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September 27th 2013

Many people are unfortunately terrified of dying. We live in a materialistic society where speaking openly about death and the afterlife are not part of the culture. Some religions have created too much fear about dying and there is colossal ignorance about the afterlife. Those who have been reasonable in life- not perfect - but good and reasonable, have nothing to fear at all on crossing over.

Under normal circumstances on crossing over, seconds after you die, your etheric (spiritual) body gently comes out of the dead body. You are met by a loved one or by a really good friend- someone you completely trust - to help you move on to the realm of the Light, usually called the Third Realm - where life is ever so much more beautiful than living on planet earth. Those who have been systematically cruel and selfish may find themselves in a different situation.

But the actual crossing over IS NOT PAINFUL. Symbolically it is like closing one door and opening another one. Theoretically, the crossing over has the potential to be a beautiful, natural experience. Read What Happens When You Die


2nd. Fallacy. 'Conclusions before investigating': Flamboyant intellectual skeptics come to conclusions before they investigate. This is very common especially with the closed-minded critics. These closed minded scientists may be professionals in their own narrow field of physical science, but when it comes to professional debate many lack the training and skills of attorneys. Under close scrutiny, the record shows that these closed skeptics do not even understand the rules of professional debate. Even to the layperson, it does NOT make sense for these skeptics to come to conclusions about the evidence for the afterlife without reading or studying it. Any conclusion shown to be made before is itself invalid ab initio (from the beginning). Number 3 next week.

Wagner Alegretti, from the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) -www.iacworld.org - interviews Dean Radin about his work and research on parapsychic phenomena. Dean will be interviewed live on Signs of Life Today.

IANDS is now expanding its educational efforts through broadcasting with NDE RADIO. The show features first-hand stories of near-death and out-of-body experiences, interviews with guests who have experienced the other side, and with researchers of the NDE and other "mystical" phenomena. Shows will offer the chance for audience call-ins, and each show will be archived for listening at any time. Host Lee Witting is himself a near-death experiencer with a doctor of ministry degree in NDE studies. NDE RADIO airs live every Monday at 11:00 AM US Eastern time on TalkZone.


SOME REMARKABLE CASES OF CHILDREN WHO REMEMBER PAST LIVES. He talks about knowledge, behavior, birth marks and birth defects.

DID YOU PLAN YOUR LIFE CHALLENGES BEFORE YOU WERE BORN? Your Soul's Plan (2009) was originally published as Courageous Souls. According to the publisher " It tells the stories of ten individuals who remembered that they had planned before birth to experience great challenges. Working with four gifted mediums author Robert Schwartz claims that they were able to access information about what they chose- and why. He presents actual pre-birth planning sessions in which souls discuss their hopes for their upcoming lifetimes. In so doing he opens a window to the other side where we, as eternal beings, design both our trials and our potential triumphs."

His second book Your Soul's Gift explores the pre-birth planning of circumstances and experiences that were not discussed in my first book: miscarriage, abortion, care giving, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness. Each chapter is available as a stand-alone eChapter (ebook) on Amazon for $2.99.
Ch. 1: Healing (This chapter is free on all Amazon sites.)
Ch. 2: Spiritual Awakening
Ch. 3: Miscarriage and Abortion
Ch. 4: Caregiving
Ch. 5: Pets
Ch. 6: Abusive Relationships
Ch. 7: Sexuality
Ch. 8: Incest
Ch. 9: Adoption
Ch. 10: Poverty
Ch. 11: Suicide
Ch. 12: Rape
Ch. 13: Mental Illness

Robert also has on Amazon.com a DVD, titled Your Soul's Journey to Healing and Enlightenment, a 4-hour video of a workshop he did with Barbara Brodksy, one of the mediums featured in Your Soul's Gift.

QUESTION: is there any word of where we were
before our earthly experiences?

Victor: Before our earthly experience begins we would have been in the afterlife dimension. But the spirit needs a material body to spiritually evolve. So we incarnate for the experiences and the lessons to continue to spiritually grow. Once we attain a level where it would be useless for us to return, we do NOT need to come back to physical life again. For example, once a person reaches an evolved stage where he/she can truly unconditionally love and unconditionally forgive (all other things being equal), I’d say there is no point in that person having to return to earth.

QUESTION : Why do we not remember the spirit world?

Victor: Most people do not remember the events in the spirit world because the events are registered in the MIND not in the brain. We travel out of our body when we sleep – but again, those experiences are registered in the MIND. When we die - when the ‘silver cord’ is severed from the body, we WILL REMEMBER every visit we made to the afterlife dimension. That’s the reliable information transmitted to us by the most highly credible afterlife teachers.


"Toward a science for death related phenomenon and consciousness" - Stockholm


Through the Darkness is the compelling true story of evidential medium Janet Nohavec. Janet first saw "the spirit people" at age five, but after her mother labeled Janet a "demon child", she learned to suppress what would later reveal itself as a rare gift. Follow Janet as she evolves from a scared and powerless child to a rebellious teenager, and later to a confused and doubting Roman Catholic nun. No longer willing to deny her God-given gifts, she leaves the convent to become an unconventional spiritual seeker who is later identified as one of the top psychic-mediums in the USA.. These days the Reverend Janet Nohavek is an overseas tutor for the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England as well as running a traditional Spiritualist Centre The Journey Within in Pompton Lakes, NJ.
Listen now as she is interviewed by Bob and Phran Ginsberg
for the Forever Family Foundation Signs of Life program.
(allow a short time for the interview to download)


How am I doing in coping with devastating the loss of my father? It’s now been eleven months since I lost my husband, and feel I am making no progress – is my recovery too slow? My wife died less than a year ago – is it normal that I feel attracted by another woman? Do you think I’m too weak? Hundreds of questions like these are asked all the time by bereaved people. It’s a little bit like parents asking all the time how they are doing, consulting the baby books to see if their toddler’s development is above or below average. Read more...

