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May 21st 2010

Apologies if I have not replied to your email. Yet again I have some very urgent matters to clear.

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COMMENTARY: 'Dialectical Spiritualism' continues to raise its inevitable presence. We cannot ignore the powerful world forces operating on us in the world to-day. The two critical global opposing forces - those accepting the afterlife and the other powerful force of materialism are showing the irresistible trend towards a continuous process of 'dialectical' refinement.

On the one hand there has been a noticeable 'crossing over' of secular scientists coming over to our side - of those accepting the empirical evidence for the afterlife. On the other hand we see the crumbling of the dogmatic theology and the diminution of power and domination of its leaders who once ruled the civilized world for over a 1,000 years.

The DIALECTICS (very briefly):
The 'dialectics' is the 'law of opposites' a process - a ‘THESIS’ e.g. religion (see 'A' in the diagram) - clashing with the ANTI-THESIS ('B') materialism - giving rise to a SYNTHESIS ('C'): - the 'afterlife' (with and also without religion). The synthesis becomes jointly part of the THESIS - and part of the ANTI-THESIS).

From the 'THESIS' perspective, we are witnessing an increased support for more objective interest in the afterlife without religion. More people around the world are at last accepting that traditional religions do NOT have a monopoly on the afterlife. We have been credibly informed by afterlife sources that crossing over is an act of the 'Natural Law' - no religion, no St Peter to judge us, no 'God' to send some of us to 'eternal damnation' - we judge ourselves automatically by 'what we do on earth.'

Traditional 'religious' fanaticism occasionally tries to reassert itself. But informed observers would say that these extremists - the suicide bombers and those who attack others on the basis of their religion are motivated more by political and economic considerations that religious ones.

Notwithstanding the occasional aberration of the dialectical process, overall on a global level, I state that 'Dialectical Spiritualism' is on course - even if it will take eons of time for the final result where ALL people, from ALL countries around the world will accept the existence of the afterlife. Read Victor's most interesting and provocative more- detailed article on Dialectical Spiritualism'



Steve Beckow has written around 20 books and 250 articles, mostly pseudonymously. He has five websites. Their subjects include enlightenment, the common ground of spirituality. life on the spirit planes, global gender persecution, anti-Orientalism, automation, the truth of 9/11, and the 2012 scenario. His books and articles are freely available.
In 1977, Steve had an out-of-body experience which dissipated the fear of death. In 1987, he experienced a vision of the total journey of an individual soul, from God to God, which demonstrated to him that the purpose of life was enlightenment. That experience is written up here. Today, Steve lives a life of voluntary simplicity and research as a non-denominational “urban monk.”

One of Steve's many books is New Maps of Heaven, an attempt to map the different spheres in the afterlife by piecing together descriptions from many different reputable and trusted sources. It is a very valuable piece of scholarship that will be of immense interest to many of our readers who are themselves researchers and writers. The extensive bibliography is itself a treasure for people working in this field. With Steve's blessing we will be bringing you extracts from this valuable work over the coming months. (A special thanks to Michael Tymn whose interview with Steve led us to his work).

"What reincarnates is another aspect of the same individuality, and I do not mean personality. If you visualize man as an individual, who in his earthly life is like an iceberg in which you have one small potion manifesting and the larger portion not manifesting, then that is the end of one incarnation. In a successive incarnation, a portion of the submerged self will come into the world of matter, two different personalities, but one individual. And in spirit life, as progression takes place, it is part of the submerged self that comes to the surface all the time. Do not attempt to understand all that is in reincarnation or judge it with the eyes of matter, but try to see it with the reason that comes from the knowledge of the spirit ..."

George Noory interviews pychotherapist Brian Weiss who had a conventional training in chemistry and psychiatry and was grounded in a materialist paradigm until he encountered 4,000 patients who were healed as a reult of part life regression. Fascinating.


Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Montcabirol is a residential spiritual retreat and healing sanctuary. Situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees, near the Medieval city of Mirepoix in south west France, it welcomes visitors seeking a break from city life, an experience of the French countryside or rest and healing.
During your stay you could also experience a demonstration of physical mediumship from physical medium Tom Morris and The Yellow Cloud Circle Of Eternal Illumination as well as healing through medium Kevin Lawrenson. If you would like to know about spiritual healing or if you or someone you know need healing but cannot travel to Montcabirol, please contact Kevin who is more than happy to send absent healing. Post a photograph with the person's name to: Kevin Lawrenson, Hameau Montcabirol, 09500 Mirepoix, Ariege. France or email tomkev3@aol.com. Read healing testimonials here.

Lyn Buchanan argues that controlled remote viewing is a science, a tool but that many people who are claiming to be able to teach remote viewing are not keeping to the scientific principles.


MIchael Tymn's latest post on his new blog contains many fascinating accounts of spirits returning through mediums to apologize or express regrets. He writes:

"There are many other stories suggesting that we take our concerns, anxieties, mistakes, and regrets with us to the afterlife, but there have also been a number of communications saying that the biggest regret is not having found out more about the spirit world when alive.

Communicating with Allan Kardec, the distinguished French researcher of yesteryear, a spirit identified as Van Durst, who had been employed by the government before dying at age 88 in 1863, told Kardec that he very much regretted not paying any attention to spirit matters before his death. “If, before quitting the earth, I had known what you know, how much more easy and agreeable would have been my initiation into this other life,” Van Durst said. “I should have known, before dying, what I had to learn afterwards, at the moment of separation; and my soul would have accomplished its disengagement much more easily.”
Read about several very evidential such communications....

 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? COSMIC JUSTICE: Can you tell me something about what kind of justice exists in the afterlife?

Here is an afterlife intelligence, a former Catholic Monsignor Hugh Benson, who transmitted this information through his medium on earth Anthony Borgia in a book, 'FACTS' p47:

"In the spirit world it means that not only shall the transgressor receive his just merits, it means also that all who have suffered during their earthly lives, whether from the evil deeds of others or from stress of adverse circumstances, or from illness and defects of the physical body, all such people shall be accorded full measure of compensation through the natural means which are abundant and lavish in spirit lands. Justice, you will see, will be given to those who have suffered through the fault of no one ..."

I hope I am right in my intuition: you may remember some weeks ago I was asking for clearer, more decisive and more definitive evidence from the afterlife. I asked for those enlightened ones from the afterlife to volunteer to do this most essential critical work to cope with the excesses forces of aggressive materialism we see these days. It may take some time, but I do have the feeling that we will get positive response from those who have a track record of being unselfish to make a most significant spiritual contribution to the greater cause of spreading the light on a global level with maximum efficiency. More later.

What happens to the mega-stars and movie legends- such as Bruce Willis, Angela Jolie, Brad Pitt, Robert Redford - just to name a few - when they cross over - do they still be seen as mega stars?

Victor: Irrespective who they were, the critical thing that will be immediately relevant and most important for ANY PERSON is what service was shown to others, how much love was given without expecting anything in return. If the movie star made a genuine contribution he/she will make it to the realm of the light. But there would not be the adulation one sees on planet earth. Those legends who were selfish, who thought only about and for themselves with no thought to the needs of others, are likely to go into complete obscurity - never ever to hear of them again. We are informed from the afterlife that the heroes in the afterlife are the ones whose aura is very bright - the brighter the aura the more status that entity will have - just like our legend movie stars here. One gets a brighter aura by attaining high spirituality.

TERRORISM, NATIONAL SECURITY AND PSYCHIC INVESTIGATIONS - are terrorists obsessed by negative 'attachments?' read article:
On the same topic of negative 'attachments' I received an email from England which states that the psychic/mediumship tutors at a particular College - without any supporting evidence -do not accept the possibility that a person can have a negative attachment.

