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April 29th 2016

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COMMENTARY: POPE'S ADVISOR REPLIES TO MY BOOK I have been asked whether the Pope (then Pope John Paul, picture below) ever replied to my open letter to him. The answer is no, he did not. However I sent a copy of an earlier version of the book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE through someone I knew at the time - a Jesuit priest, Fr. Peter Little from N. Sydney. A couple of months later he said he had received a succinct reply from Pope John Paul's advisors about the book, words to the effect:"this New Age writer does not mention God ...".

IRRELEVANT COMMENT? I found this a very strange comment. First, writing about the existence of God would be a different book with different evidence. There are many atheists who accept the afterlife but do not accept the idea of the human-like God of the Old Testament. Secondly, I do not regard myself as a 'New Age writer'. I am a lawyer who investigated the evidence for the afterlife. One would have thought that the Pope and his advisors would have found the subject of interest and would respond more intelligently - and more diplomatically.

THE CONCLUSION OF 'CALLING EARTH' Producer of this brilliant video, Dan Drasin writes:
"Thanks so much for mentioning my documentary in your latest newsletter. To bring you up to date: please note that the completed version is now up on Vimeo at the same link, https://vimeo.com/101171248.
I'm currently working on a transcript that may be used by some folks in Poland and Brazil to produce translations for subtitled foreign-language versions. I'll keep you posted about these as they become available."

Watch the stunning conclusion "What Does it all Mean?" at 1 hour and 30 minutes https://vimeo.com/101171248



This is what a 'being of light' told a very surprised Vietnam Veteran, Glen Brimer, during his NDE. Glen talks about the huge problem he later had integrating the overwhelming love he experienced for every living thing during his NDE with the brutal reality of warfare.



When actress Jane Seymour was 36 years of age, she had a severe case of the flu and was given an injection of penicillin. She suffered an allergic reaction which led to a near-death experience."I literally left my body. I had this feeling that I could see myself on the bed, with people grouped around me. I remember them all trying to resuscitate me. I was above them, in the corner of the room looking down. I saw people putting needles in me, trying to hold me down, doing things. I remember my whole life flashing before my eyes, but I wasn't thinking about winning Emmys or anything like that. The only thing I cared about was that I wanted to live because I did not want anyone else looking after my children. I was floating up there thinking, "No, I don't want to die. I'm not ready to leave my kids." And that was when I said to God, "If you're there, God, if you really exist and I survive, I will never take your name in vain again." Although I believe that I "died" for about thirty seconds, I can remember pleading with the doctor to bring me back. I was determined I wasn't going to die."
Then Jane suddenly found herself back in her body.

Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, FRSSAf, is a neuropsychiatrist based in Seattle. Here he provides a detailed analysis of a chess match played between a living grandmaster, Victor Korchnoi and an ostensible deceased grandmaster, Géza Maróczy, whose moves were communicated through a spiritualist medium using automatic writing. Neppe argues that this is a strong case supporting the hypothesis of survival of consciousness after death. It combines an unusual degree of accurate information with a high level of chess skill, plus aspects of personality.

MICHAEL TYMN'S HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDRESEARCH Michael Tymn is an authority on early afterlife research. He claims that some of the best evidence for the afterlife ever found has been almost forgotten in long ago published books. We thoroughly recommend
all his books and his blog on various afterlife topics at Whitecrow Books.
You might also enjoy reading/hearing Michael interviewed on Skeptico.

After the loss of their daughter, Bailey, Bob and Phran Ginsberg, and a handful of Consciousness Explorers, co-created the Forever Family Foundation in 2004. The goal of the organization was to bring to the general public the abundant amount of research supporting the concept that we do indeed survive physical death. Read more about the Foundation.




