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June 1st 2012

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: WHY 'PSYCHIC SCIENCE'? There is 'biological science'. There is 'chemistry science'. There is 'physics science' - there is 'astronomy science' - and there is 'PSYCHIC SCIENCE'. When we - afterlife investigators - investigate the afterlife and the paranormal we also use Scientific Method. We regard results as scientifically valid when a formula is used, is duplicated over time and space - and it yields positive results (keeping variables constant). People must not be mislead by ignorant closed minded skeptics about testing psychic phenomena or mediumship. Scientific Method - science - is used in psychic science to test paranormal and the evidence for the afterlife.

But whilst I put emphasis on the scientific, repeatable and objective evidence - there is also massive afterlife evidence which comes under 'subjective, experiential evidence'. I have come across too many people who stated that they had a personal experience - e.g. an apparition - with a loved one who crossed over. One said, "the experience was so real, there would be nobody in the world who can tell me it was not real". (See also After death Communication).

We used Scientific Method when we thoroughly investigated gifted materialization medium David Thompson regularly for fifteen months. My partner Wendy is qualified in psychology with expertise in scientific method. I, as a qualified attorney, have professional expertise and experience in evidence which is admissible at Supreme and High Court level. We found that the evidence the medium provided of materialization is technically valid, objective and repeatable.




Honorton and Ferrari did a meta-analysis of 309 laboratory studies conducted at the Rhine Institute (see left picture) and elsewhere on precognition. These were under controlled (and not very exciting) conditions when ordinary subjects had to predict which card would come up-sometimes up to a year in advance. Nearly two million individual trials were contributed by more than 50,000 subjects. The study concluded that there is a small but reliable overall effect (z = 11.41, P = 6.3 x 10-25). Charles Honorton and Diane Ferrari "Future Telling: A MetaAnalysis of Forced Choice Precognition Experiments, 1935-1987" in Journal of Parapsychology, 35,1989. 281-308. Available for download.




I quite accept that once ITC is perfected it will revolutionize our communication with the afterlife. This is because one day the refinement will reach a stage where we can directly communicate with those who crossed over - and where they can be seen on a television screen communicating with us. Three giant ITC experts who had some success in ITC are Mark Macy Ph.D, (U.S, pictured, left), Dr Ernst Senkowski (Germany) and Sonia Rinaldi (Brazil). Mark Macy wants anyone interested to know more about it he says:
"The afterlife in general, and spirit communication through technology in particular, are among my favorite subjects of
discussion in recent years, and they could be the most important topics for the world at this time in history. If we can sustain ITC bridges with the finer realms in the coming years, there's no limit to the world-changing knowledge and wisdom that could stream into our world!"
I totally agree.


SONIA RINALDI informs us that a new case has been added to the IPATI website. It is a phone call between a mother (Cristina) who lives in USA and her deceased son (Stefano), via her ITC Lab in São Paulo - Brazil. What is surprising is the high quality of the paranormal voices due to a new technique they have been testing. Read more...


After suffering from a terminal illness, in 1982 Mellen-Thomas Benedict ‘died’ and for an hour and a half he was monitored showing no vital signs. Evidentially he returned to his body with a complete remission of the disease – and what may be the most inspirational near-death experience story known to date.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Part 5

Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

'AFTER WE DIE, WHAT THEN?' - Evidence You Will Live Forever - a great classic afterlife book by George W Meek, scientist and one of the greatest afterlife researchers of all time. Try Amazon - some of these copies being sold second hand at a bargain price. So hurry now!

"Brilliantly conceived, well organized and boldly presented. I will recommend it to my classes. Rev T.N. Tiemeyer, Miami."
"It is brilliant. I would not change a word. Dr Glen F Hamilton, Winnipeg.
"An impressive summary of knowledge in a field neglected by science and too often misinterpreted by or unknown to, practicing theologians, psychiatrists and philosophers ..." Sir Kelvin Spencer, scientist, England.
"Should be of great interest and help to those who have no clear teachings about reincarnation, their lives after death, and the existence of the astral body". Hiroshi Motoyama, Shinto priest and scientist, Tokyo
"The author has tapped into the highest planes of inspiration and creativity". John White, author, Cheshire, Connecticut.
"From the vantage point of my many years in the practice of psychiatry and as a parapsychologist, I recommend this book as necessary reading for my colleagues". Dr Hand Nagell-Osjord, Zurich.

Television interview televised in 2011 with Guy Lyon Playfair and the former Janet Hodgson who was at the centre of the disturbances. Sadly a token skeptic who knew nothing whatever about the extent of the evidence was included to meet the British requirement " to ensure balance". People rang in and emailed about the lights flickering in the background. (Thanks Ian Kerry for the link).


- information DIRECTLY from the other side: "What happens when someone dies? Does the way they die impact their experience of life after death? Do they continue to take an interest in our lives? Celebrated psychic mediums Ezio and Michelle De Angelis answer many of the unanswered questions we have about the afterlife. Meet T.J., tragically murdered at sixteen who describes his death and journey into the spirit world. Read about Renee whose yet to be born nephew shows up in a reading to choose his own name, and Janet's reconciliation with Tony, her brother, who died in a car accident. The amazing stories and insights in Postcards from the Other Side help us beyond the terrible sense of loss and unanswered questions we face when we lose a loved one. An honest, reassuring book for anyone who wants to know more about life after death." Watch youtube about the book. Available now from Allen and Unwin.

