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February 19th 2016

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COMMENTARY: CONSCIOUSNESS CREATED MATTER The debate goes on. Traditional orthodox science tells us that matter created consciousness. But more enlightened scientists and the highly credible afterlife teachers tell us that it was consciousness which became matter. We are informed that consciousness is the basis of everything: our planet,our solar system, the universe.

All species on Earth embody a part of the same greater consciousness according to their capacity - e.g. an ant would have tiny consciousness compared to a chimpanzee. That is why the skeptical scientists are wrong when they say consciousness is the product of the physical brain. In near-death experiences, and in the other nineteen areas of afterlife evidence, we can see that consciousness exists outside the physical brain and continues after so-called death.



Dr. Robert Lanza was selected for the 2014 TIME 100 list of the hundred most influential people in the world. His book Biocentrism caused a revolution in 2008. In the following video- starting at 12.30 mins he explains how the materialist paradigm is flawed and cannot account for consciousness.

Part 2


HOLLYWOOD LEGEND WHO HAD A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE Elizabeth Taylor spoke about her experience of having died while undergoing surgery, and of passing through a tunnel towards a brilliant white light. While she was clinically dead, she had met the spirit of Michael Todd, one of her former husbands, whom she referred to as her great love. She wanted to stay with Todd, she said, but he had told her that she had work and life ahead of her, and he "pushed me back to my life." Following her resuscitation, the eleven-person medical team - including doctors, nurses, etc. - witnessed Taylor's testimonial of this event.


When a loved one dies, it is so much easier to deal with their loss if we have knowledge about the afterlife. Of course we still miss their presence as we would if they went to live in a different country. It is only natural to miss their physical presence but continue to send your love knowing that they will receive your love and come close to you. Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that death cannot sever love, because love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Tricia Robertson (pictured left) is a highly experienced afterlife researcher and author of Things You can Do When you are Dead and More things You can Do When You are Dead. Along with Professor Archie Roy she completed a five year study of mediums in a project called PRISM (Psychic Research Involving Selected Mediums). This resulted in three peer reviewed papers in the Society for Psychical Research Journal. The third paper showed that even in triple blind conditions a good medium can deliver relevant information to a sitter with odds against chance of a million to one. These papers have never been seriously faulted. Here she talks with Dave Schraeder of Darkness Radio about her investigations. Listen.
(also earlier part on experiments- Starts at 11min 40 sec )


Read more about after death contacts


Thanks to Keith Clarke and the team at IDigital Medium for this great testimonial.
Shari had always believed in the afterlife and, when her 22 year old son was killed in an accident, she was able to pick up on all the signs he was sending. Some of these included: an unexplained message on the answering machine, flickering lights, radios changing stations for no apparent reason and landing on a station playing a song with special meaning. There were butterflies, whispers of “I love you” captured on a digital recorder, and even brief visitation dreams. But the icing on the cake involved a red plaid shirt like the one in the picture. Read more...


Deepak Chopra's excellent books on healing:
Return to Wholeness (1999); Embracing Body, Mind, and Spirit in the Face of Cancer and
Quantum Healing (2007): Exploring the Frontiers of Mind-body Medicine.

"I've read your book and all the areas of afterlife evidence - all very impressive. But tell me, are we going to have something new, something spectacular in the future about afterlife evidence?" Robert T. Journalist.

Victor: As a matter of fact, yes. I can think of one area which has huge potential to revolutionize the thinking of the people around the world. This is Instrumental Trans-Communication. Imagine being able to have 2-way conversations with people in the afterlife through a machine. Experimenters in the U. K., Europe and South America have obtained excellent repeatable ITC contact. Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil has been getting wonderful 2-way communication in Portuguese. Now a group in New York have succeeded in getting messages in Portuguese from the Brazilian station and have been told that an English speaking North American station is almost ready. See next item for details.

DR. CRAIG HOGAN ON THE COMING NORTH AMERICAN ITC STATION Dr. R. Craig Hogan talks with Roberta Grimes about the progress in ITC being made by his group and his work in developing trance and physical mediums. Listen.

