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5th September 2008
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COMMENTARY:THE FINAL FRONTIER - THE AFTERLIFE. There are millions of us in this world who are fortunate enough to have the precious knowledge of the afterlife. We know what is going to happen to us when we cross over. We know that the average decent people with an open mind have nothing to worry about. We know with absolute certainty that there will be loved ones helping us to go to the realm of the light for more light, more peace and more love. We know we are going to be in an immensely more beautiful place than physical earth. But there are millions of other people who have no idea about the afterlife. They are deaf, dumb and blind to afterlife matters - they have no idea that consciousness survives. There are those stubborn materialists who, without proof, even ridicule the idea that there could be an afterlife. Highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife (eg,S.Birch.) tells us that millions of people – including the stubborn materialists, the closed minded skeptics and others on crossing over are caught in the Astral level – remain there mainly in confusion still denying they have died! This very disturbing situation according to S.B. could last for ‘hundreds, even thousands of years’ by earth’s time. He tells us that those who have the knowledge have a duty to spread enlighten those who are willing to listen. It is hugely much more productive and much easier to do this while living on earth now than in the afterlife. There is nothing more important, more vital and more urgent than to fully understand the huge consequences of the final frontier - the afterlife.

THE TABOOS OF SCIENCE: WHY TRADITIONAL SCIENCE CANNOT HANDLE THE PARANORMAL Dean Radin, PhD, IONS' Senior Scientist, discusses scientific topics which are considered taboo to discuss publicly:
transitory taboos
(4mins) stubborn taboos
(4 mins) and woo woo taboos (4 mins)

"Stay Tuned- Conversations with Dad From the Other Side" is Jenniffer Weigal's story of a father and daughter's journey from materialistic journalists to spiritually attuned spiritual beings--a journey that continues even after his death. One reviewer writes:
" Loved this book. Opened my eyes to the medium world and made me a believer that perhaps there is something beyond our stay on Earth. Her dialogues with experts in the medium field made me hunt down some of their works and I am eager to attend conferences addressing these issues. I loved her visits to the town Lily Dale in upper New York founded by spiritualists. Most of all I loved the style of her writing and her journey to find meaning in her life. For all of us that have lost someone there is a huge comfort factor to this book."
Read more about the book....

The author has now turned the book into a monologue stage-show "I'm Spiritual Dammit" Read more about the play...

REINCARNATION? HIGHLY TOPICAL: THE FASCINATING BLOXHAM TAPES: The Bloxham tapes are a set of more than 400 recordings of past-life hypnotic regression sessions made by a Welsh-based hypnotherapist named Arnall Bloxham. The tapes were transcribed and published as a series in the Sunday Times in the 1970s. Jeffrey Iverson, a BBC producer working in Cardiff, went through the tapes and picked one case he thought was outstanding and might well pass the test of historical scrutiny: the case of Ann Evans, a pseudonym for a 30-year-old Welsh housewife who produced no fewer than six different past lives while under hypnosis. Iverson produced a television show about the Bloxham tapes and wrote a book called More Lives than One? The Evidence of the Remarkable Bloxham Tapes that became a bestseller in 1976. Skeptics claimed that all of the information produced by Ann Evans was in the public domain and at best the case was one of cryptomnesia, or residual memory of things read earlier in life. Now a new analysis of the evidence shows that Ann came up with obscure historical facts about her life as Alison that were only known to experts and not included in Thomas Costain's 1948 novel, The Moneyman which skeptics claimed was the source of Ann's knowledge about Alison. Read more...

SUICIDE: I had a couple of queries recently about what happens to those who suicide - especially after an Australian actor in early thirties All Saints actor Mark Priestley suicided a few days ago. Highly credible information transmitted from the other side tells us that we would be breaking spiritual laws if anyone suicides just because he/she find life boring or for trying to escape responsibilities. The motivation for suicide will be critical. If a person suicides because of genuine inevitable death or extreme illness would be different to one who takes his own life because he finds life too much of a challenge. Transmitted information tells us that our particular burdens in life would NOT be greater than anything we cannot handle. But the emails that come in informing when teenagers decide to commit suicide – (see picture of young people who suicided recently) virtually for no reason at all – then friends decide to suicide as well – that is something which could bring some very horrific consequences when they get on the other side. When they get to the afterlife, they isolate themselves form their loved ones… and there would be a number of serious spiritual lessons to learn. The best way to handle and problems here on earth is to seek guidance – professional counselors and other professionals. The afterlife has huge consequences and the more you read about it the easier transition you will have – guaranteed. Go to BOOK. To read more about suicide go to
Suicide- What Really Happens in the Afterlife
by Jon Klimo and Pamela Heath.