QUESTION: Victor, have you found any "loopholes" on how to get a better deal on crossing over? I really would like to enjoy the best the afterlife can offer since there is no escape from crossing over. Carla. Arizona.

Victor: Yes, in fact I did! Some years ago someone asked me a similar question. But the answer will be the same: what gets you to the best conditions in the afterlife on crossing over is the level of your spirituality. It is as simple as that! Now, how do you continue to raise your vibrations - to become more spiritually advanced - to maximize the afterlife conditions? Simple, you have to be spiritual - meaning unselfish. You will help those who come for your assistance without any thought of making a profit from them. You will at all times strive toward unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness. Also on crossing over it is how much love you have shown to the world, to the people, to your friends, to your family. But do not confuse being 'spiritual' with being 'religious.' Some religions have weird teachings about cruelty and revenge. Attain the highest level of spirituality - guaranteed, you will get the best the afterlife can offer - given your level of vibrations (Read On Enlightenment.)

THE NATION THAT MASTERS THE PARANORMAL WILL MASTER THE WORLD! I have absolutely NO doubt in my mind - after coming across some of the most gifted psychic-mediums in the world that any nation that masters the paranormal will control the world without firing one shot! Truly brilliant psychics are able to read secrets in files held in the highest security anywhere in the world. The relatively recent complaints by some of the Western industries claiming that China is sending their industrial spies stealing their secrets - shows that the Western nations just do NOT know how advanced China must be in the paranormal and psychic espionage - not only in industry but also in the military. Not too many people know that Chinese leaders take psychic phenomena very seriously. The extremely gifted psychic spies do not have to leave China to obtain the industrial secrets. Hard to accept? Of course you say, if you live in the West. I spoke to a number of Chinese students who told me that at school they had to do a test to see if they were gifted psychically. With over 1.2 billion in China, the numbers favor China. In the West, the top 1% of psychics in each Western country are considered to be gifted. But unlike the West, China keeps its paranormal program secret.

PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN ABSURDITIES COMMIT ATROCITIES: News came in this week that in Nairobi, in Kenya, militant Moslems went on a murdering spree, killing some 66 people. These radical Moslems are to-day where the Christians were during the Dark Ages when the Christians used to burn people in public squares for the slightest excuse. You were especially at risk if you were a woman living on your own and owned property - at the time of the infamous Inquisition. Once again I say that the time is now for the new Pope to APOLOGIZE for the infamous Inquisition. The office of the Inquisition at the Vatican was only disbanded in 1910 - but according to historians, many millions were burnt at the stake and killed in other ways throughout the world - for over 600 years.

! Every year, countless rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice are burned, poisoned, and killed in cruel tests for cosmetics, personal-care, and household products. No U.S. law requires that cosmetics be tested on animals, and although the European Union, Israel, and India have all banned cosmetics testing on animals, environmental and industry groups and some members of Congress in the U.S. are pushing for regulatory changes that would lead to an increase in cruel and archaic product tests on animals. Oppose testing on animals and buy curelty free products.
Buy cruelty free products

With international medium and one of the greatest materialization mediums ever: DAVID THOMPSON of the Circle of the Silver Cord.
WHEN? Saturday 5th October 2013 10am .to 5.00pm *Limited Spaces* Read more...

MEDIUM LOUISE HERMANN IN SYDNEY: I am pleased to announce the next mediumship event held in Sydney:
Date:Friday 4th October 2013
Time:Arrive 7pm sharp for a 7:15pm start (please arrive on time as the front doors will be closed). The evening will finish at 9:30pm.
Location:Drummoyne Community Centre-10 Cometrowe Street, Drummoyne
Cost: $10 Door entry fee payable on the evening. 10% of proceeds go towards a variety of charities (see website for details).
Registrations can be completed online at www.louisehermann.com or Mobile: 0415183950 (text or leave message) or email info@louisehermann.com
Please allow extra time for parking. Wheelchair access is also provided. Kind Regards Louise Hermann


1) Victor, Thanks as always for your great newsletter. I loved the John Hagelin video. He ran for President here in the US years ago (as a candidate of the Natural Law Party). I wish he had won. Ross

2) Brilliant article on critical thinking.These people are a real enigma. Ian

3) Dear Victor and Wendy, Every time I read through a Friday Report I keep thinking 'that's one of the best I've read'. But then next week another one comes along that is certainly as good if not better. It must take you an age to collect and collate all these YouTube videos and book reviews but I think you do a great job and a massive service to those who fear death as extinction and mourn for those they will never meet again - on the Earth plane. Thank you both! Howard

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HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC: SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL: Many times the greatest jazz singer who ever lived, Louis Armstrong, actually materializes in David Thompson's materialization sessions and sings WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. When David Thompson was in the U.S.A. Louis Armstrong's grandson confirmed that the voice was genuine. Here is a version of the song sung by children's choirs for Playing for Change. We're sure Louis would approve.

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