(in response to a skeptic this week who stated there are no scientists who accept the paranormal and the afterlife) : Professor Robert Almeder, Sir William Barrett, Dr. Julie Beichel (above left), Dr. Peter Bander, John Logie Baird, Professor John Bockris, Hereward Carrington, Edgar Cayce, Professor J.W. Crawford, Dr. Robert Crookall, Sir William Crookes, Andrew Jackson Davis, Professor Augustus De Morgan, Dr. George T. Dexter, Lord Dowding, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (left), Dr. C. J. Ducasse, Judge John W. Edmonds, Professor Arthur Ellison, Dr. Peter Fenwick (below left), Professor Festa, Dr. Edith Fiore, Arthur Findlay, Professor Camille Flamarion, Professor David Fontana, Dr. Isaac K. Funk, Dr. Hamlin Garland, Dr Amit Goswami (below left), Professor Gustav Geley, Professor Ivor Grattan-Guinesss, Professor Stanislav Grof, Dr. Arthur Guirdham, Emma Harding, Dr. Robert Hare, Dr. T. Glen Hamilton, Professor Charles Hapgood, Professor Sylvia Hart-Wright, Dr. Richard Hodgson Professor James Hyslop, Professor William James, Dr. Raynor C. Johnson, Professor Brian Josephson, Allan Kardec, Esq, Dr. John S. King, Dr. Jon Klimo, Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross (left), Sir Oliver Lodge, Dr. Cesare Lombroso, Dr. Jeff and Jody Long, Dr. William McDougall, Joseph McMoneagle, Mark Macy, Dr. Robert Hare, Maurice Maeterlinck, Vice-Admiral William Usborne Moore, Rev Stainton Moses, George Meek. (from M Keen's list).

Victor, if there is a contradiction between what a scientist claims and what a lawyer claims, who prevails?

That is a tricky question because if the contradiction is over a scientific issue, then the scientist has a comparative advantage. But if the claim is about what constitutes evidence, then the lawyer prevails because lawyers know what is admissible evidence and what is not. There would be at least 100 years of precedents about admissible evidence in the courts. Scientists have not been able to disprove the twenty areas of admissible afterlife evidence in our book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE. Guaranteed, if the scientists could disprove the evidence, they would have done so fifteen years ago!

In his most interesting book, "Remote Viewers—The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies", (1997) Jim Schnabel cites a number of highly credible sources, including an American president, about the reality of Remote Viewing applied for military objectives. Here is just one:
'I never liked to get into debates with the skeptics, because if you didn't believe that remote viewing was real, you hadn't done your homework.' Major General Edmund R Thompson, U.S. Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, 1977-81, Deputy Director for Management and Operations, DIA, 1982-84 (Schnabel 1997: cover).



Emily S. French (1830-1912), was one of the greatest American independent voice mediums. She was investigated by the famous Buffalo attorney, Edward C. Randall (1860-1935), who initially intended to expose her as a fraud. But after completing many exacting experiments and testing her powers he became completely convinced that she was genuine. Mr. Randall became a champion for the cause of survival of death and communication with spirits. During the seances, which were held in complete darkness, the spirit voices would be totally independent of Mrs.French, who was not in trance. The voices would literally manifest from thin air, and carry on conversations with Mr. Randall or whoever else he invited to the seances. A stenographer was employed to take down word for word conversations and Mr. Randall asked many searching, important questions, which are all included in the book 'The French Revelation' (White Crow Books) by N. Riley Heagerty. Also available as an eBook

The book is illustrated & the Appendices contain a wealth of information, including a suggested reading list containing many of the great classics involving independent voice/direct voice mediumship. Read more...



DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE: HUGE, UNNECESSARY FEAR ON CROSSING OVER "I speak from first hand experience when I tell you of the extreme terror that consumes so many poor souls when their moment of transition has come. Instead of the winter of their earthy lives passing gently into the glorious fresh, fragrant spring of their new life in these lands (afterlife), they arrive here with that terror full upon them. Such beliefs are relics of pure paganism, but the wicked fiction has been kept up and disseminated by the Churches of earth as a measure of inspiring fear into the hearts of their 'faithful'. As a former priest of the church, I regret, deeply and earnestly, that I ever gave tongue to such misguided teaching. And there are hosts of others like me." Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia.

"All animals are individuals and they have feelings and thoughts and they suffer the pain and the joy that we do."

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FEEDBACK: 1) Liked your comment on free will. So, the more evolved you are, the more that, in the words of Lennon, "Instant karma's going to get you".
Lynne Bateson

2) Loved the John Edward vids, shared everywhere as always. Su

3) Dear Victor and Wendy,
Thank you for another wonderful Afterlife Report - you introduced us to Arthur Yensen whom I was unfamiliar with, I loved Jack Canfield's interview, and much more. I look forward to this each week. I know it takes a lot of work and dedication. Just know that you are appreciated.
Warm Regards, Susan Scolastico


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