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March 16th 2018

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COMMENTARY: PROFESSOR STEPHEN HAWKING DISCOVERS THE AFTERLIFE While the scientific world is celebrating the discoveries Prof. Hawking made during his lifetime, let us remember that his most important discovery - that we are all immortal - lies ahead of him. Many of us remember that while he was alive, he said: "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."

Well, now he knows he was wrong. How glorious it will be when he finds himself free of his crippled body. He may even join the great scientists who made the discovery of the afterlife while they were still alive. These scientists, all with Ph.Ds, included many Nobel Prize winners such as Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Guglielmo Marconi, Brian Josephson, William Phillips, Richard Smalley, Arno Penzias, Charles Townes Arthur Compton, Antony Hewish, Christian Anfinsen, Walter Kohn, Arthur Schawlow, and other scientists, Charles Darwin, Sir Fred Hoyle, John von Neumann, and Louis Pasteur. Read more...
And see Victor's hypothetical Cross-Examination of Prof. Stephen Hawking.

NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES OF ATHEISTS Kevin Williams, webmaster of near-death.com and author of "Nothing Better than Death", writes: "Many religious people make the mistake of assuming that atheism is a one-way ticket to hell. The fact is that God cares very little about a person's religion or non-religion, as revealed by some of the NDE accounts profiled on this website. The only thing that really matters is the spiritual condition of the heart." His wonderful website near-death.com features a section on atheists who had near-death experiences which profoundly changed their point of view. Read more...

THE RESEARCH OF GEORGE W. MEEK Overview Into The 23 Years Of Research Done By George W. Meek On The Subject Of Life After Death.

Full program is at www.victorzammit.com/zoom
AREI Global Gatherings bring together researchers, mediums, and experiencers.
NEW TIME: Sundays at 4 pm New York time;
8 pm London time; 7 am Sydney time See times in other cities.

Last Sunday 11th March:
Robin Foy astounded us with details of the Scole Experiment that many of us were not aware of. Also exciting news about his current physical mediumship group, the Spiritual Science Foundation and his plans for a Center for Physical Mediumship in Spain.

Sunday 18th March
:Our guest on Sunday 18th March (USA AND UK time) on the AREI Global Gathering online on Zoom will be Tricia Robertson, former President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research. She has had many years of investigating every aspect of psychic phenomena. Her famous PRISM studies with Professor Archie Roy showed that even in triple blind conditions a good medium can deliver relevant information to a sitter with odds against chance of a million to one. Her excellent and entertaining books are Things You Can Do When You're Dead!: True Accounts of After Death Communication, and More things you can do When you are Dead. Join us Sunday at 8pm London time, 4pm New York time and Monday 7am Sydney time.

This will be followed by a catch up and skills share. A chance to publicise your projects and network with AREI members. To join click the link https://zoom.us/j/7595332928

Sunday 25th March: Avoid publishing scams and get your book published safely and profitably. Join Susanne Wilson and Craig Hogan and other AREI members with publishing experience.

To join click the link https://zoom.us/j/7595332928

He tells fascinating stories about his research into Cayce's more than 14,000 readings and the discoveries he made while preparing to write his book, 'Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet'. Did you know that Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Woodrow Wilson are all said to have had readings by Edgar Cayce?

IS SEXUALITY AN ISSUE IN THE AFTERLIFE? Over the last twenty-eight years, I received a number of emails asking whether being gay will affect what will happen to a person in the afterlife. Highly reliable information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that sexual preference will make no difference on crossing over. Whether one is gay or heterosexual, the critical thing is how much love we have shown, how much unselfish work we did for others, how many people we tried to help. Listen as Quentin Crisp explains (he had materialised through physical medium David Thompson).

JULIA SELLERS ON STUDYING OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES Julia is the author of a book on out of body experiences “I Have Seen It Tomorrow” (written under the name 'Iris Krst'). It is the true story of Julia's husband, Michael, who has been having spontaneous out of body experiences in full waking consciousness every day of his life. The book describes exploring multidimensional reality, interactions with non-human intelligences, what is it really like on other planets and dimensions, the nature of time, what is consciousness and the potential future for humanity.