WHY LIFE IS NOT MEANT TO BE EASY- SPECTACULAR INFORMATION DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION - from someone with proven high credibility: "You cannot find yourself when your existence is untroubled, when the sky is sunny and calm and all seems smooth and placid. It is only when the storm rages, the thunder roars, the lightning flashes and the rain beats down that this wondrous spiritual awakening comes.
"The path has not been easy, but this is good for you. Do not complain about difficulty; it is the spur of the spirit. Meet the challenge always with the knowledge that you have. The power of the spirit is great than the power of matter. When confronted with problems, pause, let the spirit show the way and be determined that nothing will deflect you from the service that you were born to give." Read more ...

Victor, I was watching a documentary on cable channel about Hitler invading Russia. Don’t you think Hitler’s generals were doing spiritually the wrong thing by obeying Hitler invading another country for no reason at all?

Victor: I mentioned a similar subject in the past – about Army generals and other top generals – and anyone who fought for Hitler – invading other countries – like Russia, Norway, Denmark, France, Holland and other countries. The critical thing is that if those soldiers and servicemen and women KNEW they were doing the wrong thing by killing many thousands of people invading another country – usually to dictate and dominate, to steal their oil and mineral resources - then those who KNEW they were doing the wrong thing would have to pay the price for ‘aiding and abetting’ in the war. Every time a person willfully violates a spiritual law, that person is creating a spiritual debt. That is the law. No one will get away with it. No one can erase the universal Law of Cause and Effect.


According to Russell Symonds " A lucid dream is an experience of semi awakening in the middle of a dream while the body is in deep REM sleep. One may find one's self able to move around within a dream world and influence the dream at will. In this state one can have psychic experiences of the future, be contacted by those who have passed on into the spirit realms, and have certain astral experiences."

Read more about Lucid Dreaming on Rebecca Turner's website



WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: "It is safe to say that no person passing into the spirit world at dissolution (at the time of death) does so unattended. There is always someone there. But in so many cases we are prevented from giving any help by the spiritual state of the soul we are approaching. In fact, approach to some crossing over becomes impossible, and so we can do nothing but watch the soul depart upon its way into darkness.

Naturally, if we can perceive the tiniest glimmer of light issuing from such a soul, we do our best to fan it into something more resembling a flame ... but our help is always at hand, though help comes usually after the severance (cutting off) of the magnetic (Silver) cord (attached to the body) when the spirit body is free from the physical earthly body. The severance (separation) will take place in a perfectly natural manner, just as the leaf will fall from the tree ... our offers of help have never been scorned. On the contrary, people are only too glad to leave themselves entirely in our hands ..."
(Mons. Hugh Benson, former Catholic priest transmitting information to medium Anthony Borgia - in HERE AND HEREAFTER. (Mons. Hugh Benson also shows that on crossing over, we do NOT stay underground for Jesus to come to 'judge the living and the dead' - we continue to live).


DAVID THOMPSON, ONE OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST PHYSICAL-MATERIALIZATION MEDIUMS ANSWERS YOUR QUESTION: (As I reported in my past reports, Wendy with formal expertise in psychology and I with expertise in the admissibility of evidence at the highest courts - Supreme and High courts with others - thoroughly examined David Thompson. He passed all rigid scientific testing. I regard his repeatable results as valid). QUESTION: David, regarding your physical séances, why is it that sometimes the voices come very clear - like those of the spirit controls, but with many of the materialized loved ones the voices come very weak?

There are many variables to consider in regards to any form of mediumistic communication, but especially more so with physical séances.To allow any form of communication to be initiated between this world and the next within the séance room, there need to be a great deal of harmonious vibration within the room. Sometimes this is hard to create often due to the expectations of the participants in the séance. Now imagine an individual’s loved one trying to communicate and the level of emotion involved on both sides of life and how easily the vibration can be destabilized by that emotion. Read more....

The Role of Saints & Sages in the Evolution of Consciousness in a Transformed Humanity”.
July 6-15 in QUEBEC CANADA
Speakers include: Dr PMH Atwater NDE expert, Dr Ray Moody, Dr Courtney Brown, Dr Melvin Morse.
Dear Friends, We are looking forward to having you with us. We
would appreciate it if you could share this information with those you know. Special rates are still available. Fr. John is very much hoping to have you with us. Marilyn and John Rossner. Special opportunities are available for our upcoming conference. Conference Link: http://www.iiihs.org/Conference2012.html

Every week, one hour after this report comes, out a great afterlife radio program which is archived for you to listen at a later time.
This week: Synchronicity with Dr Kirby Surprise
June 7th: Topic: Fraudulent Medium Techniques and How To Protect Yourself
June 14th:
Russell Targ

FEEDBACK: (Three only)
Dear Mr. Zammit, I am reading your book that you sent me and really enjoying it. There is so much information that you have made available on your website and your book covers even more. Every Thursday night I look forward to your Afterlife report and share it with others. You have done so much to help those in spirit and those of us who are here in the physical experience. I am not even half way through and just want you to know how much I appreciate you and Wendy and your work. You are an outstanding man of great integrity and love for humanity. Love to you both, Diane, Phoenix, Arizona USA

2. Hello Victor, thanks again for your weekly newsletter and the links you provide. Les.

3. I just wanted to say thanks Victor. As a 22 year old I have a lot of questions about life and the mysterious world we live in. While I'm not not completely sold on the idea of an afterlife, it's very nice to see someone who shows the evidence for one and who is willing to talk about it. Rather than most closed minded people who won't even consider the possibility. Please keep up the Friday Afterlife reports. Thanks again man K.


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I'm on my way home
I can remember
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I move in silence
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On my way home
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On my way home
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I'm on my way home
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On my way Home
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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.