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November 30th, 2018

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It may surprise some people
that NOBODY who crosses over is given preference just because they held high office while alive. Queens, kings, presidents and prime ministers will find themselves in a place which matches their accumulated vibration at the time of crossing over. It is their habitual level of consciousness that will determine the kind of environment in which they find themselves.

Those who held very high positions but abused their power, or were cruel, would find themselves in an environment with others just like themselves. The environment would reflect their spiritual state - most likely dark and hostile. On the other hand, if they carried out their duties with concern for the people for whom they were responsible, and if they showed compassion for others, they would have advanced spiritually. They would find themselves in an environment of incredible beauty and creativity. But no-one gets any special consideration just because he or she had power, position or fame.

When Queen Victoria communicated through direct voice medium Leslie Flint she made it quite clear that she is no longer a queen and is now simply 'Victoria'. She refers to her husband, Albert, with whom she now shares her life 'in paradise'. She also explains that after Albert died she was able to communicate with him through her own direct voice medium, John Brown. She says that she kept a detailed diary in which she recorded every detail of these communications, but after her death the diary was destroyed. Read the transcript of the session (the audio is not the best quality recording).

Gloria Prema argues that spiritual phenomena such as near-death experiences, precognition, telepathy, teleportation, instant healing and many others, are so universal and well-studied, that they cannot be left out of a unified theory of science. Read more...

Julie Beischel from the Windbridge Research Center recently decided to produce a resource to help those dealing with the transition of a loved one.
She collected the most important messages coming from current research and insights from Windbridge Certified Research Mediums. She then created Meaningful Messages: a meditation-type deck of 48 cards that provides a non-treatment-based means for continuing loving, inspiring relationships with deceased loved ones. A wonderful Christmas gift and an excellent way to support the Windbridge Research. Read more...

WILLIAM BUHLMAN AT THE 2018 AFTERLIFE AWARENESS CONFERENCE William is best known for his ability to teach people how to have profound spiritual adventures through the use of out-of-body experiences. In addition, he has developed an extensive series of audio and video programs that are designed to expand awareness and assist in the exploration of consciousness. A recent one is a six-week online course called Life, Death and Beyond.

GLOBAL GATHERING ON ZOOM SUNDAY 2ND DECEMBER The global gathering is a free online meeting for people interested in afterlife research held every Sunday: 3 pm New York Time; 12 noon Pacific time; 8 pm London time; 7 am Monday Sydney time. Our guest this week will be out-of-body explorer Jurgen Ziewe who will be answering questions about the afterlife based on his 40+ years of out-of-body experiences in full waking consciousness. Check out his website and his books 'Vistas of Infinity' and 'Multidimensional Man'. To join us just click the link https://zoom.us/j/7595332928.

Sunday 2nd December
Australia/UK/Europe group for informal discussion and friendship.

Monday 3rd December:
Meditation and Intuition Development with Norma Turner

Tuesday 4th December:
Spirit Art with Susan Barnes

Wednesday 5th December:
Automatic Writing and Mediumship Discussion
with Sheila Lowe
Physical mediumship for new sitters and developing mediums with Rob Blackburn

Thursday 6th December:
Psychic and Mediumship Development with Winter Brook Ryan

Saturday 8th December:
Love After Life with William and Mary Beth

Full details on www.victorzammit.com/zoom

VISITS TO THE SPIRIT WORLD IN SLEEP STATE Afterlife researchers have known for many years that when we sleep we frequently visit the astral world. SIlver Birch often talks about it in his books:

"Some of you do work, because there are many that you can help in your sleep state. But usually it is a preparation. You are taken to those places which will help you to be ready for your work when you leave the world of matter. If that were not done, the shock of coming from one sphere of expression to another would be so great that it would take you a long time to recover." ('Silver Birch Book of Questions and Answers' - Sleep State - Kindle version.).

Robert Goodwin is a highly respected and evidential trance medium whose guide, White Feather, is beloved by many Spiritualists.

