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COMMENTARY: EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS AND EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE It used to be said by skeptics, including Carl Sagan (right) that those who claim that the paranormal and the afterlife are real are making 'extraordinary claims' and therefore need to produce extraordinary evidence.

Well that 'extraordinary evidence' has been produced. Dr. Edwin May, (pictured left) and his associates, combined the results of all the 26,000 trials on 154 experiments with psychic phenomena done at Stanford Research Institute from 1973 to 1988. They found that psychic phenomena had been shown to exist with odds against chance of more than a billion billion to one. (Radin 1997:101). Similarly, evidence for the afterlife has been documented, case by case over the last 150 years (Zammit, 2013).

Every culture in the world has accepted that the paranormal and the afterlife exist. Most probably this has been on the basis of repeated observations over millenia of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, near-death experiences, deathbed visions and after-death communications. When we take this into account, along with the experimental evidence, the existence of the paranormal and the afterlife are not at all 'extraordinary claims'.

Far more extraordinary is the claim, made without ANY evidence whatsoever and in opposition to the lived experience of every culture in the world, that there is no afterlife, no paranormal and that matter can produce consciousness.


An increasing number of scientists from a range of fields are now aware of the results of well controlled scientific experiments that show telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, mind-matter interaction and spiritual healing do exist.

In Conceptions of Afterlife in Early Civilizations, Dr. Gregory Shushan makes the case that the NDE is the basis for afterlife accounts in all the world's religions. His main points are:
(1) There is a remarkable consistency among largely unconnected cultures and times regarding belief in life after death.
(2) The core elements of these religious beliefs are largely similar to the core elements of the NDE.
(3) These consistent beliefs in life after death contrast with the widely divergent creation myths of different religions.
Watch talk by Dr. Gregory Shushan.

CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD Although 20 years old, this documentary, hosted by Joseph Campanella, is still relevant today. It features interviews with Dannion Brinkley, Grace Bubulka, Dianne Morrissey, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Melvin Morse, Dr. Larry Dossey, and Paul Perry. As one reviewer writes:
"What I especially like in these NDE testimonies is their focus on the best in humankind - kindness, humility, honesty and service to others."



Research by Bill and Judy Guggenheim and others shows that people who die can make their presence know in a number of ways.
These include:

(1) Sensing their presence
(2) Hearing their voice
(3) Feeling their touch
(4) Smelling them
(5) Seeing them as if they were real
(6) Seeing a flat vision of them like a photo
(7) Experiencing one of these while half-asleep
(8) Having a visit in a dream- but the dream is unusually vivid and you do not forget it like a normal dream
(9) Having an out-of-body experience and meeting them
(10) Receiving a telephone call from the person who died (two-way conversations have actually been reported.)
(11) Experiencing electrical appliances such as lights, TVs, and radios going on and off
(12) Butterflies and dragonflies
(13) Receiving a symbolic message, sign, meaningful coincidence, or synchronicity.

'Flying High in Spirit' is Mikey Morgan's story of his death in a motor vehicle (SUV) accident, what he felt and saw, where he went from here, and how he discovered his true life plan and who he really was. Mikey describes in detail the dimensions of the afterlife, which is based on love, and how everything is energy. He explains in great detail how they give us signs and do synchronicities and talks about his current activities in the spirit world which include snow boarding (hence the picture on the cover).

The book was transmitted to his mother Carol Morgan, who is teaching other mothers how to use the same method to communicate with their children in spirit.

If you are willing to write a short review of the book on Amazon.com email rgrimes@robertagrimes.com for one of the 20 pdf review copies. You will need to have created an account on Amazon.com and be willing to post your review there within two weeks.
Read more about the book.

Mikey Morgan, co-author of the book featured above, describes what happened to him after he was killed in a car accident.
1) He was taken out of his body before the impact and watched the scene from above.
2) He soon became aware of an energy change: “Crazy tingling! Really a total head rush. I felt like I was everywhere! It was so easy to move.”
3) Next he became aware of spirits surrounding him:
“I realized that there were people appearing in the air around me. They were greeting me, loving me, and I was recognizing them and realizing that I knew them well, but I hadn’t seen them in awhile.”
4) He felt a pull and was taken by his spirit friends to a different place: "As we moved, I realized that I no longer heard what was going on at the accident scene. I was coming into a place that was incredibly beautiful and peaceful. I had no fear or worry. It felt like home.”
Read more (scroll down to Chapter 1).

