they could duplicate ANY psychic experiment. These are the cowards who keep attacking genuine mediums using dirty language. Here is your chance to get yourself half a million dollars – to put up – or to stay as quiet as a mouse. There would be a number of fundamental conditions: because venue will be critical to theexperiment, neither party would know where the venue would be until two minutes before the experiment - and all sitters and medium would have to be tied to their chair or to each other by experts. Second fundamental condition is that if you, the skeptic fail to duplicate our materialization experiment, YOU will pay our medium, David Thompson, half a million dollars. That is fair. That is reasonable. That is just and that is equitable.

Friday 13th October 2006

: Sunday night: as you might have heard William telling us last Sunday next Sunday night is going to be a big night for materializations. As usual, Wendy, my wife, will be putting up the sound files late after the meeting – or early Monday morning. William is allowing photographs to be taken of ectoplasm – *something the closed minded debunkers to do not believe exists *(see below).

ABOUT DAVID THOMPSON, materialization medium. He has been sitting virtually every week as a materialization medium in complete darkness for ten years as a service to mankind. He is tied arms and legs to his chair. Some ten cable seals are engaged to his clothing – cardigan, pants and hands. The sitting is more stressful as he is tightly gagged. The situation is that the medium for almost two hours is in most uncomfortable position with so many restrictions and he has to put up with physical and mental after-effects. He then allows ectoplasm from his body to be used in a way which potentially can injure and in extreme cases could also kill him so that afterlife entities can come through him. We do not really know about the long-term physical harm to him, as it is said that physical mediums develop pancreas problems because of the work they do. He also has to put up with those skeptics who claim these mediums are frauds and rip off artists. Do you know what? David Thompson does not charge a cent for sitting in these above stated challenging conditions. No wonder we only have some three physical mediums publicly demonstrating in the world. The demands for David's service to the community and the world at large are very substantive. His contribution to the world will always be most memorable.

A REAL GEM: A book called MORE LIGHT transmitted by Mons. Hugh Benson recorded by Anthony Borgia – try TWO WORLDS, 7 The Leather Market, Weston St., London SE1 3ER, UK. This is pure gold. Here is someone from the otherside, an eye-witness with high credibility, transmitter critical information about the conditions you will inevitably have to come across when you cross over. This must be the fourth book transmitted by Mons Hugh Benson – and something which you must read. Contents include 8 chapters on: Orthodoxy, Miracles, Burial Service, Creeds and the Average person in the afterlife. I guarantee that the transmission is genuine and also that what you will learn from this book will help you when you cross over.

ENERGY/LIGHT. Here is a most interesting perspective on ENERGY than many who read these columns are interested in: “Much has been said on this and more will shortly be said. Our scientists know more about some forms than others, and not all scientists agree. There is one whose work has not been so well regarded as it should perhaps have been over the years, largely on account of his pursuance of 'ether theory'. I speak of Sir James Jeans (1877-1946). It seems a pity to be sending out too much blank paper with the transcripts, so here is a quote that is elegantly descriptive of how physical energy is distributed in the Universe:

'The tendency of modern physics is to resolve the whole material Universe into waves and nothing but waves; these are waves of two kinds; bottled up waves which we call matter and unbottled waves which we call radiation or light. If annihilation of matter occurs, the process is merely that of unbottling imprisoned wave energy and letting it fall to travel through space. These concepts reduce the whole Universe to a world of light, potential and existence, so that the whole story of creation can be told with perfect accuracy and completeness in the six words, "God said, 'Let there be light.'’ Sir James Jeans.

All is energy as we have heard several times, but to think of it as bottled (atoms / matter) and unbottled (waves / light) seems a beautifully simple way of regarding the difference. And of course, the initial creation of light would have been immediately followed by the bottling process to create matter.