Join a free live audience with White Feather live- streamed on Facebook on Saturday 1st December at 7pm London (UTC) time on the Beacon of Spirit facebook page. This is 2 pm New York; 11am Pacific; 6 am Sunday in Sydney.

PSYCHOMANTEUMS AND AFTER-DEATH COMMUNICATION A psychomanteum is a specially built room which is used to help a person to enter an altered state of consciousness and make contact with someone in the afterlife. Dr Raymond Moody learned how this worked by studying mirror gazing. He learned that in Ancient Greece, people who wanted to contact someone who had died spent a few days in darkness. They would then focus on a shiny surface. Read more...


Would you like to experience a mediumship reading with a tested evidential medium at a bargain price, without having to wait for months? Voices Across The Veil has vacancies in private small group online sessions. For US $40 you are guaranteed an individual reading of at least 15 minutes. You can join from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Read more...

Has any information been transmitted from the afterlife about 'black holes'?
Victor: As a matter of fact, yes, here is a brief mention about black holes:
" ...your astronomers are mistaken in their assumptions of black holes. Those dense areas exist, but matter is not sucked into them. Matter emerges from them. These are growth points of your physical world. It is true that light does not penetrate their depth, for the density is immense. But matter emerges from them and fathers new worlds.' (Judy Laddon, 'Beyond The Veil', transmitted by entity from the 6th level, Af., 1987 Ed., p 60.).


Sandra Champlain of We Don't Die Radio is organising a live weekend event with Sonia Rinaldi and Scott Milligan. Dates: FEBRUARY 22 - 24, 2019 $389. Read details...

1. When we die, we sleep until the ‘last judgment’.
3. On arrival in heaven we see God face to face.
4. Only Christians and those who have faith in Jesus go to heaven.
5. Priests can forgive your sins (this violates the LAW of CAUSE and EFFECT).
6. If you die in 'mortal sin' (including divorce, use of contraception and masturbation) according to the Catholic Church you go to hell for eternity.
7. Gays don’t go to heaven.
8. Unbaptised children don’t go to heaven.
9. Animals don’t survive death.
10. Luke 14:26 – "If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple."




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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) "Many thanks for your fascinating scholarship in the field of afterlife-evidence Victor and Wendy Zammit. Best wishes." Dr WJ A.

2) "Thank you for the beautiful Alexandra Burke cover of 'Hallelujah.' I wanted to share with you my favorite cover of the song by K.D. Lang at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame induction of Leonard Cohen in 2006. Leonard Cohen was in the front row. She gives a powerful performance." Gary

3) "Incredible work you are doing V & W, means the world to bereaved people, thanks from my heart." C.G.

Perhaps the greatest love song ever written: THE POWER OF LOVE sung magnificently by Celine Dione. This highly talented singer uses a great deal of voice power, feeling and emotion, which can only be described as absolutely stunning!

The whispers in the morning of lovers sleeping tight
Are rolling by like thunder now
as I look in your eyes.
I hold on to your body and feel each move you make.
Your voice is warm and tender

a love that I could not forsake.
'Cause I am your lady and you are my man.
Whenever you reach for me I'll do all that I can.
Lost is how I'm feeling lying in your arms

When the world outside's too much to take -
That all ends when I'm with you.
Even though there may be times
it seems I'm far away
But never wonder where I am 'cause I am always by your
'Cause I am your lady and you are my man.
Whenever you reach for me I'll do all that I can.
We're heading for something
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Sometimes I am frightened
but I'm ready to learn 'bout the power of love !
The sound of your heart beating
made it clear suddenly.
The feeling that I can't go on is light-years away.
'Cause I am your lady and you are my man. . . .
We're heading for something
somewhere I've never been

Sometimes I am frightened
but I'm ready to learn 'bout the power of love!
Ooh the power of love
the power of love.
Sometimes I am frightened
but I'm ready to learn 'bout the power of love !!

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE