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9th NOVEMBER 2012

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COMMENTARY: WHY I ACCEPT THE AFTERLIFE: There were those over the years who asked me why I accept the afterlife. Here are my reasons:
1. My own experience.
The personal experiences are very powerful. I've had some very powerful afterlife experiences.
2. Conversing with 'William'
- from the afterlife who regularly materializes through medium David Thompson. I talk to him and ask him questions. It's my 7th year with him now.
3. Re-unions
. Over the seven years I have witnessed stunning reunions where those who materialize from the afterlife meet loved ones and friends.
4. Cross-Correspondences
: have converted many open minded skeptics.
5. Near Death Experiences
and Out of Body Experiences.
6. Best of mediumship.
7. All other evidence taken as a whole:
- EVP, ITC, Poltergeists, Deathbed Visions, Xenoglossy, Scole Experiment and others I mention in my book - see www.victorzammit.com .



A LEADING BRITISH SCIENTIST meets a MEDIUM: Ron Pearson meets up with a medium:
by Ron Pearson (see: www.bigbreed.org )
Christian Passey: mental medium
In May 2000 an unexpected telephone call came from Cheltenham. A lady calling herself Christian Passey said she was a medium who had been instructed to call and see me by a famous scientist. She did not know who he was but she wanted to know if it would be in order for her to come to Bath and give me a reading. I was intrigued and of course was only too willing to agree. She arrived on 14th May and began on her mission. I will copy out the transcript and then afterwards will deal with the extraordinary way the predictions communicated unfolded in the next few days. I will itemize her statements, numbering them as she did. They appear in italics. My comments follow in ordinary script. Read more ...


Lord Hugh Dowding, head of the Royal Air Force during World War II, and often called "the man who won the Battle of Britain," had experiences during the war which led him later to become a major figure in the Spiritualist movement. Released secret documents of the British Army reveal that Dowding's wife was a sensitive. Using methods now known among psi researchers as "remote viewing," she was able to detect enemy air bases that the army had not discovered through conventional surveillance. These abilities were coupled with a Spiritualistic belief which so impressed Lord Dowding that he believed himself to be in contact with spirits of the British airmen who had been downed in battle.

I received a report that this negatively entrenched psychologist Chris French - with a stinking reputation of never obtaining positive results in the paranormal - tested two psychics. The results, naturally enough, were negative. It’s the usual rubbish from this Englishman, Chris French. He has no credibility at all in testing psychics. There are so many defects in the experiment – the whole thing is a joke! Why?

1.KU KLUX KAN Closed minded-skeptics investigating psychics is like the Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan investigating African-Americans in America.

. The ‘Experimenter Effect’ is a scientific principle which says negatively prejudiced investigators will get negative results.

. AUTHENTIC TELEVISION PSYCHICS FAMILIAR TO VIEWERS: The mediums tested should be the ones who have demonstrated brilliant psychic skills on television– such as in Sensing Murder, where two brilliant psychics were able to accurately identify some fifty pieces of information about the case and even identify the name of the killer. See my article on my website SENSING MURDER

. 100 POLICE OFFICERS CONFIRM GIFTS OF PSYCHICS: Over a 100 POLICE OFFICERS confirmed that psychics have GENUINE psychic gifts. I have already identified 80 of these police officers in Psychic Detectives

. This negative C French willfully concocted statistics to negatively manipulate the experiment to fail.

. The two genuine psychics tested will obtain positive results if tested by a NON-ALIGNED scientist.
MY 10 YEAR ADVICE TO PSYCHICS AND MEDIUMS: NEVER, NEVER allow yourselves to be tested or interviewed by known closed-minded skeptical scientists or psychologists. They are programmed to fail you in any testing– and to heap ridicule on to you and to psychics and mediums. Don’t be foolish and fall for their promises to give you television media coverage – a trap to try to destroy your career as a medium or a psychic.

QUESTION: Could you give me some idea what it is like in the afterlife? Are we going to have friends, meet people, attend concerts, go to libraries and have fun?

Victor: This is always a popular question. But first, the information transmitted from the afterlife about the conditions there come from those who actually live there. So the evidence as to what happens is absolutely solid. Under normal circumstances, if you are the good average open minded honest person - you do not have to be perfect - you will be met by loved ones on crossing over. They will take you to the level of the light where conditions are vastly superior to what they are on earth. You do not have to work to meet your commitments, you do not have to clean where you stay - it will stay in perfect condition and clean all the time; you do not have to eat or sleep, do not have to wash anything, do not have physically exercise to keep in shape, you do not have to shop, pay for anything - all is free. You will have plenty of time to be with your friends who are your spiritual equal, plenty of time for concerts of your choice; you can go to entertainment centers, libraries, lectures for self improvement in the mind and spirit.Your level of fun will be consistent with the spiritual level you have reached - the more advanced you are, the more the fun! But you are expected to make a selfless contribution in some way. This contribution will be real pleasure to do - so it is not really hard work as we know it on earth. Guaranteed you will have a marvelous time!

You mentioned recently the many different religions. It appears they all believe that God exists - so really in many ways they are all the same. Agreed? Voss, Birmingham.

Victor: Whilst most religions are more or less the same - all saying that a Supreme Being - a 'God' exists, the only religion that is different from others is the religion of Spiritualism. This is because the emphasis of Spiritualism is on proving that the afterlife exists - and in all services they have mediums contacting those from the other side to give a message to any of those attending. Also, unlike Christianity
and Islam - Spiritualism states that we, personally are responsible for our own actions and omissions. This means we receive in the afterlife what work and effort we did on planet earth. This they say, has been confirmed many times from those highly evolved spirit teachers directly from the afterlife.


“There is so much fear around illness and death that it is literally killing us,” Julia Assante, Ph.D., explains part of her motivation for writing the brilliant book The Last Frontier, just recently released by New World Books, going on to say that it has made our society schizophrenic. “On the one hand, the topic of death is scrupulously avoided; on the other hand, it is a cultural obsession.”
I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Assante. If you are interested in reading that interview, Read more...

CHURCH MUST CHANGE FUNERAL SERVICES: PRAYERS SHOULD BE SAID BEFORE A PERSON PASSES NOT AFTER! Directly form the afterlife dimension - Mons. Hugh Benson makes a statement that the Catholic prayers at funerals are virtually useless and the procedure has to be changed. He says, " ... Regarding as a whole, the principal theme running through the prayers of the burial services is that of uncertainty, of hopelessness almost. The Church is entirely in the dark regarding conditions of 'life after death'. It knows literally NOTHING. The prayers liberally reveal that ignorance ...But where death is about to take place with full warning of its inevitability, that is the moment to send forth earnest prayers for help. Thus, you will see clearly that Church burial services, as they are at present constituted both as to time of performance and spiritual content, are mostly TOO LATE to be of any practical spiritual value to the departed person..." (from MORE LIGHT).

WE ARE GENTICALLY PROGRAMMED FOR FAIRNESS AND COMPASSION Empathy, cooperation, fairness and reciprocity -- caring about the well-being of others seems like a very human trait. But Frans de Waal shares some surprising videos of behavioral tests, on primates and other mammals, that show how many of these moral traits all of us share.

MEDIUM GORDON SMITH TALKS ABOUT ANIMALS IN THE AFTERLIFE Gordon Smith is renowned for delivering powerful messages to people from their loved ones on the Other Side. But very often it’s not just human friends and family members who come through—the animals that have been so close to us in life also continue to visit us after death. Buy the kindle edition for $1.

Laboratory experiments show that we all have some psychic abilities which can be developed. Dr Rupert Sheldrake has compiled some practical experiments in telepathy that can be done by anyone in less than twenty minutes. The audio anticipation test, the telephone telepathy test, the joint attention test and photo telepathy test and the online staring test are available on his website along with instructions and results. Most of these experiments are suitable for use in schools and colleges, and some make an excellent basis for student projects. They have been completed by hundreds of thousand of participants with highly significant results. Read more...


EXCELLENT MEDIUM LOUISE HERMANN will be demonstrating with Tony Stockwell in SYDNEY in March - book now! Celebrating more than 400 public demonstrations of Connecting with the other side-"Louise Hermann Live" Louise is also featured on the front cover of the 2011 Australian Psychic Directory as recommended by the Australian Psychic Association. This magazine has been distributed across most newsagents in Australia. "What I share with you is a divine lighthouse from spirit, a selfless non-judging beacon to guide you all through the troubled waters of life. Take this guidance with love and all truth and allow yourself to also shine". Louise' website

Join International Spiritual Mediums
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Michael & Marilyn will bridge the gap between the
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I look forward to seeing you at this special event.
With Love Marilyn

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Victor Zammit speaking at Speakers Corner


Thanks Victor-- your article on the psychic detectives is very good and truthful-- What really jumps out in going over the names of these individuals is the predominance of women over men- I believe the only male listed is Phil Jordan - He is quite good per the approximate ten shows in which his cases are profiled. These people are truly gifted and there are not a lot of them-- I have talked to several of them and found out that they can work on as many as 500 murder cases a year. Cops are natural skeptics but cops will embrace honest evidence so you hit it on the head when you pointed out their corroboration of the psychic skills of these gifted people is evidence to support psychic phenomena.
By the way one of the women profiled-- Annette Martin passed away on 9/11/11. She was just off the charts in her skill level and she was a very decent good hearted woman. It was nice of you to profile her. Mike

2 Victor, thanks for the great work you are doing! I've always been a believer -- knower --, but it came to me just before my husband of 63 years died, which has surfaced on-going grief of the loss of my daughter many years ago, so I am especially appreciating it. Liz S., Moscow, Idaho.(U.S)

3. Hello Victor
Your newsletters are wonderful, thank you so very much for all you do towards creating awareness about life after life. Because I do understand that ultimately, we are all children on this earth-plane, perhaps you'd agree to ending a newsletter with words and music by Crosby, Stills & Nash: Teach Your Children. Every time I listen to the words, sometimes conflicting emotions well up inside me. To be a child again, to be more aware, to better learn but then, now, as an adult, I wish I could have been a better teacher. Rest assured, our adult children, all three who are 40+ years of age, are on their own and doing well in life.
Kindest regards,
Gary M.
Norfolk, Nebraska, USA

Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN) is a folk rock supergroup made up of David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. "Teach Your Children" is a song by Graham Nash who is also a photographer and collector of photographs. He stated in an interview that the immediate inspiration for the song came from a famous photograph by Diane Arbus, "Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park." The image, which depicts a child with an angry expression holding the toy weapon, prompted Nash to reflect on the societal implications of messages given to children about war and other issues.



You, who are on the road, must have a code, that you can live by.
And so, become yourself, because the past, is just a good bye.
Teach, your children well, their father's hell, did slowly go by,
And feed, them on your dreams, the one they picked, the one you're known by.
Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you you would cry,
So just look at them and sigh, and know they love you.

And you, of the tender years, can't know the fears, that your elders grew by.
And so please help, them with your years, they seek the truth before they can die.
Teach, your parents well, their children's hell, will slowly go by.
And feed, them on your dreams, the one they picked, the one you're known by.
Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you you would cry,
So just look at them and sigh, and know they love you.


Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.