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Undoubtedly, the media - television, radio, newspapers, family and friends are extremely powerful in shaping our beliefs, our hearts and minds. These days the media are the most influential ever with the capacity to bombard us all day and night, seven days a week with all kinds of propaganda. Journalists tend to reflect the prejudices of their employers of the media and rarely present a balanced perspective. And of course, they follow the motto "bad news sells" so that the average viewer/reader gets a distorted picture of the world.

Hardly ever in mainstream media do we get any information about the afterlife. There is a little more on cable television - you can seek out shows about mediumship and the afterlife. But, one has to be extremely careful not to automatically accept anything just because it comes from the mainstream media. Discernment and awakening to the real truth is one of the reasons we are on planet earth.

POSITIVE EFFECTS OF MEDITATION ON GLOBAL PEACE. Almost 50 studies have been done confirming the benefits of global meditation and its direct impact on everything in the world. Jung claimed that a group meditating with a shared intention can affect the collective unconscious.

We have received reports this week that a number of spirit teams are asking their members, as a matter of urgency, to send energy to those in other dimensions who are working to reduce the disturbing amount of conflict and "barbarism" in the world. There are many small groups and global organisations synchronising send out of energy for peace. Please consider making this part of your regular spiritual practice.

is not as well known as it should be.




Successful voice correlations using computer analysis have been made of voices coming through EVP with the voice of the person while alive. In a discussion about EVP on Radio Luxemborg Hans Otto Konig invited anyone present from the "other side" to say something. Next thing the voice of one of the greatest deceased EVP researchers boomed out, "I am Raudive. I have returned." Computer analysis of the vocal pattern revealed conclusively that the voices of both living and dead were identical. Read more about Konig's experiments.

The evidence for EVP is very difficult to rebut - and with nineteen other areas of evidence it makes it absolutely certain that consciousness continues when the physical body dies.


Tom and Lisa Butler are serious paranormal investigators. Their approach differs from that of many "ghost hunters" in that they are respectful of the spirits they communicate with, compassionate and scientific.

Is it possible for spies to keep on spying when they get to the afterlife- you must admit it would be the ideal espionage. Jim B.

Victor: A well known former CIA agent, Victor Marchetti, tells of a most remarkable spy connection. Russian Colonel Oleg Penkovsky was a "double agent" also who also spied for the CIA. He was caught and executed by the then KGB in 1963. According to Elmer Gruber (The Psychic War- Parapsychology in Espionage) Victor Marchetti claimed that the CIA continued to get information from Penkovsky after his death using a medium. It appeared that for a while the CIA was satisfied with the information they obtained. Theoretically this is possible. But I seriously doubt this would go on for any length of time because of tremendous problems for those in the afterlife being involved in these activities.


"I am not dead; I am more alive than ever I was when on Earth, more conscious, more able to serve and to help, and greater harmonies I can now create than ever I was able to do in the confines of the material earthly body, which was always a sorrow to me, and oft times a nuisance." Listen to some of the wonderful recordings of Chopin speaking through direct voice medium Leslie Flint.

QUESTION: On crossing over are we met by those we knew when living on earth- family and friends?

Not always. When we first cross over, those who were reasonable, open minded and helped those who needed help, will be met by someone with a heart-to-heart connection. Many think that this means a family member. But that is not always the case especially where there have been serious conflicts in the family. In this case you be met by someone you feel good with, those she had a true positive relationship with - including friends, distant relatives or even pets.


PRANIC HEALING ENERGIES- A lovely depiction of the chakras and "white light".




QUESTION: Dear Victor, What happens to young children who cross over? Barbara S. Texas.

Hi Barbara, Over the years I had a lot of interest in this subject of what happens to young children when they cross over. Here is our friend Mons Benson answering your question directly from the afterlife.

Mons. Hugh Benson: "Children who leave the earth world in their early years will continue their studies from where they left off, eliminating from the latter all that are of no further use, and adding those that are spiritualistically essential. As soon as these reach a suitable age, the children can choose their future work, and study for it accordingly... The children, as might be expected, have the same opportunities, the same rights to their spiritual heritage as we all have here, young and old. We all have the same great goal- perfect and perpetual happiness."



Jozef Rulof (1898 - 1952) was a Dutch clairvoyant, healing, writing and painting medium. Several of our subscribers have recommended his books about life, death, and the hereafter. This video is a representation of the teachings of his guides on the different states of consciousness in the afterlife- what he calls the different spheres. At 2.00 mins there is a representation of the children's sphere.


Some people who grew up in a religious environment and let their religion lapse think that just before they cross over, they will be able to make a confession, say sorry, and all will be forgiven. But that does NOT work because no pope, no rabbi, no so-called 'holy-man' can change the law of cause and effect. The majority of these people are motivated by fear of what is about to happen - fear of a theologically built hell. Best for all to study the highly spiritual information which has been transmitted by highly credible afterlife teachers such as Mons. Hugh Benson and Silver Birch - and others like them. They tell us exactly how we should live and what awaits us when we cross over.

Powerful Welsh physical medium for apports, direct voice, levitations. He developed his amazing powers in the home circle of the now famous spirit healer, Harry Edwards. Many infra-red photographs were taken of his phenomena in all stages of production, including the supernatural removal of a sewn-up jacket and its replacement without removal of bonds. Read more...

One of the problems with afterlife reports and case studies which are not properly authenticated is that they can be dismissed easily. Sadly even if they are investigated at the time, unless people can follow up the trail of evidence it will be lost. This is one of the concerns that is motivating our friend Keith Clark who is trying to build " a single website that will become a gateway repository for evidence for the afterlife." Read more...


We would appreciate any help to validate (or otherwise) the Peggy Fox phone call reported by John Macklin and Tony James in the Oman Times.

According to the authors, "John Craggs, a psychologist at Chicago University", verified a phone call made to the parents of a deceased girl Peggy Fox. The call was monitored and recorded with a device attached to the phone. A girl's voice said:

"Mum is that you. I love you. Give my love to daddy too. I am very happy. Please don't cry like you did last time." The tape was reportedly played to several of Peggy's friends, her grandparents and her teacher who said they were certain it was her voice. The tape was supposedly lodged in the archives of the American Society for Psychical Research.

Given that it supposedly happened in 1960 we would expect it to have been reported in anthologies of cases published in the years since. Does anyone know author John Macklin? He seems to be a prolific author of books on ghost stories. Has anyone heard of the story before it was published in Oman in 2013?

Read the article in full.

There are still a few places left in a wonderful 4 day retreat over Easter in the South of England at the Banyan Retreat Centre.

Participants will experience séances with two of the world's greatest materializations mediums, David Thompson and with Scott Milligan. They will also have an opportunity to experience Mediumship the old ways—Table Tilting, Planchette and Crystal Ball etc. There will be opportunities for to experience Trance Healing with Scott or David, Private Readings or Spiritual Assessments with Eileen Davies and Christine Morgan. Jan Davies will be offering mediumistic reading with a Spirit Portrait or alternatively as Soul Plan Reading. Lectures, demonstrations and workshops with all the tutors. Read more...

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1) Thank you -again- for an amazing Afterlife report. Couldn't live without any more. Always look forward to Friday... You make so many people happy ! Kaat

2) I really enjoyed Dr Mary Neal's talk so incredibly profound. It's really made me think about what it means to trust in God even in the darkest times. It renews my faith. Thank u Perihan

3) Thanks Victor. As Mary Neal says: it's "a joy to be around people who get it" Lynne

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