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November 5th 2011

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Last week a few closed minded skeptics tried to noisily and very rudely interrupt a seminar being held in the USA by internationally known medium James Van Praagh. They dressed up as idiotic "zombies" and carried placards saying "PSYCHICS DON'T TALK TO THE DEAD"(sic). This shows their level of ignorance- they obviously don't know the difference between a psychic and a medium. These dummy skeptics are pushing idiocy to its extreme. They show they are uninformed that mediumship has been studied scientifically for over a hundred and fifty years- most recently by the Windbridge Institute- where strict scientific method is applied.

The nonentity would-be leader of this ridiculous small group of skeptics-for-hire - using psychological violence - is using this tired gimmick to try to make a name for himself. He thinks that by using outdated 40 year old techniques of attacking the best, the celebrities, he gets attention. Why is he wrong?

SURVEYS: Things have changed dramatically in the last few years. Surveys show that now the paranormal is accepted by some 80% of people in the USA. Twenty years ago it was some 50%.
Only 5% are totally closed to the possibility. It seems that the "paranormal" has gone mainstream with so many highly respected people having near death experiences or direct contact with loved ones who have crossed over.

BRILLIANT MEDIUM JAMES VAN PRAAGH: Many are having evidential readings and learning about their own potential to connect with spirit from excellent mediums like James Van Praagh who has done so much to spread knowledge of the afterlife via television and his many best selling books. And whereas in the past people kept quiet about their experiences now they are sharing them far and wide.

DUMMY CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICS: Why don't these dummy skeptics - who falsely claim to be promoting 'critical thinking' - protest against some of the pharmaceutical manufacturers who are marketing improperly tested drugs, making billions of dollars out of the public, where there is evidence that thousands are killed and maimed. Wake up heads-in-the-sand skeptics, IT'S THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY!

Dr Sheldrake's idea about consciousness and telepathy threaten many old-school biologists who refuse to even consider the evidence. This BBC documentary shows that their behaviour is like the supporters of a fanatical religion opposed to "heretics".

Part 2

http://www.iands.org/ Inc held on Sept. 2 - 4, 2011in Durham, N.C., allowed NDE researchers to present their findings. Bruce Greyson, M.D. and director of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia, said NDEs are reliable because the accounts by near-death experiencers (NDErs) of these events remain unchanged over time. Eben Alexander, M.D., a neurosurgeon who also spoke at the conference, had an NDE that's a case in point. He contracted acute bacterial meningitis, which damages the neocortex, in 2008 and went into a coma, spending six (6) days on a ventilator. No one with this kind of severe brain damage is expected to fully recover. Raymond Moody talked about shared death experiences which he estimates are as common as NDEs. As he studied more of these cases over the years, he found that the features of shared death experiences are similar to those of NDEs. Read article on the conference NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: 30 YEARS OF RESEARCH by Stephanie Lam.

NDE RESEARCHERS ROBERT AND SUZANNE on NDE and MIND/BRAIN In their presentation they talk about cases where people having a NDE are able to interact physically with the environment. One case involved a man severely injured in a car accident on a foggy night. He reported rising out of his body, flying over to a house, and jumping up and down and yelling for help outside a window of the second floor. A man heard the NDEr and called the police. After the police came, another man who was in the house reported seeing fog in the shape of a human jumping outside his window. Watch video of presentation.

Thanks to all our wonderful subscribers who emailed this week about the report that Steve Jobs apparently saw something wonderful immediately before he died. His sister, Mona, wrote:
"Steve’s final words, hours earlier, were monosyllables, repeated three times.
Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them. Steve’s final words were: OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW."
Read A Sister's Eulogy for Steve Jobs...

In all cultures people who are dying start talking to loved ones who have already died in the days before they die. Sometime they say that they can see beautiful places in the spirit world and hear beautiful music. Sometimes they talk about wonderful colors, animals and about relatives they never met. Read more...

by Rev Michael Cocks is now available. There is also an e-book or Kindle version.
You can find the book on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk ,
At White Crow Books look under "Christianity" and "Paranormal" For reviews and further information read the Stephen Home Page Also see fortnightly White Crow Blog which currently discusses how Stephen experiences reality.


Debra Martin is a medium who has been certified by the Windbridge Institute. Debra's specific information led to a re-opening of a case where the death had been attributed to natural causes. This led to the conviction of the murderer.
(Thanks to Mark Ireland for this link)



1) Police are drilled in scientific procedures and forensic 'science'. The culture is very skeptical.
2) In the 'Sensing Murder' tests in NZ (See next item) less than 5% of psychics who applied were able to accurately give details about a solved murder case. If it became public that police use psychics they would have hundreds of psychics whose talents are not fully developed contacting them and wasting their time.

3 ) Government officials don't want to risk being criticized by the skeptical media and skeptical members of the public.
4) The police do not want to be used by some psychic-mediums whose main aim is to promote themselves their books and their workshops.
5) Suspects in murder cases could get a friend posing as a psychic to contact the police to give them false information.
6 ) When police do find a gifted psychic they want to protect them so they can continue to use them quietly.
Some psychics have been threatened and attacked because their involvement with police was made public.

In this episode of NZ Sensing Murder "Blood Money" New Zealand Psychic, Kelvin Cruickshank, and Australian Psychic Deb Webber investigate the murder of George Englebrecht. Warning- not for the faint hearted.

Part 4 Part 5

" Etta Wriedt was a direct voice medium (like Leslie Flint) who was studied and validated by such esteemed researchers as Sir William Barrett, a physics professor who co-founded the SPR, Sir Oliver Lodge, a physicist remembered for his pioneering work in electricity and radio, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the physician who created Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John S. King, a physician who founded the Canadian branch of the SPR, and Vice-Admiral William Usborne Moore, a retired British naval commander turned researcher. Lady (Dr.) Florence Barrett, Sir William’s wife, who was dean of the London School of Medicine for Women, is said to have been skeptical of all mediums until she sat with Mrs. Wriedt and heard from deceased relatives in their own voices."
Read more in Michael Tymn's article...
Note: A book that Michael mentions in his article-
Vice –Admiral W. USBORNE MOORE's "Glimpses of the Next State- the Education of an Agnostic" can be downloaded free here.

'DOWSING' IN ESPIONAGE & WAR: History shows that some countries used dowsing for espionage, tunnel location, prediction of winning battles and wars.
(see dowsing rod, picture, left). "Modern governments have had their own psychic spies. PERISKOP confirmed a long-term Czech interest in the military uses of the paranormal. Among sources cited was a 1925 brochure- handbook titled CLAIRVOYANCE, HYPNOTISM and MAGNETIC HEALING at the Service of the Military by Karel Hejbalik. Hejbalik claimed that during the 1919 campaign against Hungary, he hypnotized two of his soldiers to improve their telepathic ability then had them remote-view the enemy's strength and position. The article went on to say that during World War 1 the Czech army had used dowsers to locate traps, mines, and drinking water, with great success. Interestingly, forty years later in Vietnam, the U.S. Marines had its own group of mine-hunting dowsers. Dowsing for hidden mines, tunnels and other objects was introduced to the marine corps by Falls Church, Virginia dowser Louis J Matacia in 1966." (see BLUE SENSE, PSYCHIC DETECTIVES by Arthur Lyons and Marcello Truzzi Ph.D.1991, Mysterious Press p. f.221)

: - directly from the afterlife dimension, " ... One thousand miles of earthly space is a great distance, and to cover it takes some considerable time if the slower means of transport are employed. Even with the fastest method a certain time must elapse before the end of the thousand miles journey is reached. But in the spirit world thought alters the whole situation. We have space, and we have a certain cognizance (realization) of time in its relation to space. Thought can annihilate time in its relation to space, but it cannot annihilate space." Then Mons Hugh Benson gives an example where he says while he is in his own residence, if he thinks he wants to be in the library in the "city", instantly he find himself there. Hence, the annihilation of TIME but NOT of SPACE.
Mons Hugh Benson through medium Anthony Borgia in Life in the World Unseen- Download free pdf version.

In his work as a Christian Uniting Church minister / grief counselor Rob Smith believes he developed a receptivity to contacts from the ethereal realms. When he began to investigate the afterlife using EVP he quickly got results and had identifiable contacts from his mother, his grandfather and maternal grandmother. Since that time (1988) Rob has done great work exploring empirical evidence for the afterlife. His blog has lots of interesting posts. http://lifecontinuance.blogspot.com/

INCREDIBLE SYNCHRONICITIES BETWEEN KENNEDY AND LINCOLN - scientists can never explain. Kevin Williams' wonderful near-death.com website features a new article on the incredible number of parallels in the lives of Lincoln and Kennedy. While I do not agree with him that they are evidence of reincarnation they are certainly interesting and seem to defy chance. Read more...

: Because of the attacks on highly gifted internationally recognized forensic psychic-mediums, I have written a short article to help them - and others - understand why 'closed-minded' skeptics are stubborn in not accepting the objective and repeatable evidence for the paranormal and the afterlife. I explain the following:

1. 'Cognitive Dissonance',
2. Cathexis,
3. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP),
4. Environmental programming,
5. Brain decoding existing prejudices
Career advancement, money, power and status. Read article ...

7. THE 'SMORGASBORD' ARGUMENT: Professor Stephen Hawking, the astronomer, is most notorious for using this 'SMORGASBORD' argument - picking and using only the information that substantiates his own negative prejudices. This closed -minded skeptical professor does not know that in a court-room situation his 'smorgasbord argument' would be torn to shreds. Why? Because he would be cross-examined on the critical, most vital evidence that he deletes - that fundamentally contradicts his deeply entrenched negative prejudices. This closed-skeptical scientist makes a huge error thinking that he is an expert in law as well. Wrong! A litigation lawyer has exclusive technical knowledge of what is relevant, what is evidentiary what is essential admissible evidence - certainly not an astronomer! Read article ...


1) GHOST: One ghost in the cemetery asked the other ghost,
"Why did the ghost cross the road?"
The other ghost replied, "Tell me, why did the ghost cross the road?"
T he first ghost answered: "To get to the 'other-side'!!! (Sent by Celene and Helene)

2) THE CATHOLIC CONFESSIONAL BOX: An Irishman goes into the confessional box after years of being away from the Church. He is amazed to find a fully equipped bar with Guinness on tap. On the wall is a dazzling array of the finest cigars and many chocolates from around the world. When the priest comes in, the Irishman excitedly begins..."Father, forgive me, for it's been a very long time since I've been to confession, but I must first admit that the confessional box is much more inviting than it used to be."
The priest replies, "GET OUT.. You're on my side."

Robin Foy writes that there are a few places available for people wishing to experience trance and physical mediumship phenomena with young English medium Scott Milligan at the Arcacia Centre in Spain Friday November 11th and Saturday November 12th. Contact Rob or Barbara. email: rob@acaciacentre.com or telephone: 0034 968 537243

'THANK YOU' to all those who attended my meeting last Saturday at Caringbah. There were those who told me they travelled from afar to attend the meeting. We all had a really good time - all those present accepted the afterlife - and we were able to answer many, many questions. Thank you again! Victor & Wendy

Debbie Malone
:psychic/medium, specializes in psychometry. Author 'Never Alone-a Medium's Journey. Seen on Sensing Murder & other tv shows

Internationally recognized as one of Australia's leading researchers in UFO's & Contact Phenomenon. Author: 'Awakening, How ET Contact can Transform Your Life.
WHEN? Sunday 13th November 11-- 2pm
Kareela Golf Club 1 Bates Drive Kareela 2332
(02)9545-5954 PRICE: $55+ GST+Postage - book early.

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Sir Victor, you are costing me money, lol! So many interesting books crop up In your newsletters. Great stuff, thanks. Joanne

2) Dear Victor, thanks for a wonderful report. Friday is the best day of the week, due to your report. It has opened so many windows to knowledge in form of homepages, books, articles, youtube links and more, I have learned so much, thank you. Ann-Charlotte

3) I always look forward to the weekend for your report!! Francisco


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