THE PSYCHIC MAFIA a book written some 30 years ago attacking psychics. One New York lawyer referred me to it just recently – as some kind of evidence against the paranormal. What’s wrong with it?
1) First, for the record, there is nothing in it that is empirical. It is my view that nearly all of it is pure paranormal fiction. In fact, it is the alleged recollections of a self-confessed cheat, self-confessed liar and a conman scoundrel of how he pretended to be a psychic/medium who cheated many Americans of their hard earned cash. He was an imposter, fraudulently ‘stealing’ money from those gullible people in the American community who usually are the most vulnerable. He has NO credibility at all – and that is why he’s been ignored all this time. The closed minded skeptics are trying to push his name, but he is a loser, a defeatist, a self confessed charlatan.
2) On page 163 this fraudulent rogue admits the afterlife exists! He says, “Life after death? I believe in it. I believe that human beings maintain their individuality after death. I believe that we go on to higher and better expressions of ourselves than those which we are now expressing.” So, this charlatan who skinned money off people admits that there is a life after death – which means that one day he will be held accountable for his huge negative activity. Need we say more?
3) Does this cheat and conman believe in the paranormal, even though he states he cheated doing paranormal tricks himself? Here he is again, “Extrasensory perception and psychic phenomena? I believe that the individual can have his or her own private psychic experiences – that THERE IS such thing as ESP. But when it comes to paying a medium to do it for you-beware!” We don’t need a cheat to tell us about quacks- we warn people all the time to be extremely careful which medium to go to.
4) The book was forworded by the Rev. Canon William V Rauscher – someone who believes and ACCEPTS the afterlife – and warns of fraudulent psychics – something we ALL agree with.
5) The book was published by ‘Prometheus Books’ which specializes in anti-paranormal, anti-afterlife skeptical literature.
6) The book was prefaced by a closed minded debunking skeptic debunker Ray Hyman – who has NEVER ever accepted the paranormal, who ALWAYS reported negatively against the paranormal, who ALWAYS attacked and denigrated the paranormal and the afterlife. Is he credible as an objective observer? OF COURSE NOT!!
7) There are huge number of claims made by the author of the book – I state they are all made up by him to be dramatic and to shock.
He confesses that he dramatizes events to mislead, misdirect, misinform and to deceive people everywhere …

ACCORDINGLY – MY CHALLENGE: here is a challenge to the author of this book Keen (if he’s still alive) – or anyone who thinks like him and who says physical mediumship is all fraud and that he can duplicate the results of materialization experiments. Mr Keen and others like you put up or shut up: I will hand over a half a million dollars to you if you can duplicate what David Thompson is doing in his materialization experiments under the same conditions. But when you fail, YOU WILL HAND OVER DAVID THOMPSON $500,000 – see a plain English challenge to you and to any debunking skeptic who thinks like you! Read more …

ECTOPLASM: does it really exist? : in the above book, Psychic Mafia, skeptic Keen informs us that there is no such thing as ectoplasm (gaseous element which is emitted by the physical medium which enables materializations to take place). He says that the medium actually sneaks in ‘gauze material’ (like a white bandage) packed inside a condom. Guess where this ‘Mafia’ skeptic Keen claims the medium hides the gauze inside the condom to fool the public? You guessed right – in her vagina!!!!! We also had in the past a Professor from the UK Society of Psychical Research, Prof D West who attacked physical medium Helen Duncan (see chapter 11 of BOOK top right) suggesting that Helen Duncan hid ‘muslin’ in her anus to fool the sitters!!! I remember challenging Prof West to demonstrate that for a incentive of $5,000. Not only that, in context of David Thompson’s materializations, he not only has to demonstrate the muslin/anus trick while his hands and feet are tied to his chair, he’s also got to make the material sing ‘Hello Dolly’ in a Southern, deep resonant voice the way Louis Armstrong sang when he materialized in one of David Thompson’s meetings!

