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September 2nd 2016

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People who research mediumship and Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) have already made stunning and remarkable progress. But, if we are to break through the belief in materialism, which still has a stranglehold on much of the world, we need still more evidence that cannot be disputed. Clear, undeniable audio and video contact through ITC could change the world. Imagine when we get the co-operation of globally recognisable people in the spirit world to show, once and for all, that they still exist.

It is slowly happening now, but could be speeded up if only a fraction of 1% of the money and expertise that went into the Hadron Collider was available to fund dedicated researchers to do this work full time. Even better, if 1% of the TEN TRILLION dollars spent on developing the atomic bomb was available, within a matter of a few years the existence of the afterlife would be accepted around the world.



Renowned cardiologist, Dr. Pim van Lommel, learned from his patients that the brain does not produce consciousness, but acts as a transmitter. Over and over, he has heard patients say that they saw what was happening during their surgery at a time when they were certifiably brain dead.

Pioneer NDE researcher, Dr. Kenneth Ring writes:
"There are now many books about near-death experiences (NDEs), but the authors of The Self Does Not Die have now done something uniquely valuable that no previous book on the subject can claim...This astonishing collection of NDE reports, together with the evidence for their authenticity, is sure to become the single most important work that will, if not silence the skeptics, give them plenty to ponder, and perhaps to reconsider....This is a book that all serious students interested in NDEs and their implications will want to be sure to read and it is also one that will appeal to a wider audience as well."


Joseph McMoneagle (born in 1946 in Miami, Florida) was involved in Remote Viewing experiments conducted by U.S. Army Intelligence and the Stanford Research Institute. He was one of the original officers recruited for the top-secret program now known as The Stargate Project. Along with Ingo Swann, McMoneagle is best known for claims surrounding the investigation of Remote Viewing and the use of paranormal abilities for military intelligence gathering.

INSTRUMENTAL TRANS-COMMUNICATION FATHER FRANCOIS BRUNE Born in 1931, Father Brune is a French priest who is an expert in electronic voice phenomena and instrumental transcommunication and all areas of afterlife evidence (read Dr. Anabela Cardoso's tribute to him). He claims that he has in his possession thousands of accounts from deceased persons who have communicated with their loved ones through a variety of modern electronic devices. The 84 year-old priest, who holds degrees in Latin, Greek and Philosophy, speaks 15 languages and has written a number of books on afterlife communication. He writes: "The dead speak and can be taped. I have no doubt about the survival of life after death. Therefore, the day I die shall be the loveliest one of my life".


Unknown to many Christians, the Catholic Church has been actively positive and encouraging towards investigation of the Electronic Voice Phenomena. Two of the earliest investigators were Italian Catholic priests, Father Ernetti and Father Gemelli, who came upon the phenomena by chance while they were recording Gregorian chants in 1952. Read more...

[Thanks to Mr. Ron Ruiz from Idigitalmedium for this rare video of Farther Brune speaking in English. Check out their other videos on evp and itc.]

Whilst on crossing over our psychic senses become much sharper, our knowledge about the afterlife develops slowly.
"There are many things here which we do not understand - and it will take aeons of time before we even have a faint gleam of understanding them. But we are not asked to understand them; we are asked to take them as they are. It makes no difference whatever to our soul's progression. We shall be able to progress far - and far beyond that - before we shall ever need to think about understanding such things ..." (Anthony Borgia, Life in the World Unseen transmitted by Hugh Benson, former Monsignor of the Catholic Church).

George Frederick Olsen speaks through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint. He returns here to speak to his old friends George Woods and Betty Green at this 1967 seance and recalls sitting in the very same room with his friends when he was alive. Olsen describes his arrival in the Spirit World and the conditions of life he experiences there. He explains how his knowledge of life after death helped him immensely, on his arrival into this new life..."I can't tell you how marvelous it is to be dead !" Listen and read.
[Thanks to Karl Jackson-Barnes for this link.]

DR. MARTHA ATKINS: MORE TO DYING THAN MEETS THE EYE Those who work with the dying are familiar with patients seeing long deceased loved ones, angelic beings, and even hearing music and comforting voices as the patient nears death. Deathbed phenomena have been documented in the days, weeks, and months before death, since the 1500s. They can bring comfort to patients and caregivers, if those involved understand them.


Kate Hudson stated that she saw a faceless ghost multiple times while filming The Skeleton Key. During this time, she said, the ghost of her grandmother also visited her. "The experience was most fascinating. I accept it completely", she said. Kate Hudson's parents are international movie stars, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

Charles Hapgood was a professor at Keene State in New Hampshire. During one of his college courses he performed successful experiments in hypnosis. This interest led him to deep trance medium Elwood Babbitt (1921 – 2001). Hapgood worked closely with Babbitt and made recordings of at least 100 different trance entities who spoke through the medium. He found that EEGs of the medium's brain showed a completely different pattern according to which entity was in control. He also showed that different entities responded differently to a word association test. (See Charles Hapgood Voices of Spirit).




WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE: Highly credible afterlife investigator, Arthur Findlay, asked questions about the afterlife to the informed spirit who came through the direct voice medium, John Sloan.
Do the planes on which you tell us you live, exist above the surface of the earth?
Spirit answers: "These planes move with the earth and form part of its orbit. The first plane is a kind of Clearing Station where the different nations live together. Family Life is most important, and the members await relatives of their generation to go on together to the next plane."

Keith Parsons' new documentary 'This Life, Past Life', was launched on 30th June this year and has now had over 2,900 views. Luis Sergio Marotta who lives in Belo Horizonte in Brazil saw TLPL and asked if, as with Keith's first documentary This Life, Next Life he could translate it and launch it with Portuguese sub-titles. He has now done this and you can watch it here.


Lilou Macé was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1977, to French parents. She grew up in France and in the United States (in Scottsdale, Arizona). After a short experience in marketing, she started a Youtube channel which gathered hundreds of thousands of followers. She supported this with a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Her Juicy Living Tour is now called Lilou Macé TV. Mace has over 3000 videos and interviews on subjects like yoga, meditation, spirituality and afterlife in English, French, Korean, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. She now travels the world interviewing, and her channel has 42 million video views. These days she is also organising conferences and live interviews. Lilou is also the author of 3 books: I Lost My Job and I Liked It (2009), I Had No Money and I Liked It (2011), I Have No Religion and I Like It (2015). See Lilou interviewed on her spiritual journey.

CHINESE RELIGIOUS BELIEFS IN THE AFTERLIFE? Although we think of China as being a totally materialistic communist country, it is estimated that there is a strong religious and spiritual belief in perhaps over fifty per cent of the people there. "Chinese religion" is a term describing the complex interaction of different religious and philosophical traditions that have been influential in China. These include Chinese folk religion, which is still influential in rural communities (see BBC story on ghost marriages), Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Also it is claimed that there are more Christians in China (100 million) than members of the Communist party. The religious outlook of most Chinese people consists of some combination of beliefs and practices from these traditions.


"Do I dream?Yes, I dream of peace in your world.
I dream of men treating their brothers with love instead of hatred.

I dream of all sentient creatures being afforded dignity, respect, gentleness, kindness and impunity.

I dream of all races, colours, creeds and genders working in harmony with each other to create a better standard of living for all, without exception.

I dream of a world where starvation, exploitation, oppression and greed no longer exist and where every man, woman and child has enough to eat, a roof over their head and a purpose to rise each morning with a song in their heart and a smile upon their face.

I dream of a world where war is no more and peace reigns supreme. I dream of a world where the emphasis is placed upon true spiritual learning, self discovery and the unfoldment of the innermost riches of the divine - not the excuse for indoctrination that currently passes for education.

I dream of a world where the ethos is not to work for a system that favours the few, but one that rewards service to the many; where the weak are helped by the strong and the deprived are served by those who have more than enough to give and delight in doing so.

I dream of a world filled with light and truth; where darkness is vanquished and lies are no longer rewarded; where true power rests safely in the hands of the wise and selfless whose only desire is to help others.

I dream of a world in which gentleness is recognised as strength and generosity of spirit is rewarded in every area of life; where service to others is given freely and with a joyous heart; where stillness is encouraged over speed and where there is no race to be run; where the wisdom of silence has replaced the frenetic din of meaningless intellectual discourse and the ear arrests only the simple truths of the infinite; where the wisdom of the heart is listened to, over the mind or its ego.

I dream of men being intoxicated by the wine of happiness and joy, and feeding upon the abundant fruits of true spiritual understanding.

I dream of a world in which death is no longer feared as being the end of all life, but is seen for what it truly is - the doorway to home and the entrance to eternity.

I dream of what could be, becoming reality. I dream of tomorrow and see the roots of its past residing in the soil of this moment, now.

I dream of the exquisite beauty of the divine being realised in the enlightenment of the race, knowing that the plan of the creator is perfect in its conception, implementation and operation.

I dream of all this and I smile to myself. For know that it will come to pass.This is the dream of thy spirit ambassador, who seeks always to serve.

"Given by White Feather 21.8.16

Read more about White Feather and Rob Goodwin.

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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1. I was amazed to listen to Mr. Harry Price speak of the differences between ghost and spirit...it/he clearly demonstrated the ignorance of those who attempt to exorcise those who were deemed "haunting". Leslie

2. How amazing to think that in the afterlife one still has the same prejudices; it has not come across in any of the contacts I have had, as I have seen people, who in life were enemies, stand together in friendship in the spirit world. Many thanks Victor for so often opening my eyes wider!

3. I look forward to Fridays, not least because I get to read your latest compendium of wisdom and cutting edge discoveries. Sandy


Elton John sings the lyrics by Tim Rice to the music he composed for the 1994 film The Lion King. It won the 1994 Academy Award for Best Original Song and has been a very popular timeless love song ever since.

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