Who were you before the world told you who you should be? As the veil thins between dimensions, we discover natural memories of eternity, heavenly beings, heaven itself: “Don’t you remember before we came here, when we were all part of the One?” “I came from the Light.” “I saw Earth before I was born.” “I fell from the Sky.” “I chose you to be my Mommy.” Dr. Elizabeth and Dr. Neil Carman will present a talk that weaves together pre-birth memories, past-life memories, and NDEs.

"You said in the past that atheists can go to 'the realm of the Light'. How is that possible when religion tells us atheists are destined to go to hell?

Victor: First of all there is no hell in the sense that you mean it. What I have said is that anyone (including atheists, agnostics and others) who lovingly performs unselfish service while living on planet earth, will make it to the realm of the Light. Why?

What will be the most relevant immediately on crossing over is how much unselfish service one performs - how much love one gives to others. This is because unselfish service expands the consciousness and raises the vibrations of the etheric spirit-body. When we DO something positively for others in an unselfish way we are making the world a better place. That has positive spiritual consequences irrespective of beliefs. We know of many atheists who are highly spiritual with the work they do to help others.

Place: POLICE DEPT. Colonie New York

CASE: Armand LaForest, 33 disappearance
Forensic psychic: Ann Fisher (20 years w/ police)
Some of the forensic psychic’s information:
- gave police directions drawing a map
- see victim in water (eventually found in a car totally submerged in water).
- hears tires screeching
- trees in the area
- he was not alone at the time of death
- he was with a woman
- blond hair
- he’s in the Mohawk river

Police comments:
1) Lt. Alex Rinaldi, “The only reason why we searched the Mohawk River was because of the psychic telling us that’s where he (the victim) is – and we found him. In an investigation, if the family decides to employ a forensic psychic …and develop some type of information certainly I’m going to listen to it and will look into it – and if credible I’ll investigate."
2) Independent assessment – by Carol De Mare, Reporter Times Union, “Ann Fisher was instrumental in helping the family and ultimately helping the police for finding Armond". (the victim).
Season 5, Episode 13 Secrets in the Deep
News Report


ENERGY HEALING WORKS ON ANIMALS TOO Skeptics try to dismiss energy healing as 'placebo'. But would placebo work on a wolf who would normally be afraid of a stranger?



SUICIDE LOSS: Perspectives from Parents, Therapists and a Medium
Mar 1st, 2016 09:00 PM - 10:30 PM US Eastern time ONLINE

The Forever Family foundation is holding a series of online webinars - like conference presentations but in your own home. Your Registration Page will have a link to calculate the time for your particular time zone. Cost is $20 ($5 for people who have been members of the FF Foundation for 30 days- membership is FREE so join now)
Read more about this event.

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Dear Wendy and Victor, I look forward to your Friday report every week, and always, without exception, find something to further my understanding and appreciation of afterlife research and afterlife communications. In this troubled world, it can be a great source of hope to know that we do continue after earth-death, and that we are never without the help and guidance of the spirit world. Thank you once again for your tireless work in this field, and especially in supporting and promoting Australian researchers and practitioners. It is invaluable.
warm regards, Tosca

Hi Victor and Wendy,
I am emailing just to say thank you for your work; especially your weekly F.A.R. has given me excellent suggestions of books on spiritual subjects (that last of which I did read were Jurgen Ziewe's books, excellent must read I am so glad to have bought and read!). Also, your last information about how sugar hinders meditation might be an incentive for me to begin diet. These last years I have been unable to meditate properly; and at the same time I eat too much sweeties... So, now I know that if I want to get back to meditation and lucid dreaming, I will have to stop sugar. Thanks, Regards, D. C. from France

3.Thank you Victor and Wendy for your reports I look forward to reading them and watching the videos they are fascinating Shirley W.

The exquisite harmonies of Sarah McLachlan & Josh Groban - "Angel". Written by McLachlan, it was inspired by articles about musicians turning to heroin to cope with the pressures of the music industry and subsequently overdosing. Since 2007, "Angel" has been included in an advertisement for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in which McLachlan serves as the spokesperson. It is also often played at funerals.

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.