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February 24th 2017


Why? It is irrational! It is illogical! It is very sad - to find bigotry and blatant discrimination against women in religious books. One of our subscribers points out that, like the Christian Bible, the Jewish Talmud has some writings against women. He sent me the following highly controversial morning blessing from Talmud - Menahoth 43b-44a. "A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: "Thank you God for not making me a gentile... a woman or a slave".

That does not sound at all spiritual. Is it not about time that denigrating words about women be changed? In the past there were were religions which perceived deity as a loving and benevolent Mother Goddess (see video).

Humanity is evolving to a point where respect for equality of gender and race are fundamental rights to be observed by everyone around the world. Is it not time for all religions to remove any discrimination and language which offends? Read more...


SONIA RINALDI RECORDS ITC MESSAGES FROM AN UNBORN CHILD Sonia Rinaldi, a brilliant afterlife researcher based in Brazil, is breaking new ground in Instrumental TransCommunication by communicating with the minds of people in the afterlife, nonverbal people on the earth plane such as ALS patients, nonverbal autistic children, and Alzheimer’s patients.

Recently Sonia was approached by her niece who had concerns that the child she was carrying might be affected by the Zika virus. Sonia worked with a team in Spirit at the Brazilian Transcommunication Station, assisted by her deceased husband, Fernando, and recorded a voice claiming to be that of the unborn child saying that he would be born without any problems. Read more...


The first AREI Symposium, to be held in Scottsdale Arizona (September 14-17 2017), is shaping up to be a ground-breaking event. Interest groups are being organised. If you are passionate about one of the areas in which AREI will be offering support come and share your ideas in the new AREI discussion group on Facebook.

In 2009, after realizing that near-death experiences were emerging as a global phenomenon, David Sunfellow began using his website NHNE’s resources to seriously investigate all aspects of NDEs. NHNE now runs a series of cutting-edge websites and social networks dedicated to exploring this important topic. Read more...

REPORTER SPEAKS TOO SOON IN CRITICISING REMOTE VIEWING An American remote viewer was given only latitude and longitude coordinates of a location 'somewhere in the United States'. He successfully described a secret facility in Virginia whose very existence was highly classified. He was able to describe accurately the facility's interior and was even able to correctly sense the names of secret code words written on folders inside locked cabinets. A skeptical reporter heard this astonishing story and decided to check it out for himself. He drove some 135 miles west-southwest of Washington DC expecting to find the base camp and military equipment ... Instead he found "just a spare hillside, a few flocks of sheep ... No secret military outpost ... "

The reporter tried to report that the remote viewer was wrong. Later he was extremely embarrassed when it was revealed that the secret facility was indeed at the very spot where this reporter went to investigate - but it was hidden deep underground!!!! (from Dr.Dean Radin's The Unconscious Universe p.99)

Afterlife researcher, Roberta Grimes, has been concentrating on studying what the dead teach us about how we can live more spiritual lives. Her latest book, co-written with Kelley Glover (see picture left) and various friends in spirit, explores how the United States can end its racial issues in one generation. Roberta will send a pdf copy of The Fun of Living Together to any of our subscribers who are willing to write a short review on Amazon.com. This is an important book which is going to be very influential. Email Roberta <rgrimes[at]robertagrimes.com> and get your copy.

THIS LIFE PAST LIFE Keith Parsons examines the evidence for past lives and reincarnation. Specifically he looks at three 'hypnosis' cases with wonderful veridical evidence. This indicates they cannot be based simply on fantasy. He also examines the spontaneous past life memories of small children, with reference to the work of the late Professor Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia, and in particular to a BBC documentary on Stevenson's work made in 1992.

"From the moment of birth into your world there is attached to every incarnating soul a spiritual being who is, in effect, the guardian protector ... But always there is a unity of interest that makes an attraction. As to how close that association becomes is dependent upon the spiritual growth of the individual in your world." Silver Birch, The Spirit Speaks.

Swedenborg saw many animals in the afterlife and all were a reflection of the spiritual space. In this episode, host Curtis Childs, from the Swedenborg Foundation, and featured guests explore eighteenth-century scientist and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg’s vivid descriptions of animals in the afterlife.

Victor, religions do not say anything about how we live in the afterlife. Since I just cannot see myself sitting on my bum or kneeling praying all day and night, what really happens, what do we do when we go to the afterlife? Bill

Victor: Mainstream religions - except Spiritualism - know nothing about what we do when we get to the afterlife. Let me share what a credible afterlife teacher, a former Catholic Monsignor, Hugh Benson, tells us:

"...so many souls of the earth world are almost shocked to be told that the spirit world is a solid world, a substantial world, with real, live people in it! They think that that is far too material, far too like the earth world; hardly, in fact one step removed from it with its spirit landscape and sunshine, its houses and buildings, its rivers and lakes, inhabited by sentient, intelligent beings. This is no land of "eternal rest". There is rest in abundance for those who need it. But when the rest has restored them to full vigor and health, the urge to perform some sensible, useful task rises with them, and opportunities abound."
More details.


Life in the Spirit Realm, based on Chico Xavier's works presented by Geraldo Lemos Neto at the Spiritist Society of Virginia on July 14, 2013.

Rev. Michael Cocks has been offering his newsletter, The Ground of Faith, to clergy and others in several countries. He explains that he has have been doing this as he tries to make spiritual, theological, emotional, intellectual and scientific sense of an experience that began one night in May 1973, in Sevenoaks, Kent, when Catholic, Olive Ashman, was awakened in bed by Tom, her Jewish husband, talking in Latin. The voice identified itself as that of Stephen the Martyr. Read more..

If a scientist with good intentions is using animals in his laboratory experiments in order to help bring about a cure for some disease, will the scientist have to pay the price for inflicting pain and cruelty onto the animal?

: Good question! First, whilst the motive to help others may be a good one, if a scientist is fully aware and fully conscious that he/she is inflicting pain onto the animal, the scientist will pay the price for that. There is no justification for wilful cruelty to animals. We are informed by highly credible teachers that there will be found remedies for all our diseases, but they will not be found by experiments on animals.
See alternatives to animal testing.

WONDERFUL INTERVIEW Dr. Scott Kolbaba has been a physician at Wheaton, Illinois for over 35 years. He and 26 other courageous physicians came together to write a one-of-a-kind book called “Physicians’ Untold Stories”. It includes near death experiences, inspired visions, dreams, unexplained miraculous healing and more. These stories are all true and cannot be explained by current day medical school training. He discusses the book with Sandra Champlain. Listen

The Sydney chapter of the Scientific and Medical Network holds monthly meetings on topics bridging science and spirituality. The next meeting, on Sunday 26th February 2017 will be held from 2-4pm at Killarney Heights. David Burfoot will lead a discussion based on the very important idea that opposing ideas might all contain a part of the truth - see his book Finding the Elephant: Subspace, the Mega-Phenomenon. For details of the meeting email books[at]victorzammit.com.



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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) Thank you the section on pets in the afterlife! As an avid animal lover and devoted friend to my pets it is wonderful to hear that they can also join us in the spirit world. Laura.

2) The new book Revised Edition 2012 'At the hour of death' by Erlendur Haraldsson is at this link or this one. Gesa Drög

3) Great, thanks, Victor and Wendy, love following all the little leads in your newsletter, I get lost for hours, lol lucky I do not have any humans to look after, cat and dogs are enough but at least I can still read while loving them up on my lap. Thanks again, the only thing I dread is a power cut! lol Karyn Jarvie

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