UNDERSTANDING THE WILL TO DISBELIEVE:" In his 1989 presidential address to the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), the late Professor Ian Stevenson pointed out that between 1910 and 1980 at least six presidents of the SPR asserted that telepathy had been proved, or nearly so. He wondered why, if telepathy had been proved by 1910, later presidents found it necessary to reiterate the claim. Dr. Stevenson speculated that each generation of researchers tends to believe its methods superior to those of its predecessors and therefore they may have seen the earlier evidence as not so strong. He also theorized that mainstream science and the world at large did not hear the earlier assertions and therefore it was necessary to repeat them again and again." Read more from Michael Tymn's report:

HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL - ‘PRINCESS DIANA’ - update: I received an email from a 'Madame A' who stated that I unqualifiedly accepted that Diana is who she claims to be. I never stated that. For the purpose of the record, I have been stating for the last ten weeks that since there is no physical evidence, no one on earth is in a position to unqualifiedly accept Diana is who she claims to be. I stated that a judge - given the circumstances (the voluminous audios and written transmissions where no one on earth has shown there was anything wrong with them), could claim that Diana has made out a prima facie case that she is who she claims to be. But that does NOT mean acceptance that she is Princess Diana. The definitive distinction in law is most critical. Investigations are still going on. Further, last Tuesday world famous materialization medium David Thompson telephoned Diana for more validation testing. So, keep tuned to the Friday Report.

GIFTED PSYCHICS WANTED – PLEASE HELP! There are gifted psychics out there who have the skill, the talent and the competence to help in this most bizarre murder mystery of a really lovely young girl Jobenet Ramsey. We know of psychics who can help if they want to solve this great mystery – something which has stirred up the American soul. We are informed that the police made a mess of the investigation. I was moved by this you-tube which evoked so much emotion and a call for someone to take time out to find out who murdered Jobenet. I ask you to do all of us a favor, to do selfless personal service – even ignore the police if you have to- to tell us what happened to one of America’s most beautiful little girl. See youtube:
The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

Question: Victor, you mention a lot of mediums and psychics who had paranormal experience. But have you had any paranormal or some afterlife experience yourself?

Victor: Yes, of course I had – and do occasionally experience the paranormal. I would not be so determined and absolutely so definitively certain in my paranormal research if I did not have paranormal experiences. As a matter of fact a couple of years ago I mentioned that I did have paranormal experiences - including a most critical remote viewing experience. I experienced the occasional telepathy, some pre-cognition, clairaudience and remote viewing experiences. I am not a gifted psychic, but over the last 20 years or so I intermittently experienced paranormal experiences which precipitated my serious research into the afterlife and in paranormal matters. Absolutely, the paranormal and the afterlife exist - no doubt about that- and state again, the afterlife has huge consequences.

Question: You had an item last week about Laura day calling her a psychic. How can you claim that someone who play on the fears of superstitious business people is psychic. Please explain.

Victor: First, Laura Day who stated that she made some TEN MILLION dollars these last fifteen years calls herself a ‘psychic.’ Secondly, she advises tough business people using ‘corporate intuition’ – that means she is using her ‘psychic abilities’ the way other psychics are called ‘medical intuitives’. Thirdly, the materialists themselves call Laura Day a psychic. Fourthly, what Laura Day does cannot be a matter of luck, there have to be psychic forces at work when these tough corporate operators repeatedly seek her services. Tough business people do NOT care where her information is coming from as long as she gets correct results.

THE AFTERLIFE BOOK IN RUSSIA: The book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE (go to BOOK top right) has been translated into Russian and has been in the Russian bookshops for over two years now. Those who are in Russia or want to obtain the book in Russian let me know at your earliest. victorzammit@optushome.com.au or download the pdf file in Russian.
Notice the $1,000,000 challenge to Russian reductionist, materialists scientists. No Russian scientist has replied to my challenge - almost certainty because they know, as their Western counterparts do, no one on earth can beat objective and repeatable afterlife evidence.

It's not too late to access this free teleclass September 4th 5pm-6pm Pacific time (archived so you can listen afterwards). Watch this great video on how a real test subject was able to find love in 7 weeks. New course starting September 9th. Read more....

For those of you who were not able to see the recent psychic show on Sydney television about the search for "Australia's most gifted psychic" some excepts are now on Youtube. In Episode 1 the psychics have to find a "lost" child. Expect the format to be repeated in other countries.
Episode 1 Part 1 (10 mins)
Episode 1 Part 2/5 (9mins)
Episode 1 Part 3/5 (9mins)
Episode 1 Part 4/5 (9mins)
Episode 1 Part 5/5 (9mins)

ZERDIN PHENOMENAL:I state that materializations are the best evidence and absolute proof for the existence of the afterlife in the world to-day. I speak from experience from fifteen months of weekly experiments with one of the most gifted materialization mediums we have in the world to-day, David Thompson. It’s all about objectivity and repeatability. Accordingly, I strongly urge you to support ZERDIN PHENOMENAL which does nothing else except specialize in physical mediumship. Managed by highly credible Dennis and Ros – they are people who have proven they can be trusted, they are honest and reliable. Subscribe to their journal and get to know more about physical mediumship. You will also get information to equip you to discriminate between the genuine and the fraud, between truth and lies, charlatanism and the real thing! Zerdin Phenomenal

MORE VOLUNTEER TRANSLATORS NEEDED we had a number of wonderful translators who translated the book into their own language - these translators made a huge positive contribution to the world. Make a significant contribution by translating the book in the languages that have not been translated -including Japanese, Chinese and other languages. Email 2008@victorzammit.com

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT AFTERLIFE 'ETHERICAL BOOKS'– ANOTHER new URL - Art Bosman's site. He has an incredible collection great books and tapes - and information about the afterlife, including the brilliant Anthony Borgia series where former Catholic Mons. Hugh Benson transmitted a number of books from the other side as an eye witness to what is really happening in the afterlife. Note URL has been changed AGAIN http://www.spiritualbooks.tk/

VIDEO: SOMETHING HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL - how an actress overcame cancer: In 2003, actress-photographer Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and told that it was totally incurable. With experimental treatment her only option, Kris became determined to find answers where there were none. She traveled throughout the country interviewing experts in alternative medicine as she tenaciously dove head first into a fascinating and often hilarious holistic world. Along the way, she met other vivacious young women determined to become survivors. Their stories are as poignant and exciting as the women who tell them. As Kris's amazing journey unfolds, she realizes that healing is about truly living rather than fighting. Winner of the 2008 Gaia Documentary Award, her video is available on DVD. View the inspirational trailer (9 mins)

HEALING: question – I have witnessed spectacular healing with a couple of people I know, but although I undertook the same spiritual healing as they did, I am not cured yet. Any explanation?

Victor: We have to remember that whilst it is usually accepted that there are forces of action and reaction at work all the time, there is a constant interplay of forces, physical, mental and spiritual. I am referring to the Law of Cause and Effect. Not all who seek spiritual healing will be cured – some will be cured, perhaps others will not be. Consistent with the Law of Cause and Effect, there will be certain matters and things we have to go through in this lifetime on physical earth – and nothing on Earth can change that. Not all illnesses have a spiritual origin. You like me and everybody else who understands the universal laws that operate on us have to do our best to get cured. I myself have seen young women cured of breast cancer, but others were not.

MATERIALIZATIONS CORNER: THE ULTIMATE PROOF: without doubt, materializations are the most persuasive proof for the existence of the afterlife we have in the world to-day. I have been researching the afterlife now for over twenty years and I can state, that there is nothing more powerful, more persuasive and convincing than conversing with a materialized entity. That is the ultimate proof - why? Because these materializations experiments are repeatable and objective. I conversed with William the afterlife guide of David Thompson (David, pictured) EVERY WEEK on Sunday nights for more than fifteen months. Sometimes he walks around us - so that his voice moves around the seance room. The other most important thing is that when we converse with a materialized entity, this entity is physically SEPARATE from the medium. The regular sitters are not Spiritualists, not religious, not into beliefs, or blind faith or subjectivity. they are professional people - some of them with professional police and intelligence investigation experience. Read NEW attestation by a credible witness whose family member materialised.

VICTOR WILL NOT respond to anyone unless the one who is attacking shows he has the moral courage to sign his own name. My view is that it is cowardice pushed to its extreme for anyone to attack me hiding behind somebody else's name. Remove your mask! Have the courage to tell us who you are. Otherwise I DON'T deal with COWARDS! Read more about the closed minded skeptics ...

MATERIALIST SKEPTIC MISERABLY FAILS TO MATCH MY CONDITION! The conclusion? That negative closed minded skeptic/materialist J.Randi is NOT likely to have the funding he claims he has to back up his alleged $1m challenge. He’s fooling and misleading everyone – and has been doing this for many years. Some months ago JR said he was going to match my special condition: that if the funding to back the $1m offer is subsequently shows to be a hoax, he would go to prison for up five years – doing this by having the condition on oath or by affirmation. JR did NOT include that as a fundamental condition. This reinforces the people’s claim that this guy has the most fraudulent offer in the history of the paranormal.

The first of our complete foreign language websites featuring the evidence for the afterlife is up and running. Check our our French site at http://www.preuvesdelapresvie.fr.
There is still some fine tuning to be done but we are now looking to create a complete site for Spanish and Italian speakers. French speakers please help to publicize the site by creating links and mentioning it in blogs etc.