SciFi INVESTIGATES THE AFTERLIFE. More spectacular evidence for THE AFTERLIFE November 1, 2006: From Mark Macy: The new TV series here in the States, “SciFi Investigates,” begins this month, and the third episode on Nov 1 is about the Afterlife. My wife Regina and I were invited by NBC and the SciFi Channel to New York City last month to do some on-camera experiments with the luminator. Also invited were our good friends Meme Stevens and Debbie Alberti, who have had great spirit faces show up in my photos of them in the past. Meme’s spectacular picture of her late mom is on the cover of my new book, “Spirit Faces; Truth about the Afterlife,” and a chapter is dedicated to Debbie and her late husband John, whose face appeared in a photo I took at the Edgar Cayce ARE Center in NYC in 2004. I expected that if we were to get good pictures of spirit faces for the TV program, they would show up with Meme and Debbie, but my spirit group always surprises me. I took dozens of pictures of the two women and of the four investigators, and no spirit faces! Apparently my spirit team knew that the investigators would be most impressed by results they got while taking pictures of each other, and that’s what happened. When they took pictures of their female team member, also named Debbie (Debbie Dobrydny), at least two pictures had spirit faces in them. They weren’t as dramatic as some of the faces I’ve received, but the spirit faces were definitely there. We’ll see what sort of treatment those pictures, and my research in general, receive in the program, which is scheduled to air 10pm Eastern time (8pm here in Colorado) on Nov 1. Check your local listings.

Mark will be in Colorado at three book stores this month, presenting his research, signing books, and taking pictures with the luminator present, trying to get spirit faces on Polaroid film - - - not your typical bookstore event. Unless there’s a huge crowd, he plans to let everyone walk home with a free photo. Here’s the schedule:
+ Monday Oct 16, 7:30pm, Boulder Bookstore:
+ Monday Oct 23, 7pm, Celebration Store in Colorado Springs:
+ Monday Oct 30, 7:30pm, Tattered Cover in Denver:

Workshops on the west coast
Mark will also be giving 2½-hour workshops at two
Learning Annex locations in California this month:
Wednesday, Oct 25, Los Angeles:
Friday, Oct 27, San Francisco:
Sales of the book (Spirit Faces) and CD (Bridge to Paradise) are moving along very well. The CD is a guided meditation, taking listeners to a paradise world where many people awaken at the end of their earthly lives. In paradise they visit a communication lab where efforts are underway to open contact bridges with Our world. To get the book, please contact your local Bookstore if you can’t make it to one of the upcoming events mentioned above.

Friday 6th October 2006

MATERIALIZATION EXPERIMENT: an entity materialized last night calling itself Mahatma Gandhi (second materializastion in four weeks). He sounded just like Gandhi, but his message was a private one to a member of the Circle. His voice is still fairly soft, but he did promise that he will be materializing again using a stronger voice in the near future for more global messages. It appears that Mahatma Gandhi is helping an international group who are using peace as a way to reduce violence on a global level. Sound files for last night.

COMMENTARY: SHOULD NEW YORK JAIL GIFTED PSCHICS? The New York State I was informed has a law that can imprison psychics - even those genuine, gifted psychics. Whilst I’d agree that there would be many self-labeled ‘psychics’- who are not genuine psychics, who are quacks and are out there to fleece the public, there are genuine psychics who are helping a lot of people. Inevitably this law violates the freedom of expression constitutional provision and will sooner than later get to the Supreme Court. Maybe it would not be such a bad idea to let the courts decide about genuine psychics, about quack psychics and about the evidence for the afterlife. I am looking forward to this Supreme Court precedent. I am sure it will backfire onto those closed minded debunking skeptics who lobbied to have this law in New York.

THE AMISH MASSACRE – you would have thought that those who were violated – the relatives and friends of those young Amish schoolgirls who were slaughtered would bring about a huge violent backlash against the family of the murderer. Not with the Amish people. There were no lynch mobs to try to get even. There were no violent protests. There were no calls for retribution. The response by the Amish people was one of forgiveness, one of calmness, dignity and respect. One of our friends is a Mennonite (Mennonites are committed to non-violence, non-resistance, and pacifism) whose home congregation is in the Amish community where this week’s shooting occurred. She told us that as soon as the men of the community heard about the shooting they went as a group to the father of the murderer to offer forgiveness and reconciliation. Then 75 Amish attended the funeral of the murderer. That was a most stunning example of being spiritual – even when innocent little girls were massacred. I was impressed. I’m sure most people were impressed around the world by the spiritual calmness after the horrific event. What a wonderful example these dignified peaceful people are setting for a world sorely in need of models of peacefulness at this time.