Coral Polge was an English artist /medium with the ability to make drawings of spirit entities. She claimed to be artistically guided by the spirit of Maurice-Quentin de La Tour (1704 -1788) in making drawings. She said: "I don't actually see the person I am drawing, I am rather drawing what I feel than what I see."


VOICES ACROSS THE VEIL IS SEEKING PARTICIPANTS AND EXPERIENCED MEDIUMS Voices Across The Veil was created by AtferlifeData.com to allow more people to experience after-death communications with experienced, reliable mediums and to add to a body of research about life after death. The online sessions allow a small group of no more than 10 participants to connect with a skilled medium. Each session is priced at a modest fee in order to compensate the mediums and the moderators for their time and effort. If you are a skilled medium with a proven track record and are interested in participating in this program, please contact the team at AfterlifeData.com.

QUESTION: Do prayers really work? True prayer which comes from the heart sends vibrations to a specific identified source. Our mind has the capacity to send and receive vibrations.

Directly from the afterlife dimension: "There are the prayers which, because they are a psychic or spiritual exercise, set into motion certain vibrations which bring responses. Those are not necessarily the ones which the person who makes the prayer expects, but they are the natural result of the vibrations the person has created ... Prayer is not intended to be a refuge of the coward who seeks to escape his obligations. Prayer is not a substitute for the work that you have to do. Prayer is not a means by which you can escape your responsibilities... no prayer can change by one iota to the law of cause and effect. You can disregard all prayers that do not come from the heart which is willing to serve and which is conscious of its obligations and its duties." (S. Birch Anthology).


Thanks to Jack Terrance Andrews. Read more about the tapes.

"Do you know, no one need fear dying because it's the most wonderful thing, it's the most exciting thing that could ever happen to anyone. No one need ever worry about it." ~ Mary Ivan (19th century potato field worker who died in childbirth with her daughter).

"Oh! It’s ever so good, no one need fear it you know, its something to look forward to, no one need worry about dying, it’s a lovely, lovely thing." ~ Mickey (John Whitehead, who died at 11 years old about 1907 run over by a Lorry (truck).

" ...there is no need to fear the crossing from your world to this. It is a great adventure. It is the great awakening into a greater world of loveliness and beauty and freedom of thought ... ~ Dame Ellen Terry, well known English singer

"There’s so many friends here of all degrees, all conditions and stages of development that are always ready to give a helping hand to a newcomer. No-one need fear dying no matter what his condition is, for in the end, eventually, there’s a path." ~ Flo Ziegfeld



Terri Daniel is an ordained interfaith minister, clinical chaplain and intuitive counselor who assists dying and grieving individuals to discover a more spiritually spacious understanding of death and beyond. She is the author of two previous books: A Swan in Heaven: Conversations Between Two Worlds, which chronicles after-death dialogues with her son Danny, who died at age 16 in 2006; and Embracing Death: A New Look at Grief, Gratitude and God, offering a unique metaphysical perspective on birth, death and the afterlife via her channeled teachings on religious history, spirituality and the journey of the soul. Her third book is Turning the Corner on Grief Street which introduces a brave new world, in which grief can be viewed as a gift as well as a tragedy.

One of our subscribers, Laurie, writes: "I have found myself having very lucid dreams since the death of my son. This video I thought was good in explaining lucid dreaming."



SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: OVER 16 YEARS, $1MILLION AND NO GENIUS TAKERS!! Some twenty years ago I wrote about the most fundamental conflict which still exists today between materialist scientists and non-materialist scientists: that consciousness/mind is independent of the physical brain. We presented some TWENTY AREAS OF EVIDENCE on why consciousness can be found outside the brain, yet no genius scientist, no genius materialist, no skeptic has been able to disprove the expressly stated evidence for the afterlife. One would think that a one MILLION DOLLAR ALLUREMENT would entice a challenger. The challenge received very wide publicity over the years - even was discussed by now crossed over Sylvia Brown on Larry King's international television show some years ago.



JANUARY 29th - 31st 2016

Dr. PMH Atwater is presenting two keynote talks: 'Major Changes in the Field of Near Death Studies' and 'Glimpses of Beyond: Proof of God: Revelations from the Heart of NDEs'. She is also facilitating a one day workshop entitled 'We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death'. This workshop focuses on the greatest mysteries of all time - death, heaven and hell, the existence of the soul, and the power of prayer.

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Hopelessly devoted to you

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.