We do have some of the giants of afterlife investigation who have stated on the basis of evidence that some people do have negative attachments - people like Dr Wickland who reported his research in his book 30 YEARS AMONG THE DEAD (download free from survival e-books). There is the very well established source, Allan Kardec The Spirits' Book (download free in pdf ) which has formed the basis of spirit release treatment being offered to patients with psychotic symptoms in Puerto Rico and Brazil (read more). Recently there is the work of Dr Edith Fiore from the United States in The Unquiet Dead, Dr Louise Ireland-Frey Freeing the Captives and Gary Leon Hill's People who Don't Know They're Dead based on the experiences of one of our subscribers from Portland, Wally Johnston. These and other informed sources all state that we humans can be adversely affected by negative or ignorant spirits attaching themselves to our auras. Of course, there are negative spirits who do not attach themselves to people but they can intermittently negatively influence people.

There is NO dispute at all that on crossing over, our character does NOT change - i.e. that our level of spiritual vibrations will remain the same. We know with absolute certainty that the Law of Cause and Effect will increase or decrease our vibrations depending on our conduct on earth. This means that some of the extremely cruel people on crossing over, will NOT by some miracle have their spiritual vibrations raised! They have to EARN their higher vibrations. My twenty one years of investigation into the afterlife shows that there are many of the spiritually retarded and mischievous spirits who attach themselves to people on earth. Read article about negative attachments who could be attached to terrorists ... More about this fascinating topic in the near future.

The kind of FAITH we all should have is the FAITH that is based on 'knowledge'. There are those who encourage you to have 'blind faith' based purely on personal beliefs without evidence. DON'T! As an empiricist - someone who uses Scientific Method to search for spiritual truth, I am in no position to have 'blind faith'. But when I know I have the empirical and scientific 'knowledge' about the afterlife, that a lot of it is objective and repeatable, I know with absolute certainty that I have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - and that gives me a great deal of FAITH based on solid knowledge. But never have faith on 'personal beliefs' - because one could err very badly. Those suicide bombers do have a lot of faith - 'blind faith' - personal religious/political beliefs which are not and cannot be independently supported by anything or anyone.

This was the question that filmmaker Peter Roger put to people all over the world. This visual odyssey travels the globe with a revealing lens examining the idea of God through the minds and eyes of various religions and cultures, everyday people, spiritual leaders, and celebrities. Visually stunning and certainly thought provoking. Special offers now on purchasing the dvd.


“Noted for his scientific research, he was tried, convicted and imprisoned in a dungeon. His crime? He disagreed that the scriptures were ‘inspired’ – that is, that the scriptures were written by God through human agents - *he also promoted the scientific argument of the heliocentric view of our solar system ie, that the earth revolves around the sun, not what the Church believed - the earth was stationary, the sun revolves around the earth and in the earth is in the center of the universe. Like me and many others like me, Giordano Bruno, refused to believe that 'God' is a MURDERER killer of thousands of innocent people, A SADIST, THE AUTHOR OF GENOCIDES and heinous ETHINIC CLEANSING).

For no other reason, Gordian Bruno was taken to the place of execution, draped in a robe on which were painted devils (*near the Vatican). He was chained to the stake and around his body were piled faggots. The Catholic priests then in February 1600, in the name of God, set fire to one of the noblest and grandest men who ever lived on this earth.” Read more...
This we ALL know was fundamentally against ‘God’s’ own TEN COMMANDMENTS which state, among other things, THOU SHALT NOT KILL. Why did the Pope and the Vatican Cardinals and Bishops kill Giordano Bruno? All these would be found 'guilty' of the murder 'by association.' And on crossing over, all those who aided and abetted in the killing would have to face Giordano Bruno himself and ask for forgiveness.

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1) Hello Victor,
I want to thank you again for your amazing dedication of putting together these weekly articles - I haven't missed one since 2006. Bruno.

Dear Victor,
thanks once again for all your wonderful input. At the moment, hearing Tom Jones singing Wendy's beautiful song, one of my all-time favorites too, especially the words. I always share so many of your you-tubes on my facebook, wonderful stuff. Geraldine and the gang.

3) A little note to let you know, I've sent of the stamps to you today, for the previous books you sent, which was much appreciated!!
Thankyou Victor & Wendy, plz keep up the good work, coz your wonderful work makes the materialists look like sheer fools!! Ralf

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