"I always see my mission as two-fold. One is purely destructive and the other constructive. First, to destroy all those weeds which have choked the human soul for too long; the weeds of falsity encouraged by the churches; all the nonsensical, revolting and sometimes blasphemous doctrines offered in the name of religion. All these must be extirpated, for they prevent life being lived as it should. That is the destructive part.

The constructive part is to offer knowledge, showing how reasonable, how simple, how beautiful and how true it is to all who are ready to receive it. The two tasks go hand in hand, and I am unconcerned with those who dislike my criticism of venerable falsehood. I have seen too many of the results in your world and in mine."

What happens when your religious leader violates your inner knowing? This is one woman's story of bravery and determination to keep her family together. She chose to leave the FLDS religion that she had been brought up in, and the only life she had known. But, when they wanted to split up her family, it was a line she would not cross.

LIFE IN THE AFTERLIFE People have been asking about our appearance once we cross into the afterlife. Are we going to remain looking old with wrinkles, white hair? ....... No, those who have an open mind and make it to the Realm of the Light (middle astral level) can choose how they want to appear to people. Most choose to appear about 30 - the peak of our earthly age. If you cross over at an older age then you will lose all wrinkles and grey hair and you will have wonderful energy. But let me remind you, that we have to EARN age regression - it does not come automatically. Everything we get in the afterlife dimension depends on your level of consciousness - and that is not only reasonable, it is how it works.

PREBIRTH MEMORY AND NDE - THE CASE OF RYAN AND MICHAEL GRIFFIN A young boy tells his mother how he tried to save his brother, Ryan, who died before he was born.

COMMON AFTERLIFE PROBLEM: THOSE WHO DENY THEY ARE 'DEAD' Some people, who have it entrenched in their mind that there is no afterlife, may find themselves, after they die, trying to talk to people who are still living. But they soon find that:
1. People appear not to hear them.
2. They are totally ignored as if they were not there.
3. No one looks in their direction.
4. Their hand goes right through the body of people they try to touch.

If you are ever communicating with a spirit in that condition, ask them to tlk about about a loved one who has died and imagine them present. Or they can simply say "I need help urgently" and help will come!! Read more about this topic: PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE DEAD, by Gary Leon Hill

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR AURA The aura consists of the vibrations set up by your various bodies (yes you have more than one). Some people can actually see your aura and from it diagnose your health. Your aura registers all that you have said, all that you have thought and all that you have done. Advanced souls can see from your aura the state of your soul and your mind's unfoldment. In the spirit world it is the aura that enables you to be read as an open book.

PROFESSOR HANS ROSLING HELPED US TO VISUALISE A BETTER WORLD Hans Rosling, who died in February 2017, was a medical doctor, but most know him as a great "Data Communicator". In his many Ted Talks he provided data to counter the doom and gloom of the mainstream media.

Week 1: 4th to 9th Nov. 2018: MEDIUMSHIP
Week 2: 11th to 16th Nov. 2018: HEALING
Join Arthur Findlay College tutors Brian Robertson, Simon James and Christine Morgan for one or both of these two exciting residential weeks. As seekers of the Spirit, we often need to retreat away from the world to listen to the voice of the other world. The course is designed for the novice and all levels of experience.
Location: Mountain Heritage Hotel and Spa Retreat, Katoomba, Blue Mountains. Sydney.
Download flyer. For further details and bookings contact Christine Morgan: Email: indiki1962@gmail.com or Mobile: 041103696


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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) I love getting up on Fridays and thinking that it's Afterlife Report time :) I'm not sure you know, Victor and Wendy - though I hope you do - how much these reports have bolstered my heart and mind and doubtless those of other grieving people. Thank you. Louise

2) Love your reports. Terri

3) I often wonder how long it will be before anyone who wishes can communicate in a meaningful way with someone in the afterlife. I have looked into ITC communication, but it seems too complicated for me. I need something simpler and accessible. Ann.

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