MATERIALIZATION MEDIUM DAVID THOMPSON is one of the three materializastion mediums we know of in the Western world. David's WEBSITE:

CLERIC CONEMNS PSYCHIC FESTIVAL to take place at Chilford Hall, Balsham Rd Linton in October: The Rev Mark Mills-Powell, rector of St Mary’s Church, Linton, UK said he “would encourage Christians not to get involved as the Bible warns against this kind of practice” – conveniently forgets that even in the Bible there is a reminder to, “test the spirits.” Now here is someone who has not studied the empirical evidence for the afterlife. He is a theologian who believes what somebody else told him to believe. This somebody else goes back some two thousand years ago – and guess what? We do not know WHO this somebody else was who started these beliefs. Now I suggest that we respect this Rev Mark’s unproven beliefs as long as he respects other people’s rights to accept the empirical, proven evidence for the existence of the afterlife and the paranormal. These theologians are way behind in the understanding that empirical evidence inevitably knocks out superstitious beliefs – the ‘Galileo Effect’ clearly shows that.

This week's guest:
Brian Hines, founder of
Church of the Churchless
So, put away your Ouija Boards and hold on to your crystal balls, America...
Marcel & Lenny are putting “spirit” back into to spiritual radio. Tune in live - Just click below In Good Spirit
Tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 11th at 9PMc\
Call Marcel Cairo

MYSTERY SOLVED! For sixteen years people have asked why is it that closed minded skeptics refuse to accept the afterlife evidence when highly intelligent scientists and others have no difficulty accepting the objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife. The answer is that some people, do NOT have the necessary ‘vibrations’ to be able to fully understand the afterlife evidence. Afterlife vibrations are independent of intelligence. A possible cause for not having the right vibrations is because these closed minded people may be ‘new energies’ – those who have not had multiple experiences of life itself. When orthodox science one day embraces afterlife physics, all afterlife matters will be fully understood. As a matter of fact when Gandhi materialized he stated that when the world really accepts the afterlife, most of its problems will be solved.

COMMUNICATING WITH INTELLIGENCES FROM THE AFTERLIFE IS THE GREATEST DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY: Our next materialization experiment will be held next Sunday 8th October 06.

Without doubt- in absolute terms, the materialization experiment is the GREATEST, MOST CONVINCING EVIDENCE for the existence of the afterlife. For sixteen years I searched for the absolute and ultimate experience. And to-day I have to concede that these materializations experiments I am attending give the ultimate proof that life goes on. Sometimes we have had as many as seven voices from materialized spirits. Using electronic programs we found that all these voices could not have come from one ‘voice box.’ This is just quite brilliant as we, the sitters, converse with people who lived on this planet earth decades ago and have been dead decades ago and over a hundred years ago! We conversed with entities who claimed to be Gandhi, Louis Armstrong, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the great writer on psychic matters Arthur Findlay, former Society for Psychical Researcher Montague Keen – and others. We anticipate a higher being to come through this time. As William told us, once the energy is stabilized, great achievements will be made. We are likely to get even more persuasive evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

QUESTION: from what you stated in the last couple of weeks about the North American Native Indian, why is it that the North American Indian appears to be more psychic than other races?

Victor: These are a people who for thousands of years were very close to nature and who, unlike us in the West, were not inoculated against psychic contact. People who live close to nature are in an advantageous position to make contact with the afterlife dimension. The laws of the universe are unchangeable and the traditional lifestyle of the Native North American is very conducive to communicating with the afterlife. The work of Silver Birch – who had one lifetime as a Native American (as well as a life as a Buddhist, we are told) for example, is absolutely brilliant and he brought about inspirational spiritual eloquence I have never come across in my sixteen years of fairly intense research. I strongly suggest you obtain all the books of someone I call the greatest spiritual orator of all times. You can get them from the Psychic News London, UK. These books are most critical to you:


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